Logitech MX Keys Mini Minimalist Wireless Illuminated Keyboard, Compact, Bluetooth, Backlit, USB‑C, Compatible with Apple macOS,


  • Perfect Stroke Typing with Smart Keys: Type on keys shaped for your fingertips, with voice to text Dictation, Mic Mute/Unmute(1), and Emoji keys
  • Mini Size, Mighty Powerful: A layout designed for effortless precision, with a minimalist form for an ergonomic keyboard that's portable and can travel wherever you get work done
  • Smart Illumination: The external keyboard's backlit keys light up the moment your hands approach and automatically adjust to suit changing lighting conditions
  • Multi-Device, Multi-OS: Pair MX Keys Mini compact keyboard with up to 3 devices on nearly any operating system via Bluetooth Low Energy and switch between them seamlessly
  • Multiple Computers, One Flow: Team the slim MX Keys Mini with MX Master 3 or MX Anywhere 3 and type across multiple computers or laptops in one fluid workflow(1)
  • Pair two of the world’s top creative tools: Claim your complimentary 1-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription with purchase of MX Keys Mini to create, make and do like never before
  • ATTENTION: FileVault FileVault is an encryption system available on some Mac computers. When enabled, it might prevent Bluetooth devices from connecting with your computer if you have not yet logged in. If you have FileVault enabled, we advise purchasing the compatible Logi Bolt USB Receiver.


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mx keys mini

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Additional information

Weight 702 kg
Dimensions 29.59 × 13.19 × 2.09 cm


Product Dimensions

29.59 x 13.19 x 2.09 cm; 702 Grams


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. included

Item model number




Hardware Platform

Laptop PC Chromebook

Operating System

Linux Chrome OS AndroidTM 5.0 or later Windows MacOS 10.15 or later

Are Batteries Included


Lithium Battery Packaging

Batteries contained in equipment

Number Of Lithium Ion Cells


Item Weight

702 g



Date First Available

28 Sept. 2021




  1. MJA

    MX Keys Mini — A long time com­ing! Utter per­fec­tion.The com­pact TKL ver­sion of the Log­itech MX Keys was a very long time com­ing (2+ years). I always thought it was mad that Log­itech did­n’t pro­vide a tru­ly pre­mi­um com­pact Blue­tooth key­board. I was­n’t alone, there were many Red­dit threads ask­ing for the same thing. Now we final­ly have it, I can say it has been worth the wait for sure!A few months ago I got fed up of wait­ing (and had no idea the MX Keys Mini was on the hori­zon), so I pur­chased the clos­est Log­itech alter­na­tive, the K380. A great key­board in its own right but this is in anoth­er league entire­ly (both in qual­i­ty and price).To save the waf­fle I’ll list out my pros and cons:Pros:- The reversed func­tion keys (on by default) can be cor­rect­ed using a hard­ware tog­gle (Fn+Esc). No need to install Log­itech Options! Hooray! This was my biggest gripe with the K380.- Very sol­id build. It has some weight to it and hard­ly any flex.- The “bar” along the top (where the electrics reside) acts as a slight ris­er, so this does­n’t sit com­plete­ly flat.- The lay­out is com­plete­ly stan­dard. Maybe slight­ly small­er mod­i­fi­er keys but it feels nat­ur­al to type on.- Media keys and oth­er handy short­cuts.- Key trav­el is utter per­fec­tion, using all of the depth avail­able in the thin case.- USB C charg­ing.- Hard­ware pow­er switch so you can switch it off instead of hav­ing to leave it to go idle.- 3 con­nec­tion pro­files so you can quick­ly switch between paired devices.- Back­light­ing with bright­ness tog­gle. Auto dims and mag­i­cal­ly lights back up when you hov­er your hands over the keys.Cons:- The price I guess. But it is exact­ly the same (at the time of pur­chase) as the Apple mag­ic key­board and in my opin­ion supe­ri­or. On point with Log­itech’s oth­er pre­mi­um Blue­tooth offer­ings (such as MX Mas­ter mice).- I’ve nev­er been a fan of the slight­ly grip­py feel­ing rub­bery key tex­ture. Time will tell how well it holds out.I’m a key­board fiend and I have many of them in stor­age (which I rotate), includ­ing pret­ty much all of the mechan­i­cal Cher­ry MX vari­a­tions, Topre and a few oth­ers. While this style of switch can nev­er match a mechan­i­cal (and it does­n’t try to), it is the clos­est to typ­ing per­fec­tion I’ve found in a com­pact portable Blue­tooth keyboard.This is sup­posed to be my work key­board. Small enough to eas­i­ly slide into my lap­top bag and take around with me. How­ev­er after con­nect­ing this to my desk­top PC (slid­ing aside one of my mechan­i­cal key­boards) in order to test it, I’m start­ing to feel it is viable as a main key­board. I pre­fer the longer key trav­el and rebound of a mechan­i­cal key­board for gam­ing (this is a bit all or noth­ing) but I could def­i­nite­ly adjust.If you are some­body who likes hav­ing pre­mi­um periph­er­als for your mobile devices, you can­not go wrong. Like­wise if you are a desk­top user who isn’t a huge gamer this should­n’t disappoint.

