NEW XLS-Medical Weight Loss Plus Tablets, | Reduces Fats and Sugars Absorption, | With Natural Ingredients Gentle on the system,


Brand XLS Medical
Age range (description) Adult
Format Tablet
Units 120 count
  • New XLS-Medical Weight Loss reduces Fat and Sugars with Natural Ingredients
  • Weight loss tablets for the treatment and prevention of excess weight and general weight management
  • Take 2 tablets 30 minutes before each of the two main daily meals
  • For best results take XLS-Medical Weight Loss for at least 1 month
  • Only recommended for adults over 18 years of age
  • All XLS products carry the CE logo, indicating they have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements


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Product Description

New XLS-Med­ical Weight Loss reduces Fat with Nat­ur­al Ingre­di­ents. Our clin­i­cal­ly proven for­mu­la con­tains nat­ur­al Grape marc extract and nat­ur­al L‑arabinose derived from corn to effec­tive­ly reduce the calo­rie intake of fat and sug­ars from your food. Weight loss tablets for the treat­ment and pre­ven­tion of excess weight and gen­er­al weight man­age­ment (120 tablets. Take 2 tablets 30 min­utes before each of the two main dai­ly meals.


A patent­ed and unique com­bi­na­tion of Grape Marc Extract and L‑Arabinosen
Micro­crys­talline Cellulose
Hydrox­ypropyl Methyl­cel­lu­lose (HPMC)
Tri-Cal­ci­um Phosphate
Mag­ne­sium Stearate

From the manufacturer

XLS-Medical Weight Loss and Weight Loss Plus
Weight loss with XLS Medical
Benefits of XLS Weight Loss Plus
XLS Medical Weight Loss Plus - how does it work
Studies supporting XLS Weight Loss and Weight Loss Plus

Important information


A patent­ed and unique com­bi­na­tion of Grape Marc Extract and L‑Arabinosen Micro­crys­talline Cel­lu­lose Hydrox­ypropyl Methyl­cel­lu­lose (HPMC) Tri-Cal­ci­um Phos­phate Mag­ne­sium Stearate

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Additional information


120 count

Manufacturer contact

Omega Pharma


XLS Medical



Age Range Description


Country of origin




Date First Available

5 Aug. 2021


XLS Medical



    Does not workHiI would just like to say that I pur­chased your item in good faith and received your order. I am not huge­ly over­weight and just want­ed to loose about 10lbs. I eat a main meal in the evening and it is a bal­anced diet and I do not eat snacks, bis­cuits or have car­bon­at­ed drinks. Unfor­tu­nate­ly I did not loose an ounce let alone a pound and need­less to say I am extreme­ly dis­ap­point­ed. It is a lot of mon­ey to pay for some­thing that does not work!!!!!!!!!

  2. Afreen iqbal

    Not goodWaste of moneyDoesn’t helpOther xls are good

  3. Ama­zon Customer

    York­shireGood that works with sug­ars as well

  4. Mar­i­lyn


  5. Sophie-Louise Williams

    Bril­liant prod­uctsReal­ly good prod­uct final­ly found some­thing that actu­al­ly helps you lose weight

  6. 🧚‍♀️Senori­ta🧚‍♀️

    Not to sure if they help shed the weight off, but make bow­el move­ments eas­i­er.I’ve tried the tri­al pack of these XLS weight loss tablets before to see if they work before buy­ing and com­mit­ting to the month­ly sup­ply. The pills were easy to take, I didn’t have any tum­my issues (like bloat­ing or con­sti­pa­tion that can be asso­ci­at­ed with these types of nat­ur­al weight loss tablets), but unfor­tu­nate­ly I didn’t see the pos­i­tive result I was hop­ing for. The only pos­i­tive thing was, the bow­el move­ments were smooth and easy, but when the pack fin­ished, I didn’t pur­chase the full bottle.When I saw these tablets on Vine, I thought maybe I should give them anoth­er chance and see if I man­age to lose some pounds if I fin­ish up the whole bottle.They con­tain nat­ur­al grape marc extract and L‑arabinose derived from corn. They are sup­posed to help reduce calo­rie intake from fat and sug­ars from food. The tablets are easy to swal­low, you take 2 tablets 30 min­utes before your main meal. Must not exceed 4 tablets a day. There are 150 tablets. If I take 4 tablets a day, it should last for a month.So I have been tak­ing these tablets for about three weeks now, and I’m pleased to say that I have man­aged to lose around 5 lbs. Whilst tak­ing these tablets, I have also been doing some light exer­cis­es, and watch­ing my diet – take less sug­ar and fat, not eat­ing after 7pm, and drink a lot of plain water. I also notice that I con­tin­ue to have smooth and easy bow­el move­ments in the morning.All in all, I’m not entire­ly sure if these tablets real­ly help with my weight loss, but I do like that it helps with my bow­el move­ments. For £38.24 (at the time of writ­ing) for a mon­th’s sup­ply, it’s not cheap espe­cial­ly if you need to take it for a few months, but if it works, then, it should be worth the mon­ey. I might con­tin­ue tak­ing them for anoth­er month and see if I con­tin­ue to lose weight.Thank you for read­ing. Hope you have found the review helpful.

