NUPO 10-Day Diet Package, — Premium Diet Products for Weight Loss, I 3 x Shake Sets, 1 x Soup Set, 1 x Oatmeal Set, 2 x Slim Boost,


Brand NUPO
Flavour 10-day program
Package weight 2.84 Kilograms
  • LOSE WEIGHT IN JUST 10 DAYS: Our exclusive 10-Day Weight Loss package allows you to get to know our Nupo diet and achieve weight loss results in a span of just 10 days.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR A HEALTHY DIET: Our low-calorie shakes, soups & porridge serve as a complete & healthy food replacement & together with Slim Boost Burn My Fat & Fill My Tummy, weight loss is made easier without compromising your health.
  • TESTED BY EXPERTS: Our weight loss products have all been clinically tested and approved - in more than 35 clinical studies.
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOURS FOR FITNESS FUN: 3 flavours of our shakes (strawberry, chocolate & blueberry-raspberry), spicy tomato soup & sweet apple-cinnamon porridge provide delicious variety in your daily weight loss routine
  • ABOUT NUPO: We are a Danish company that has been providing its customers with nutritional power (= nupo) since 1981. Thanks to our Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD) we have been contributing to the global reduction of overweight and obesity.


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Product Description

Nupo Diet Weight Management
Nupo Diet Weight Management
Nupo Diet Weight Loss
Nupo Diet Dayplan
Very Low Calorie Diet

Very low calorie diet

Nupo diet is a Very Low Calo­rie Diet (VLCD) that is fast, safe and efficient.

6 servings per day

6 servings per day

A diet that replaces all your meals with 6 dai­ly Nupo Diet meals (shakes, soups or meals).

800 kcal per day

800 kcal per day

A diet that pro­vides you with a calo­rie intake of approx. 800 calo­ries per day.

All the nutrients you need

All the nutrients you need

A diet that gives you all the essen­tial nutri­ents, which your body needs.

Create your individual diet with 13 different flavours

Nupo Diet Soup

Diet Soup Spicy-Thai-Chicken


Nupo Diet Shake

Diet Shake Strawberry


Nupo Diet Meal

Diet Meal Couscous


3 variations

+ Toma­to & Vegetable

6 variations

+ Blue­ber­ry-Rasp­ber­ry, Caffe Lat­te, Choco­late, Choco­late-Mint, Mango-Vanilla

