Misfits Vegan Protein Bar, Variety Case, Plant Based Chocolate Protein Bar, High Protein, Low Sugar, Low Carb, Gluten Free,

£ 20.00

Flavour Chocolate
Brand Misfits
Package weight 0.6 Kilograms
Package type Box
Variety Protein Bar
Age range (description) Adult
  • INDULGENT, TRIPLE-LAYERED, CHOCOLATE-COATED - This bar is the ultimate in taste, it is absolutely delicious. Whether it's your pre-workout meal or a breakfast bar, Misfits bars are the ultimate on-the-go healthy snack
  • PLANT-BASED PROTEIN - Our bars are high protein with at least 15g protein per bar. We use a blend of pea and soy to create a complete amino acid profile. Protein keeps your body strong and is also satiating, keeping you fuller for longer
  • LOW SUGAR, LOW CARBS - Our white chocolate bars have less than 3g of sugar with our chocolate bars having less than 1g of sugar. They are high in fibre and with less than 200 calories per bar, are low in calories. No artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. This is a chocolate bar without the guilt
  • VEGAN, NATURAL, AND GLUTEN-FREE - These bars are certified by the vegan society. They are dairy-free, gluten-free, and completely natural. Misfits are proudly carbon neutral and we are palm oil-free. Helping you find your inner feel good
  • CHOCOLATE LOVERS WITH ZERO COMPROMISE ON TASTE - Misfit snacks are for chocolate lovers who want to increase protein intake, cut dairy and reduce their sugar intake and still enjoy indulgent, delicious treats


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Product Description

protein bar snack low sugar carb dairy cal free gluten
Misfits Vegan Protein Bar - Variety Case

Plant-Powered Variety Case Protein Bar

The Mis­fits vari­ety case con­tains 12 pro­tein bars: 2 x Choco­late Peanut, 2 x White Choco­late Salt­ed Peanut, 2 x Choco­late Brown­ie, 2 x Dark Choco­late Rasp­ber­ry, 2 x Choco­late Caramel, 2 x Choco­late Hazelnut.

Each pro­tein bar is indul­gent, triple-lay­ered and choco­late-coat­ed. With 15g pro­tein, <1g sug­ar and veg­an, this is the ulti­mate on-the-go snack

Per­fect as a snack, on-the-go and before/after a workout.

Mis­fits makes plant-pow­ered health prod­ucts for body, mind, gut, ener­gy, sleep and defence. We believe lit­tle steps lead to big wins and we put our trust in plants.

Mis­fits’ prod­ucts are sold all over the world and are found in super­mar­kets up and down the UK.

protein bar snack low sugar carb dairy cal free gluten

Chocolate Caramel Bar In Hand

Misfits Protein Bar Lifestyle Image

15g protein

Pro­tein keeps your body strong and is also sati­at­ing, keep­ing you fuller for longer. Bar also con­tains 8g fibre which is great for digestion

<1g sugar

This bar is extreme­ly low in sug­ar, and is amaz­ing as a guilt free snack, less than 200 calories


Made with plant-based ingre­di­ents only, this bar is 100% nat­ur­al, dairy and gluten free

15g Protein

<1g Sugar

Vegan Protein

Try All 8 Flavours

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Additional information


540 gram



Age Range Description


Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

29 Jan. 2020




  1. Jake

    An hon­est reviewOk, so these bars are quite small and for the price I was expect­ing some­thing a bit big­ger but they do the job and leave me feel­ing fuller for longer and I did see an increase In my ener­gy so over­all a good pro­tein bar.The taste and tex­ture of cer­tain bars are very dis­ap­point­ing but some are amaz­ing, I’ve list­ed what I thought of each bar below.Chocolate peanut — Amaz­ing!!! Smoother caramel and the choco­late and bot­tom lay­er have the per­fect amount. By far the best bar to get!Chocolate Hazel­nut — This one tastes great but it is a lit­tle bit dry.Chocolate caramel — Pret­ty good, good caramel and choco­late ratio.White choc salt­ed peanut — Good tast­ing bar but it is dry and the choco­late coat­ing on this is so thin.Dark Choco­late Rasp­ber­ry — Nice flavour and if you like this com­bo nor­mal­ly then you’ll like this bar.Chocolate Brown­ie — Not good! The bar is super dry and def­i­nite­ly needs more fill­ing and the dark choco­late is just too much on this one.I think if you’re unsure of what ones you’d like then this mul­ti­pack is a great option to give them all a try. I would rec­om­mend the choco­late peanut as the best one it has smoother caramel and a great amount of choco­late. Most of the oth­ers are way dryer.

  2. Addy Pugh

    Def­i­nite­ly try the vari­ety pack firstOooh gosh, you real­ly need to try the vari­ety pack before you jump into any of the sin­gle flavour multipacks.Firstly, the oth­er mul­ti­ple glow­ing reviews? Be aware they’re com­ing from a place in com­par­i­son to oth­er veg­an pro­tein prod­ucts. Veg­an pro­tein bars can be so chalky and blah, and in com­par­i­son, Mis­fits are a cut above the rest. But if you chow down into one expect­ing to com­pare it to a reg­u­lar choc­cie bar? You’re gonna be sore­ly disappointed.For what it is (veg­an pro­tein) it’s deli­cious. The tex­ture if you’re not used to it takes a moment to get used to.Why I’d rec­om­mend the vari­ety pack first? Anoth­er review­er broke down the flavours and I went through the box expect­ing to agree with them, and their least favourites end­ed up being my absolute favourites. I loved the brown­ie and choco­late hazelnut.The white choco­late and peanut one was decent, I rec­om­mend you turn it “upside down” so the peanut comes as a burst of flavour after the chew of protein.I was excit­ed for the two with caramel and end­ed up feel­ing pret­ty meh about them. I ate them, for sure, but they’re not what I’d reach for first on a sweaty afternoon.The rasp­ber­ry and choco­late one? The flavour was so strong. I didn’t like the com­bo but I’m pret­ty sure that was per­son­al taste. It was the only bar I chucked in the bin (and donat­ed the sec­ond one, I’m not a monster.)Anyway, do try the vari­ety pack first, don’t expect a choc­cie bar mir­a­cle, and do expect a sol­id and decent veg­an pro­tein offer­ing that fits well in a gym bag to munch in the car and stave off a cheeky Nando’s when you’ve got good food at home.

