Mars Hi Protein Bar (12 x 59g) — High Protein Energy Snack with Caramel, Nougat and Real Milk Chocolate — Contains 20g Protein

£ 20.99

  • Are you bored of poor-tasting protein bars? Are you ready to turn up the taste with Mars? You can now with one of the Nation’s favourite chocolate bars with the delicious combination of caramel, real milk chocolate, and nougat all with 20g protein
  • Contains 54% less sugar than a standard Mars 51g bar
  • Every case contains 12 individually wrapped bars perfect for a post-workout snack
  • Only 207 kcal per bar. Not suitable for vegetarians.


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Product Description

Mars Hi Protein Bar Pack, 20g High Protein

Looking to enjoy protein in your training routine? Then turn up the taste with our high protein bars and powders!

Mars Hi Protein Bars

Mars Hi Protein Chocolate and Caramel Whey Protein Powder

Snickers Hi Protein Bars - White, Peanut Butter and Original

Mars Hi Protein Snack Bars

12 indi­vid­u­al­ly wrapped high pro­tein bars with a deli­cious com­bi­na­tion of caramel, real milk choco­late and nougat all with 20g added protein

Mars Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

Just mix 35g pow­der into 250ml of water with the handy scoop pro­vid­ed to cre­ate a tru­ly indul­gent pro­tein shake. Each pouch makes 25 shakes and con­tains 140 calo­ries per serving

All your favourite brands!

Bring­ing the unmis­tak­able taste of Snick­ers to the pro­tein mar­ket our deli­cious high pro­tein bars and pow­ders con­tribute towards mus­cle devel­op­ment, recov­ery and repair

Snickers Hi Protein Bars

Important information

Safety Information:

May con­tain Peanuts, Almond, Hazel­nuts, Pecan Nuts


Pro­tein Blend (27%) (Soya Pro­tein Iso­late, Milk Pro­tein Iso­late, Skimmed Milk Pow­der, Whey Pro­tein Con­cen­trate (Milk), Egg Albu­men, Emul­si­fi­er (Soya Lecithin)), Caramel (16%), (Sweet­ened Con­densed Skimmed Milk, Glu­cose Syrup, Invert Sug­ar Syrup, Palm Oil, But­ter (Milk), Sug­ar, Emul­si­fi­er (E471), Sta­bilis­er (Pectin), Salt, Nat­ur­al flavour­ing), Milk Choco­late (15%) (Sug­ar, Cocoa But­ter, Skimmed Milk Pow­der, Cocoa Mass, Lac­tose and Pro­tein from Whey (Milk), Palm Fat, Whey Pow­der (Milk), Milk Fat, Emul­si­fiers (Soya Lecithin, E476), Nat­ur­al Vanil­la Extract), Hydrol­ysed Col­la­gen (12%), Humec­tant (Glyc­erol), Fruc­to-Oligosac­cha­ride, Humec­tant (Malti­tol), Flavour­ings, Fat-Reduced Cocoa Pow­der, Bar­ley Malt Extract, Salt.


Store in a cool dry place out of direct sun­light. Not suit­able for vegetarians

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Additional information

Allergen Information

Contains: Soy Milk Eggs Barley


708.0 gram



Age Range Description


Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

2 July 2019




  1. Kevin Mul­doon

    Not the Health­i­est, But Real­ly TastyI’ve ate dozens of dif­fer­ent pro­tein bars over the last few years and these Mars bars are one of the tastiest.From a health point of view, these pro­tein bars aren’t going to win any awards for being low on sug­ar and fat etc, but it’s a wel­come change to the health­i­er bars that don’t taste as good.As long as you under­stand there are health­i­er alter­na­tives, they’re easy to recommend.

  2. Edward W

    10% Mars, 90% BarThese are rather gener­ic pro­tein bars with a very thin slice of Mars bar run­ning along the top, maybe 10% mars bar, 90% gener­ic (but mars flavoured) pro­tein bar. But let’s be hon­est, when you are cut­ting — even 10% of a mars bar is the nicest thing ever, so I’ll be get­ting these again as whilst I could get health­i­er ones, lifes too short.

  3. Ama­zon Customer

    NOT veg­e­tar­i­an, but nice if you want to eat col­le­gen in a choco­late barPack­ag­ing needs to be more clear that these are NOT suit­able for veg­e­tar­i­ans. How­ev­er, gave them away and my mate loved them. Please note that col­le­gen list­ed in the ingre­di­ents is ani­mal skin, bone and con­nec­tive tissue

  4. Ali1986Koksal

    Prob­a­bly the clos­est pro­tein bar taste that is sup­posed to repli­cate an already exist­ing prod­uct.Rather sick­ly but fill­ing and as one pro­tein bar tends to fill most peo­ple up it obvi­ous­ly works out cheap­er to buy a box off Ama­zon than hand­ing over £2.50 per bar at the supermarkets.

  5. Louise and Dave Palmer

    these do not taste like mars barsI’m a big fan of mars bars so I got these it is the fur­thest thing from a mars bar ive tast­ed it was grainy(like eat­ing sand with chocolate)they are dis­gust­ing vile AND out­right HORRIBLE. If these tast like mars bars my arse is a lemmon

  6. D. Collins

    Good source of pro­tein intakeBought this for my mum who’s got Altzheimers to increase her pro­tein intake as she’s need­ing the increase of protein

  7. Ama­zon Customer

    Mis­lead­ingMars Pro­tein bars taste sim­i­lar to actu­al mars bars.Mars Hi Pro­tein bars do not. They’re clos­er to some­thing like a Cad­bury’s Fudge bar than a mars bar.It’s not bad tast­ing, as far as pro­tein bars go — though it’s high­er sug­ar con­tent than most.But it’s not a Mars Bar.

  8. ROB

    Not bad.These are ok, they are prob­a­bly the clos­est you’re going to get to a prop­er choco­late bar. The ones in the sil­ver wrap­per are more like mars but you sac­ri­fice sug­ars and pro­tein content.

  9. Angel

    Awful tastePleased with the deliv­ery time. The prod­uct itself was not to my taste. I could n’t eat them so I gave them away. Some peo­ple will like them, so it is not to put any­one off buy­ing them.

  10. Simon R Wilkinson

    Nice prod­uct20g pro­tein and taste great. Not sweet like a reg­u­lar Mars bar (because it isn’t a reg­u­lar Mars bar) and I like that. It feels like a choco­late treat when using these bars for a weight train­ing diet.For me it’s a bet­ter tast­ing bar than oth­er Hi pro­tein bar like Max­imus­cle which always seem a bit pro­tein pow­dery taste. I’m stick­ing with this bar

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