4 variations

+ Chili Sin Carne, Egg Omelette & Oatmeal

Gluten free


Gluten free


Gluten free

Chili Sin Carne & Egg Omelette






Chili Sin Carne & Couscous

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Additional information

Weight 2.84 kg
Dimensions 37.6 × 31.9 × 29.2 cm
Package Dimensions

37.6 x 31.9 x 29.2 cm; 2.84 Kilograms


9.00 count



Country of origin




Date First Available

3 Dec. 2020




  1. ams17

    Easy, tasty, effi­cient dietThis diet was devel­oped by an obe­si­ty sci­en­tist at a Dan­ish hos­pi­tal in the 80s – had it been pure­ly com­mer­cial, I would nev­er have touched it.I have used Nupo a few times before, always with good results even though I strug­gled stick­ing with Nupo shakes only, so I used it through­out the day and ate a low-calo­rie din­ner. This time around I have decid­ed to stick with the diet shakes only. Slim Boost ‘Fill My Tum­my’ is a game chang­er. The first week used to be real­ly dif­fi­cult, but with Slim Boost and plen­ty of (non-calo­rie) drinks it has become a lot easier.I like the easy struc­ture of this diet, the fast prepa­ra­tion, and the vis­i­ble results it pro­vides from a few days into the diet.I start with 2 Slim Boost ‘Fill My Tum­my’ tablets and two large glass­es of water. Half an hour lat­er, I have a Caffe Lat­te diet shake (it’s not includ­ed in this pack but can be bought sep­a­rate­ly) and divide it into two por­tions that I use as ‘cof­fee cream­er’, that is 2 cups of cof­fee made of ½ cof­fee and ½ Nupo shake ‘Caffe Lat­te’ (and heat­ed in the microwave for a minute) – it’s very tasty and very filling.Late morn­ing, I have the oat­meal. I real­ly didn’t expect much of the tiny por­tion of oat­meal but was very sur­prised of how tasty and fill­ing it is. It is def­i­nite­ly a new favourite even though I nev­er ate oat­meal for break­fast – and wouldn’t have thought to mix it with apple and cin­na­mon. I mix it at least an hour before I eat it and keep it in the fridge, then microwave it.For lunch I nor­mal­ly have soup, then a shake in the after­noon, soup for din­ner. In the evening cof­fee mixed with the café lat­te shake (bought sep­a­rate­ly). The soups are best if mixed a few hours in advance and kept in the fridge.Whenever I want more vari­a­tion than pro­vid­ed in the 10-day pack­age, I use a dif­fer­ent Nupo shake that’s bought sep­a­rate­ly, espe­cial­ly the Caffe Lat­te and Spicy Thai Chick­en soup.Although the ini­tial weight loss is main­ly water, it’s very encour­ag­ing to see the first 5–6 lbs drop off in the first few days fol­lowed by a steady 3–4 lbs weight loss per week.Before you start on this diet, I would sug­gest that you read all the help­ful arti­cles on Nupo’s website.

  2. Mag­gi

    KaufempfehlungIch möchte schnell ein paar Kilos ver­lieren, ohne zu hungern, so stieß ich auf diese Diät. Bis jet­zt (Tag3) bin ich sehr begeis­tert. Bin durch und durch fit, füh­le mich voller Pow­er und das obwohl mein Kör­p­er wenig Kalo­rien zuge­führt bekommt. Habe kein biss­chen Hunger, freue mich immer schon auf das Shake oder früh mor­gens auf das Oat­meal. Am Abend kom­biniere ich Suppe mit shake. Es ist keine Anleitung dabei wie man was trinken oder ein­nehmen soll, da ich ein Abend Ess­er bin, Teil ich mir es so ein.Morgens Oat­meal mit der burn my fat Kapsel (enthält Kof­fein deshalb würde ich zu ein­er Ein­nahme mor­gens rat­en) und alle 2–3 std ein Shake. Die Suppe, 1 Shake und die Kapsel Fill my tum­my gibt es am Abend.Wenn ihr euch nicht sich­er seit wegen des Geschmacks, dann bestellt vor­erst das Pro­bier­paket aus.Ich per­sön­lich bin wie oben gesagt begeis­tert vom Pro­dukt, vom Geschmack. Wie viele Kilos in den 10 Tagen tat­säch­lich purzel­ten, füge ich später hinzu 🙂

