Optiplex Dell Intel i7-2600 Quad Core 16GB RAM 240GB SSD + 1TB HDD WiFi Windows 10 Desktop PC Computer (Renewed)


  • Processor - Intel Core i7
  • RAM - 16GB
  • Product Type - PERSONAL COMPUTER
  • Item Package Quantity - 1


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Additional information

Weight 7.37 kg
Dimensions 48.79 × 42.1 × 27.9 cm


Package Dimensions

48.79 x 42.1 x 27.9 cm; 7.37 Kilograms

Manufacturer reference




Processor Brand


Processor Type

Core i7

Processor Count


RAM Size

16 GB

Memory Technology


Hard Drive Size

1 TB

Hard Disk Description

Ssd hdd

Graphics Chipset Brand


Connectivity Type


Operating System

Windows 10 Pro

Item Weight

7.37 kg



Date First Available

2 April 2019




  1. Mr R Herrick

    psst! Don’t tell Dell!Need­ing to replace an old, creak­ing Win­dows 7 desk­top, I looked at the price I would need to pay to buy a new one wih all the fea­tures (I thought) I need­ed. Then, on Ama­zon, this ‘renewed’ prod­uct popped up. I had a cou­ple of queries to which the ven­dor, First Click Solu­tions replied by return with sat­is­fac­to­ry answers. So I bit the bul­let and bought it — for less than half the price of a new machine. From the out­set it has worked fault­less­ly. If there are ‘cos­met­ic’ faults with it, I haven’t found them yet. It came with a DVDRW that was not men­tioned in the list­ing, that, like the rest of the machine, works fine. It also came with a wifi don­gle that I haven’t used as it is hard wired into my router. What more can I say. Great prod­uct. Excel­lent cus­tomer ser­vice. Comes with a 12 month war­ran­ty and the option to pur­chase an extend­ed war­ran­ty whose cost is based on the pur­chase price, so that too is a bar­gain. Based on my expe­ri­ence, I have no hes­i­ta­tion in rec­om­mend­ing a ‘renewed’ prod­uct from this vendor.

  2. Phill Payne

    Great lit­tle pow­er­ful PC for the priceI had this com­put­er from the sell­er on my short­list for a while but was look­ing for a faster deliv­ery. The spec for the machine was incred­i­ble for the price and in the end I was pre­pared to wait the extra few days. How­ev­er, I was pleased to receive a text say­ing that some­thing had been deliv­ered a cou­ple of days after the order! So I went into the lounge and there it was! I opened the box and smiled as the com­put­er was small­er in size than expect­ed and looked real­ly smart. I quick­ly plugged it in and it boot­ed very quick­ly. I checked the specs and they were as adver­tised. I’ve spent the last day or so installing all the apps I required and the machine is behav­ing exact­ly as I had hoped. I’m real­ly pleased that I went for this as the machine looks and behaves great and for under £240 for an Quad Core I7 with 16 Gig of Ram, an SSD dri­ve and a sec­ondary dri­ve! I will be using it for work main­ly and it’s small enough to trans­port to cus­tomer sites if required. I am cur­rent­ly using it for proces­sor and mem­o­ry inten­sive sim­u­la­tions and builds. But I can also use it for video edit­ing and music pro­duc­tion so have var­i­ous key­boards con­nect­ed at the moment. I would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend the com­put­er and sell­er if you want some­thing that will han­dle most busi­ness tasks eas­i­ly with­out spend­ing a for­tune. High­ly recommended.

  3. Thom­my Dee

    ScamSim­ply bought this to help with home school­ing with my daugh­ter, the thing would­n’t even con­nect to a mon­i­tor. I tried mul­ti­ple con­nec­tions (vga,HDMI etc) the only mes­sage I got was a mes­sage telling me there was no sig­nal from the pc so I did­n’t even get as far as get­ting the thing up and run­ning, tried to con­tact sup­port but no answer. Full refund requested

  4. Leonar­do

    Very fast machine for the mon­eyI ordered this PC, as a replace­ment for my old Dell Dimen­sion 9150. List­ed as a Desk­top, I was sur­prised to receive a SFF box, with no room to add any expan­sion cards. It did look like new, and I was tempt­ed to keep it, but the lack of space,and the fact that there were no USB 3 ports, I decid­ed to return it.Delighted to say that FCS quick­ly con­firmed that they had the desk­top ver­sion in stock, and arranged for its deliv­ery, and col­lec­tion of the oth­er one. The new one is now up and run­ning, and a quick down­load of Belarc, con­firms that it meets the list­ed spec.

