Nicks Favourite Chocolate Mix Box, Keto Snack Bars, No Added Sugar, Gluten Free, Candy Low carb Sweets, (12 x Chocolates,)


Flavour Favorite mix
Diet type Gluten-Free
Item weight 40 Grams
Allergen information Contains: Gluten Free
Brand NICK'S Join our Fight on Sugar
Number of pieces 12
Specialty Weight Watcher, Suitable for Diabetics, Gluten Free, No Added Sugar, Low Carb
Package weight 0.51 Kilograms
Package Information Box
Format Bar








  • TRY THEM ALL OUT yummy keto chocolate candy bars without added sugar and find your favorite
  • NO ADDED SUGAR our delicious chocolates doesn't need any added unhealthy refined sugar to taste sweet and delicious
  • GLUTEN FREE completely without gluten or wheat that transforms into sugar in your body
  • LOW CARB and keto-friendly make the bars a great convenient snack, in the office, on the go, or just in between breaks during the day
  • SUITABLE FOR Low carb diets, diabetics, and those who in general want to reduce sugar and sweeteners that raise their blood sugar level


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Product Description

Nutrition table
about NICKS

What sweet­en­ers do you use?

We use plant based sweet­en­ers, such as ste­via, xyl­i­tol, ery­thri­tol, which gives the bars a sweet mouth­feel, but with a min­i­mal blood sug­ar effect.


Why do not you use wheat?

Wheat con­sists most­ly of starch, which are chains of glu­cose that the body con­verts to just that — glu­cose — light­ning fast!


Do you use palm oil in your products?

Nope, no palm oil is present in any of our prod­ucts. Good, is not it? We instead use veg­etable oil in the form of sun­flower, shea and coconut.


Can I eat NICKS when I fol­low a low calo­rie diet?

Of course! If you are dis­ci­plined and good at plan­ning your calo­rie intake, our prod­ucts can def­i­nite­ly be accom­mo­dat­ed. Maybe not every day but def­i­nite­ly sometime!


Tastes is dif­fer­ent for every­one, so it’s a good idea to buy and try out our choco­lates from the Nicks Favourite Mix Box first.

We have made our choco­late by only using nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents and by not adding any refined sug­ar with emp­ty calo­ries or oth­er arti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers. With that we can proud­ly say that our sweet yum­my choco­late has a nat­ur­al fla­vor and amaz­ing taste. More­over our choco­late coat­ed wafers are wheat and gluten free.

The box­es are prepacked and because of that the con­tent can­not be tai­lored. All box­es con­tains 12 bars with the fol­low­ing content:

  • 3 x Choco­late Wafer 40 g 
  • 3 x Coconut 40 g
  • 3 x Peanut n Fudge 40 g
  • 2 x Crunchy Caramel 28 g
  • 1 x Soft Tof­fee 28 g


Important information

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Additional information

Dimensions 13.9 × 12.8 × 6.8 cm
Package Dimensions

13.9 x 12.8 x 6.8 cm; 40 Grams

Allergen Information

Contains: Gluten Free


444.0 gram

Storage Instructions

Keep cool and away from direct sunlight.


NICKS Join our Fight on Sugar




Weight Watcher Suitable for Diabetics Gluten Free No Added Sugar Low Carb

Package Information

Bag, Box

Country of origin




Date First Available

22 Jan. 2018


Luthman Backlund Foods AB, NICKS Join our Fight on Sugar


  1. WWT

    Some­times some­thing goes wrongChoco­late with hazel­nuts had cob­webs and insect fecal mat­ter. Not sure what hap­pened in the man­u­fac­tur­ing process.

