MjAMjAM Natural Wet Cat Food, MIX PACK 3 with Vension & Rabbit, Turkey, Duck & Poultry, Hearts, Chicken, Beef, Grain Free, 6

£ 9.99

Brand MjAMjAM
Flavour Venison
Item Form Wet
Breed recommendation All Breed Sizes
Specific Uses Food Allergies
  • Complete wet cat food - an extra high proportion of meat - essential vitamins and minerals - grain free
  • For our meals, we mainly use ingredients that come from regional farms
  • MjAMjAM - because it`s tasty
  • Free from: Cereals, gluten, sugar, synthetic preservatives, lactose


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From the manufacturer

Mjamjam Header
Best quality made in germany

MjAMjAM — Natural Wet Cat Food — MIX PACK III

with Vension & Rabbit, Turkey with pumkin, Duck & Poultry, Hearts, Chicken, Beef

This meal will give your pet every­thing they need. The fresh meat, refined with crispy and healthy ingre­di­ents, will give your pet a unique and exclu­sive plea­sur­able expe­ri­ence that will also pro­vide all the essen­tial vit­a­mins and minerals.

Feeding recommendation:

200–400 g per day for a ful­ly-grown cat weigh­ing approx. 3–5 kg. Fresh drink­ing water should always be avail­able. Please serve at room tem­per­a­ture. After open­ing, please store in the fridge for a max­i­mum of 24 hours.

What’s important to us

  • ani­mal wel­fare is our top pri­or­i­ty
  • good for the ani­mal, nat­ur­al, and close to their nat­ur­al diet – that’s what our meals are like
  • nature is our exam­ple and our biggest sup­pli­er
  • con­tains all nutri­tion­al com­po­nents
  • high-qual­i­ty and care­ful­ly select­ed ingre­di­ents
  • 100% fresh food-grade meat
  • fresh fruit and veg and healthy herbs
  • nat­ur­al oils with essen­tial unsat­u­rat­ed fats
Free from grains and gluten

Free from grains and gluten



Extra high proportion of meat

Extra high proportion of meat



Free from grains and gluten
Extra high proportion of meat
Mjamjam Logo

Our promise

At MjAM­jAM, we put our hearts and souls into our work and do our best to pro­vide feed that is good for your pets – every day, we put the best ingre­di­ents, all our expe­ri­ence and a lot of love into devel­op­ing and pro­duc­ing our feed.

Our phi­los­o­phy is pro­duc­ing cat and dog food that is good for your pets and is based on their nat­ur­al diets. Our biggest sup­pli­er, nature, gives us every­thing we need to ful­fil our phi­los­o­phy and to meet your pet’s needs. “Good for the ani­mal, nat­ur­al, and close to their nat­ur­al diet” – for us, this means a high pro­por­tion of meat, refined with fresh ingre­di­ents like fruit or veg­eta­bles. Com­bined all togeth­er, they are the most invalu­able source of nutri­ents for your pet. We only use food-grade ingre­di­ents. We’ve com­plete­ly done away with grain, sug­ar, preser­v­a­tives, flavour­ings and syn­thet­ic bind­ing agents.

Important information


MjAM­jAM — Nat­ur­al Wet Cat Food — Suc­cu­lent chick­en with tasty car­rots: (93.9 % meat and offal’s (chick­en meat, liv­er, hearts), 5 % car­rots, 1 % min­er­al nutri­ents, 0.1 % cat­nip) MjAM­jAM — Nat­ur­al Wet Cat Food — Meal with tasty hearts: (99 % meat and offal’s (beef, chick­en liv­er, beef hearts, chick­en hearts), 1 % min­er­al nutri­ents) MjAM­jAM — Nat­ur­al Wet Cat Food — Tasty beef with steamed pump­kin: (93.5 % meat and offal’s (beef, chick­en liv­er, beef lung, beef hearts), 5.5 % pump­kin, 1 % min­er­al nutri­ents) MjAM­jAM — Nat­ur­al Wet Cat Food — Hearty veni­son & rab­bit with fruity blue­ber­ries: (96 % meat and offal’s (48 % veni­son meat and 48 % rab­bit meat, heart, liv­er, lung, kid­ney), 3 % blue­ber­ries, 1 % min­er­al nutri­ents) MjAM­jAM — Nat­ur­al Wet Cat Food — Ten­der duck & poul­try with tasty car­rots: (96 % meat and offal’s (38 % duck meat, heart, 31 % chick­en meat, liv­er, giz­zard, 27 % turkey meat, heart, liv­er), 3 % car­rots, 1 % min­er­al nutri­ents) MjAM­jAM — Nat­ur­al Wet Cat Food — Good turkey with steamed pump­kin: (96 % meat and offal’s (turkey meat, heart, liv­er, stom­ach), 2.9 % pump­kin, 1 % min­er­al nutri­ents, 0.1 % catnip)

