Musical Bus Shapes Sort Baby Toys 12–18 Months Baby Toys 6 to 12 Months Early Education Learning Toy with Music/Lighting Baby


  • 【Learning Crawl&Lovely Music&Beautiful Light】-Baby toy with building blocks can help 6 to 12 months boys girls kids identify different colors and animal shapes. The music and light give your 1 2 3-year-old baby a desire to crawl. Perfect musical baby toy for 12-18 months to move around.
  • 【Magical And Coloful Blocks】-Pull the organ button on this 5 cute stereoscopic squares can transfer into 5 fun and beautiful color animals. Great toy for hand-eye coordination and also to teach the colors for 1 2 3-year-old boys girls kids.
  • 【Unique Universal Driving Function】-Start the bus, this musical car baby toys 6 to 12 months get a real car start sound. When hitting obstacles, the bus can turn automatically with the light flashing brightly, accompanied by wonderful music, the baby can feel the fun of the chasing game!
  • 【High quality】:Baby toys 12-18 months designed with high quality and environmental ABS material meet kids needs. When playing the block game,1 2 3-year-old boys girls toy and 12-24 months kids will listen a variety of cute animal sounds and music.
  • 【BEST GIFT】:This musical baby toy 12 to 24 months is a great gift for boys, girls, preschoolers, and toddlers. You won't believe how much this small bus can do. What a big surprise and a great gift! What are you waiting for? Click to join the shopping cart.


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Super Funny&Advanced Smart Bus Baby Toys for 6 to 12 and Baby Toys 12 to 24 Months
Our baby musi­cal car toy for 1 2 3 year old boys girls is an advanced mod­ern toy which has a smart bump sen­sor, it will change its direc­tion when jump into an object, super smart.

Per­fect gift for 1 2 3 year old kids
This musi­cal baby toy 12–18 months is the most Interesting,classic toys and per­fect for indoor or out­door games,open the rear door and let the lit­tle ani­mals come out and play with the babies!

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Additional information

Weight 750 kg
Dimensions 26.1 × 17.7 × 17.1 cm
Package Dimensions

26.1 x 17.7 x 17.1 cm; 750 Grams



Date First Available

29 Dec. 2021




  1. Rochy­coo

    Frus­trat­ing for younger chil­drenThis car has 3 modes, acti­vat­ed by the switch under­neath. In the stop posi­tion you press the but­ton on top to start the music and ani­mal nois­es from the but­tons in the win­dows and at the front of the car. Put the switch in the mid­dle for con­stant music and flash­ing lights. The 3rd mode moves the car around but will only work on very smooth car­pet or a sol­id floor, it just turned around and around on my rug.It changes direc­tion when it hits an obsta­cle but unfor­tu­nate­ly doesn’t stop unless you turn it off at the switch underneath.There’s a stop, slow and go but­ton at the front of the car but these do not work when the car is dri­ving around, which I found very disappointing.My grand­son was also very frus­trat­ed that he can’t push the car around when it’s turned off as the spin­ning wheel at the bot­tom turns side­ways and catch­es on the floor.He likes watch­ing it go around on its own for a few min­utes but then wants to play with it, so I have to pick it up to turn it off. Then he’s try­ing to push it, get­ting angry because it won’t move.I’ve sel­l­otaped the disc under­neath in place so he can push it around but it’s not an ide­al solu­tion by any means.Add to that the frus­tra­tion of the shapes, whilst click­ing a but­ton to turn them into ani­mals sound a good idea, it makes it dif­fi­cult for tod­dlers to under­stand why they can’t fit the shape into the truck. I click them back into their shapes but my grand­son some­times catch­es the but­ton as he’s try­ing to put them through the win­dows, so they won’t fit.I like the design of the car but I think there’s too much going on and it needs to be sim­pler, I’d have pre­ferred just the option to have the car mov­ing and being able to stop it using the but­ton on the bonnet.Also just sim­ple shapes with an ani­mal drawn on.Older chil­dren will prob­a­bly find it more fun to use but under 18 months will just get very frus­trat­ed with some of the elements.Price is ok but if I’d had to buy this I would have returned it soon after try­ing it as I’m not impressed with the design faults.Hope you found my review helpful

  2. I’mThe­Man­That­Can

    Small toy but very cuteThe media could not be loaded.

