NICKS Peanuts n fudge Keto Chocolate Bars, No Added Sugar, 175 Calories, 3.9 Net carbs, Gluten Free Sweets, Low carb Candy Snack,


Flavour Peanuts n fudge
Diet type Vegetarian, Gluten Free
Item weight 3.9 Grams
Allergen information Contains: Milk
Brand NICK'S Join our Fight on Sugar
Number of pieces 15
Specialty No_added_sugar, Low_carb
Protein 5.2 Grams
Package weight 0.66 Kilograms
Net content weight 600 Grams







  • DELICIOUS bars with yummy milk chocolate free from added sugar on a nougat base layer, tender caramel, and freshly roasted peanuts of the best quality
  • LOW CARB snack bar with just 175 kcal and 3.9g Net Carbs, ideal for your Keto diet
  • NO ADDED SUGAR the naturally sweet flavors come from sweet fibers, birch sugar (xylitol), erythritol (in plums and pears), and an extract from the stevia plant. That's why our bars can still taste sweet and tasty
  • GLUTEN FREE as wheat quickly turns into sugar (glucose) in your body, and when you eat other "empty carbohydrates", your blood sugar rises quickly. Frequent and pronounced blood sugar fluctuations are negative for your weight and your health
  • SHARING IS CARING: perfect for sharing with the family, with your colleagues in the office, or take a break and snack them yourself


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Product Description

about NICKS

What sweet­en­ers do you use?

We use plant based sweet­en­ers, such as ste­via, xyl­i­tol, ery­thri­tol, which gives the bars a sweet mouth­feel, but with a min­i­mal blood sug­ar effect.


Why do not you use wheat?

Wheat con­sists most­ly of starch, which are chains of glu­cose that the body con­verts to just that — glu­cose — light­ning fast!


Do you use palm oil in your products?

Nope, no palm oil is present in any of our prod­ucts. Good, is not it? We instead use veg­etable oil in the form of sun­flower, shea and coconut.


Can I eat NICKS when I fol­low a low calo­rie diet?

Of course! If you are dis­ci­plined and good at plan­ning your calo­rie intake, our prod­ucts can def­i­nite­ly be accom­mo­dat­ed. Maybe not every day but def­i­nite­ly sometime!


Obses­sion alert! Peanuts n’ Fudge did­n’t just become the peo­ple’s favorite for no rea­son. Try it and you will see. Hand roast­ed peanuts mixed with creamy caramel and wrapped in milk choco­late. Real­ly tasty!

Fol­low­ing up on our two suc­cess­ful launch­es with Kexbar and Coconut. Peanuts n’ Fudge will be the third prod­uct to com­plete our tri­dent of choco­late can­dy bars. Peanuts and fudge are coat­ed in sweet milk choco­late and of course, with no added sug­ar. It’s sweet­ened with NICK­’s spe­cial blend of nat­ur­al sweet­en­ers and sweet fibers and fla­vored with nat­ur­al aro­mas. With very low impact on blood sug­ar lev­els, as it only con­tains 4,6 grams of net carbs (Car­bo­hy­drates — Poly­oles) and 2,2 grams of nat­u­ral­ly occur­ring sug­ar (but no added sugar).

Important information


PEANUTS (36%), poly­dex­trose (fiber), MILK pow­der, cocoa but­ter, sweet­en­er: ery­thri­tol, sweet­en­er: sor­bitol, but­ter (MILK), sweet­en­er: xyl­i­tol, cocoa mass, sol­u­ble corn fiber, humec­tant: veg. glyc­erol, veg­etable oil (coconut, shea), chico­ry root fiber, emul­si­fi­er: sun­flower lecithin, salt, sweet­en­er: ste­vi­ol gly­co­sides, nat­ur­al aroma.

