Miele Boost CX1 — Bagless cylinder corded vacuum cleaner, powerful, compact and agile with Vortex Technology and Hygiene AirClean filter, in Grey/Blue


Brand Miele
Form Factor Cannister
Surface recommendation Hard Floor
Special feature Compact, Bagless
Colour Grey/Blue
  • Powerful: The Boost CX1 features an efficient 890 W cleaning performance motor, innovative floorhead, and optimised airways that capture coarse soil and fine dust thanks to Miele's Vortex Technology
  • Compact: Created to be space-saving, this household vacuum has a footprint smaller than an open magazine and features an extremely convenient height adjustment thanks to the Comfort telescopic tube
  • Multistage filtration system: The bagless vacuum is equipped with a Hygiene AirClean filter for filtering even the smallest particles; for cleaner carpets, hardwood floors and tiles
  • Versatile applications: The vacuum features a universal floorhead and 3 standard attachments including an upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle and dusting brush with VarioClip holding them in easy reach
  • Powerful: The Boost CX1 features an efficient 890 W cleaning performance motor, innovative floorhead, and optimised airways that capture coarse soil and fine dust thanks to Miele's Vortex Technology
  • Compact: Created to be space-saving, this household vacuum has a footprint smaller than an open magazine and features an extremely convenient height adjustment thanks to the Comfort telescopic tube
  • Agile: With wheels on the side and TrackDrive, this corded cylinder vacuum cleaner stays on track whilst remaining ultra-mobile, ensuring every crack and corner is cleaned thoroughly


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From the manufacturer

Miele Boost CX1
Miele Boost CX1
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Miele Boost CX1

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Additional information

Weight 10.13 kg
Dimensions 59.5 × 38 × 32 cm
Package Dimensions

59.5 x 38 x 32 cm; 10.13 Kilograms

Form Factor


Warranty description

2 years.

Batteries Required




Item model number


Date First Available

1 Mar. 2021




  1. Kate

    Actu­al Pur­chase as opposed to the first review.As opposed to the very first review on this prod­uct page, I actu­al­ly bought this prod­uct. My review will dis­cuss the ser­vice by Ama­zon as well as the prod­uct itself.Amazon ser­vice. 3 Stars.The prod­uct received first time round from Ama­zon had already been opened. This was evi­dent by the fact that the secu­ri­ty seals on the Miele pack­ag­ing had been tam­pered with, as shown in the attached pho­tographs. Upon opne­ing the prod­uct while I had Ama­zon cus­tomer ser­vice on online chat, I found that the floor­head was miss­ing from the box, the instruc­tions book­let hd been well thumbed & some inter­nal pack­ag­ing was miss­ing. In fair­ness to Ama­zon, they imme­di­ate­ly replaced the prod­uct & arranged for some­one to col­lect the ini­tial deliv­ery from my home free of change.The replace­ment sent to me by Ama­zon had also been opened pre­vi­ous­ly by some­body else, as again the secu­ri­ty seals had been tam­pered with. How­ev­er, this time every­thing inside the box was present & as it should be for a brand new product.Either Ama­zon have an inter­nal prob­lem with some­one hav­ing opened the box pre-dis­patch, or Ama­zon sent me a prod­uct know­ing that it had been returned to them by some­body else & they had­n’t checked before send­ing it to me.Miele Boost CX1. 4 Stars.This prod­uct has been avail­able in Europe (not the UK) for at least a year. The alter­na­tive is the Bliz­zard CX1 for exam­ple for an extra £50 to a £100. This prod­uct is not infe­ri­or to the more expen­sive Bliz­zard mod­el in the sense that the suc­tion pow­er is the same. The dirt col­lec­tion bin is only 1 litre, so fills up quick­ly. If you have thick or deep pile car­pets, I rec­om­mend using the vac­u­um on full pow­er, though this may make it a lit­tle tough going when push­ing the vac­u­um floor­head as the base plate is plas­tic. The vac­u­um picks up more dust & dirt than any vac­u­um I’ve had over the past 25 years & is by far the qui­etest and next to noth­ing is blown back out into the atmos­phere when vac­u­um­ing! This is an excel­lent vac­u­um, though the floor­head should’ve had a met­al base plate instead of plas­tic. As the vac­u­um itself is rel­a­tive­ly small, it’s not too dif­fi­cult to find a place to store it, but you may find that the hose & tele­scop­ic tube get in the way when try­ing to find some­where to store it.Vacuuming the stairs is not as easy as Miele sug­gest either. The vac­u­um does not sit easly on stairs & when stretch­ing the hose and tele­scop­ic tube up or down the stairs, there is insuffient swiv­el on the floor­head to main­tain a good angle for vac­u­um­ing and the hose does­n’t stretch very far at all.Overall it’s an excel­lent prod­uct, well built & rea­son­ably priced.

