Nutruit Gourmet Healthy Snack Variety Box (Pack of 20), Vegan, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Plant Based, High Fibre, Snack Gift Box,


  • PREMIUM QUALITY VEGAN SNACKS: Each box contains 20 individually packed vegan snacks; all ingredients are carefully selected from Mediterranean fields and hand packed into our Nutruit Variety Box.
  • EAT WHAT YOU SEE: You get what you see on the package. These gluten-free snacks are natural non-GMO, have no preservatives, are dairy-free, Halal, Kosher, and free from palm oil.
  • FRESH OUT OF BOX: Each box is marked with the earliest expiration date. We guarantee that our boxes contain fresh items, and we will provide a full refund if the products do not meet the earliest expiration date.
  • VARIETY OF SNACKS: Feel no guilt while having a snack. The assortment has a wide variety of snacks including Date balls, Fig balls, Roasted Trail Mix, Roasted Lentils, Roasted Chickpeas, Sour Cherry Fruit Strips, Dried Strawberry, Dried Berry Mix, Lightly Fermented Carrot, and Lightly Fermented Celery.
  • GIFT BOX: Vegan snack boxes are a great choice for those looking to fuel a healthy lifestyle. It makes an ideal gift for friends, family, military members, students, office breakrooms, clients, or as a way to stock your own kitchen with healthy snacks.


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Product Description

Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Grab & Go, Simply Delicious
Nutruit Podium

Nutru­it Snacks

Nutru­it Snack Packs are made with real and pure ingre­di­ents only. We are com­mit­ted to pro­vide fresh har­vest­ed and high qual­i­ty ingre­di­ents with each of our sealed packs.

We believe a snack can be deli­cious and nutri­tious at the same time with sim­ple mix and garnishes.

No arti­fi­cial ingre­di­ents are used in our Veg­an, Non-GMO and Gluten Free snacks.




Mod­est and Delightful

More fla­vor with less addit­tions. Each pack is mixed and gar­nished with finest veg­an ingre­di­ents from The Mediterranean.

Easy Snack­ing

A con­ve­nient way to snack on the go, each pack is easy to grab, store and ready to boost your day.

Nutri­tious Gift Choice

A nutri­tious choice for your next gift idea. Sur­prise your fam­i­ly or friends with a Nutru­it Snack Box.

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Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 10.5 × 36 cm
Product Dimensions

12 x 10.5 x 36 cm; 31.18 Grams


600 gram




Certified Non-GMO Certified Kosher

Country of origin




Date First Available

4 April 2022




  1. Chris K

    Regretably very hit and missGreat pack­ag­ing. I thought it looked like a nice mix of healthy snacks and by and large, they still are.The Good: The date balls, straw­ber­ries, sour cher­ry fruit strips, cel­ery and the roast­ed chick­peas are all very tasty. I would buy any of these indi­vid­u­al­ly. Espe­cial­ly those date balls!! 10/10The bad (mediocre): The car­rots taste a bit sour and over fer­ment­ed. Still edi­ble. The Lentils and trail mix are okay but noth­ing to write home about. The fig balls are okay.The Ugly: The berry mix is awful. Very very dry and vir­tu­al­ly sucked all the mois­ture out of my mouth. I end­ed up spit­ting them out.

  2. Dr J Singh

    Mina­tures — well pack­aged but very low val­ue for mon­ey. Shocked to see them so small.Date balls and fig balls .. the size of fruit pastilles.

  3. crock­et

    50/50binned the cel­ery and the car­rot and the berry after one taste of each they are vile. the oth­ers are very nice

  4. umut i.

