Morphy Richards 48281 Fastbake Breadmaker 2 Loaf Sizes, Gluten Free, Cool Touch, Ecru,600 W


Voltage 240 Volts
Colour Ecru
Item weight 6.18 Kilograms
Material Cool Touch
Power / Wattage 600 watts
  • 12 programs from basic Ecru (Light beige) to cakes, jam, and dough. Fruit and Nut Dispenser: No
  • 2 Loaf sizes - bake 1 lb, 1.5 lb, 2 lb loaves, and 3 crust settings
  • The instruction manual contains gluten-free recipes
  • Fastback - bake a loaf in under 50 minutes
  • 13-hour delay timer for overnight baking


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From the manufacturer

Morphy Richards 48281 Fastbake Breadmaker

  • 12 pro­grammes from Basic Whites to Cakes, Jam and Dough. Fast­bake pro­gramme for a fresh­ly baked loaf in under 50 min­utes.
  • 2 Loaf sizes — Bakes 1lb, 1.5lb, 2lb loaves.
  • 3 crust set­tings for bread to your taste every time.
  • View­ing win­dow to mon­i­tor bak­ing process.
  • 13 hour delay timer for over night bak­ing.

The smell of home­made bread waft­ing around the home is one of those clas­sic smells. Bread, fresh out of the oven, with melt­ing but­ter, is a mem­o­rable taste sen­sa­tion. The Mor­phy Richards auto­mat­ic bread­mak­er can cre­ate that expe­ri­ence every morning.

There’s very lit­tle effort on the part of the bak­er because the bread­mak­er is a sophis­ti­cat­ed appli­ance with a com­put­er mem­o­ry that does all the work for you. It’s as sim­ple as one-two-three 1. put in the ingre­di­ents, 2. select pro­gramme from the menus and press start 3. Wait for your bread. But don’t stop at bak­ing bread in this appli­ance. Besides being able to do all kinds of spe­cial­i­ty breads, includ­ing whole­wheat, you can also pre­pare doughs for bread rolls, piz­za, cake and jam. Every­thing is easy and tastes home­made – because it is.

Choose from 12 pro­grammes from Basic Whites to Cakes, Jam and Dough with the choice of 2 Loaf sizes (1lb, 1.5lb and 2lb loaves). The Fast­bake Bread­mak­er also gives you the option of choos­ing from 3 crust set­tings for bread to your taste every time. The clear view­ing win­dow allows you to mon­i­tor the bak­ing process and the 13 hour delay allows you to bake when­ev­er is best for you.

The easy to read LCD dis­play and cool touch body means that using and han­dling the bread­mak­er is easy.

Fastbake Function

The Fast­bake func­tion allows you to have a fresh­ly baked loaf in under 50 min­utes. The Fast­bake option is avail­able for both 1.5lb and 2lb loaves.

An inte­grat­ed delay timer delays the start of the bak­ing pro­gramme, per­fect if you would like to wake up to fresh bread in the morn­ing. A max­i­mum of 13 hours can be set.

100 per cent Gluten Free

We have specif­i­cal­ly designed a vari­ety of Gluten Free recipes using a wide range of gluten free flours and bread mix­es, cater­ing to spe­cif­ic dietary needs. All recipes are includ­ed with­in the prod­uct instruc­tion manual.

Loaf Size or Crust

Whether it’s a small­er loaf for your­self or a large loaf for the fam­i­ly, mak­ing the per­fect loaf is sim­ple. The Fast­bake Bread­mak­er gives you a choice of sizes, so you can be sure your loaf will suit you

Fresh bread in the morning

Wake up to the smell of fresh bread in the morn­ing using the delay timer. This func­tion allows you to delay bak­ing for up to 13 hours, so it can be ready for when you wake up in the morning.

Sweet and Savoury

The Fast­bake Bread­mak­er can not only bake, it can make deli­cious cakes and jams for those with a sweet­er tooth. Choose from either a mouth-water­ing jam or a tangy marmalade.

