Nokia 105 (4th Edition) 1.77 Inch UK SIM Free Feature Phone (Single SIM) – Black

£ 15.95

Model name TA-1203
Wireless carrier Unlocked for All Carriers
Brand Nokia
Form factor Bar
Operating system S30+
Colour Black
Cellular technology 3G
SIM card slot count Single SIM
Model year 2019
Included components 1x Handset, 1x User Manual
  • Design - Modern meets durable to create a hard working phone made from hard-wearing polycarbonate that fits perfectly in your hand
  • Amazing Battery Power - Removable 800mAh battery that lasts for weeks. Network and Connectivity: GSM 900/1800 (EU)
  • Great Storage Capacity - Save up to 500 SMS text messages and 2,000 contacts
  • Radio - Plug into the 3.5mm headphone jack and listen to music, news and sport on the go with the built-in radio
  • Games - Comes with pre-loaded games such as Snake, Tetris, Sky Gift and Airstrike


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From the manufacturer

nokia 105
In the Box: 

  • Device
  • Nokia Micro USB Charger
  • Quick Guide

Nokia 105 

Talk to everyone 

Talk to every­one with the lat­est Nokia 105. Weeks of bat­tery life will help you stay con­nect­ed even longer, while the mod­ern, ergonom­ic design will ensure you remain com­fort­able how­ev­er long the con­ver­sa­tion lasts. The poly-car­bon­ate body gives you style and sub­stance, while the inher­ent col­or helps min­i­mize the vis­i­bil­i­ty of scratches.There’s room for thou­sands of con­tacts and hun­dreds of SMS. And when you’re not talk­ing, take things a bit slow­er with a few games, or relax with the radio. 

  • Avail­able in Black, Pink or Blue
  • 800 mAh bat­tery
  • Flash­light
  • Up to 2,000 con­tacts
  • Up to 500 saves SMS
  • Pre-loaded games





Talk from sunrise to sunset 

Make the con­ver­sa­tion last even longer, with a 800 mAh remov­able bat­tery that lets you chat for hours. Giv­ing you one less rea­son to say goodbye. 

Best of both worlds 

Mod­ern meets durable to cre­ate a hard-work­ing phone with an ergonom­i­cal­ly con­toured design that fits per­fect­ly in your hand. 

Built tough 

Nokia 105 is built with a hard-wear­ing poly-car­bon­ate body, so it’s strong out of the box, and stays strong — what­ev­er life throws at it. 

Great storage capacity 

With capac­i­ty for up to 2,000 con­tacts there’s enough room for every­one. Plus, there’s space to store up to 500 SMS, so there’s loads of space for all your mes­sages too. 





Pre-loaded games 

When you’re done talk­ing, take a break and enjoy Snake on the 1.77” dis­play. It also comes with four oth­er pre-loaded Gameloft games includ­ing Tetris, Sky Gift and Airstrike. Giv­ing you end­less enter­tain­ment on the go. 


Plug into the 3.5mm head­phone jack then lis­ten to music, news and sport on the go with the built-in radio. 

Let there be light 

Nev­er get caught in the dark with the built-in flash­light to help you light the way. 

Push the right buttons 

There are sep­a­rate keys on the island key­mat to enhance usabil­i­ty and make dial­ing and tex­ting easy. 

Important information

Visible screen diagonal

2″ / 5 cm

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Additional information

Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 12.3 × 11.9 × 3.6 cm

1 Lithium ion batteries required. included

Package Dimensions

12.3 x 11.9 x 3.6 cm; 160 Grams

Date First Available

12 Nov. 2019



Item model number


Country of origin

United Kingdom




  1. Don Songhurst

    Sim­pler Life!!It would seem I’m not the only one who is return­ing to a more sim­pler life!! Real­ly good, sim­ple to use, light­weight and good al rounder. Of course, if you want a phone that sings, dances and tells you what you’ve eat­en for break­fast this is not for you, but like a few oth­er review­ers have’s good.

  2. Nicholas I. Barnes

    Sim­ple easy to use phone .Got this for my wife to keep in her hand­bag in case of emer­gen­cies .Very nice sim­ple to use phone .Had some trou­ble switch­ing it on until we realised it was the bot­tom of the top right but­ton that had to be pressed not the whole but­ton .Be care­ful .The print­ed instruc­tions said use a mini sim card .This is incor­rect .It takes a stan­dard size .

