ONEISALL 2L Flask,Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle- Thermo Flask with Drinking Mug for Hiking/Camping/Perfect for Hot Coffee


Material Stainless Steel
Colour Blue
Capacity 2 liters
Item weight 1.2 Kilograms
  • ONEISALL Flask-vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention; keeps hot up to 12 hours, Cold up to 24 hours it will long keep the temperature of the drink.
  • No Leaking- Non-leaching.Eco friendly, The inner lid material is environmentally PP, PP plastic products can work for a long time at 100 ℃ and not harmful to the human body, and the silicone ring also is food grade.Durable and safe to use by the whole family.
  • Daily Use-Keep drinks at the right temperature for hours. vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, hot or cold; keeps liquids hot for 24 hours and cold for 24 hours, It’s great for soups, Take this easy-to-carry portable flask while camping, hiking, biking or leave it at the office, tea and coffee - or add ice cubes for cold, refreshing drinks
  • Cool to the touch with hot&cold liquids, PLEASE NOTE: You don't have to open the inner lid to pour out your liquid. Just press down the red button at the top of the inner lid when you need to pour out your liquid. And when you finished, please press the red button again to bounce back the button to seal the bottle to avoid any leak
  • FLEXIBLE HANDLE: The flask is large so the handle is retractable. It will help to carry it much more easily. Flipping and pouring the stopper allows you to pour without removing the stopper


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Product Description



Large capacity,No Leaking,Easy to carry,Keep drinks at the right temperature



Keep drinks at the right tem­per­a­ture for hours. vac­u­um insu­la­tion tech­nol­o­gy for max­i­mum tem­per­a­ture reten­tion, hot or cold; keeps liq­uids hot for 24 hours and cold for 24 hours,It’s great for soups, Take this easy to car­ry portable flask while camp­ing, hik­ing, bik­ing or leave it at the office,tea and cof­fee — or add ice cubes for cold, refresh­ing drinks.







With envi­ron­men­tal PP mate­r­i­al flex­i­ble com­fort lift­ing yoke,good handle.

With the capac­i­ty 300ML cowl,convenient and swift can use it as a water cup,you can drink­ing water anywhere.


Capac­i­ty 2000ML/70oz,with smooth wide mouth,easy clean, stain­less steel liner,5‑layers process large flask for your trip


Just press drown the red but­ton at the top of the lin­er lid when you need pour out your liquid.Please note,when you finished,please press the red but­ton again to bounce black the but­ton to seal the bottle

with strap

When you car­ry it much more easily


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Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 33 cm
Product Dimensions

15 x 15 x 33 cm; 1.2 Kilograms

Item volume

2000 Millilitres

Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only

Number of pieces


Batteries Required


Item Weight

1.2 Kilograms



Item model number


Date First Available

11 Aug. 2016




  1. Big Daz

    Great flask NO Not real­ly. Pre­emp­tive review to use.The media could not be loaded.