  2. Ultimasoul6

    A Great Key­board, not so much for Mac users ..This key­board is great but not per­fect for the old school macOS users.I had the orig­i­nal MX Keys (big­ger, full sized mod­el) and it was great. It had full music con­trols and but­tons designed to change the bright­ness of your Display/Monitor, sim­i­lar to the Apple Mag­ic Key­board. Oth­er cool fea­tures include auto detec­tion of your hand before a key is pressed, grad­ual key back­light­ing which is real­ly attrac­tive and keys which feel effort­less to the touch.What let the orig­i­nal MX Keys down was it takes up way too much desk space. While attrac­tive, I nev­er found myself using any of the addi­tion­al keys. If it was just small­er it would be per­fect. That’s when I stum­bled on the MX Keys Mini.The MX Keys Mini is a 1 step for­ward, 2 steps back sort of sit­u­a­tion. All cool fea­tures from the orig­i­nal have been passed over how­ev­er I have noticed they replaced many of the essen­tial macOS keys with things that I believe aren’t impor­tant. Remov­ing the ded­i­cat­ed keys for bright­ness and music con­trol is crazy!Digging in set­tings, I have found the top keys can be repro­grammed how­ev­er for £100 you would expect your Mac key­board to come with the things Mac users need dai­ly. We didn’t need a ded­i­cat­ed Siri but­ton, screen­shot but­ton, mute mic but­ton or emo­ji short­cut. I have cho­sen to repro­gram and know­ing I now need to mem­o­rise what goes where is very inconvenient.If they sort this in a future ver­sion of the key­board that would be per­fect. I going to ride it out for now but I’m not sure for long term use.

  3. N. Hen­frey

    Point­lessWell, it looks and feels great­Set up a BT 5.0 receiv­er on my PC (which works per­fect­ly with Sony WH-100MX4), paired it eas­i­lyRe­boot­ed PC, could­n’t access BIOS, but ok would accept that­got to login screen, typed pass­word, lights flash­ing on and off key­board, but no char­ac­ter­sAfter about 20 sec­onds pass­word entered, many many lags, for up to ten sec­onds while typin­gUn­paired it and tried to con­nect to Log­itech Uni­fy­ing Receiv­er, but no con­nec­tionOK BT on PCs is noto­ri­ous and I have to use an exten­sion cable, but as I say, I have no prob­lem with my wire­less head­phones­Log­itech, if you’re lis­ten­ing, please make all your devices work with Uni­fy­ing Receiv­er, and I would hap­pi­ly have paid for this as a wired key­board, please make it con­nect via the USB c port to USB port on PC/laptopTwo stars because it looked and felt great but ulti­mate­ly looks like a fail on PCsUP­DATEIt seems Log­itech are migrat­ing from “Uni­fy­ing” receiv­er to “Logi Bolt”, but their prod­uct range is a mess dur­ing the tran­si­tion. I bought an MX Any­where 3 mouse which is just as bad on BT but works with the Uni­fy­ing Receiv­er. I’m going to hold off buy­ing any more MX prod­ucts until the new prod­ucts have reached Amazon

  4. Ama­zon Customer

    Does­n’t work with Air­Pods ProGreat key­board but when using Air­Pod’s Pro with a Mac Book Pro 16″ with this key­board the Air­Pod’s mic audio becomes robot­ic, I sound like a Dalek. So I can’t use both these togeth­er when I’m for exam­ple in an online meet­ing on Zoom or Teams.I’ve tried the Mac and non Mac ver­sion of this key­board, both have the same issue. It also, annoy­ing­ly, does­n’t come with the blue­tooth receiv­er (the bolt) and does­n’t work with the uni­ver­sal receiv­er which I have for oth­er devices.I’ve con­firmed the key­board is caus­ing the issue by dis­con­nect­ing the key­board, then every­thing works fine and the issue comes back when I con­nect the key­board again and I’ve not expe­ri­enced issues like this with the Air­Pods before. Many peo­ple are hav­ing this issue, google for “log­itech mx keys mini air­pods. robot voice”.I’ve tried reset­ting the SMC, NVRAM/PRAM which has not resolved the issue.