  3. Ben H

    Cut my screen time right down!Clas­sic phone with a mod­ern twist. I need­ed a new phone as my recent usage was way too high. The Nokia was the per­fect can­di­date as it still allows you to per­form the main func­tions that phones were made for, with­out all the fluff.After hav­ing it for a few days I can say that I’ve felt bet­ter about being in the present moment as there are less dis­trac­tions com­ing from my smartphone.Build qual­i­ty is good, not as heavy as it used to be. This is a good thing though.Screen is clear and qual­i­ty is fine.Charge time is quote quick and the bat­tery lasts for ages. I get around 2 days with alot of use. Most­ly busi­ness calls.Overall I’d say every­one should try to go back to the old school mobile phones to take a break from all the screen time.

  4. M. Sheri­dan

    Cheap and easy to useI bought this phone to replace a 15 year old Nokia that I liked but was get­ting more reluc­tant to recharge despite hav­ing a new bat­tery and a new charg­er recent­ly. I am hap­py with my cur­rent con­tract and want­ed to retain the same num­ber so the plan was buy a cheap phone and put the SIM card into it. For prob­a­bly sound com­mer­cial rea­sons but unknown to me my old SIM did not fit and there were dire warn­ings in the instruc­tions about fit­ting the wrong SIM into it. How­ev­er, a trip to my local phone store fixed that. So it makes calls and I can send texts. That is all I real­ly want­ed. The scroll but­ton is impre­cise and leaves me stab­bing at the back but­ton but, no doubt, I’ll get used to it even­tu­al­ly. The insert options in the pre­dic­tive text had me baf­fled for a while but that anoth­er thing I’ll get used to, they seem more cum­ber­some than the old phone but I was very famil­iar with that. The key­pad lock takes some get­ting used to too. After being put on hold for a long time by the RAC I’m now fair­ly relaxed about the bat­tery life. The vol­ume set­tings are OK. So all in all a suc­cess with­out cost­ing me too much. I can rec­om­mend this phone to any­one who wants a mobile that makes calls and texts and has a PC at home if they want to Google some­thing. Oh yes and it has got a flash­light — well that was the real sell­ing point for me.

  5. Shilpa Shar­ma

    The phone does not accept any SIM card!This phone does not work. We bought this phone because my son’s school does not allow stu­dents to car­ry smart­phones or phones with a cam­era. This phone switch­es on alright but does not recog­nise any sim, we’ve tried 3 dif­fer­ent sims from home and 2 dif­fer­ent ones in a Voda­fone shop. We threw away the pack­ag­ing so we can’t even return this phone. A com­plete­ly use­less purchase!!

  6. Mon­siemum

    Faulty itemGot as a sec­ond phone for child who starts sec­ondary school which doesn’t allow smart phones. Used today for the first time. Already faulty with it fail­ing to turn on unless plugged in despite hav­ing almost full pow­er. Not much use for my child as he has to turn it off before he enters school. Also tried to set pin code but it reject­ed the fac­to­ry pin code. Stopped after sec­ond attempt. I won­der if this is a refur­bished phone which is not what I want­ed to buy. Cheap­er than shops but not much good if it doesn’t work.

