Opard Travel Coffee Cup Leakproof 350ml(12oz) Double-Walled Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Mug BPA


Brand Opard
Special feature Non-Slip
Colour Black
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 350 Millilitres
  • [Keep Beverages for 6 Hours Hot & 10 Hours Cold] -- 18/8(304) double-walled stainless steel that's vacuum-insulated for expert heat retention, which keeps drinks cold up to 10 hours and hot up to 6 hours.
  • [Non-slip Grip, Bottom & Leakproof Design] -- Silicone grip on the body offers a secure and comfortable way to hold it while the bottom makes sure that it won't slip. The lock and the seals ensure that it never leaks and spills.
  • [Safe Food-grade Material] -- 100% BPA-free lid and food-grade stainless steel mean that there is no chemical infiltration, you can use it with peace of mind.
  • [Lend a Hand] -- One-handed drinking travel mug fits nicely in your hand and most car holders, perfect fits for traveling, cycling, skiing, and climbing. Besides, a carry clip makes it easy to clip to your bags, luggage, and backpacks.
  • [Package Content & Warranty] -- 1× 350ml(12 oz) travel mug, 1 × user manual, 1× cleaning brush(A free cleaning brush helps you easy to clean). Board offers you a 30-DAY money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty on all orders, If you are not satisfied with the product or have any questions, our customer service team will help you with a REFUND or RETURN.


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Additional information

Weight 380 kg
Dimensions 21.2 × 9.5 × 9.2 cm
Package Dimensions

21.2 x 9.5 x 9.2 cm; 380 Grams

Batteries Required




Date First Available

20 Jun. 2019




  1. Tick­ety Boo

    Splen­did lit­tle trav­el cup…This is the best trav­el mug I have bought and does exact­ly what it says on the tin — it’s leak proof — huraah! I have been using this mug almost dai­ly for about 6 weeks or so, tak­ing it every­where with me. Iv not used it for cold drinks, just hot, which do indeed stay nice and hot, in my expe­ri­ence and, it has­n’t leaked once.Ergonomics: the clip han­dle is excel­lent — clip­ping it to my bag, a belt loop on my jeans, a back­pack — or indeed, just car­ry­ing it by the han­dle, makes it real­ly user friend­ly and, the ergonom­ic design and non slip cas­ing around the mid­dle is easy to grip; hav­ing very small hands and being affect­ed by ray­naud’s syn­drome, the han­dle and easy grip cas­ing is of par­tic­u­lar prac­ti­cal­i­ty for me, in addi­tion to the clip han­dle and, no leaks so far in my uni bag full of doc­u­ments and elec­tron­ic equipment!Car: as for car usabil­i­ty, though its too tall for the front cup hold­ers in my par­tic­u­lar small car placed under the dash in front of the gear stick, the cup does fit nice and snug­ly into the side cup hold­ers between the front seats locat­ed behind the hand break. On the sub­ject of cars how­ev­er, I would say it is high­ly depen­dent on the design of each vehi­cle and where the hold­ers are placed, to deter­mine whether or not it is allow­ing for tall take-away cups or not, to say whether or not it would fit anoth­er vehi­cle’s holder.Train: I’m also a fre­quent train user — the non slip bot­tom of the cup ensures your cup stays on the table, irre­spec­tive of train move­ments and its jig­gling and jud­der­ing about…just don’t for­get to pick it up when leav­ing the train!Cleaning: this is bril­liant as, when the cup arrives it comes with its very own clean­ing sponge bot­tle type clean­er thing, which arrives in two parts inside the cup — you just need to clip it togeth­er and give it a wash; just don’t be tempt­ed to put your nice new trav­el cup into the dish­wash­er or use abra­sive scour­ers on it — it will dam­age it; the bot­tle sponge cleans it to per­fec­tion. I fre­quent­ly use my cup for coconut/almond milk latter’s/mochas, and the spongy-thing cleans both the cup and its lid — keep­ing the lid but­ton ‘open’ whilst clean­ing, using the sponge to get a nice lath­er, this flows through the lid to give it a nice sudsy clean, before rins­ing it all off under a warm tap.Having spent a lot of mon­ey on var­i­ous trav­el mugs, this one by far has been out­stand­ing and, at the time of pur­chase was, for me — expen­sive at £12.99. How­ev­er, cost is high­ly depen­dent on one’s point of ref­er­ence and, being a soap dodg­ing hip­pie stu­dent — every­thing is expen­sive! There­fore, if the price makes one gulp, depend­ing on your point of ref­er­ence that is, I can­not rec­om­mend it high­ly enough as it absolute­ly IS val­ue for mon­ey:- it has­n’t leaked over my uni stuff- it keeps bev­er­ages HOT- it clips onto your jeans and is eas­i­ly car­ried by the han­dle- it fits in your car’s cup hold­ers (most­ly)- it does­n’t do a slide-dance on train tables- it’s easy to cleanAND, it comes with a FREE spongey-thing to clean it with ;)FIVE STARS!!!

