Neo 2.5L Instant Hot Dispenser Water Boiler Machine 2600w — Black (Grey & amp; Copper)


Brand Neo
Colour Grey & Copper
Capacity 0.5 litres
Power / Wattage 2600 watts
Item dimensions L x W x H 18 x 18 x 31 centimetres
  • Large 2.5L Removable Water Tank
  • Double safety device with 2 stage on/off switch
  • Can hold enough hot water for around 10 average cups. Detachable drip water tray for easy cleaning.
  • Water tank can be refilled without moving the machine as the tank is removable. Can produce 400-500ml per minute. Transparent water tank with clear water level markings.
  • 3 Colour Options: Grey & Copper, Chrome or Rose Gold Detailing Dimensions: 18cm (L) x 26cm (W) 31cm (H) Weight: 2.2kg


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Get instant hot water , save time and expense with this Neo instant hot water machine. With this handy machine there is no need to lift heavy ket­tles back and forth from the sink wait­ing for them to boil. Sim­ply press the but­ton on the top of the machine for instant water dis­pens­ing. Make up to 10 cups from just one con­tain­er of water.

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Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 31 cm



Grey & Copper

Product Dimensions

18 x 18 x 31 cm; 2.2 Kilograms


0.5 litres

Volume Capacity

2.5 litres

Power Wattage

2600 watts

Auto Shutoff


Item Weight

2.2 kg



Date First Available

27 Sept. 2016





    LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!Due to prob­lem with my arm I am unable to lift a ket­tle to pour a cup­pa.… this has turned it around I am now able to make a cup of tea any time. It is easy to fill with a jug and water lev­el is clear­ly vis­i­ble, also red light comes on when water lev­el is too low. Takes up about the same space a ket­tle would on your worktop.

  2. techno­pho­bic

    Why haven’t I got one of these before?Whilst on hol­i­day last month, the apart­ment we stayed in had a hot water dis­penser and as soon as we got home we decid­ed we were going to get one.We looked at lots of mod­els but the reviews for this one were so good and it was so nice to look at that this is the one we decid­ed on.I am so glad we did.I can’t fault it, no more wast­ed water/electric from boil­ing an over­full ket­tle. No more throw­ing away already boiled water to refill to do my grand daugh­ters bottles.So easy to use. Would 100% recommend.

  3. Nigel

    Drip-free!I pur­chased this machine after drop­ping a full ket­tle of boil­ing water due to my advanc­ing arthritis.Using this, one still has to han­dle a rel­a­tive­ly heavy water con­tain­er when refill­ing it, although how far you fill it is up to you of course, but at least you won’t have to han­dle it sear­ing­ly hot.It fills quite slow­ly due to the way it works, but hey, I’m not much quick­er myself.It actu­al­ly makes a decent cup of tea, fair do’s.Oh! And it has lights, which is always a good thing.Extra note! Do not go and do some­thing else while it is fill­ing your cup. I am already respon­si­ble for two-and-a-half litres of very weak tea mak­ing its way into the hair­dresser’s ceil­ing downstairs.

  4. Ama­zon Customer

    Looks great, works not so greatLets start with the good. It looks love­ly, its easy to use and on paper cov­ers all bases. The water tastes good which is usu­al­ly the biggest prob­lem with new dis­pensers (water tast­ing like plas­tic) and its easy to use. I feel a lot of the neg­a­tive reviews are unjust “Does not auto­mat­i­cal­ly stop”. I don’t think that’s a neg­a­tive infact — i pret­ty much replaced my Bre­ville 1 cup with this for exact­ly that rea­son — i can fill every­thing up with­out hav­ing to restart it! The water is hot also.The bad:The but­ton feels real­ly squishy and just not tac­tile, you cant real­ly tell if its ful­ly down or not like — should i push it hard­er? Am i wait­ing for a click or?By far and away the biggest issue is just that it does not real­ly work. Lets just say my Bre­ville 1 cup pee’d like a race­horse, this is more like an 85 year old gent with prostate issues. It slow­ly drib­bles in to the cup con­stant­ly flick­ing between red and green lights no mat­ter how full the tank is until it even­tu­al­ly fills it up. I’d say about 3 min­utes to fill a cup. Some­one sug­gest­ed a limescale build up — A: that should be no issue on a brand new machine and B: i tried to descale it, issue per­sists. For that rea­son i cant real­ly rec­om­mend it :/.