    Very deli­cious and healthywe love all of them 👍

  5. Aya­mi

    Hit and Miss — lots of added saltThis vari­ety pack of snacks has been very hit and miss for me. Open­ing it up in front of my son I want­ed him to try one of the health­i­er options so opened up the Car­rot and was pleas­ant­ly sur­prised they are just fresh look­ing car­rot batons until I tried one.… it was full of salt and oil and tast­ed a bit vine­gary so my face was enough to put him off it. The Date Balls and Fig Balls I love — they are very small but a tasty snack. The Berry Mix I hate as although they have cane sug­ar and sun­flower oil you end up just chew­ing very dry unsweet­ened blue­ber­ry skins for ages. The Cel­ery is the same as the car­rot — cov­ered in salt and oil. The Straw­ber­ry and Fruit Strips I did like. The Trail Mix is just nuts but also includes salt as does the Lentils. The Chick­peas were prob­a­bly my favourite of the savoury vari­ety — roast­ed chick­peas with spice mix (not hot) and olive oil so they’re not as dry as I expect­ed. So if you don’t mind salt then they are tasty. All of my pack­ets have a Best Before of Sept 2023.

  6. Men­do Shutaro

    Nice vari­ety of snacks but a bit expen­siveA review from the wife… There are ten dif­fer­ent snacks in this bag, two packs of each snack. They are a mix of sweet and savory snacks. The dif­fer­ent snacks are:Date balls — A very sweet snack. The tex­ture is very soft con­trast­ing with the crunchy tex­ture of the coconut flakes on top. You can’t real­ly taste the hazel­nut or cacao in it. It’s one of the high­er calo­rie snacks at 130 calo­ries. Very sat­is­fy­ing and fits the snack urge.Sour cher­ry fruit strips — these have a rice flour coat­ing on them which makes it a bit grit­ty. The strips them­selves are a mix of cher­ry and apple. I felt the apple flavours come through but there is def­i­nite­ly a sour hit from the cher­ry as well. This pack is 100 calories.Fig balls — this snack is made of fig and hazel­nuts. It has the crunch­i­ness of the fig seeds with­in the soft fruity shell with an after­taste of hazel­nuts. Not too sweet but enough to sat­is­fy a snack crav­ing. These are 110 calo­ries a pack.Strawberry snack — just dried straw­ber­ries. Appar­ent­ly they have apple juice con­cen­trate in them but I could not taste it. Very tasty and very sat­is­fy­ing at only 80 calo­ries a pack.Berry mix — a mix­ture of cran­ber­ries, blue­ber­ries and aro­ni­aber­ries (nev­er heard of these before but appar­ent­ly they are high in antiox­i­dants). The cran­ber­ries make this quite a bit­ter snack. It’s prob­a­bly my least favourite of all the snack bags. There are 95 calo­ries in this bag.Celery sticks — these were a bit of a sur­prise. I was expect­ing crunchy cel­ery sticks but they are soft and sog­gy and are very rem­i­nis­cent of pick­les. They have a slight fer­ment­ed taste to them mixed with an olive oil flavour. They taste nice enough but they are a bit messy as they are wet. At least, they are only 10 calories!Carrot — these were crunchy car­rot sticks as expect­ed. They have a cit­rusy flavour to them. They also have olive oil on them. Again slight­ly messy due to the oil. Only 20 calo­ries in this pack.Roasted chick­peas — these are a crunchy snack. They have a typ­i­cal nut­ty chick­pea taste to them. The spice mix is most­ly salty, not real­ly spicy as such. Nice if you’re look­ing for a savoury snack. These are 130 calo­ries a pack.Lentil snack — these are fried lentils, flavoured with salt and pep­per. They are a nice crunchy snack and there is quite a lot in the bag. They have a nice savoury taste but are not real­ly spicy. They are the high­est calo­ries in the snack box at 140 calories.Trail mix — this has a mix of roast­ed almonds, peanuts, pis­ta­chios, hazel­nuts, cashewnuts and pump­kin seeds. They are all salt­ed. As with most trail mix­es, there is an excess of peanuts and a smat­ter­ing of the oth­ers. This snack comes in at 100 calories.The snacks are nice­ly pre­sent­ed in a card­board box. There is a leaflet inside which out­lines the nutri­tion­al val­ue of each dif­fer­ent type of snack. As this is made in Turkey, they have also includ­ed a free gift of a Turk­ish Evil Eye. There is anoth­er leaflet in the pack which says that a por­tion of pro­ceeds from the sale of the box are donat­ed to Action Against Hunger; it does­n’t spec­i­fy how much but nev­er­the­less it’s a good ges­ture. The pack has 20 snack packs in total. The cost is a bit high at near­ly £1 a bag for minia­ture bags.