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Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 7.5 × 1.2 cm
Pet Type


Product Dimensions

5.5 x 7.5 x 1.2 cm; 1.2 Kilograms

Item model number


Breed Recommendation

All Breed Sizes

Pet Life Stage

All Life Stages



Item Form



200 g Pack of 6

Number of Items




Special Features

Sugar free Fresh meat Gluten free Natural Wheat free

Specific Uses

Food Allergies

Batteries Required


Batteries included


Item Weight

1.2 kg



Date First Available

13 Jun. 2018




  1. hap­py haggis

    Won’t be buy­ing againFirst of all Ger­many should have a good look at what coun­tries it trans­ports to and give the appro­pri­ate trans­la­tion; not have the arro­gance that every­one should know Ger­man. I had to Google every sin­gle word for a trans­la­tion and wrote the Eng­lish equiv­a­lent on the bot­tom of the each can.My cat thor­ough­ly enjoyed the rab­bit and the beef. I liked the fact that it had offal in it.When it came to the poul­try selec­tion, my cat had a very dif­fer­ent reac­tion. He took one sniff at his plate and glared at me. “Call your­selves an intel­li­gent species!” He stalked off with his head and tail in the air, “I want corn-fed you dumb­nut!” Believe me, I get pret­ty good at inter­pret­ing this cat’s form of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. The rest was giv­en to Cats Protection.

  2. Raqula

    MY CATS LOVE IT !!I have two cats, one its quite fussy when it comes to new cat food.I always try to be able to give my cats the best food I can.I’ve tried expen­sive big brands too — but both of my cats did­n’t like it …until now! I was scep­ti­cal to buy food in the can — like how do I store it after open­ing? Fridge! I thought my cats wont eat food that is cold but ..they do! phew! ;-)200g can is for one day — 400g one last two days (but it can stay in fridge u to 5 days — so don’t wor­ry! )the food is full of meat — full of nutri­ents that our fur­ry babies need — so its all just per­fect !thanks MjAMjAM !

  3. Lynette Camp­bell

    She lovef itGood qual­i­ty, smells good, good val­ue as you get 2/3 serv­ings per can. My Diva loved them they have a good firm con­sis­tan­cy, only minor com­plaint is that you have to real­ly search the small print on the can to work out what flavour you are feed­ing, and that print is real­ly real­ly small. But I am very pleased with it and will pur­chase again.

  4. Gyp­sy Evans-Leaver

    Cats like it.Good prod­uct my 4 cats seem to real­ly like this food. And they are fussy. Good tex­ture and smells far bet­ter than most cat foods. And they leave noth­ing. So that speaks for its self. If it was a bit cheap­er than I would pur­chase it more often. But can’t so they have it about once a month as their high pro­tein food. Good product.

  5. Salvi

    Cats dis­liked itDoesn’t smell too pun­gent or ter­ri­ble, looks like a good qual­i­ty food not loaded with sug­ar; but it has a sticky puree con­sis­ten­cy, and I know from expe­ri­ence, my cats usu­al­ly pre­fer food that looks like fine flakes of meat in jel­ly or gravy. The oth­er prob­lem was, the meat looks pink and as soon as it hits fresh air, it goes brown with­in a few min­utes and unap­peal­ing to the cats. My cats just had a sniff and walked away, and didn’t even get close to the bowl after­wards. I had to bin the first can entirely.

  6. miri­am

    I like it!…but my cats have decid­ed they no longer like it after lik­ing it for ages, a good qual­i­ty food! I’m sure they will like it again in some months!This food was espe­cial­ly good for my late cat with aller­gies, there are some Nice sin­gle pro­tiens that don’t include fish and chick­en which was great

  7. Ama­zon Customer

    My cat won’t touch itI want­ed to get away from pouch­es of cat food, so tried this rec­om­mend­ed brand. My cat isn’t usu­al­ly picky, but after the ini­tial lick, refused it com­plete­ly. Tried all the flavours, not a hit with my cat.

  8. georgina bran­nan

    cat foodmy fussy cat loves this, cleans the plate and its eco­nom­i­cal as i get 3 serv­ings from one tin

  9. Wendy

    All cat food should be like this!Good val­ue! One small tin feeds my 3 cats twice. Nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents incl offal. Its food made for cats rather than for the owners.And my cats love it!

  10. me

    My cat would­n’t eat any of itI think this is prob­a­bly a pret­ty good qual­i­ty prod­uct. But my cat does­n’t like veg­gies. He likes meat. Good qual­i­ty real meat with­out veg­gies. He hat­ed all of these flavours, and he’s not a fussy cat. Shame. Waste of mon­ey for me.

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