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Additional information

Dimensions 14.2 × 12.6 × 8.4 cm
Package Dimensions

14.2 x 12.6 x 8.4 cm; 3.9 Grams

Allergen Information

Contains: Milk


600.0 gram


NICKS Join our Fight on Sugar




No_added_sugar Low_carb

Package Information


Country of origin


Serving Size

40 Grams

Energy kcal

175.67 kcal


14 Grams

- Saturates

5.2 Grams


11 Grams

- Sugars

2.2 Grams


7.9 Grams


5.2 Grams


0.096 Grams


0.038 Grams



Date First Available

18 Jan. 2021


Luthman Backlund Foods Europe AB, NICKS Join our Fight on Sugar


  1. Car­o­line jane

    Absolute­ly stun­ning!There is no way you would think these choco­late bars had no sug­ar in them. They are so sat­is­fy­ing! As I’ve got old­er I have found that my body can­not cope with sug­ar, so find­ing these choco­late bars has been an absolute treat.

  2. Booklover Cat­la­dy

    Wow! Taste great — you’d nev­er know they are a health­i­er bar.These are very tasty. The fudge is more like a gooey caramel and the peanuts are gen­er­ous. Plen­ty of them. The choco­late tastes like choco­late and just as good as unhealthy choco­late bars. Great for every­one, espe­cial­ly kids when they want a choco­late fix. I’m dia­bet­ic so these are my crav­ing go-to when I want a treat with­out tons of sug­ar and calo­ries. Try their coconut ones too — super nice if you want a Boun­ty Bar alter­na­tive. I get both on reg­u­lar order.After try­ing a lot of bars these are my favourite.

  3. Andrew Med­ley

    Absolute­ly Deli­ciousI’m doing the ketone diet. When its done I’ll look back hap­py for two things: The weight loss and the dis­cov­ery of this bar. Deli­cious. It should be on sale in ser­vice sta­tions. I think this is so good, they’d cut into the mar­ket share of the big con­fec­tion­ers. Only reser­va­tion is the price point — too expensive.

  4. T. Hinch­cliffe-lan­cast­er

    Keto friend­ly. Tastes amaz­ing!!!!How these are keto friend­ly I dont know. They are AMAZING. I’ve got to try and not eat the entire box!!!!If you’re look­ing for a snick­ers type choco­late hit, this is it. We dont have to miss out on choco­late anymore!!!!!

  5. Mark

    5.5% sug­ar?! Use­less for the tar­get mar­ketTastes good and is low carb, but still 5.5% sug­ar?! What is that about??? I thought nicks was a no sug­ar brand? Put me right off nicks going forward.

  6. Cath­will­too

    Best low sug­ar / carb choco­late barsI’ve tried a few Nick­’s bars and all of them have been good. These ones in par­tic­u­lar are great. Don’t taste like they’re a low sug­ar low carb ver­sion at all. They’re very much like a small snick­ers bar but bet­ter… Though that could be the long time since I actu­al­ly tast­ed a real one talk­ing. Def­i­nite­ly the best low carb / keto style choco­late bar I’ve tried.

  7. Kay

    Aver­age I would sayGet­ting Keto com­pli­ant prod­ucts has nev­er been easy but there are a few good ones and this isn’t one of them. The nuts make it bear­able at best, I would­n’t buy them again. Very intense sweet­er cool­ing in the mouth, although not intense­ly sweet, but the after­taste is very intense, as I type this review I keep drop­ping the stars, it’s a no for me.

  8. Lady Pene­lope

    Deli­cious keto nut and tof­fee bar.Great, tasty deca­dent keto treat. Nuts goey tof­fee and milk choco­late coat­ing. A lit­tle expen­sive but it’s worth it hence 5star on val­ue for mon­ey). Great for all us losers and obvi­ous­ly main­te­nance diet too.

  9. Maz

    Nicks peanut n fudge barsThese are the best bars I have had in a long time and I have sam­pled many. They are a bit more in carbs that I would nor­mal­ly buy, but they are amaz­ing. Thick choco­late, soft caramel and lots of peanuts. High­ly rec­om­mend­ed and cheap­er than some of the oth­ers on the market

  10. J. Green

    Keto-licious!These are by far the best Keto/low carb choco­late bars I have had to date, so far! Real­ly indul­gent and hard to believe they are so low in carbs.

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