Mountain Warehouse Seasons Padded Kids Jacket — Water Resistant & Lightweight Insulated Rain Coat for Boys & Girls


  • Water resistant - Treated with Durable Water Repellent, droplets will bead and roll off the fabric
  • Padded Insulation - Microfibre filling provides excellent heat retention, a synthetic alternative to down
  • 100% Nylon
  • Machine Wash
  • Fastening: Zipper
  • Padded
  • Long Sleeve
  • Side Pockets - two convenient side pockets


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Product Description

The Sea­sons Kids Padded Jack­et keeps your child warm and pro­tect­ed, when get­ting caught in light show­ers. Light­weight microfiber padding for bet­ter insu­la­tion and with a water-resis­tant out­er — it’s great for win­ter out­door fun.

  • Padded Insu­la­tion — Microfi­bre fill­ing pro­vides excel­lent heat reten­tion, a syn­thet­ic alter­na­tive to down
  • Water-resis­tant — Treat­ed with Durable Water Repel­lent (DWR), droplets will bead and roll off the fab­ric. Light rain, or lim­it­ed expo­sure to rain
  • Side Pock­ets — Two con­ve­nient side pockets

padded jacket, jacket padded, quilted bomber jacket, girls winter coat, boys jacket, kids coat

padded jacket, jacket padded, quilted bomber jacket, girls winter coat, boys jacket, kids coat

padded jacket, jacket padded, quilted bomber jacket, girls winter coat, boys jacket, kids coat

Water Resistant

Water Resis­tant fab­ric has been treat­ed with a Durable Water Repel­lent (DWR) to repel water from the sur­face. This allows rain beads to roll off to keep the mate­r­i­al as dry as pos­si­ble, for as long as pos­si­ble. Water Resis­tant items are ide­al for light rain or lim­it­ed expo­sure to heav­ier rain.


The tight­ly woven fibres in insu­lat­ed cloth­ing pre­vent the body’s warmth from escap­ing. This makes them per­fect for lay­er­ing and activ­i­ties in cold climates.


Light­weight fab­ric is per­fect for activ­i­ties such as hik­ing, walk­ing or cycling. It pro­vides a lay­er of pro­tec­tion with­out adding bulk.

padded jacket, jacket padded, quilted bomber jacket, girls winter coat, boys jacket, kids coat

The Difference Between Waterproof & Water Resistant

Shop­ping for a jack­et can be con­fus­ing, with dif­fer­ent terms and rat­ings used. Below is a sim­ple guide to help you pick the per­fect jacket:

Show­er­proof: The fab­ric is treat­ed with a coat­ing that resists water. These jack­ets are a great val­ue-for-mon­ey option to keep you dry in light rain showers.

Water-Resis­tant: The fab­ric is treat­ed with a Durable Water Repel­lent (DWR) coat­ing. This allows mois­ture to bead and roll off the sur­face. Ide­al for light rain or lim­it­ed expo­sure to heav­ier rain.

Water­proof: These fab­rics can with­stand heav­ier rain­fall with­out let­ting mois­ture in. They will usu­al­ly quote a lab-test­ed “hydro­sta­t­ic head” rat­ing, which mea­sures the lev­el of water­proof­ness. High­er rat­ings (5,000mm or 10,000mm) are the most water­proof, ide­al for activ­i­ties in wet or change­able conditions.

Taped Seams: A phys­i­cal bar­ri­er pre­vent­ing water from leak­ing through seams, stitch­ing or joins in the fab­ric, mak­ing every inch of the gar­ment waterproof.

padded jacket, jacket padded, quilted bomber jacket, girls winter coat, boys jacket, kids coat

About Us

At Moun­tain Ware­house we have been devel­op­ing the very best out­door gear for all the fam­i­ly since 1997.

Unlike oth­er out­door retail­ers, we don’t car­ry lots of dif­fer­ent brands. In fact, almost all the prod­ucts we sell through our stores, web­site & online are exclu­sive to Moun­tain Ware­house – you won’t find them any­where else.

Why do we do this? Well, by design­ing our own top qual­i­ty prod­ucts and hav­ing them made to our exact­ing stan­dards, we can cut out the mid­dle­man. So that means you get the exact same qual­i­ty, but at sig­nif­i­cant­ly bet­ter val­ue than you’ll find at oth­er shops.

Every­thing we do is focused on serv­ing our grow­ing group of cus­tomers who like what we have to offer: the best gear, the best ser­vice and the best prices.

We would love it if you joined them.

Mark Neale,


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Additional information

Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Product Dimensions

10 x 10 x 10 cm; 240 Grams

Date First Available

1 Jan. 2018

Manufacturer reference







Mountain Warehouse


  1. SK

    Nice coat with a HUGE but…I would have giv­en this coat 5 stars. Except, the first time my daugh­ter wore it, she put £40 in the inside pock­et with her Oys­ter card — only when she got to the bus stop did she realise that the inside pock­et has a big hole in it and she had lost her £40 and her Oys­ter card. On fur­ther inspec­tion, both the inside pock­ets are not ful­ly sewn up — so point­less as you could lose any­thing you put in them. I’m inter­est­ed to know why inter­nal pock­ets would have holes in them and what the man­u­fac­tur­ers response to this sit­u­a­tion is — my daugh­ter (12) was dis­traught and so was I. Moun­tain Ware­house come on — fix this please.