  7. Inkon­spiku­ous Buyer

    Ter­ri­ble phone design — AVOID!At first you’d be for­giv­en if what you were order­ing was a qual­i­ty Nokia prod­uct, but despite how sim­ple the phone is, Nokia get the design wrong in every con­ceiv­able man­ner. Where to begin?The nav­i­ga­tion pad in the mid­dle of the phone is over-sen­si­tive, flim­sy, and small, often mis­in­ter­pret­ing inputs, such as press­ing up as mean­ing ‘okay’ or mov­ing left when you try to accept or read some­thing. This makes nav­i­gat­ing the menu and try­ing to read text mes­sages an unpleas­ant experience.The worst part is the pad con­trols the torch by press­ing up, and is very easy to acci­den­tal­ly acti­vate the torch just try­ing to press cen­tre to go to the menu. This means has­sle in turn­ing off the torch. For some rea­son, rather than map­ping the right but­ton to some­thing sen­si­ble like oper­at­ing the torch or mes­sages, it is bizarrely set to ‘alarm’, because appar­ent­ly an alarm clock is more impor­tant than ‘con­tacts’, ‘mes­sages’ or even the torch? There does­n’t appear to be a way to re-map this but­ton’s usage either.The tiny size and over-sen­si­tive nature of the pad make it a ter­ri­ble choice for old­er peo­ple, espe­cial­ly if they have any hand tremors or dif­fi­cul­ty with small but­tons and is not rec­om­mend­ed for seniors look­ing for a sim­ple but­ton con­trol system.Text mes­sag­ing does­n’t seem to allow man­u­al text typ­ing and instead forces you to expe­ri­ence it’s unpleas­ant real-time auto­com­plete by default. It’s pos­si­ble to dis­able this for one ses­sion, but you will have to dis­able it *every time* you go to write a text or edit a text message.The “ganes” the phone claims to have are actu­al­ly only one game — Snake — and the oth­er ones (Air Strike, Sky Gift, Tetris, Nitro Rac­ing, Nin­ja Up) all clog up menu space — block­ing access to the options menu — demand­ing a whop­ping rip-off of £5 EACH to buy. For com­par­i­son, smart­phone games are either free, ad-based or cost some­thing like 0.99p each. Appar­ent­ly Nokia actu­al­ly thought that peo­ple would pay mon­ey for out­dat­ed games to play using their ter­ri­ble pad con­trol sys­tem. There’s no option to remove the unwant­ed non-games either.The bad design does­n’t end there either; if you’ve plugged in a head­set or the charge cable and want­ed to remove the back cov­er — you can’t. For some rea­son, the ports are inset inside the bat­tery cov­er, so the plugged in cables lit­er­al­ly block removal of the cov­er until they are unplugged. The fix for that would have been sur­pris­ing­ly easy — cut­ting out the holes to make them open-end­ed so it slides past the plugged in cables.The phone, unusu­al­ly, requires a full sized SIM card and not a micro or mini SIM card that has become more prevalent.The phone is incred­i­bly slow, almost unre­spon­sive, on pow­er­ing up — tak­ing 5 to 10 sec­onds to even show a lit screen, some­times requir­ing mul­ti­ple extend­ed press­es for any­thing to hap­pen, and you would­n’t be blamed if you thought the phone was defective.The only thing that stands up to scruti­ny is the bat­tery, which does indeed last days, but a bat­tery does­n’t give Nokia much room to screw up, so it’s not sur­pris­ing it’s the only thing that works as intended.Recommend to avoid!

  8. Nash

    I love it best thing I’ve broughtI love it best thing I’ve brought. Buy buy iPhone 7 hel­lo Nokia 105 fits per­fect in my purse and night out bag. I’m real­ly impressed with this I love it. Bat­tery life is amaz­ing ✌🏻. Should be in vier­ty of coulors tho. From dis­abled users!

  9. Ama­zon Customer

    Absolute­ly dread­ful phoneThis phone ought to be report­ed to Trade Descrip­tions. This phone arrived today and if there was an option for no stars, I would use it. I think it may have been returned by some­one else because it did­n’t ask for it to be reg­is­tered etc. It has near­ly a whole bat­tery but won’t turn on unless its plugged in. How­ev­er hav­ing had the bat­tery in and out to change the sim the phone won’t turn on at all and its almost break­ing your fin­ger end when you try to get it to turn on. It does not accept ANY SIM I have put in to it and just says “emer­gency calls only”. I’m guess­ing when the per­son returned it, tit was­n’t checked to find out what was wrong with it. As it has only arrived today I am putting it back in its box and return­ing it. Very very dis­ap­point­ed in Nokia. What a shod­dy product!

  10. Snowy

    Sim­ple and easy to use.I ordered this phone for my wife; she only uses it as a “Pay as you Go”, and only needs it when out on her own to con­tact me etc. She finds it easy to use and is quite ade­quate for her needs. She did­n’t want a “Smart Phone”, so this fits the bill per­fect­ly and for under £20, you can’t expect a lot for your mon­ey. Her pre­vi­ous phone was very sim­i­lar and stopped work­ing after about 10 years, which I think is pret­ty good val­ue! The but­tons are quite small, but with due care, it’s okay. It’s also nice and small to fit in her hand­bag (she’s just told me to add!) So if you’re look­ing for a small, sim­ple and cheap phone, this lit­tle Nokia “does the job!”, but with­out all the “bells and whis­tles” that a more expen­sive one would cost you. I hope you find this review helpful.

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