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Additional information

Weight 6.18 kg
Dimensions 40.5 × 28.5 × 30.5 cm

Morphy Richards

Model Number




Product Dimensions

40.5 x 28.5 x 30.5 cm; 6.18 Kilograms

Power Wattage

600 watts


240 Volts


Cool Touch

Auto Shutoff


Energy Efficiency Class

A+ to G


0 minute

Item Weight

6.18 kg



Date First Available

22 April 2009


Morphy Richards


  1. Iain Mor­ri­son

    Clas­sicI’ve bought this a cou­ple of times — the first one did 5 years of heavy use.If you’re bak­ing bread, just reme­ber to take the dough out after the proof­ing stage (before the cook­ing) and remove the lit­tle mix­er blade thingy. Then put the dough back in.Otherwise your loaf will have the mix­er cocooned at the bot­tom when you remove.

  2. mike

    Love ItMy wife decid­ed that she want­ed to start mak­ing bread and there­fore buy a bread machine, she researched sev­er­al makes and mod­els and final­ly opt­ed for the Mor­phy Richards. She now pro­duces one to two loaves a week. After try­ing out sev­er­al recipes, I like the white French bread, and she likes the Whole­meal bread. Both of which turn out per­fect­ly. Yes­ter­day she tried a bread mix for Cheese and Onion Bread, and pre­pared it on the Dough Set­ting and then made rolls and cooked them in the oven, they were deli­cious. The pic­tures are of her first loaf. She says that the machine is per­fect in every way, it is easy to clean and use, it also has a jam set­ting and she says that in the sum­mer she will attempt to make jam. She thor­ough­ly rec­om­mends this bread machine.

  3. Arkedy

    Good val­ue basic bread­mak­erThe Mor­phy Richards Fast­bake 48281 Bread­mak­er is prob­a­bly the best val­ue basic bread­mak­er cur­rent­ly avail­able. It is of good sol­id con­struc­tion in creamy off-white plas­tic. It does wob­ble a bit at full pelt, but this is not a problem.Plus points for me were the 2 year guar­an­tee and the ready avail­abil­i­ty of a replace­ment pan from Ama­zon (or the Mor­phy Richards web­site) at a fair­ly rea­son­able cost. I pre­vi­ous­ly had an Andrew James AJ-BM102XJ bread­mak­er which last­ed near­ly five years but the pan start­ed to leak; a com­mon prob­lem. The pan in the Mor­phy Richards bread­mak­er is almost iden­ti­cal and it, like­wise, may only last for 200 or so loaves, as oth­er review­ers have indi­cat­ed. The new pan does, in fact, fit my old bread­mak­er and the gen­er­al lay­out of both machines (but­tons, pro­grammes etc.) is very similar.The includ­ed recipes require large amounts of salt and sug­ar. I decid­ed to imme­di­ate­ly try the easy-to-remem­ber recipe for a basic large white loaf from my pre­vi­ous machine and this came out per­fect­ly 3 hours lat­er. The ingre­di­ents are: 12 fl.oz tepid water, 1.5 tea­spoons of both salt and olive oil, then 3.5 cups of flour and last­ly 1.5 tea­spoons of both sug­ar and quick act­ing yeast, all in that order. I usu­al­ly use strong white bread flour from either of the two main “dis­count super­mar­kets”. Tap the cup to set­tle the flour to ensure full mea­sure. I have gone on to make a fur­ther 7 loaves so far, all perfect.Some review­ers have expe­ri­enced dif­fi­cul­ty in remov­ing the pad­dle from the loaf after bak­ing. My pre­vi­ous bread­mak­er came with a tool which is basi­cal­ly a wire rod with the end turned at 90 degrees for about 5mm. It would be easy to make your own. This is sim­ply pushed up the cen­tral spin­dle hole, allow­ing the pad­dle to be hooked out of the loaf with­out scratching.