  5. James Park­er

    I feel ripped offThis review is from some­one who has used many key­boards over the past few years — all high end and brand named, pret­ty much dai­ly for many hours. This was an impor­tant pur­chase for me as I get a ton of use out of it and I already owned the MX Keys full size ver­sion but want­ed more desk room.First of all — This is a pre­mi­um priced key­board that you lit­er­al­ly can­not use with­out an extra pur­chase. It’s a Blue­tooth key­board that has no adapter with it at all and it does­n’t work by USB cable.It gets worse.You can use it with a gener­ic Blue­tooth adapter but I’ve done just this for the past few days and had var­i­ous issues such as dou­ble typ­ing, not work­ing at all and the worst one was just freez­ing mid game and mak­ing me run for­ward but not respond­ing any­more to any­thing… Even turn­ing it off I was still run­ning forward.So I paid for an Asus Blue­tooth adapter, think­ing well my adapter is a Chi­nese brand so I’ll go with a bet­ter name and updat­ed con­nec­tion (was a 4.0, updat­ed to 5.0) and it still has issues from about 30cm away. The only inter­fer­ence near it is a Log­itech G Pro Superlight with its own receiv­er. This does not make a dif­fer­ence if its off or not, I test­ed it specifically.This brings me to the next point that sucks. Log­itech have in their great wis­dom, decid­ed that this mod­el should­n’t work with the exist­ing Uni­fy­ing Receiv­er (which works on the MX Keys full size ver­sion, and also comes with that key­board) but instead now it only works with their new Logi Bolt adapter, boast­ing bet­ter encryp­tion and no stock… Great idea to not put one in the box…None in stock on ama­zon for a long time, none in stock on log­itechs own site for a long time. I had to pay 3x the price (an extra £30) to order one from Ger­many on some shady look­ing site because it was the only place that had any. This is not accept­able for a top end key­board.… Log­itech sell mice at £70 with the adapter with it but not the key­boards that are £30 more? Why???The only rea­son I put up with this Apple lev­el of garbage is because the key­board itself is pret­ty much unmatched in terms of com­fort­able use for me. I’ve spent lit­er­al­ly thou­sands of pounds on key­boards over the past few years because I spend so much time with them and I nev­er found any I com­plete­ly got on with.It’s so hard to find a low pro­file TKL key­board that does­n’t suck and the indent­ed keys actu­al­ly feel real­ly great to use. The light is per­fect, it’s not rgb it’s just white and its not blind­ing. It’s hit that sweet spot where you can game in the dark but not get glare on the screen from it. It also turns off when you take your hands away from the key­board and turns back on when you are in the vicin­i­ty of the keys.The bat­tery life is more than accept­able. It lasts me about 3 days with­out charg­ing with heavy use (about 10 hours a day min­i­mum) before it asks to be charged. For ref­er­ence, the Log­itech G Pro Superlight asks for charge more often than this does.As a key­board out of the box (even if it had the receiv­er…) it would still not be 100% per­fect though. There’s no adjustable feet on this key­board on either the mini or full size ver­sions. This means if you don’t have large hands you can end up palm­ing the space bar quite often by acci­dent. This can be reme­died by get­ting some stick on key­board feet though. I got some excel­lent met­al ones off ama­zon that I stuck just behind the slight­ly raised part on the bot­tom of the key­board to get almost dou­ble the angle. This makes it much more com­fort­able to use and does­n’t cause me any wrist pain.The FN key I’m a lit­tle con­fused by at the minute in terms of its use. On the full size MX Keys key­board, it has a ded­i­cat­ed screen­shot but­ton (above the numpad, it has a pic­ture of a cam­era). The mini ver­sion has a cam­era above one of the num­ber keys so I assumed this was the same thing but it would not work at all when used today whether the FN key was pressed or not. This could be user error though and it could serve a dif­fer­ent pur­pose but it did­n’t seem to do any­thing when pressed.Overall — This key­board is the best key­board I’ve ever used… Just not from what came in the box. I should­n’t have to spend pret­ty much half the cost of the key­board to make up for poor design and mar­ket­ing deci­sions. This is Apple lev­el pet­ti­ness that I nor­mal­ly would avoid like the plague.

  6. Mr. K. R. Fallon-Norris

    Great solu­tion for up to 3 devicesI have two PC’s a work lap­top run­ning Win 10 and an M1 Mac Mini run­ning Mon­terey, i need­ed a one key­board solu­tion, and this is it. The Key­board can be paired with up to 3 device’s, swap­ping from one PC to the oth­er is just a mat­ter of press­ing one of the spe­cial func­tion keys, sim­ple and very effec­tive. The keys have a nice trav­el and are also illu­mi­nat­ed. The build qual­i­ty is as good as Apple’s own key­boards, might even be bet­ter. I have the sil­ver ver­sion to match my Mac Mini. I have also pur­chased the MX Mas­ter 3 mouse, which is also superb. High­ly recommended.

