Miele Triflex HX1 — 3 in 1 Cordless vacuum cleaner handstick, handheld and upright in one, with replaceable battery for upto 60


Brand Miele
Form factor Stick
Model name Triflex HX1
Surface recommendation Floor
Special feature Cordless
  • Unique 3in1 bagless design allows flexible and comfortable cleaning in all areas from hard floors to carpets, furniture and even hard to reach spots such as ceilings
  • Outstanding performance: Triflex HX1 is as powerful as a conventional corded vacuum cleaner, resulting in spotless hardwood floors and cleaner carpets every time
  • Up to 60 min running time from replaceable VARTA Li-Ion batteries so you can vacuum clean any mess, small or large, without interruption
  • Wide Electrobrush works on all types of flooring (Note: Follow regular maintenance to ensure maximum vacuum performance)
  • This bagless vacuum features a Maintenance-free Hygiene Lifetime Filter with 99.9 per cent dust retention capacity


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From the manufacturer



3in1 Design: Dis­cov­er a form for every func­tion with Miele’s unique design of three cord­less modes in one vacuum.

  • COMFORT MODE: The vac­u­um feels light and com­fort­able in your hand in Com­fort mode, for effort­less clean­ing of large areas.
  • REACH MODE: Expe­ri­ence max­i­mum reach and eas­i­ly clean ceil­ing cor­ners and under­neath low fur­ni­ture in Reach mode.
  • COMPACT MODE: The Tri­flex HX1 offers easy han­dling for quick clean-ups and tight spaces in Com­pact mode.



So fast

no cord


Tri­flex HX1’s Vor­tex tech­nol­o­gy, com­bined with the pow­er­ful elec­tro­brush, offers extreme suc­tion as strong as Miele’s most pow­er­ful cord­ed vac­u­um series(1). A final HEPA(4) fil­ter removes ultra­fine particulates.


The extra-wide elec­tro­brush means you can cov­er more ground in less time – with­out com­pro­mis­ing on per­for­mance. It auto­mat­i­cal­ly adapts to all floor types, so you can expe­ri­ence faster deep clean­ing on every surface.


Our exchange­able VARTA Li-Ion bat­tery offers up to 60 min­utes(2) of clean­ing per charge.

HEPA Filter


flexible charging


It cap­tures and fil­ters >99.999%(5) of all micro­scop­ic par­ti­cles and allergens.


The Twist2Open fea­ture allows you to eas­i­ly open the dust con­tain­er with a sin­gle twist.


You can charge the device with the PowerUnit in either the upper or low­er position.


Choose Miele.

Since its found­ing in 1899, Miele has fol­lowed its brand promise of “Always Bet­ter”. This means that we do every­thing in our pow­er to be “Always Bet­ter” than all oth­er sup­pli­ers and to become “Always Bet­ter” than we already are.


  1. (1) Clean­ing per­for­mance com­pared to a Miele cylin­der vac­u­um clean­er Com­plete C3 (SGEF3) with Tur­bo­brush STB 305–3 (dust removal from car­pet and hard floor with crevice, fibre removal from car­pets). Accord­ing to IEC62885‑2.
  2. Applies to pow­er set­ting 1 with­out elec­tro­brush Mul­ti Floor XXL attached.
  3. Applies to pow­er set­ting 1 with­out elec­tro­brush Mul­ti Floor XXL attached and the usage of 2 batteries.
  4. Tri­flex HX1 Pro and Cat&Dog in accor­dance with EN 1822/2011.
  5. In accor­dance with IEC62885‑2.
  6. Applies in pow­er set­ting 1 with elec­tro­brush Mul­ti Floor XXL attached on hard floor with 1 dou­ble stroke.
  7. Applies in pow­er set­ting 1 with elec­tro­brush Mul­ti Floor XXL attached and the usage of 2 bat­ter­ies on hard floor with 1 dou­ble stroke.