  2. Pad­dy Palmer

    NOT GLUTEN FREE.I ordered this as it stat­ed that ALL bars were gluten free and I have had some real trou­ble accom­mo­dat­ing my broth­ers celi­ac dis­ease for Christmas.It arrived fair­ly quick­ly, after being sent to the wrong depot, and the first thing that I noticed was that the box said less sug­ar and absolute­ly noth­ing about gluten free.I checked the ingre­di­ents on the choco­late bars them­selves and found that half of them includ­ed whey (gluten) powder.If I had not checked it’s con­tents and had giv­en it to my broth­er, telling him not to wor­ry, it’s gluten free then we could have had a very seri­ous sit­u­a­tion on our hands. Espe­cial­ly as the poor boy has only just got out of hos­pi­tal with celi­ac dis­ease relat­ed issues.This isn’t just “Not as described”, this could have been “near­ly killed my brother”.After sev­er­al dis­as­trous attempts to buy gluten free prod­ucts on line, he’s get­ting a bloody jumper!

  3. not_dave

    Not a good tasteI applaud the idea of snacks with less sug­ar con­tent. Unfor­tu­nate­ly it is achieved in these bars with the use of Ery­thri­tol. This gives the bars a strange (and in my opin­ion) unpleas­ant cool taste. Worse for me is that it seems to irri­tate my tongue and throat.They may work for you, but from my per­spec­tive I can’t give these a pos­i­tive review at all.

  4. Daisy Lola Duke

    Beats all oth­er pro­tein bars on the mar­ket!!!I do not nor­mal­ly write reviews but after pur­chas­ing these bars for the first time I just had to share with every­one how great they real­ly are!!! I have tried grenade bars, phd bars, sci-mix and ful­fil look­ing for a high pro­tein, healthy, veg­e­tar­i­an bar to eat when I feel the sweet or choco­late crav­ing hap­pen and so far I have found pre­vi­ous bars to con­tain ani­mal prod­ucts, taste fun­ny or just not nice at all and by chance I pur­chased these bars to try and all I can say is they are per­fect! They are like eat­ing a big healthy Kit Kat bar and are tasty and sat­is­fy­ing! I can­not rec­om­mend these bars enough and I will be pur­chas­ing them all the time from now on; just love them!!!! By the way this is a com­plete­ly inde­pen­dent review and no con­nec­tion to the product.

  5. dol­ly­day­dream

    A treat for your taste­buds !!I brought these bars as my hus­band is dia­bet­ic and we both want to eat health­ily with­out giv­ing up the occa­sion­al treat. They are fan­tas­tic, a good size and most impor­tant­ly, they taste fab with­out being “wor­thy” . I can rec­om­mend these to any­one want­i­ng a treat that’s not full of sug­ar and oth­er rubbish.

  6. Dani

    Almost as good as nor­mal choco­lateSo yea, tried these today have to say they’re not bad, I was expect­ing a fake choco­late fla­vor like in a pro­tein bar but it sort of reminds me of super­mar­ket own brand choco­late coins you get around Christmas.Now I’m not dia­bet­ic or celi­ac or any­thing I’m just try­ing to bal­ance my sug­ar addi­tion and man­age my weight so I thought I’d try this and see what it was like. So far I’ve only tried the milk choco­late and wafer bar.Bottom line: they’re good enough to sat­is­fy my seri­ous sweet tooth but at the same time I would­n’t sit down and eat 3 or 4 at a time.I would rec­om­mend them though.