  3. Lau­ra

    Not for me thanksPer­son­al­ly I found my “diet jour­ney” with this prod­uct real­ly unen­joy­able and an ulti­mate fail (albeit prob­a­bly my own fault).1. The mealsPer­haps I’d had my expec­ta­tions set too high by oth­er review­ers say­ing the meals were so deli­cious!, but I found the meals to be very unpleasant.Even with the addi­tion of oat­meal the diet felt like a liq­uid only diet and I would crave tex­ture so much that I would “cheat” on the diet by snack­ing on thin slices of cucum­ber (which tast­ed bet­ter than any­thing on the nupo menu in my opinion).2. The Plan­The meals arrive with no instruc­tions on how to con­sume them. There’s an icon on the box­es that says 6 serv­ings per day but I took that as a rec­om­men­da­tion. I real­ly strug­gled to fit 6 meals into a day, so most days I would only have 3 or 4 and think I was an A+ dieter for eat­ing even less than the diet rec­om­mends. But after read­ing the Q&A on the nupo web­site and some forums it seems you real­ly should force your­self to eat all 6 a day, oth­er­wise the diet does­n’t work (for which I still don’t ful­ly under­stand the log­ic). Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I dis­cov­ered this too late. A small paper explain­ing what to do would go a long way.3. The Side-effectsIn the first days the diet gave me headaches and made me weak and irri­ta­ble. On day 3 I some­what recov­ered and got into the rhythm of the diet, though I was nev­er “full of ener­gy” as some oth­er reviews claim, I was mis­er­able all the time and mis­er­able to be around. I was tru­ly count­ing down the days until it could be over. Then on day 7 I came down with a fever, mus­cle aches and fatigue. This left me in bed for 4 days and dur­ing these days I could eat much any­way but stopped the diet and swapped to greens, fresh soups and sal­ads instead.I can’t say for sure whether there was any cor­re­la­tion between the diet and get­ting sick, but I feel my immune sys­tem may have been weak­ened by the lack of fresh food or just a change of diet. Maybe it was down to me not eat­ing all 6 meals a day? I’m real­ly not sure. But get­ting sick like that real­ly put me off con­tin­u­ing the diet.Final Thoughts:I start­ed off at 70kg and after 7 days on the diet plus the 4 days when I was sick I weight­ed in at 68.8kgSo whilst I did tech­ni­cal­ly lose weight I don’t think it was any­thing to write home about.It felt like I’d tor­tured myself for noth­ing, but again, maybe that’s my own fault for not doing the full 6 meals a day for 10 days straight.Personally I think there are tasti­er and more enjoy­able ways I can lose weight, now I’m swap­ping out unhealthy meals and snacks for healthy ones and my weight con­tin­ues to drop at the same rate as nupo.But per­haps if you’re some­one who does­n’t like veg­gies or does­n’t have time to pre­pare fresh food then this diet will be good for you. The diet does do what it promis­es and seems to be a qual­i­ty prod­uct but for me I just did­n’t enjoy the taste, how it made me feel or the results.

  4. Moni­ka

    Extrem leck­er und effektiv,kann es nur weit­erempfehlenIch habe viele Shakes und Mahlzeit­er­sat­mit­tel pro­biert, aber der Nupo schmeckt extrem Leck­er, Inhal­tet alles was Mann fur effek­tives Abnehmen braucht und die Effek­te sind ein­fach unglaublich auch ohne Sport. Braucht Naturlieb­haber bis­chen dis­ci­pline aber ich liebe die #shakeit­til­ly­oumakeit Denkweise.Ich wurde es alle meine Fre­unde empfehlen 🤩Das einzige was mir gefehlt hat war genauer Ein­leitung wenn und was Mann trinkt auf Deutsch oder Eng­lish, Ich habe es aber auch schnell verstanden 😂

  5. Karin Reit­er

    Schmeckt…… über­raschend leck­er! War skep­tisch, da die Pul­ver mit Wass­er angerührten wer­den und das mein­er Erfahrung nach meist nach kürzester Anwen­dungszeit zu fad schmeckt. Hier nicht, im Gegen­teil! Freue mich heute an Tag 4 auf jeden einzel­nen Shake. Ob man die einzel­nen Geschmack­srich­tun­gen grund­sät­zlich mag, liegt sich­er an per­sön­lichen Vor­lieben, für mich passt es jeden­falls sehr gut.

  6. Jane

    NUPO 10-Tage Diät PaketDie Liefer­ung erfol­gte schnell und die Ver­pack­un­gen der Shakes, Sup­pen und Nahrungsergänzungsmit­tel sind sehr ansprechend. Ob es etwas bringt bleibt abzuwarten. Was mir allerd­ings fehlt ist eine Art Anleitung/Leitfaden. Den Ernährungs­plan-Vorschlag habe ich selb­st von der NUPO Home­page (gehört für mich defin­i­tiv mit ins Paket) und die Ein­nahme der Kapseln sollte noch klar­er als auf der Pack­ung angegeben erfolgen.

  7. Mar­ti­na Westphal

    Schmeckt nichtSchmeckt nicht­Mir per­sön­lich schmeck­en die Shakes und Sup­pen über­haupt nicht. Ich weiß jet­zt schon, dass ich die Diät zehn Tage nicht durch­hal­ten werde.

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