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Additional information

Weight 5.52 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


Model Number




Product Dimensions

10 x 10 x 10 cm; 5.52 Kilograms


0.5 litres

Power Wattage

185 watts


25.2 Volts

Special Features


Item Weight

5.52 kg



Date First Available

1 Jan. 2020




  1. Ama­zon Customer

    Dif­fi­cul­ty in clean­ing fil­tersI love Miele’s, always have, and have bought dish­wash­er and wash­ing machine (which last­ed 12 years) so although fair­ly expen­sive, top of the range. felt that a Miele cord­less stick vac­u­um would be of the same thought out quality.Where the cord­less vac­u­um is con­cerned, I would not buy Dyson since Mr Dyson removed all man­u­fac­ture away from the British workper­sons. So I went for a Miele. I real­ly want­ed some­thing which was fair­ly pow­er­ful as I have a dog which lib­er­al­ly los­es hair, so I bought the Tri­flex cat and dog which should do the trick.In this respect, it did. Very pow­er­ful motor, but small which I had read from oth­ers cus­tomer reviews, but was pre­pared to emp­ty when nec­es­sary. What I did not know was that the three fil­ters were so close­ly sep­a­rat­ed that the fil­ter con­tain­er filled up with a ball of fluff cen­trifug­ing round the con­tain­er get­ting big­ger and big­ger, quick­ly rid­ing above the max line. There­fore one stops the machine and pulls apart the first fil­ter con­i­cal out, and then the flut­ed paper one — but to then get the third out and replace it, was almost impos­si­ble. I have no idea how long the first and sec­ond fil­ter would last, but being so small, was not yet quantifiable.Also with my arthrit­ic hands, the thumb on/off switch was painful for me to slide up and down to vary the suction.The machine is now on its way back to you. Good ser­vice from Ama­zon and Hermes.I will now start a new research into which cord­less vac­u­um I buy

  2. Mr P R Wilkinson

    Not Meile sure­lyNo crit­i­cism of Ama­zon here, they have been fan­tas­tic with replace­ments and refunds. The first prod­uct ran ok for a cou­ple of weeks then bat­tery wouldn’t recharge. Replace­ment prod­uct ran ok again for a few weeks then again bat­tery wouldn’t take a charge. Sec­ond machine, I was mad enough to buy 2, start­ed to deposit stains (oily) on the carpet.When I say ok the tubes block up very eas­i­ly and often and the machine is a gen­er­al night­mare to empty.Meile prod­ucts are usu­al­ly excel­lent but this just embarrassing.

  3. Asma Navsa

    It’s a no from me 🙁I feel bad post­ing a bad review but it’s impor­tant to be trans­par­ent for the sake of oth­ers look­ing to buy as I myself rely so heav­i­ly on reviews before mak­ing pur­chas­es. I actu­al­ly find it hard to believe and strange to see how many 5 star reviews this prod­uct has.If I’m to be com­plete­ly hon­est, aside from the suc­tion being bril­liant and it being fair­ly good in manoeu­vra­bil­i­ty, this vac­u­um and I just didn’t get on. I was hap­py to pay £200 — £300 more than your aver­age vac­u­um for this con­sid­er­ing it was Miele and the Miele fridge freez­er I have is real­ly good. Miele gen­er­al­ly has also been rec­om­mend­ed by friends as a good brand so I felt con­fi­dent tak­ing the risk in choos­ing the vac­u­um with the high­er price point.I’m a petite — and not the strongest — 5ft 3” so doing a full house vac­u­um was a real arm-ache. I only pur­chased it at the end of June 2020 but have either put off vac­u­um­ing as much as I can or left it to my part­ner to vac­u­um as it’s just such a tir­ing chore and heavy to car­ry com­pared to oth­ers on the mar­ket. It’s fid­dly and dif­fi­cult to change the parts to the 3 dif­fer­ent posi­tions when switch­ing from floors to stairs, etc. so I end­ed up not both­er­ing to ever switch it at all and used anoth­er hand­held vac­u­um I have to do the stairs instead. When the body of the vac­u­um is attached to the top, it’s far too heavy to use at all. The dust com­part­ment and fil­ters are a night­mare to clean. I strug­gle to do it so leave it to my part­ner who has to use a blunt knife or stick to get to the bot­tom of the small com­part­ment. I’m sad to say that for the price point, I real­ly don’t think this prod­uct is worth it. It’s not con­ve­nient and quick which is the least I’d expect from a good vac­u­um so it’s a no from me.This is no crit­i­cism against Ama­zon Cus­tomer Ser­vice — Jaymie was great in arrang­ing a quick return and refund.

  4. HWis­den

    Fil­ter prob­lemThis starts great but as soon as the fil­ter clogs up (quick­ly if you have pets!) the suc­tion drops off a cliff and it nev­er gets back to how it was as new. Huge­ly unim­pressed at the design of the fil­ter and that there does­n’t seem to be a way to get a replace­ment part. It’s also very fid­dly to emp­ty the can­is­ter with­out end­ing up in a mas­sive dust cloud. Con­sid­er­ing how expen­sive this is I’m huge­ly unim­pressed. Hav­ing raised my con­cerns with Miele I’m also huge­ly unim­pressed with their cus­tomer ser­vice. I spent 600+ quid and it’s not fit for purpose.