  2. Sil­via

    Not very easy to han­dlePros: If you are look­ing for a pow­er­ful vac­u­um clean­er, reli­able, excel­lent mate­ri­als, beau­ti­ful design, com­pact I would say that is quite good.It has the but­ton to quick­ly retract the cable.It has dif­fer­ent modes and options depend­ing on the floor type.Cons: it is heavy and not so prac­ti­cal . And although I am quite short I still have to low­er myself a bit to hoover the floor.Cleans well in one way (going back­ward) but less well in anoth­er (going forward).I have already two hoovers at home, one is from Vor­w­erk, one from Shark. Although Miele is quite pow­er­ful, it’s not so easy to han­dle. This is the main rea­son why I would choose one of the oth­er ones still instead of Miele.

  3. TechLover

    Great vac­u­um clean­er, bril­liant mod­ern design, and does its job wellThe media could not be loaded.

     As usu­al, the pack­age arrived very quick­ly from Amazon.I ordered this Miele Boost CX1 – Bag­less Cylin­der Cord­ed Vac­u­um Clean­er as my old one was on its last legs, it arrived in a stur­dy card­board box.I must say, when I took it out of the box and saw it for the first time I thought, wow, that is the nicest look­ing vac­u­um clean­er I have seen, it was so small and compact.In the box you have the Miele Boost CX1, a floor head which you can switch to hard floors or carpet/rugs, an uphol­stery noz­zle, a crevice noz­zle, a dust­ing brush and a Var­i­o­Clip which keeps them all in easy reach on the hose, and of course a user manual.When I set it up to use for the first time I con­nect­ed the hose, then the ‘Com­fort Tele­scop­ic Tube’, I have nev­er seen a tube like this before, you can adjust it to near­ly twice its length, which I found makes it great on floors but when short­ened it is won­der­ful for vac­u­um­ing stairs etc.I tried vac­u­um­ing the large rugs in my sit­ting room, but by mis­take had it set on the high­est set­ting which is for hard floors, it was quite hard to push across as it was lift­ing the heavy deep pile rugs off the floor, then I noticed my mis­take and switched the suc­tion pow­er down to the rug set­ting, after that it glid­ed across the rugs with­out a prob­lem. I only vac­u­umed half of one rug, then I took the CX1 into my kitchen which has lam­i­nate floor­ing, I tipped the con­tents of the CX1 onto the floor to see how well it picked it up, there were large bit of fluff that it pushed in front of the floor head, but that was to be expect­ed, I just lift­ed the head up slight­ly it vac­u­umed it up, the small­er pieces were gone very quick­ly as you can see in my video.I found it very easy to use as the main body just glides across floorI real­ly like the mul­ti­stage fil­tra­tion sys­tem, and that it is bag less, the dust con­tain­er was so easy to detach and emp­ty, the pow­er but­ton that you can switch on with your foot, and the auto­mat­ic rewind tor the cable, which you can also opper­ate with your foot.This is the best cylin­der vac­u­um clean­er I have ever had, and I have had a few.At the time of writ­ing this review the price is £262.90, and I think this is a rea­son­ably price for such a pre­mi­um qual­i­ty vac­u­um clean­er, that looks great and does its job real­ly well.I hope you have found this review, pho­tos and video helpful.

