morpilot Toaster 2 Slice, Retro Toasters with Timer, Stainless Steel Wide Slots, Removable Crumbs Tray, Black, 8150X


Brand Morpilot
Colour Dumb Black
Material Stainless Steel
Number of settings 6
Number of programmes 3
  • ✿ 【Manage Your Time】This 2 slice toaster has a LED timer to show the remaining time of the toasting progress; And you can also stop the toasting progress at anytime with the cancel function.
  • ✿【Multi Functions】Our 2 slice stainless steel toaster has 3 function with defrost / heating / cancel. The 6 levels of roasting are convenient for preparing toasts suitable for all tastes.
  • ✿【Wide Slot】The black toaster has 1.5 inch extra wide slot to make breads, waffles and English muffins.
  • ✿【Removable Crumbs Tray】This toaster 2 slice also has a tray to collect the crumbs and it is easy to remove and clean.
  • ✿【Pop up Lever】The lever of this vintage toaster can be lifted higher to reach the baked breads.


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Product Description

Morpilot 2 slice stainless steel toaster with timer, wide slot and crumbs tray

toaster 2 slice

2 slice toaster



For bet­ter toast­ing result, we strong­ly sug­gest using both slots simul­ta­ne­ous­ly. Sin­gle bread oper­a­tion may cause dam­age due to nonuni­form heat dis­tri­b­u­tion from the emp­ty slot.

  • Spec­i­fi­ca­tion:
  • Volt­age: 220 V‑240 V
  • Fre­quen­cy: 50 / 60Hz

How to use:

1. Insert a slice bread in each slot of the toaster;

2. Rotate the gear knob to select desired gear: 1–6. For the first use, It is rec­om­mend­ed to select the gear accord­ing to the bread toast­ing col­or card;

3. Care­ful­ly pull down the lever untill it stays at the bot­tom, the can­cel indi­cater lights up;

4. After the heat­ing process in com­plet­ed, the lever will be eject­ed auto­mat­i­cal­ly. care­ful­ly get out the toast slices.

  • ✔ Two wide slits: for insert­ing slices of dif­fer­ent thick­ness­es
  • ✔ Stain­less steel mate­r­i­al, BPA free.
black toaster

Retro Toaster

This 2 slice stain­less steel toast­er has 6 lev­el to meet your dif­fer­ent needs.

Lev­el 1–2: Light shade of toasts

Lev­el 3–4: Medi­um shade of toasts

Lev­el 5–6: Dark shade of toasts

2 slice toaster

black toaster

black toaster

black toaster

Pop up Lever

The lever can be lift­ed high­er after pop­ping up auto­mat­i­cal­ly, when your bread is fin­ished toasting

Cancel,Reheat, Defrost

Defrost Func­tion: Defrost func­tion is used for frozen breads

Can­cel Func­tion: Stop the toast­ing progress at any time

Reheat Func­tion: Toasts the inside and warms the outside

LED Timer

The black toast­er has a LED timer dis­play to show the remain­ing toast­ing time

Also, you can stop the toast­ing progress at any­time with the CANCEL function

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Additional information

Weight 1.69 kg
Dimensions 31.3 × 21 × 19.4 cm


Model Number



Dumb Black

Package Dimensions

31.3 x 21 x 19.4 cm; 1.69 Kilograms


Stainless Steel

Number of Slices


Item Weight

1.69 kg



Date First Available

1 April 2020




  1. S. Reynolds

    Takes a full slice and has a kid proof “is it done yet” timerYes! A toast­er that can take a super­mar­ket slice of bread and toast it top to bot­tom and side to side.Had not heard of Mor­pi­lot before but turns out to be bet­ter than named brands, as it can actu­al­ly toast a whole slice of bread.It comes in a brushed chrome and black look. The bread is toast­ed well. I have it on set­ting 3 to give an even toast to both sides. It does come with an instruc­tion card that says to use both slots when pos­si­ble and shows how toast­ed your bread will be when the toast­er is set to the dif­fer­ent settings.It even comes with a kid friend­ly “is it done yet” timer. No longer do I need to say just wait a lit­tle while longer. Now I can say just look at the timer 🙂

  2. Emi­ly

    Use­ful with defrost func­tion.The media could not be loaded.