  4. John Odd­ie

    Let me help with the spelt appli­ca­tionIf you’re look­ing to make spelt flour bread the BM has no rel­e­vant instruc­tions. Fol­low­ing most recipes will give you a damp, lead­en brick. The only recipe I found works and works well is 500g 50/50 mix of white and whole­meal spelt flour, with 1 tsp each of salt, fast action yeast and brown sug­ar, a tbsp of oil and 350 ml of tepid water. Oh, and cook on the basic bread cycle, num­ber 1.

  5. Sam­son 888

    You might want to read this.I first read and then pro­ceed­ed fol­lowed the instruc­tions and pro­ceed­ed to make a white loaf.I then left it to do it’s thing. Unfor­tu­nate­ly when I went to check on my bread it would seem that the part of the machine that heats the dough that then makes bread had not switched off at the end of it’s cycle, as result had start­ed to burn the loaf.I’d like to think it would of switched off at some point or else my kitchen and house would of been filled with smoke.Hacen to say.… Im send­ing mine back.

  6. Sian

    Very easy to use and the machine is very qui­etI have had this bread mak­er for 24 hours and I have already made a whole­meal loaf and a basic white loaf. Very easy to use and the machine is very qui­et. I will nev­er again pur­chase processed bread from a shop, will only eat fresh­ly made whole­meal and gra­nary bread. An absolute bar­gain for the price!

  7. EGR

    Easy to use machine. Good qual­i­ty breadI am very hap­py with my bread mak­er. It works well, makes a nice bread. It has 12 pre-set pro­grams, how­ev­er it does not have the option to set your own pro­gram. It comes with a set of mea­sur­ing cups and a instruc­tion book­let. Very impor­tant: fol­low the instruc­tions to have a per­fect bread. It is a bit noisy when it is mix­ing the ingre­di­ents and make a aloud beep when fin­ished or when it is indi­cat­ing when you can add more ingre­di­ents in the dough. I have been using this machine for sev­er­al months and it seems a reli­able machine, how­ev­er I do not have too much expe­ri­ence with breadmakers.

  8. Steven Col­in Wilkinson

    Five StarsEasy process. Decent loaf. Easy to clean. 1st bake was good look­ing for­ward to test­ing my/it’s bak­ing capabilities.

  9. Seb

    Appalling cus­tomer ser­viceThis is a great bread mak­er — sim­ple to use and pro­duces a vari­ety of good qual­i­ty bread if you fol­low the recipes pro­vid­ed (although the range of options is a bit lim­it­ed). Why only one star — well, unfor­tu­nate­ly, ours stopped work­ing prop­er­ly after eigh­teen months of reg­u­lar, but not heavy, use. Ama­zon were pret­ty good in putting us in con­tact with the man­u­fac­tur­er but this is where our prob­lems began. We were advised that the machine could not be repaired and that it was not cov­ered by the manufacturer’s guar­an­tee because we hadn’t reg­is­tered it with them (why does this need to be done — guar­an­tees should be auto­mat­ic!!) We had the usu­al response, ‘I can only apol­o­gise…’ — no, you can do bet­ter than offer a hol­low apol­o­gy and actu­al­ly replace a faulty item — along with an offer of a replace­ment machine at a ‘reduced’ cost. Sounds great, except that the ‘reduced’ cost was high­er than the orig­i­nal amount we had paid. Very poor reac­tion from Mor­phy Richards so be care­ful if you buy this prod­uct — make sure you reg­is­ter the sec­ond year guar­an­tee and don’t expect prop­er cus­tomer ser­vice if things go wrong.

  10. Lyan­na

    Great bread­mak­er!Bought as a Christ­mas present and my boyfriend was very hap­py with it! 4 loaves made already and they look, smell and taste amazing!You do have to remove the stir­ring pad­dle which leaves a small hole at the bot­tom, but this is not a major issue.

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