     This is very cute toy car but much small­er than online images show. That’s mis­lead­ing if cus­tomer but the toy after look­ing at images only, not check­ing the actu­al size of this toy.Toy works with 3xAA bat­ter­ies (not includ­ed). Toy plays songs and reacts when an block gets through the shape sorter by say­ing what it is for exam­ple. Please see my video for bet­ter understanding.The car also rides on the floor and if obsta­cles are on the way, it turns and pass­es it. That’s bril­liant lit­tle toy, very attrac­tive and colour­ful. The melodies, phras­es are enter­tain­ing and edu­ca­tion­al. Car is well made, looks very nice and every child would to have it.Recommended

  3. Savvysaverme

    Bright Pri­ma­ry Colours musi­cal shape busDeliv­ered in. It’s own brand­ed box­In­side the box the bright pri­ma­ry colours are the first thing you notice , the car is yel­low with bright red wheels and blue win­dows . Inside sits the shapes which are put through the win­dows .The car has lights , a music mode and a learn­ing mode you switch from one to the oth­er by slid­ing a lever in the top of the car .This car has a 360° wheel on its under­neath which keeps the car mov­ing around objects .It’s very well designed and I can see lots of tod­dlers liv­ing the activ­i­ties. It looks a lit­tle like a FP toy , good qual­i­ty and will pro­vide hours of fun­Priced just under £22 it’s great val­ue for money

  4. S.R

    Lit­tle ones loved it!I was actu­al­ly real­ly impressed with this lit­tle bus and so was my lit­tle ones.You get 5 shapes that are also ani­mals. ( you can press them in and the ani­mals turn into shapes)You can push them through the bus and then open the boot to do it again.The bus needs 3 AA batteries.It plays songs and drives.You need it on the last switch so it will dri­ve, if you have the switch in the mid­dle only the music works.My 1 year old son is obsessed and has been play­ing with this for hours! My 3 yo likes it too and was get­ting jeal­ous, so they are both a big fan.Great fun at a fair price.

  5. Biff

    Bus changes direc­tion when it bumps into objects.More than just a shape sorter. The shapes turn into ani­mals at the press of a but­ton. Five dif­fer­ent shapes, in bright colours. The bus can be stopped from mov­ing around by a switch under­neath. When the bus is run­ning it will change direc­tion when it comes to an obsta­cle. Music and ani­mal sounds or shapes depend­ing on the switch. The three but­tons on the bon­net either say the colours or play music.A fun toy at a rea­son­able price for a young toddler.

  6. Mas­sive

    The details are very well tak­en care ofThis toy can accom­mo­date colour­ful blocks of dif­fer­ent shapes.Thanks to the wheels that turn cor­rect­ly and the move­ments, the child will have con­trol of the vehi­cle or can have fun watch­ing it move.The hood door can be opened.Robust design and a clas­sic look. Fun­ny songs.Made with soft and round­ed edges, per­fect for chil­dren’s hands to grab and move it.Encourage cre­ative play. Pro­motes curiosity.

  7. r.afzal

    Par­ty busGreat musi­cal bus for hours of enter­tain­ment. My nephew loves music and any kind of auto­mo­bile. So this was a great gift for him.Not only is it fun but great for sen­so­ry pur­pos­es, the dif­fer­ent colour and shapes the go in the bus has him busy for hours on end.It is very durable and easy to clean. Helps keep him dis­tract­ed and active, danc­ing along with the music.I love it .

  8. Har­ryy

    Very play­ful, lovey size, very fun!A very play­ful toy, babies would love this prod­uct as there is a lot for them to do with­in this prod­uct with var­i­ous songs to choose from. Lots of dif­fer­ent modes to keep the kids inter­est­ed and hap­py. The size and mate­r­i­al of the prod­uct is amaz­ing, per­fect siz­ing not too big and not too small, very light weight and can be trans­port­ed eas­i­ly. Would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend this.

  9. Susan Wal­lace

    Great.Musi­cal Bus Shapes Sort Baby Toys 12–18 Months Baby Toys 6 to 12 Months Ear­ly Edu­ca­tion Learn­ing Toy with Music/Lighting Baby Toys for 18–24 Months Birth­day Gifts Toys for 1 2 3+Year Old Boys Girls. My sis­ter lit­tle one will love it.24.91 at time of review. 5*.

  10. Phan­tom

    So colour­fulPer­fect toy for tod­dlers and small kids. Quite safe to play. No sharp edge. So colour­ful. Musi­cal and edu­ca­tion­al. Kids will love it

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