  3. Pawel Krol

    Gas warn­ing!These pro­tein bars are real­ly tasty, though a bit on the small side (45g vs 60g on most oth­er bars). Good pro­tein con­tent despite the small size though. But buy­er beware! These use Malti­tol as sweet­en­er which is one of the worse ones out there and can cause unpleas­ant gas for hours after­wards even if you’re not par­tic­u­lar­ly sen­si­tive or have oth­er problems.

  4. White­smith

    Dis­ap­point­ing. Over hyped.Was real­ly dis­ap­point­ed with these mis­fits bars. You see them always hyped up by fit­ness influ­encers so was expect­ing them to taste great but my god they are so dry and don’t taste pleasant.

  5. Chris

    Mmm yum­my!These are good val­ue rather than buy­ing indi­vid­ual bars at the super­mar­ket and a good way to try out their range. Low in carbs, high in pro­tein and veg­an too! Pea pro­tein is the high­er quan­ti­ty of its pro­tein con­tent with some soy fol­low­ing. No added sug­ar although they do use Xyl­i­tol as a sweet­en­er which is low GI and no sug­ar spike. Over­all tasty and good tex­ture. Being high in plant pro­teins it does have a mild under­tone of bit­ter­ness but I find it doesn’t detract from it over­all. Even oth­er plant pro­teins like hemp are mild­ly bit­ter to. It’s just the pro­teins nat­ur­al flavour. I’d rather have Mis­fits than sug­ar loaded dairy filled con­fec­tionery any day. They’re help­ing me tran­si­tion into hav­ing more veg­an based foods. Oh and they’re a nice treat for my dia­bet­ic mum.

  6. Mrs B

    HONEST REVIEW — THESE BARS ARE GOOODAlright. My hon­est opin­ion on this prod­uct is that IT IS REALLY GOOD! The first flavour that I tried was the choco­late peanut one and tbh after the first bite I thought to myself “ mmm it could be sweet­er “ but it’s a no sug­ar veg­an pro­tein bar !!! So I can’t expect to be a com­plete dessert. How­ev­er, trust me all flavours are amaz­ing. My top 3 would prob­a­bly be : Choco­late hazel­nut, dark choco­late and rasp­ber­ry and white choco­late salt­ed peanut BUT again all of them are good. I hon­est­ly don’t know what peo­ple are talk­ing about when they say they’re “ ined­i­ble “. Give it a try and if you don’t like them you’re wel­come to sell them to me.

  7. U Met­se­laar

    Hard to believe that they’re help­ing me to lose weight!I bought these veg­an pro­tein bars because I am count­ing calo­ries and fol­low­ing a high pro­tein, low carb diet. I have a pro­tein, fruit and veg smooth­ie each day with one of a vari­ety of pro­tein bars. Mis­fits bars taste deli­cious, and all under 200 calo­ries. I bought a vari­ety pack and enjoyed them all. I par­tic­u­lar­ly love the caramel and the tiny crunchy bis­cu­ity pieces. I am sen­si­tive to arti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers, and I am enjoy­ing these choco­latey delights so much that I’ll buy them again.

  8. Izabel­la

    The best veg­an pro­tein bars out thereI rarely ever write reviews but I feel like this prod­uct gen­uine­ly deserves a praise. It is a gen­uine review. First time I tried these bars I got the rasp­ber­ry choco­late one from Sainsbury’s for £2.20. I imme­di­ate­ly looked them up on Ama­zon to see if I can get a box of them. For­tu­nate­ly, Ama­zon nev­er fails and even offers mixed flavours. With­out exag­ger­a­tion I’m prob­a­bly on my 6th box right now — as a veg­an I no longer have to wor­ry about my pro­tein intake. The bars have no sug­ar and the usage of sweet­en­er is very min­i­mal (it’s last in the ingre­di­ents list). These bars helped me curb my sweet tooth, which is a huge added val­ue for me. I can­not rec­om­mend them high­ly enough! If you hes­i­tate, you won’t regret it. When it comes to neg­a­tive reviews about the taste, it seems like these peo­ple have nev­er tried oth­er pro­tein bars — way too sweet and arti­fi­cial-tast­ing. Please get these!!

  9. Ruth Samuel

    Where’s the hazel­nuts?I’ve been enjoy­ing these bars although some are nicer than oth­ers. The caramel ones was real­ly tasty. Today I noticed the hazel­nut one does­n’t con­tain any hazel­nuts in the ingre­di­ents. It con­tains almonds, maybe they’re cheap­er but they taste total­ly dif­fer­ent to hazel­nuts. Seems very mis­lead­ing to cus­tomers to label the bar that way with­out con­tain­ing any of the ingre­di­ent named.

  10. Mhairi

    Avoid unless you like card­board!Bare­ly edi­ble. Not the worst veg­an bars or pro­tein bars I’ve had, but def­i­nite­ly would NOT buy again and not worth 2 stars nev­er mind 4. They are very dry, even the caramel which is more like caramel flavour­ing than gooey caramel. There are bet­ter pro­tein (Grenade) and veg­an bars (Vive) out there.

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