  7. Zeph­er­ous

    These work very well, was stuck at the same weight for weeks until I took these.I have already lost 3 and a half stone since March, but my weight loss had plateaued, no mat­ter what I ate or how much exer­cise I did I couldn’t lose more than about half a pound a week. I start­ed tak­ing these as direct­ed and avoid­ed the scales for a cou­ple of weeks (took the bat­ter­ies out so I wasn’t tempt­ed) the I couldn’t wait any longer to see if there had been any change, so I gave in. I was amazed to see a loss of 4.2lb, it might not seem a lot to some peo­ple but to final­ly shift off the plateau as well as hit­ting anoth­er mile­stone real­ly has boost­ed my mood and giv­en me encour­age­ment. I also noticed I wasn’t hun­gry between meals; I had been hav­ing the odd piece of fruit as a snack but didn’t feel the need to have any. One word of cau­tion do not cheat and do look to see how much fat your food con­tains. I ate a prepacked sal­ad lunch and didn’t real­ize the dress­ing was high in fat, then I fol­lowed with a mousse……….why didn’t I read the labels? It amount­ed to 23g of fat and I spent the rest of the evening in the loo. That’ll edu­cate me lol. The pills aren’t cheap, but I would get more as my health is impor­tant to me and I still have a lot to lose.

  8. Julie D

    Did­n’t work for me…One of the prob­lems with this prod­uct is that if you’re already try­ing to lose weight and watch­ing what you eat, you may not actu­al­ly be eat­ing too much in the way of fats or sug­ars any­way. And if you are — maybe you need to rethink things a little.Though the idea of a boost to weight loss sounds great — and this XLS-Med­ical prod­uct is designed to reduce the calo­rie intake from fats and sug­ars — in the case of these tablets there’s no gain with­out pain. Well, not so much pain but you could find your­self vis­it­ing the loo more often.The unas­sum­ing lit­tle screw topped plas­tic pot these 120 tablets arrive in cost £44.99 at time of writ­ing — very much a con­sid­ered pur­chase. You need to take 2 tablets 30 min­utes before each of your 2 main meals so the pack will last just one month. The tablets are easy to swallow.The oth­er aspect of course that mud­dies the waters here is that if you’re active­ly try­ing to lose weight you’re like­ly to be los­ing some weight — even if it’s only a lit­tle — on a reg­u­lar basis. It could be that most of any weight loss you may expe­ri­ence is not actu­al­ly down to these tablets — but in fact is large­ly down to you. So in a way it could hook you into the idea of expen­sive, med­icalised weight loss as the most viable means of los­ing weight whilst blind­ing you to the fact that your own rugged deter­mi­na­tion has prob­a­bly been the most sig­nif­i­cant factor.I don’t eat a lot of fats or sug­ars and to be hon­est I could tell no dif­fer­ence tak­ing these XLS-Med­ical tablets so I would­n’t get them again. If you eat fats and sug­ars and are reluc­tant to lessen your intake, they could work for you. But there’s a price to pay — in more than one respect.

  9. N Rus­sell

    Work well when paired with healthy eat­ing and exer­cise!I have tried anoth­er prod­uct from this same brand and I found it did help me lose weight. This spe­cif­ic one (Fat + Sug­ar) has a sim­i­lar effect.It is not a mir­a­cle pill and you need to be con­scious of what you eat and exer­cise if you want to lose weight. This is just an extra push to help you shed those extra pounds a lit­tle bit more quickly.I did notice a lit­tle bit extra weight loss when tak­ing these com­pared to what I was los­ing on aver­age a week on just diet­ing + exer­cise. How­ev­er, the main way I feel it helped me was by keep­ing me moti­vat­ed. My weight loss had been painful­ly slow and sev­er­al times I just want­ed to give up and go back to ‘nor­mal’ eat­ing. Once I start­ed tak­ing these, I see myself get­ting to my goal weight more quick­ly which keep my spir­its up.These do work out quite expen­sive for the amount you get but if you feel you need an extra push to lose some weight, I would say it is worth it as it does work well.

  10. Kalbo

    Lim­it­ed resultsThese arrived in a bright­ly coloured plas­tic con­tain­er with a screw cap; the labels give details on direc­tions for use, stor­age and com­po­si­tion. You get 120 tablets which work out to be a 30 day sup­ply fol­low­ing the direc­tions of tak­ing two tablets 30 min­utes before two meals daily.The tablets are medi­um sized and fair­ly easy to swal­low, I have been tak­ing these now for three weeks fol­low­ing the dosage instruc­tions with two meals dai­ly. I put on excess weight dur­ing the lock­downs so have been watch­ing and try­ing to reduce my weight with an altered diet and addi­tion­al exer­cise so was pleased to try these out. I have already been los­ing this excess at an aver­age of 4lb a week.Although I did find these tablets worked they only at best added an aver­age addi­tion­al weight loss of half a pound a week over­all. I do not eat a lot of fat­ty foods or a lot of sug­ar so it may be the pri­ma­ry tar­get of these tablets was limited.Overall in my opin­ion and expe­ri­ence these are good for any­one who con­sumes a lot of fat­ty foods and excess sug­ar but if you are on a health con­scious diet their tar­get is lim­it­ed and give very lim­it­ed results.

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