  5. jules2482

    I would not pur­chase this again/ sor­ry for long rantI pur­chased this in Decem­ber as I am at a stage with my dis­abil­i­ty that I can­not lift a kettle.Initially it worked ok but after about a week the water was only warm. I request­ed to return it but fol­low­ing this read all the reviews. One said that there was a reset but­ton and that this helps with the heat. Every now and again it did.I could­nt deal with return­ing this as my grand­daugh­ter has been in hos­pi­tal 6 times since Christ­mas. I wrote to the com­pa­ny explain­ing the prob­lem with the dis­penser which actu­al­ly doesn’t work any­more and I have had to pur­chase anoth­er one and the com­pa­ny flat­ly denied a refund.Never would I buy from these again it shouldn’t only last 12 weeks at most.No com­ment back either from the com­pa­ny just declined.

  6. Zoe Pol­lard

    Saves elec­tricLove this. Saves time but dont leave it on n walk away as spillage. Ive done it twice

  7. .

    Vari­able hot water dis­penserBought as a replace­ment as pre­vi­ous one “mliter” had “died”. This one is more stream­lined and has vari­able water dis­penser which is man­u­al­ly con­trolled. Also from drip­tray to spout is a height of 17cms high enough to fill your tallest cof­fee mug. The water is hot enough to use for instant noo­dles and gravy gran­ules our pre­vi­ous one could­n’t do that. There is an after taste at first but if you run water through sev­er­al times this will go. You do not have to remove the water tank to refill , just refill using a jug. So far this seems to be a very good replacement.


    Every house­hold should get oneIt’s love­ly instant boil­ing water. No more boil­ing the ket­tle for your tea and cof­fee. You can do so much, make instant gravy and sauces, jel­ly etc it’s lovely

  9. N. L. Hopkins

    Easy to use hot water dis­penser that looks styl­ish too.This is a great hot water dis­penser that allows you to boil the exact amount of water that you require. As I have joint prob­lems I haven’t been able to pour a ket­tle for years and this is my sec­ond hot water dis­penser. The first one I had did have the option to set a vari­able amount of water which meant you could turn away and not wor­ry about over­spilling. How­ev­er this machine gives me the option to fill larg­er cups and jugs etc. The styling match­es many of our oth­er appli­ances and so fits into our kitchen well. Like most new ket­tles or hot water dis­pensers there is a slight plas­tic taste to begin with but this soon fades with use and I can make myself the per­fect up of tea independently 🙂

  10. Dav­esZed

    Not 100%, but OKWell this was a replace­ment for a pre­vi­ous “one-shot” ket­tle that time-expired.Now in one way it’s a good idea that this is a con­tin­u­al pour ket­tle as you can make larg­er mugs or even a decent quan­ti­ty of gravy! But you do need to stay with it and not get dis­tract­ed, which is the down­side to it not hav­ing a auto­mat­ic stop func­tion. Now we’ve had this a few months now and are get­ting used to it and have only spilt water twice!Now anoth­er point we’ve noticed is that it some­times puts out cold water first, not always but occa­sion­al­ly it will do this, and not a lot of cold but enough to make it pos­si­ble to drink your drink straight down. So we kept an eye on it and noticed that once turned on the light will turn from red to green and then start pour­ing water out straight away.… this will be cold (unless it’s just been used pre­vi­ous­ly)!! Now if the light turns to green then you hear it start mak­ing it’s nois­es and after say 10 sec­onds starts to pour water out then this will be hot and per­fect­ly fine. Like I say it does­n’t do this every time, just once in a while. Oth­er than that issue we like it and are very hap­py with it.

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