    High pro­tein and fibre, yes, but also some are high cal and have a lot of carbs/sugar.This is a pret­ty decent qual­i­ty of snack, as it’s main­ly fruit, nuts and puls­es and you get a mix of sweet and savoury and lots of dif­fer­ent textures.The trail mix is pret­ty stan­dard, as are the straw­ber­ries and the fruit strips, but the fig balls are new to me (not my fave, and they made me need the loo for No2s, sor­ry if that’s TMI) and the berries mix had added sug­ar, as it con­tains cran­ber­ries, which I have nev­er seen with­out added sug­ar — not impressed with this, as they could have just stuck to fruits that did­n’t need added sug­ar. The chick peas have a taste of cur­ried spices, but taste smoky and mor­eish, not of cur­ry and not too hot. The lentils are my fave — they’re fried and salt­ed and have just the right amount of pep­per. The cel­ery and car­rot were a pleas­ant sur­prise — I’m OK with both veg, but they were described as being light­ly fer­ment­ed and in olive oil and the pouch­es felt a lit­tle bul­gy, so I was wary. Well, they turned out to be what my nan would do when she made pick­les (we’re Asian): light­ly salt the cut veg, put into the sun to draw out a bit of the liq­uid, then pre­serve (here, it’s only salt and oil, not spices or vine­gar). The crunch was good, the taste was fresh and I liked that the veg had had that lit­tle bit of pre­serv­ing and were an unusu­al snack.The only down­side is the por­tion sizes — OK for a snack, but this is a very expen­sive snack box and that’s pro­hib­i­tive for me. Weird­ly, a note and a ‘gift’ are includ­ed — a Turk­ish ‘evil eye’ ward fridge mag­net. I was­n’t expect­ing it but I like fridge mag­nets and it’s well made and looks good. How­ev­er, the man­u­fac­tur­er might want a rethink in case a buy­er takes offence at some­thing that they con­sid­er pagan or not in line with their beliefs and ends up irri­tat­ed. I mean, it has no place in a snack pack, but I think the man­u­fac­tur­er intend­ed well and I think some­thing sim­i­lar is done in sev­er­al cul­tures, includ­ing my own, but in the sense of offer­ing an extra few of what you’re already buy­ing, or some­thing sim­i­lar, not some­thing so utter­ly unre­lat­ed as this gift.

  8. Wilde’s Cab­bage

    **Update: Love­ly Con­cept But Not All the Flavours Match the HypeThese remind me of Graze Box­es which we had real­ly bought into. Our young son loved the whole hand­picked and per­son­alised treats arrive through the let­ter­box back almost a decade ago.These don’t look quite as allur­ing to some­one younger, like Graze did. The tar­get mar­ket, I assume, is the busy, in-between meals, peck­ish office crowd. In order to curb hunger with a quick sat­is­fy­ing healthy boost.The packs are tiny, small­er than my palm. It does stop me from mind­less­ly eat­ing the con­tents of a share bag I guess, as im total­ly aware of how many bags I end up con­sum­ing. Their pack­ag­ing and mar­ket­ing is pret­ty good, chic yet simplistic.In real­i­ty, just like Graze, some of the snacks aren’t as healthy as they seem. Some con­tain salt. Unlike anoth­er review­er, I don’t actu­al­ly find them salty. If you like some chev­da or Bom­bay mix, you’ll quite enjoy the lentils and chick­pea pack­ets. Yes, it’s like­ly I’m upping my sodi­um intake, bot mar­gin­al­ly com­pared to going out and buy­ing an unhealthy snack, which seems to have become a bit of a habit since Covid.Most of the packs are pret­ty good. We LOVED the car­rots. Anoth­er review­er com­plained about the flavour and the “salti­ness”. Actu­al­ly, they’re best described as pick­led and the top flavour note is not salt, but cit­ric acid, which is a deriv­a­tive of cit­rus fruit, so it has a pick­ly tangy flavour. We love Lebanese pick­les, so we quite enjoyed the car­rots. They also have the most amaz­ing crunch.There is an issue with the “healthy eat­ing” notion that this brand por­trays, I don’t think its any more health­i­er than Graze box­es, the healthy sound­ing name ‘Nutru­it Gourmet’ isn’t real­ly how I would describe the entire con­tents of the box.There are a cou­ple of oth­er clear win­ners. The tee­ny tiny date balls and fig balls are pret­ty mor­ish, very soft though. I would have likes a bit more “bite” to them.4 stars

