Next Gen U, Organic Super Greens & Berry Powder, Ultimate Immune Support Combo, Featured in The Vegan Magazine,


Age range (description) Adult
Number of items 2
Brand NGU Next Gen U
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  • SUPER GREENS POWDER - Do you care about what goes into your body? Introducing NextGenU Organic SuperGreen Powder: 100 percent Natural, Vegan supergreen powder; FREE FROM HEAVY METALSA combination of 9 Amazing super foods to give you a complete nutrition experience; Over 20% Lean Protein, Start your day with our ultimate vitamins and nutrients and get some supergreen goodness into your bodies
  • GREAT SMOOTHIE BOOSTERS - Add a teaspoon of your nutrient-dense green powder to your drinks or mix and create nutrient-dense smoothies and blends; Our Choice - Banana and Spinach Smoothie; Our powdered superfood vegetables and ground seeds are: Baobab, Flax seed, Maca root, Matcha Tea, Barleygrass, Wheat grass, Acai berry, Chlorella and Guarana, SuperGreens is proven as a natural energy boost and coffee replacement, banish tiredness; a real clean immune support to help you feel health benefits
  • TRUST VEGAN SOCIETY AND SOIL ASSOCIATION CERTIFICATION - Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Made in the UK, 100 percent Natural, No fillers, No bulking agents, No artificial ingredients, Non GMO; Contains small amounts of natural caffeine; We only give you Pure Plant Based Power because you deserve the best super greens superfood , mineral and vitamin supplement
  • TIME SAVING - No time to eat healthily? Think again; Shake, Blend or Brew Powdered Alkalising Superfoods green drink for your nutritional convenience, an easy, healthy decision; The perfect supplements for busy men and women; Packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals which aids weight loss and detox from those not so good things you put in your body; Super Greens powder combats adrenal fatigue, helping your brain focus and energising you for your day
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Our Organic Supergreen Powder is backed by the Soil Association and Vegan Society; We know our products are of great quality but if you don't agree, we offer a manufacturer 30 day hassle-free money back guarantee GET READY FOR 2019 - FREE 10 DAY DETOX EBOOK WITH EVERY PURCHASE


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Super Berry, Flaxseed, Aro­nia, Black­cur­rant, Goji Berry, Sea Buck­thorn, Cran­ber­ry, Acai Berry & Blueberry,Baobab, Acai Berry, Guarana, Maca root, Matcha tea, Flaxseed, Bar­ley­grass, Wheat­grass, Chlorella

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Super Berry, Flaxseed, Aro­nia, Black­cur­rant, Goji Berry, Sea Buck­thorn, Cran­ber­ry, Acai Berry & Blueberry,Baobab, Acai Berry, Guarana, Maca root, Matcha tea, Flaxseed, Bar­ley­grass, Wheat­grass, Chlorella

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Contains: Gluten Free Dairy Free


150.0 gram


NGU Next Gen U



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Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

23 Mar. 2020


NGU Next Gen U


  1. Jes­si­ca Walsh

    Much more afford­able than oth­er com­pa­niesI’m not real­ly sure why peo­ple com­plain about the flavour of these? Do they real­ly expect them to taste good?If you are some­one who pri­ori­tis­es nutri­tion then these are perfect!I have tried very sim­i­lar prod­ucts from a well known pre­mi­um brand and found that you get very lit­tle for what you pay!Next Gen U pro­vide 30g more per pack and are cheap­er and still organ­ic, eth­i­cal etc.I tend to do 3 types of smooth­ies with the­sePink: 1 tsp berry blend, 1 tsp lucuma, 1 banana, hand­ful frozen blue­ber­ries and straw­ber­ries, 250ml coconut water­Green: 1 tsp super greens, 1 tsp lucuma, 1 banana, hand­ful kale/ spinach, hand­ful frozen pineap­ple, 250ml coconut waterOr­ange: 1 tsp immu­ni­ty blend, 1 tsp lucuma, 1 banana, hand­ful frozen man­go, hand­ful frozen peach, 250ml coconut waterThe smooth­ies have a slight­ly strange taste but I still enjoy them and am look­ing very glowy, shiny hair and nails and my diges­tion is great!

  2. Mrs. K. V. West

    Great super foodThis this a cheap­er buy than my usu­al frozen prod­uct so hap­py with this, and plea­sure to take in water or juice.

  3. jim­my quinn

    Good for your health.After two weeks of using this product,you will start to feel bet­ter ‚thanky­ou.

  4. SWF

    SoilRough taste and i have had LOADS of these — prob­a­bly works but the taste is off

  5. colette

    Great qual­i­tyI take a tsp of each in my morn­ing smooth­ie, taste is pleas­ant. My only fault is the pack­ag­ing — need some­thing more eco friend­ly per­haps use a card­board tube?

  6. Mr. Thomas Noel

    Not niceTaste is hor­ri­ble, can’t have it alone or added to any fruits smooth­ies, anything

  7. Jeani

    Bet­ter than a lead­ing brand I usedWow, I love these. The taste is not bit­ter nor any­where as bit­ty as a lead­ing brand that I was using. Tastes great on its own or in a smoothy. Fast deliv­ery and a great price!

  8. Touria

    Very hap­pyGreat prod­uct

  9. Tara

    Yuk!Awful stuff. Had it mixed with water, yogurts and pro­tein shakes, and it changes the taste of every­thing, very mud­dy earthy taste, and a grit­ty tex­ture. Haven’t felt any more ener­getic or any oth­er ben­e­fits as of yet.

  10. Ama­zon Customer

    Great prod­uctvery hap­py

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