  7. Matt & Amy

    These are gor­geous.Love­ly flavours. Not yet pos­i­tive on how well they rate on a low-carb diet (keto/Atkins), but no sug­ar and gluten def­i­nite­ly help. I’ve been med­ical­ly instruct­ed to get far more pro­tein into my diet, but I *real­ly* hate pro­tein bars, shakes, etc. Being veg­e­tar­i­an and hat­ing alter­na­tive “meats” is why I’m so lack­ing; dairy and the occa­sion­al egg are my only sources. Any­way. It’s been many months; final­ly found some­thing I can actu­al­ly stom­ach, much less enjoy. I was­n’t sure I want­ed to try N!cks, just because of the ery­thri­tol effect in their treat bars. How­ev­er, the Kex bars are quite palat­able. And the coconut are OK; the cool­ing is neg­li­gi­ble in these two. I laud N!cks for using this sweet­en­er, how­ev­er, as it does not impact blood sug­ar, as many sweet­en­ers do. And like ste­via, it’s nat­ur­al and plant-based. Malti­tol may be great taste-wise, but it does impact. About two-thirds less than sug­ar, but still rais­es it, nev­er­the­less. I’m try­ing to avoid that, as it mess­es with my keto­sis. Buu­u­u­u­ut, these are damned del­ish, and a good meal replace­ment for me in morn­ing or mid-day. They’re SO good, in fact, that I imme­di­ate­ly ordered two more box­es, plus a box of their “reg­u­lar” (not Kex-like) pro­tein bars to try. Fin­gers crossed.The irony here is that I’ve nev­er in my life fan­cied wafers. Cook­ies, choco­late bars, what­ev­er — yuck! The rare Kit Kat was­n’t even to my lik­ing. But these work. And they work well. We eat a treat bar at night (part­ner loves peanuts n’ fudge) with tea and old M*A*S*H dvds. I hope hav­ing a pro­tein bar as well per day isn’t detri­men­tal. I’d lost 3.4 kg. in approx­i­mate­ly ten days on this low-carb jour­ney, so far. I hope it keeps up. And I’ve nev­er had the lax­a­tive prob­lems, nor has my part­ner, who has cut sug­ar from his diet. I’m a per­son that *needs* lax­a­tives, if you know I mean. But he is a per­son whom is VERY reg­u­lar. Like, you could set your watch to it. Show-off. 😆Every­thing in mod­er­a­tion. You’ll like­ly get a bit gassy, so just be aware that you may fart more than usu­al. Worth it. 😁

  8. Denise Hon­ey­ball

    Yum­myOMG they are real­ly love­ly tasty choco­late and you do not miss not hav­ing the sug­ar at all. Due to both par­ents being type 2 dia­bet­ic and love choco­late I had real trou­ble find­ing No added sug­ar choco­lates in the shops, but these real­ly nice and enjoy­able, pity the box was not big­ger and more sweets inside, but made them last near­ly two weeks. Rec­om­mend them

  9. Vc

    It’s ok. Try it. Not for me.As a med­ical­ly diag­nosed coeli­ac (gluten, wheat, bar­ley, rye intol­er­ant). Most of favourite choco­late con­tains bar­ley, gluten, wheat etc., Been try­ing var­i­ous adver­tised ‘free from choco­late s’. Sad­ly they all appear to focus on ‘Veg­an’. Veg­an is a ‘lifestyle choice’, being coeli­ac isnt, it’s enforced med­ical­ly oth­er­wise become very ill. Each dif­fer­ent choco­late tried is milk free, nut free plus oth­ers just as impor­tant as gluten free. It would be nice if you choco­lateres’ could find a recipe that focus­es on these instead of Vegan/vegetarian as top pri­or­i­ty please. Per­haps this would elim­i­nate the after taste which I did­n’t like. This is a very per­son­al choice and these were ok, apart from the after taste I also was­n’t keen on con­sis­ten­cy. Per­haps this due to being plant based.

  10. Natal­ie B

    Beau­ti­ful pack­ag­ing & Great taste for an OK price!First­ly, what I love about these treats is that they’re sweet­ened with ery­thri­tol and Ste­via… Both have a glycemic index of 0!!!! Which means they won’t mix into your blood AT ALL!!!! No blood sug­ar ris­ing!!! Brilliant!!!Secondly, they taste great. There is no fun­ny after­taste for any of the vari­eties, and they aren’t over­ly chewy. Per­fect vari­ety of tex­tures. In my opin­ion they taste bet­ter than nor­mal chocolate.The only 2 issues I have are: the sticky tof­fee is very del­i­cate and gets crushed eas­i­ly dur­ing tran­sit despite secure box. Also the high price: 12 X 40g bars for £16 is rather high BUT still com­pet­i­tive­ly priced.Otherwise the biggest high­light for me is the sweet­en­ers used in these choco­lates! If you’re look­ing for an actu­al guilt­free treat, this is a great option.Warning: Do not eat mul­ti­ple at a time as the indregien­ts do have a lax­a­tive effect.

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