  5. Catied

    Great pick up… not so great emp­ty­ing!I pur­chased this hav­ing had sev­er­al Dyson ver­sions for many years. The pick up of the prod­uct is real­ly good and I am sur­prised how use­ful the light is. How­ev­er, emp­ty­ing the thing is real­ly annoy­ing and far infe­ri­or to the Dyson. There is no mech­a­nism that releas­es the caught up hair/fur from the machine there­fore you have to get an imple­ment to dis­lodge it. The max line on the bin is ridicu­lous­ly small, par­tic­u­lar for a fam­i­ly with pets. The fil­ter is not wash­able you have to bang it against the bin (though I found this was­n’t stur­dy enough so did it over the sink) and it cre­ates so much dust that is then breathed in. Yes, my house is a real test of this prod­uct but hav­ing made such a sig­nif­i­cant invest­ment I expect­ed bet­ter, espe­cial­ly from Miele.

  6. Mrs. Hat­ter

    I am Offi­cial­ly In Love..I thought it might be tough to jus­ti­fy the price of this as it’s almost a cou­ple of hun­dred more than the cord­less Vax we got around a year ago, which I’ve been incred­i­bly hap­py with, and so was expect­ing this to be pret­ty spe­cial, and can hon­est­ly say that it absolute­ly is — pri­or to the recent Vax mod­el (which is very pow­er­ful and easy to han­dle and charge etc), we had an old­er Dyson mod­el which was also incred­i­bly well made, had great suc­tion and put in a good few years, but this is far supe­ri­or than either of them on most every front for me and I think worth the extra out­lay — it’s an amaz­ing price of equip­ment, makes every­thing so easy and quick and is astound­ing what it drags out of seem­ing­ly very clean carpets!Once ful­ly charged I was pleased with how rel­a­tive­ly light it was to car­ry up stairs and get going — it’s very portable and easy to han­dle, and less cum­ber­some than the Vax. Going straight in at the high­est suc­tion set­ting (there are three pow­er set­tings which is great for when you need less juice just for a light sweep, on hard floors etc as it saves bat­tery charge — and is also an extra set­ting com­pared to the two on our Vax) I was seri­ous­ly impressed by the incred­i­ble suc­tion pow­er at full whack — in that first moment when you turn it on you won­der if it’s actu­al­ly going to pull the car­pet up! And despite hav­ing hoovered less than 48 hours before I was blown away/concerned by how much it was pulling out of seem­ing­ly thin air and how quick­ly it was fill­ing up — my moth­er-in-law would have been hor­ri­fied if she’d seen what just one room had sur­ren­dered to this! Suit­ably impressed, hoover­ing sud­den­ly felt very excit­ing and I attacked the house from top to bot­tom — hon­est­ly would­n’t like to say how many times I emp­tied it as I don’t feel it would paint a fair pic­ture of my fair­ly good house­keep­ing ethos! The three pow­er set­tings and auto-switch for dif­fer­ent sur­faces along with how easy this is to han­dle make hoover­ing incred­i­bly easy, quick, light­weight and actu­al­ly enjoy­able — there’s a per­verse sense of sat­is­fac­tion watch­ing just how much oth­er­wise invis­i­ble hair and dust etc this unit will reveal.But beyond the impres­sive pow­er capa­bil­i­ty one of the real win­ning points for me is the hand­held — I did­n’t have this on the Vax and chang­ing the head attach­ment on the main unit to achieve sim­i­lar results was a pain, time con­sum­ing, annoy­ing and only par­tial­ly effec­tive with the result being that most of the time I would­n’t both­er — once again, the Tri­flex put me to shame and showed the con­se­quences of hav­ing done that for the past year or so and on top of this it came in incred­i­bly handy for places I would­n’t usu­al­ly con­sid­er attempt­ing to hoover and would instead use a brush, pol­ish etc — it’s per­fect for all those awk­ward and dif­fi­cult lit­tle spots, espe­ical­ly if you attach the two for extra reach and scope.This, along with the main unit and the third Trans­former-like hybird-mode, the ease of use, good bat­tery life and capac­i­ty and easy wall stor­age (I opt­ed to have this on a ded­i­cat­ed wall in the util­i­ty — dis­played like a piece of art, com­pared to the spot the Vax got behind the cloak­room door) all make this the per­fect machine for me. Com­plete­ly in love with it and don;t doubt all my friends and fam­i­ly are sick to death of hear­ing about it now as despite hav­ing used it for a good cou­ple of weeks now I still get excit­ed when I con­vince myself that our rather spot­less house could do with anoth­er quick hoover.Absolutely love it, 100% hap­py with it and not a bad word to say about it. The true test will be how long it lasts but with good prod­uct cov­er along with the fact it seems incred­i­bly robust and well made this isn’t some­thing that I think will ever be an issue. An absolute win­ner and bril­liant con­tender for more well known brands.