  4. Slop­py snakes

    Top notch vac­u­umThis review is for the Miele Boost CX1 — Bag­less cylin­der cord­ed vac­u­um clean­er, pow­er­ful, com­pact and agile with Vor­tex Tech­nol­o­gy and Hygiene Air­Clean fil­ter, in Grey/Blue.This is a great qual­i­ty well made vac­u­um. It arrived well pack­aged and on time and took a cou­ple mins to set­up. The design is nice but dif­fer­ent. The vac­u­um is very com­pact and is easy to manoeu­vre. The suc­tion pow­er is very good and I am dead impressed. So far noth­ing neg­a­tive to say about the product.For those that don’t know, Miele is a top qual­i­ty brand and build things to last. I am a big fan and have a num­ber of appli­ances by the them. Would always recommend.

  5. A. Kin­son

    Well designed, pow­er­ful bag­less cylin­der vac­u­um clean­erThe Miele Boost CX1 is a bag­less cylin­der vac­u­um clean­er, with a dark grey body and blue trim­mings. The main body of the vac­u­um “has a foot­print small­er than an open mag­a­zine”, not that I have test­ed this claim, but it is easy to store this vac­u­um in an under stairs cupboard.The CX1 has a tele­scop­ic arm for reach­ing high-up cob­webs, and comes with an array of attach­ments — for hoover­ing stairs, floors and furniture.The pow­er cord was long enough for me to be able to reach the land­ing and the top of the stair eas­i­ly, and the main body is light enough to move the vac­u­um around the house and upstairs quite easily.Emptying the hoover was easy, and as the com­part­ment that holds the dirt is clear, it is easy to see when it needs emptying.The vac­u­um pow­er is cho­sen by the rotary selec­tor, which has 4 pow­er set­tings. On my hard floors, car­pet and stairs, I felt 1–2 was pow­er­ful enough. The pow­er cord retracts by press­ing the pow­er cord but­ton, so no need to man­u­al­ly tuck away the lead.The design of the CX1 is good — nice, clean lines and sub­tle colours, and it cleans rooms well, with a pow­er­ful and easy to emp­ty vacuum.

  6. Chartham

    All I expect of a MieleIf you’re famil­iar with Miele cylin­der clean­ers, this is every­thing you’d expect only bag­less and small­er. If you’re not famil­iar with them, it’s time you were!We’ve had a Miele in the house for as long as I can remem­ber. Decades. They’ve all been great, which is why we keep buy­ing. The prob­lem for us is that our grown-up kids know how good they are and keep dis­ap­pear­ing them.Until now, they’ve all been a sim­i­lar shape and worked in a sim­i­lar way. The CX1 is refresh­ing­ly dif­fer­ent – smart-look­ing and more com­pact. And bag­less. In some ways, we like bags. They make the clean­er easy to emp­ty with­out mak­ing a mess. On the oth­er hand, they cost mon­ey and can reduce suc­tion slight­ly as they fill. Swings and round­abouts. As for weight, the CX1 is sim­i­lar to Miele bagged clean­ers, at about 8 kgs.So, how does the CX1 per­form? Well, it’s high­ly manoeu­vrable and has a small foot­print. It has excel­lent reach – a good 10 metres when you com­bine the cord, hose and tele­scop­ic tube. It’s too wide to sit safe­ly on mod­ern stairs though. We clean from the bot­tom of the stairs and then the top. The three tools are use­ful, of course, and always to hand. The con­trols are easy to use, with a rotary knob for suc­tion pow­er, not some­thing I’ve seen on a Miele before.The suc­tion is as pow­er­ful as usu­al from Miele, and the floor head is effec­tive, hap­pi­ly devour­ing large debris as well as fine dust. The head cleans very close to edges but of course you’ll need the crevice tool to get into the last cen­time­tre or so. The tube and head can be parked on the side of the body when you pause dur­ing vac­u­um­ing or want to put the clean­er away. The only sur­prise is that, for the first time, in our expe­ri­ence, the under­side of the floor­head is plas­tic instead of steel. It doesn’t seem to make any dif­fer­ence to per­for­mance, though.There’s a pre-fil­ter and fine dust fil­ter that have to be cleaned reg­u­lar­ly. There’s also an exhaust fil­ter that should be replaced annu­al­ly. Some mod­els have a HEPA exhaust fil­ter instead; it has a built-in indi­ca­tor for replace­ment after approx­i­mate­ly 50 hours’ cleaning.Emptying is as straight­for­ward as you could wish and the clean­er clev­er­ly sep­a­rates out fine dust, reduc­ing the messi­ness of the task. You still won’t want to be stand­ing upwind, though, and bags remain eas­i­er to deal with.Overall, this is a first-rate vac. There’s still a lot to be said for bagged clean­ers but, if you want bag­less, it’s a winner.