  9. K R S

    Intrigu­ing assort­ment of snacksThis is a nice­ly pre­sent­ed healthy snack assort­ment box. I’m a suck­er for try­ing new foods, so I was eager to try them. A nutrition/ingredients guide cov­er­ing all ten snacks is includ­ed in the box. Each snack has appeal­ing pack­ag­ing that is reseal­able. Among the snacks are:-Dried straw­ber­ry snack-Light­ly fer­ment­ed cel­ery snack with extra-vir­gin olive oil-Light­ly fer­ment­ed car­rot snack with extra-vir­gin olive oil-Dried berry mix snack with blue­ber­ries, cran­ber­ries and aro­ni­aber­ries-Sour cher­ry fruit strips nack-Roast­ed chick­peas snack spice mix-Dried fig balls snack with hazel­nut-Ener­gy date ball snack with hazel­nut and cacao-Roast­ed lentils snack with sea salt & black­pep­per-Roast­ed trail mix snack with a pink of sea salt.They are an intrigu­ing assort­ment of snacks, none of which I have come across before. The sour cher­ry fruit snaps, lentils, and roast­ed tri­al mix snack were my favourites. My wife par­tic­u­lar­ly liked the straw­ber­ry snack and the dried fig balls with hazel­nut and cacao. I did­n’t like the roast­ed chick­peas, they are over­ly dry and actu­al­ly need­ed a glass of water to get down. Over­all, I think the selec­tion box is over­priced for what it is. It would make a great gift for some­one who enjoys try­ing new things, and it was excit­ing to open the box and see all of the mini packets.

  10. Lacey

    Per­fect gift to some­one on a health & fit­ness jour­neyWould I get this mul­ti pack for myself? Nope. But, I would love to receive this healthy snacks ham­per as a gift and will prob­a­bly gift this to my PT/gym friends. Each pouch is the size of the palm of my hand. These are great for sati­at­ing snack crav­ings whilst estab­lish­ing healthy habits. Calo­ries range from 10 ‑140 cals a bag which is great if you’re try­ing to eat with­in a deficit.Taste Ratings.Lentil 5/5 — Deli­cious & crunchy, they taste like the black pep­per Ket­tle crisps.Carrots 4/5 — Crunchy pick­led tangy savoury flavour with a hint of citrus.Chickpeas 3/5 — Cur­ried flavour (not spicy) not as crunchy as oth­er chick pea snacks.Trail Mix 2/5 — Crunchy but had a burnt roast­ed taste that I wasn’t fond of. Every nut tast­ed like hazelnut.Fruit strips 5/5 — Not too sweet, per­fect tex­ture, not sticky. Sour cher­ry taste for those haribo.”cravings.Fig balls 5/5 — So good, it’s like the green juice girl equiv­a­lent of a Cadbury’s whole nut bar.Date balls 3/5 — okay, Nutel­la lite vibes.Celery 2/5 — Could have been a 5\5 but was way too salty even for a pick­led product.Berry bags 2/5 — I hate raisins so I wasn’t a fan and gave them to my room mate who ate it with her Greek yogurt/porridgeStrawberry bag 5/5 — Yes, there is a dif­fer­ence between dried raisin berries and dried strawbs.It also comes with a cute surprise.

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