  7. Miss B L Haverhals

    Weak suc­tion, awk­ward to emp­ty and change the headsUtter­ly dis­ap­point­ed, will send back. Incom­pa­ra­ble to the suc­tion pow­er of the C3, awk­ward to emp­ty, uncom­fort­able to change the heads, and gen­er­al­ly pret­ty use­less. Had expect­ed bet­ter from Miele, how­ev­er going back to my cord­ed C3.

  8. ama­zon­fan

    Light and very pow­er­ful, but not with­out an unfor­tu­nate issueIncred­i­ble suc­tion on this light­weight cord­less vac­u­um. I bought it to replace a heavy cord­ed mod­el from anoth­er man­u­fac­tur­er and I am delight­ed with the Miele per­for­mance. The most demand­ing set­ting lasts for 12 min­utes of bat­tery pow­er — more than enough to fin­ish the task through­out our 3 bed­room bun­ga­low. The medi­um pow­er set­ting is also very good and extends the bat­tery by anoth­er 30 mins or so. You do, of course, have to work out how best to cope with dust dis­pos­al from the bag­less can­is­ter, but that is true of all bag­less vac­u­ums, I guess. 5 stars for suc­tion, weight and manoeu­vra­bil­i­ty. So why not 5 stars over­all? Because I had to send it back after 5 weeks of fair­ly light use for what turned out to be a faulty bat­tery. Not at all what you expect for £500. Miele replaced it fair­ly quick­ly, but the whole thing was an unnec­es­sary has­sle and involved a robust tele­phone exchange with Miele about whether it was Ama­zon’s prob­lem or Miele’s. Miele accept­ed the prob­lem and the machine has now been returned with a new bat­tery. It’s all work­ing again as of today, but if it goes again in anoth­er 5 weeks — or even 5 months — I will be re-vis­it­ing here to rad­i­cal­ly down­grade the product.

  9. Ivor Gotone

    Over­all, a good optionAfter a cou­ple of years of own­ing the Dyson V8 and putting up with a num­ber of frus­tra­tions with it (includ­ing get­ting through 2 bat­ter­ies) I decid­ed to do a bit of research on an alter­na­tive. The Miele had a good rat­ing from a num­ber of sites, and hav­ing a good impres­sion of oth­er Miele appli­ances we’ve had, I decid­ed to buy one.Good Points:Suction is impres­sive, even on the low set­ting. Seems con­sid­er­ably high­er than the Dyson and the speed with which it fills the bin with (most­ly) dust is amazing.Flexibility is good from the point of view that it has 3 modes. As the main unit is quite heavy, we favour the mode where the unit is at the bot­tom rather than the top — it’s much more bal­anced this way. As a hand­held, it’s quite bulky for things like clean­ing the car but it’s powerful.Battery life seems very good, we haven’t man­aged to exhaust the bat­tery pack in a day of cleaning.Storage of the unit is great for us as it will stand up on its own when the motor unit is installed on the bot­tom. We haven’t tried the wall mount because it can be so eas­i­ly free-stand­ing. It clicks into an upright posi­tion and can stand in a cor­ner some­where. One of the big issues we had with the Dyson was that it was so unsta­ble and top-heavy. It was con­stant­ly falling over and the plas­tic body was seri­ous­ly cracked from this.It’s a good look­ing piece of kit and I favour its clas­sic style over the Dyson’s more futur­is­tic look.Bad Points:The col­lec­tion bin is this sweep­er’s Achilles’ Heel. It’s too small for one thing, and fills up quick­ly. Detach­ing it from the unit when it’s full is also fid­dly and stiff. Turn the top cov­er too far and you’ll dump the con­tents all over the floor and your feet as you take the bin off the motor unit. When you come to emp­ty it into a waste bin, it always requires rak­ing out — there’s noth­ing to push the con­tents out and it’s too small a space to allow the con­tents to drop out, because they’re always rel­a­tive­ly tight­ly packed. This is some­thing of a pain. Then, putting it back on the unit is like­wise fid­dly and stiff.The stan­dard brush head is quite big and too big to go under a num­ber of items of fur­ni­ture in our house (which the Dyson went under with­out a problem).So far though, these are the only neg­a­tives and we’re very hap­py with the Miele.

  10. pian­otuner

    Awk­ward and clum­sy minus­cule dust boxVery dis­ap­point­ed with this, the suc­tion is good and it per­forms well, but the plas­tic parts don’t fit togeth­er well it is awk­ward and clum­sy. Noth­ing clicks into place nice­ly, it is a night­mare chang­ing con­fig­u­ra­tion or emp­ty­ing the dust box, which is minus­cule for such a pow­er­ful clean­er. Messy and dif­fi­cult tak­ing off box to emp­ty and clean­ing fil­ters. it is frankly more trou­ble than a stan­dard vac­u­um clean­er, only the lack of wires is an advantage.on the whole, it is a dis­ap­point­ment and not worth the vast sum of mon­ey it sells for.

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