  2. Smee

    Fits well, fair­ly warm but needs addi­tion­al lay­ers below 5c, fin­ish is gen­er­al­ly poorCom­fort­ably fits my aver­age build 7 year old daugh­ter (1m40 tall) with a lit­tle room for growth. It’s kept her warm enough in the recent cold spell, but my son has an iden­ti­cal coat in a dif­fer­ent colour and he need­ed addi­tion­al layers.Finish is just ok, with lots of loose threads and the stitch­ing came undone on the inside of the cuff on the sec­ond wear. I’ve patched it up as she loves the colour, but it’s not a great start. The zip does­n’t catch the lin­er unlike a lot of sim­i­lar style coats.Buy slight­ly big­ger than you need if intend­ing to use in win­ter to allow for lay­er­ing. Keep in mind it’s not water­proof either, but a brief light show­er won’t seep through the seams. They pack down small if car­ry­ing in a ruck­sack, but no stuff sack provided.If we get a few months of wear out of it, I’d buy another.If this review was use­ful, I’d be grate­ful if you click ‘Help­ful’. Thank you

  3. kate

    Great lit­tle jacket…will buy againGreat lit­tle coat. My son refus­es to wear big coats or rigid kind of coats. He had one like this of a dif­fer­ent brand, except it was­n’t water­proof or as good qual­i­ty, he would­n’t take it off and it became far too small. So I let him pick the colour of this one and he has­n’t stop wear­ing it since it arrived. We got caught in a huge down­pour and I expect­ed him to be soaked through when we got home.…but he was com­plete­ly dry under the jack­et, I was actu­al­ly impressed.…I expect­ed it to come through the stitched seams. The coat is small­er than I thought it would come up. I got a 3–4 as usu­al­ly this is huge on my 3 year old but the coat fits per­fect it’s more on the size of age 3 not 4. How­ev­er I’d buy again. It’s a great lit­tle jack­et. My son’s been wear­ing with a jumper and t shirt under­neath in the cur­rent cold weath­er and he says he’s warm, even though I won­der as it’s so thin, but he does­n’t act or seem cold after long peri­ods of time out in it. I might get him some more colour as he chose red, so hard to match alot of cloth­ing, but it’s a love­ly post box red and he absolute­ly loves it which is great as I no longer have to fight him to put on a coat.

  4. agnise

    So far love all 3 jack­etsSo far real­ly like the jack­et (I actu­al­ly bought 3 in dif­fer­ent colours and sizes). The pur­ple jack­et 7–8y. is for my 6.5y.o. daugh­ter. She is 116cm and just over 20kg. Bought the jack­et for next sea­son think­ing it will be a but big, but she is wear­ing it now already. I’d say they come a bit small. As my 8y.o. son is wear­ing his 9–10y. petrol (colour) jack­et (bought it as next size up, but he wears it already) and he is not big boy, he is 129cm, but just about 21kg. And have one for myself. I think the pur­ple one looks a bit brighter in the pic­ture than in real­i­ty. Keeps us warm in spring, not sure how warm it will be in Irish win­ter or ‑30 degrees as in descrip­tion. Jack­et is very light­weight. If it keeps us warm in win­ter I might have found our favourite jacket.

  5. Wendy.

    Moun­tain Ware­house nev­er fail!Moun­tain Ware­house nev­er fail. This coat is per­fect. My son is a tall 11 year old bought size 13 years fits great. Nice and roomy. Buy a Moutain ware­house coat every year and every year my son loves it and I always get asked where it is from. Such a good price. Under £30! Bet­ter than any well known sports brand that retail at £50-£60 for sim­i­lar styles but infe­ri­or quality.

  6. hon­estre­view­er

    Good spring/summer evening coatGood light­weight coat, fits per­fect for my 3yr old, this is a good sum­mer coat for when it can get a bit cold in the evening or first thing in morn­ing, it is not how­ev­er rain­proof or a win­ter coat. I def­i­nite­ly would buy some­thing a lot thick­er for win­ter. Over­all hap­py with qual­i­ty price etc.

  7. Elaine Tomas­so

    Small fitMy grand­daugh­ter is a big built 9 year old, so I swith­ered over size and bought age 13 as it would do next year if too big this year. It fits almost per­fect­ly so that’s a weight off my mind. The colours are love­ly, nice and bright and so suit­able for a young girl. I didn’t look too close­ly at the qual­i­ty, because it won’t fit for­ev­er and she will only wear it every fort­night when she stays with dad. She likes it, call­ing it her rain­bow jack­et, and that’s all that matters.

  8. Lou

    Nice Jack­et, feels very thin but he’s not com­plained…Love­ly lit­tle jack­et. Feels very light, the inner yel­low lin­ing glows in the dark (!) and my son loves the design. How­ev­er in places you can see the yel­low lin­ing through the white parts of the camo, and there are ran­dom threads hang­ing off in sev­er­al places. It’s quite easy to catch the lin­ing in the zip but despite this the coat is look­ing great on him and the camo design helps hide the mud 😅 Per­fect siz­ing for my almost 11 year old.

  9. Shopa­holic

    Amaz­ing val­ue for mon­eyThis jack­et on sale is amaz­ing val­ue for money.It is beau­ti­ful, the qual­i­ty is very good and feels quite well made.I pur­chased this as my daugh­ter’s usu­al win­ter jack­et is very bulky, so I was hop­ing for a light­weight warm jack­et. How­ev­er, this is my only crit­i­cism and why I did­n’t give it 5 stars. It is a bit more bulky than what we were expect­ing. it is not as thin as the feath­er and down jack­ets and it does­n’t fold in a small bag like those ones.

  10. Jo

    Light­weight and com­fyMy son, who isn’t gen­er­al­ly keen on wear­ing a coat in any weath­er, real­ly likes this one as it is light weight and com­fy to wear. I’m not sure how water resis­tant it will be giv­en the nature of the fab­ric but would eas­i­ly go under a basic water­proof Mac on a damp day. I brought age 11–12 for my tall 9yr old — there is room to grow but it’s not crazi­ly big.

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