  2. Yian­nis Georgantas

    Worth it but need to know how to han­dle itNice trav­el mug but you need to know how to han­dle, for instance when you close it you must have the but­ton open, screw it and then close the but­ton. The rea­son is that when u close it with the but­ton close the pres­sure of the inside released through the seal­ing ring and can leak.

  3. Adam Jones

    Start­ed so well… end­ed TERRIBLYWas ini­tial­ly very impressed. Was ful­ly leak proof, keeps drinks very warm for a long time. Easy to hold, car­ry and use. Felt stur­dy and like it would be a good long term trav­el mugHow­ev­er, a cou­ple of weeks in and it’s now basi­cal­ly unus­able as the leak proof­ing has failed. When­ev­er I drink from it, it leaks from the lid, under­neath the drink­ing hole and sends boil­ing liq­uid all down my front.Massively dis­ap­point­ed and I wish I could rate with a low­er score

  4. Patri­cia Smithdorf

    Trav­el mugI am bed rid­den and my hus­band makes me cof­fee before he leaves for work, I am able to have hot cof­fee through out the morn­ing. Think I should get anoth­er so as to have cof­fee in the after­noon, too.

  5. Gruffalo’s Mum

    Lid is a night­mare to cleanOK. Good price, no issues with the tem­per­a­ture. I bought this when my son was doing a before school boost­er class and I need­ed to per­suade my younger daugh­ter to hang around the park from 8 am once a week while we wait­ed for school to open. I bribed her with a flask of hot choco­late 😂Any­way, the but­ton seems to get depressed real­ly eas­i­ly and we had a cou­ple of spillages. Prob­a­bly user error but still irri­tat­ing. When the lid is sub­merged in water, the water gets inside it and can end up smelling. I usu­al­ly put it in the cup­board with the boil­er to dry it out quick­er and avoid the smell. But that issue with clean­ing the lid is real­ly annoying.My son wants an insu­lat­ed mug now because his school is say­ing packed lunch only due to lim­i­ta­tions on the lunch hall as part of the COVID-19 man­age­ment plan. I won’t be buy­ing anoth­er of these.

  6. Elly Botha

    Bril­liant mug!I’ve has these travel.mugs for a while now and I’m still total­ly hap­py with them. Come time for replace­ment (which wont be soon because they’re still.perfect), I would buy anoth­er one. It keeps cof­fee super hot and it keeps ice water icy cold. I’ve used it for both. The best part is its cara­bi­na style han­dle. Oh my this comes in handy! It’s a deep mug so not.al sponges wont reach, but thank­ful­ly it comes with a lit­tle bot­tle clean­er type sponge which does a per­fect job of clean­ing right at the bot­tom. One piece of advise is to remove and wash the under side of the lid which caus­es the seal. It gets very grub­by. Love this mug and would def­i­nite­ly recommend.