     Things to like and dis­like with regards to this flask.OK, let’s start at the begin­ning. The flask comes well pack­aged in a very stur­dy box.Which in itself is placed inside an Ama­zon pack­ag­ing box.Delivery was fast but then again I paid for next-day delivery.The flask arrived in good order no dam­age to the box­es, either of them.Flask details.Removal of the flask from its retail pack­ag­ing, the flask itself is inside a thick cel­lo­phane Style bag wrap­per inside its box.Initial reac­tion to see­ing the flask was that I thought I have been ripped off.The flask car­ry han­dle and car­ry han­dle colours are made from extreme­ly cheap abs style plas­tic which I envis­age will break very easily.Exercise cau­tion if you have bought this flask or are buy­ing this flask with the idea of rugged and rough used as it will break.I can hon­est­ly say that the plas­tics used on both cup and flask includ­ing han­dle or bloody horrible.Any anti-slip prop­er­ties are lim­it­ed to a large ring around the ini­tial out­er Cup and the top side of the han­dle which is extreme­ly flim­sy and does not hold its posi­tion at all.The car­ry strap itself is pack­aged sep­a­rate­ly and requires min­i­mal assem­bly to fit by thread­ing through the appro­pri­ate slots around the car­ry han­dle col­lars, and ends feed­ing back through a slid­ing buck­le… Of which there are two of one required for each end of the car­ry strap.The car­ry strap itself is made of cheap woven nylon, in my opin­ion which will turn out to be tougher than the flask itself.The out­er cup appears to be an ade­quate seal on the flask itself if tight­ened up effectively.The inner stop cap/pouring cap is made of the same or worse cheap plas­tics… Pos­si­bly ABS in ori­gin as the out­side Plas­tics. It is weak and flim­sy and the thin, plas­tic, rub­ber seals in nature are shall we say need­ing or lack­ing… I do not envis­age the stop cap seals for the flask last­ing any more than 1 to 2 months with reg­u­lar dai­ly use . . And to be fair, that is an upbeat speculation.I have just filled the flask up with boil­ing water at 17:00 and will check its temp and the claims boast­ed of 24hr heat reten­tion at this time tomor­row and will pro­vide the appro­pri­ate update.As long as the insu­la­tion in the flask itself is not dam­aged and vac­u­um is is main­tained and, I do not envis­age any prob­lems with it’s insu­la­tion prop­er­ties and abil­i­ty to main­tain the spec­i­fied tem­per­a­tures for the spec­i­fied duration.I will of course pro­vide as I men­tioned ear­li­er and update on this when I have test­ed it out.That real­ly is all I can say about it at this moment in time… The rocks are are ade­quate con­sid­er­ing the cheap­ness of the mate­ri­als used in its construction.I think the flask itself and the mate­ri­als used, with its rec­om­mend­ed retail price is over­priced by £30’s.I real­ly can­not empha­size enough to any­one how cheap this units con­struc­tion is and poor qual­i­ty of mate­ri­als used.They obvi­ous­ly try to blind the cus­tomer or con­sumer with good pack­ag­ing and presentation..I would like to drop test­ed to check it’s dura­bil­i­ty.… But I know that this will be a waste of time as it will crack and chat­ter their out of Plas­tics cer­tain­ly if dropped onto hard sur­face even from just waste height.So what sort of flask would be a decent?As you all know, most things now days are all built as cheap­ly as pos­si­ble out of the cheap­est mate­ri­als pos­si­ble. This is to max­i­mize pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and min­imise expanse which will equal great prof­its… And that is what Soci­ety has has blessed us with in this con­sumerist cap­i­tal­is­tic world..Everything is all about prof­it… Peo­ple and prod­uct do not count, not any­more. And that is evi­dent with what I am just received here.I have no affil­i­a­tion with the sell­er. I have writ­ten this review in as unbi­ased and hon­est way as I pos­si­bly can do.Maybe it will indeed exceed my ini­tial expec­ta­tions and eval­u­a­tion.. I would like to think it would and can do…I have seen enough cheap­ness through my wife to know that, this would be wish­ful think­ing on my part.Stand by for part two of the hot test..The star rat­ings I have award­ed it are one star for stur­di­ness and one store for val­ue for mon­ey­Ob­vi­ous­ly leak-proof is still pend­ing­DazUp­date… water tem­per­a­ture in the flask after 24hrs 13mins of unopened use, the temp was boil­ing when poured in and sealed and 36°C after the time was up…Hot enough to make a cup of cof­fee with.… But not enough to make a cup of tea with. .UPDATE 8th August.Handle has now fall­en off com­plete­ly. ..Is not keep­ing any­thing hot now either for more than 1 to 1.5hrs..Cheap hor­ri­ble piece of Chi­nese crap and was tak­en away by the bin men this morn­ing when the dust­bins were emptied..*DO NOT BUY*WARNING*DO NOT BUY*WARNING*I shall not be so cour­te­ous and accom­mo­dat­ing in my future video reviews.from now on.

  2. P. bar­ton

    Great flask but beware of the inter­nal pres­sure AND IT LEAKS LIKE MAD AFTER ONLY A FEW WEEKS USE !!!!!While this is a great flask and keeps my tea real­ly hot I must point out a poten­tial prob­lemWARN­ING !!!!!! Beware of the pres­sure that builds up inside the bot­tle , don’t put you face to close to the red but­ton when open­ing as it could spray hot liq­uid at you, tap the red but­ton a lit­tle to release the pres­sure first and don’t open the cap with­out releas­ing the pres­sure either , very very badOther than that it is a great flask and as It does not have a glass inter­nal flasky bit that can shat­ter it is less like­ly to break when fill­ing DO NOT LAY ON ITS SIDE THE FLASK WILL LEAK !!!!!!JUST FOUND OUT THE TOP SEAL HAS GONE ALREADY !!!! it has leaked tea all over the pas­sen­ger seat in the car­But at £35 I can‘t dump it , JUST KEEP IT UPRIGHT !!!!This has giv­en up keep­ing my tea hot does not even keep it warm for very long now , I thought it was a bit strange when I noticed the cas­ing get­ting hot as soon as I put my hot tea in this morn­ing so I can only assume the inside is leak­ing through the inner bot­tle , a real shame it was a good flask

  3. Dami­an Keen

    36+ hours of hot water! Good looks and well made.Prod­uct turned up on time, i filled it with boil­ing water on Thurs­day at 5pm, there were no leaks and prod­uct seems good. Checked the water Fri­day at 5pm and its still boil­ing hot, checked again Sat­ur­day 6am and its still too hot to put fin­gers in. Not had a real chance to test it although ill prob­a­bly only use it 4 or 5 times a year, the over­all looks of the flask are good and it defi­nate­ly stays hot enough for drinks well past 36 hours. The over­all build qual­i­ty of the flask seems pret­ty good, but the plas­tic fur­nish­ings (han­dle and bump guards) seem to be made of quite a brit­tle plas­tic, i dont think this is going to be build­ing site proof. I think so far this is going to be a great flask that will last a long time when used occa­sion­al­ly but i dont think its tough enough for every­day use and get­ting knocked about.