  5. Tony Hewet­son

    Plen­ty of pow­er for the priceI bought this to replace an aging desk­top that was grad­u­al­ly giv­ing up the ghost one bit a time.This machine boots in a few sec­onds (SSD dri­ve) and was very quick to set­up and copy old doc­u­ments across to.Seems real­ly well-built and it’s qui­et. Obvi­ous­ly does­n’t run the lat­est games, but for £250 that’s hard­ly a shock. In fact it would just take adding a more advanced video card to be a lot more pow­er­ful for these. Excel­lent val­ue for a fast fam­i­ly com­put­er with plen­ty of stor­age for pho­tos and documents.I’d just sug­gest to the sell­ers to include a link for the man­u­al (eas­i­ly avail­able and use­ful for fit­ting graph­ics cards etc) and quick instruc­tions for renam­ing the main user account- I can see that being a bit tricky for some users.Really pleased.

  6. Bri­an Smith

    An excel­lent machine, fast & reli­ableMore impor­tant an excel­lent back up ser­vice. I had a set up prob­lem, imme­di­ate­ly the team went out of their way to help me. To the point where they sent me a mini hard dri­ve with the Win­dows pro­gram ready to download.The machine is com­pact and very fast. I do not use it for gam­ing, but it fits my require­ments exactly.Great machine but bet­ter still superb support

  7. Dave Race

    What a bar­gainDeliv­er superb,Condition excellent,Spec, way bet­ter than the old one.Works out of the box with no fuss.Would definit­ly recommend.Read the spec before purchase.

  8. antho­ny doughty

    Fast and Effi­cientBeing small­er than a nor­mal Desk­top it fits into small­er spaces .Being i7 it is fast. Inter­net con­nec­tion is very good.I would rec­om­mend this to anyone.

  9. Dr Paul A. Irving

    You may need a bit of effort to get things work­ingPC arrived in good con­di­tion and works well — but because I am rea­son­ably techie, i had to fall­back on expe­ri­ence to get things working.1) The PC that arrived was a Dell Opti­plex 7010, “Intel® Core™ i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz ” with 16GB RAM installed.2) It has 3 graph­ics ports (2x Dis­play­port v1.1, and 1x VGA). I wast­ed a lot of time here and found that the Dis­play­ports are not enabled ful­ly unless a bios update is installed so you need a VGA cable and asso­ci­at­ed mon­i­tor to get start­ed — because I had dis­play­port plugged in, it was for some rea­son stop­ping the VGA being dis­played which was also plugged in, which was frus­trat­ing hav­ing no appar­ent out­put from any port. With just VGA i could now see the dis­play output.3) for stor­age there is a 1TB HDD and a 240GB SSD. I will prob­a­bly dis­con­nect the HDD to save elec­tric­i­ty and ensure if any disk pag­ing takes place it is on the SSD and not the slow HDD.3) Win­dows 10 Pro was installed and that want­ed to go through the usu­al start­up wiz­ard to con­fig­ure the PC, which was straight­for­ward. I use wired eth­er­net rather than wifi this time (PC came with a wifi dongle)4) Once you are though that, install all the updates, and unin­stall that Bull­guard secu­ri­ty — you do not need it because once gone Win­dows update will then install the free Win­dows Defender.5) Goto the Dell web­site in the sup­port sec­tion and get a down­loaded file to recog­nise the PC con­fig­u­ra­tion and at this point it will rec­om­mend a bios update. Click to install and reboot, and ONLY NOW the Dis­play­port video out­put ports (or at least the top one used by myself) will work.6) The Dis­play­port out­put sup­ports 4k (3840 x 2160 @ 30hz), and looks good. It is an inte­grat­ed graph­ics out­put so it is bet­ter suit­ed for work­ing with 4k rather than more demand­ing video uses.7) I just intend to use as a lin­ux devel­op­ment serv­er, and it will be fine for that, when set­up for a dual boot.I do not usu­al­ly do reviews but it was a bit frus­trat­ing at the begin­ning not being able to get any graph­ics out­put, and thought it best to list the above so that oth­ers can get the PC oper­a­tional, because when set­up hav­ing an i7 quad core each run­ning at 3.4Ghz with 16GB is a good spec machine for the price paid.

  10. DMR

    Not impressedI got a recon­di­tioned pc from Ama­zon a few yrs ago and was delight­ed with it.So this time, I want to upgrade I was think­ing it would be the same, as it says again, it rec­om­mend­ed and part of Amazon.I was shocked when I dent­ed very old case with a Win­dows 7 stick­er on it came (win­dows 7 dates back to 2009). Inside was dusty, the moth­er­board had a lay­er of dirt on it and looked as old as the case.. The 2 hard dri­ves were placed in (one was cable tied and the oth­er was loss). There is no backup/recovery sec­tion on the hard dri­ve like the last one. So if it crashed, would have a crap job try­ing to rein­stall it..Only rea­son keep­ing it as I gave the old one to fam­i­ly, so had no choice.The val­ue for mon­ey on this pc, is very low and would not con­sid­er get­ting from this sell­er again.. How do I know all this, I used to work in IT for sev­er­al years and would have been bet­ter off build­ing my own..I will be shocked if this is dis­played, as found some truths are hard to get out there

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