  7. Glen Jones

    Just remove/ rub off plas­tic insu­la­tor coat­ing on inside disc from inside lid, you’ll thank me lat­erWhen I received this, all I could taste was a plastic/rubber taste, I thought it would fade, until I realised that “look at pho­to” the inter­nal disc was cov­ered in this rub­ber like sub­stance, in guess­ing it was to keep the ring around that disc in place, how­ev­er, I soon noticed that coaat­ing was peel­ing of, so I rubbed all the coat­ing off and it’s been a star ever since that.I think uou need to find a sub­sti­tute coat­ing or leave it with­out it, it does­n’t need it, it does­n’t leak and keeps my cof­fee warm a long time. Not as long as a prop­er FLASK, but for the mon­ey it’s a good buy, one more thing, once you unscrew the disc under the lids, rinse the top thor­ough­ly, coffee/tea col­lects in all the grooves and spac­ers, espe­cial­ly right oub the middle.It took me a long time to get this sort­ed out, if I had known, I would have peeled that coaat­ing off straight away and would have had no issues.To man­u­fac­ture, please remove the coat­ing on the inside of the disc that unscrews, or find an alter­na­tive lid mechanism.Otherwise, is great now, work­ing fine, and keeps my cof­fee warm for a good few hours

  8. Bizzie

    Best trav­el mug I’ve ever usedI’ve got one in every colour — first one was for my hus­band for Fathers Day 21. He was like “meh“ when he unwrapped it but one use, dif­fer­ent sto­ry. It’s got a handy inte­gral stur­dy loop to car­ry around eas­i­ly, plus the oblig­a­tory hand grip cen­tral band. It doesn’t leak, it has a but­ton to keep it open/closed. It retains the orig­i­nal tem­per­a­ture ALL DAY. It’s a good sized man mug. It comes with its own clean­ing sponge so you don’t immerse it in water. So good that the kids all start­ed want­i­ng replace­ments for their cheapo ver­sion. And I didn’t want to be left out — handy for long walks, pic­nics, nev­er mind WFH (I do hus his nor­mal cup­pa of a morn­ing — if it’s my turn — and put one of these on his desk n we dou­ble up like that through the day).Have also found they stay warm through the night so we all now fill them up last thing for dur­ing the night or first thing in the morn­ing. Fantastic 🥰

  9. Las­z­lo

    It keeps my cof­fee warm and safeIt is a per­fect com­pan­ion for my day.At the morn­ing, I fill it up with a cof­fee what I can drink sip by sip in the morn­ing traf­fic jam.In the office, I also love this mug. Keeps my cof­fee hot all day.The lid close per­fect­ly. Not a sin­gle drop, even upside down or if I shake it.Cleaning it is also eas­i­er than oth­ers: you can just unscrew the inner clos­ing disk and wash the whole thing easily.There is a bot­tle wash­er tool in the set too. I did not use it yet.Also it is a good fit for my car cup holders.

  10. Com­rade X

    Best Trav­el Mug in the WORLD!Cof­fee in cup at 07:00. Too hot to drink at 16:00. Had to leave lid off to cool down. Unbe­liev­ably effec­tive insu­la­tion. Great carabiner/handle will be use­ful for some peo­ple. Comes with a clean­ing kit that looks like it can deal with any deposits around spout.This must be the best trav­el mug in the world.But: it requires a clean­ing dis­ci­pline. For the lazy peo­ple out there, and you know who you are, this will not be for you.The screw top has a press but­ton open­ing which allows the con­tents to be poured or sipped. The seal­ing mech­a­nism works well but can cause an unpleas­ant smell to devel­op. This is because the flat disc on the under­side of the cap col­lects mate­r­i­al from the con­tents and it is not eas­i­ly removed by rins­ing, even with boil­ing soapy water. The flat disc needs to be removed along with the rub­ber seals and the whole mech­a­nism treat­ed with sodi­um bicar­bon­ate solu­tion made with boil­ing water. I do not recall read­ing this in the ‘Care’ instructions.You will need to do this every few days dur­ing fre­quent use and espe­cial­ly before it goes in the cup­board for any length of time.As I said, it works very well but treat it with the respect it deserves.

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