  7. Jovis­woman

    Miele, great brand for a lit­tle hoover.At time of review this cost £265.31.Now we’re a Dyson home, so the price was­n’t a shock lol.This is a very com­pact hoover, small­er than my Dyson. Which, when space is a prob­lem, this is a decent com­pact design.Wasn’t sure about the colour, grey and blue, but it’s actu­al­ly nice.There are four dif­fer­ent pow­er lev­els, cur­tains, looped carpet(no clue) can’t remem­ber the oth­er car­pet one and laminate.Sooooooooo, in our house I’ll be left on lam­i­nate and the oth­ers for­got­ten lol till we go up stairs to the 2 rooms we have car­pet lol.The suc­tion is great on all settings.The 2 things that bugged me, where the attach­ment hold­er sits, why would you have it just behind the han­dle?? I hit the heck out of it every­time I moved it.The oth­er is the actu­al han­dle. I have bad hands and fin­gers and the han­dle has no grip, for me, my hand flies off each time I move it.Also, I had prob­lems using the car­pet mode, could­n’t push or pull it easily.Hubster tried it out and said it’s a great lit­tle hoover and it’s my hands, when it comes to the car­pets lol.I like it for tiles and lam­i­nate, flies over them. Still smack my hand on attach­ments, it’ll be relo­cate soon!Miele is a great named brand and it’s a frac­tion of cost that my Dyson was. So maybe a con­vert?? We’ll see.

  8. Oana

    Inter­est­ing!It’s an inter­est­ing hoover i must say. On it’s low­est pow­er option it’s quite silent…that option being for hoover­ing your cur­tain as it shows on the illus­tra­tion. It’s packed well in the box with every acces­so­ry in it’s place. It’s very easy to use and to put togeth­er, it has instruc­tions man­u­al for the actu­al set up of the hoover which is sit­u­at­ed on the top you can see it right when you open the box and anoth­er man­u­al for details and spec­i­fi­ca­tions. I’ve used it a little…i must say it’s tricky.…meaning…it seems to be qualitative…it func­tions well on all the pow­er options but you do have to lift it a bit when hoover­ing so all the dirt can be hoovered properly.….if you don’t lift it a bit it will even­tu­al­ly push the dirt instead clean­ing the area. It’s a bit strange to be honest…but it’s not a big fuss…because it’s real­ly easy to han­dle so lift­ing the pipe a bit it’s not a big issue…it’s just strange. It has a lot of fil­ters inside…from what i could see there are 4 or 5 of them…very acces­si­ble and easy to take out to clean. It look nice.…very futur­is­tic design.…the wheels don’ make noise…i think they are made from silicone.…very silent…Overall…it deserves a 5 star review because it’s a good hoover…it’s worth the price.…all the acces­sories are well made.…the hoover it’s very very stur­dy , the suc­tion pow­er is there…easy to car­ry around.…is not heavy …but not light as much to give cheap feel. I am pleased with it .…it’s a good buy for any household.

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