  4. V Lloyd

    Great flask for lengthy trips & great cus­tomer sup­port.I got this flask for fish­ing, man­aged to get 7 cups of cof­fee and the drink was still boil­ing hot 21 hours lat­er, amazing!Update…I lost my cup on this flask and after con­tact­ing cus­tomer sup­port they are send­ing me a replace­ment. Excel­lent ser­vice for an excel­lent product.Update…Today I received my new replace­ment cup from Chi­na, no charge and free post. Thank you for great cus­tomer sup­port and a great flask. Five stars from me.

  5. bob-la

    Excel­lent FlaskI must say I am impressed with this flask so far. I had it deliv­ered on the 03/11/2020, when I got home I filled it up with boil­ing water at 13:30 on the 3rd (no pre­heat­ing) I left water in overnight and opened the flask at 05:15 on the 4th and fair enough the water is still at a real­ly good tem­per­a­ture, my ket­tle boils the water up to about 82c and the fol­low­ing morn­ing when I test­ed the temp it was still over 65c after all that time.Very impres­sive heat reten­tion. It is a large flask build qual­i­ty seems good, han­dle seems ok, comes with a handy strap but I have not installed this as yet as I car­ry my flask in a bag any­way. Thank good­ness I found this, no more luke warm tea at lunch time now as I am a bin man.

  6. Mrs A.

    PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS BAG OF SH@.DO NOT BUY this bag of rubbish.I would not even give this thing 1 star but ama­zon makes you choose a star rat­ing but in my book it is not wor­thy of even 1 star.It leaks no mat­ter how tight the lid is, the out­er skin of the cup came away from the plastic,Also the fake met­al straps on the top and the bot­tom fell off, not to men­tion every­time you unscrew the cup there is half the con­tents of your flask ready to splash all over your hands and any­thing you are near. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS AWFUL THING.

  7. MsElle

    OkayThis flask worked great for about a year. Ini­tial­ly I was real­ly very impressed with how long it kept the water hot. I’ve had now for a just over a year and it does­n’t keep the water hot any­more. Now when I fill in the evening by the next morn­ing the water is just warm and not hot enough even to make a cof­fee. I even warm the flask up before­hand by fill­ing it with real­ly hot tap water then pour­ing it out and fill­ing with boil­ing water from the ket­tle. Still warm the next morn­ing. Real­ly dis­ap­point­ed as was great for a while but I expect­ed it to main­tain it insu­lat­ing abil­i­ties for longer than a year. Any­one rec­om­mend a good replacement?

  8. kai­ii

    THIS IS A BEAST OF A FLASKHUGE, BIG, MODERN, BIG STURDY HANDLE, LOOKS AWESOME, AND TESTED WISE, IT DOES THE JOB WELL, THE OUTER CUP, IS LARGE, THE INNER SEAL CUP HAS GROOVES FOR EASIER TO OPEN AND TIGHTEN, ALSO HAS THE PUSH BUTTON TO POUR DRINK OUT, this is some seri­ous large flask, looks so robust and feels robust, I don’t think this thing can ever break, definent­ly a great product.

  9. Jamie

    Big capac­i­ty days worth of water ice cold all day (days)It’s great. I use it for ice cold drinks. The ice lasts for days, I can take it with ice and water to work in the morn­ing and fill back up in the gym and have ice cold drinks all day.Also I dis­cov­ered today it fits a can of beer in to keep your beer cold of an evening :)Down­sides. It’s mas­sive and as a 6′ 1″ 300lbs guy I feel it’s pres­ence walk­ing around with it. Thus far though ben­e­fits are well exceed­ing this.

  10. Mr. C. Watmore

    Big Capac­i­ty Flask, though a bit PriceyOrdered this for my Father to use when he goes to watch the local foot­ball team. He’s want­ed a big­ger flash for ages and this one at 2.6 Litres is almost dou­ble the capac­i­ty of his pre­vi­ous flask. He likes to pro­vide Tea for his friends, and be-grudges pay­ing for the tea from the tea bar. This is def­i­nite­ly a heavy duty and well con­struct­ed flask. I did order anoth­er brand here on Ama­zon, a 1.8 Litre Ther­mo Flask, which when deliv­ered was already smashed and shat­tered by the couri­er. So def­i­nite­ly want­ed to avoid buy­ing anoth­er Glass/Ceramic Lined Flask again as they just do not last, and are not durable or stur­dy. This flask is very well built, stain­less steel con­struc­tion and inter­nal. Means it’s going to last a long time and take the occa­sion­al knock, bump or drop quite well.Only down­side to it is the price, it’s very expen­sive, but I sup­pose if my father had bought one of these first time round, he’d have saved mon­ey long-term as he’s been through about a dozen oth­er flasks over the last cou­ple of years.

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