     I bought this toast­er because I was attract­ed by the LED pow­er. Bread slots are very wide. As for the more well done bread, you can con­trol the gear knob your­self. I saw the but­ton of defrost, I guess it can defrost burg­er. It is real­ly con­ve­nient to use. Very suit­able for office, pantry, dor­mi­to­ry or home use. Easy to clean and dont wor­ry it will over heat at side. Im Hap­py about this valu­able purchase.

  3. Hokey

    Fair and square val­ue and results..So much bet­ter than the scorch-prone Ikich I recent­ly returned.After sev­er­al days of tri­als, I am well sat­is­fied by get­ting good even toast­ing via first set­ting to 1 and then revers­ing the slice(s) and fin­ish ing off on 1 ‑or 2 — to get mid brown.The ‘freeze’ and ‘warm’ but­tons work well and I find the dig­i­tal count­down is help­ful well beyond a gimmick.For ver­sa­til­i­ty I pre­ferred the longer2 slots of its long- serv­ing pre­de­ces­sor but this takes my var­i­ous super­mar­ket ‘toastie’ slices, is com­pact, light, and toasts well.

  4. L D

    Check the fuse in the sock­etThe toast­er did­n’t work. Checked the fuse in the plug, ok. Checked the fuse in the fuse­box, ok. Assumed the toast­er was not work­ing so I returned it and bought anoth­er make. Imag­ine my embar­rass­ment when I tried anoth­er appli­ance in the wall sock­et, noth­ing. It was only then that I dis­cov­ered that there was an inter­nal fuse in the wall sock­et itself so I must assume that the toast­er was ok. I cant seem to con­tact the sell­er to apol­o­gise so this is my only way of say­ing sorry.

  5. M J Button

    Short life!I bought this on May 24th 2021 and it stopped work­ing on June 17th! I enjoyed it whilst it worked, espe­cial­ly the dig­i­tal timer count down. I do, how­ev­er, expect toast­ers to last a lit­tle longer than 3 weeks. I have returned it for a refund. (Yes, I did check the fuse and it was fine!)

  6. Nools

    Elec­tri­cal Lead way too short !!Toast­er OK qual­i­ty but elec­tri­cal lead is far too short so you need to make sure your plug sock­et is very close before you con­sid­er­ing buy­ing this toast­er. Would not rec­om­mend on that basis as even on Ama­zon offer Price Mor­phy Richards toast­er fall short of their usu­al standard.

  7. Rock­man

    Timer Not Con­sis­tantI brought this toast­er to replace an aging Bre­ville one that also had a use­ful dig­i­tal dis­play but unfor­tu­nate­ly is no longer made. This new Mor­pi­lot one per­formed well at toast­ing the bread was incon­sis­tent with the tim­ings when the set­tings had­n’t been changed. Some­times it would be 2:32 mins next 2:07 or 1:58 ran­dom. Gave up try­ing to sec­ond guess it and sent it back for a refund in the end.

  8. trevor

    Timer bright and easy to readI like the count­down timer, only thing is that the slots are only 5.5 inch­es where­as my bread is 6 inch­es, have to cut half an inch off to put it in

  9. Mrs. C. Fernandez

    Faulty from moment 1Very disappointed.…It arrived today i plugged in and the can­cel but­ton and the timer showed bright for a sec­ond and after that noth­ing .…and when i say noth­ing i mean noth­ing …le lever does­nt stay down…nothing lights up to show that it is still alive…nothing…I am send­ing it back for a refund …pit­ty as it looks nice.…☹

  10. shibz_vtec

    Good, but temp con­trol take a bit of learn­ingOver­all good, it does the job. It’s very wide so you can put some thick bread. It has a timer so you know when it’s ready, it’s very good because you can walk away with­out hav­ing to keep an eye on it. Only down­side although it still scores a 5 for me. The colour chart isn’t as described. I find you need to add anoth­er lev­el to real­ly get the colour. This only applies to white bread. If you are doing sour­dough then even at set­ting 6, you won’t get half of the colour you want.

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