  7. Hemant Shar­ma

    Good Key­board but with a caveatLets get rid of the Cons firstCONS:Two most impor­tant draw­backs or caveats, depend­ing on how you take it1. The con­sumer ver­sion comes with­out Logi­Bolt USB receiv­er, there is a “Log­itech MX Mini Keys for Busi­ness” vari­ant, which comes with the receiver2. Even if you buy the receiv­er sep­a­rate­ly, you need a Logi­Bolt App in the com­put­er to pair the receiv­er with the key­board, the busi­ness vari­ant might come pre-paired­Why these two points are impor­tant? BecauseA. On work com­put­ers, you are not allowed (read: should not, no admin rights due to secu­ri­ty rea­sons) to install any soft­ware, unless IT approves itB. With­out the USB receiv­er paired with it, the key­board wont work while the com­put­er is boot­ing and when you have to enter the bit-lock­er key. The USB receiv­er func­tions as HID (Human Inter­face Device) and after that there is no such issue3.It is a mul­ti-pur­pose key­board, for win­dows, android, mac, etc, so you need to strug­gle a bit to learn how Page-Up, Page-Down, Home, End, Insert keys work, they all are now depen­dent on the Fn key.Posturite ARK key­board is bet­ter than this one, because that does not have any of the above issue, although there are few areas where Log­itech shines, hence I like it.4. To use all the fea­tures of this key­board, you need “Log­itech Options” soft­ware installed in your com­put­er, which isn’t real­ly an easy thing to do in cor­po­rate com­put­ers due to secu­ri­ty reasons5. So over­all, the key­board is heav­i­ly reliant on the soft­ware, as the soft­ware allows you to map the keys for spe­cif­ic functions6. It is HEAVY, almost 702 grams, you WILL feel itPROS:1. It has backlight2. Typ­ing expe­ri­ence is amazing3. In-built recharge­able battery4. If you don’t use back­light, then the bat­tery life is very long,5. USB‑c port for charging6. Can be con­nect­ed to 3 devices simul­ta­ne­ous­ly and switch­ing among them is very easy tooWhat could have been done better?I wish there was a key to sim­ply switch some of the mul­ti­me­dia func­tions to basic win­dows keys, such as Home,End, etc, WITHOUT rely­ing on the software

  8. Saltarelle

    A Size­able, Portable, Reli­able and Com­fort­able Key­board!First­ly, this is quite a large key­board, the same as a stan­dard key­board with­out all the extra keys and numer­ic keyboard.I’ve tried many blue­tooth mini and fold­able key­boards and whilst they’re accept­able, their longevi­ty leaves much to be desired and they’re not as ergonom­i­cal­ly com­fort­able as this MX Mini.I real­ly like the lay­out, the bat­tery life and the auto­mat­i­cal­ly illu­mi­nat­ed keyboard.I use it main­ly on Android devices and as such, some of the keys are super­flu­ous but I can live with that.No neg­a­tive points to date but I’ll amend this review if required.Logi Cus­tomer Care were very help­ful in advis­ing me that this key­board does not have to be turned off between ses­sions, but they rec­om­mend switch­ing it off when it is being transported.Highly Recommended!

  9. metho­si­van­hoe

    Avoid like the plagueSet­ting this key­board (MX Keys mini) up is easy enough, but it ONLY works through blue­tooth, not any of the Log­itech receivers like the oth­er MX keys lineup…The blue­tooth how­ev­er, and test­ed on both a desk­top PC and lap­top, is dodgy as hell… con­nec­tion issues are ram­pant, and the key­board goes to sleep after about 5 sec­onds of inac­tiv­i­ty… so you’ll be typ­ing away, have a drink, and it’s gone to sleep so you have to tap a key for it to wake up… wait for it to con­nect before you can con­tin­ue work­ing… and half the time you’ll have a hor­rif­ic amount of lag while using it even with the blue­tooth con­nect­ed com­put­er less than 2 feet away from the key­board itself.Utterly hor­ren­dous key­board, com­plete­ly unfit for use which is a shame as the larg­er MX Keys key­boards that use the uni­fy­ing receiv­er are amaz­ing… it’s just the blue­tooth only imple­men­ta­tion on the mini ver­sion that utter­ly and irrev­o­ca­bly ruins it.

  10. Clive G Cross

    Ter­rif­ic piece of kit High­ly rec­om­mend­ed.I have for many years been a staunch fan of Apple and remain so using iPhone, iPad and Apple Mac com­put­er. How­ev­er I have to say that the Mag­ic key­board and mouse are less than good. Pri­or to my present set up I used a Log­itech key­board and mouse both excel­lent and well designed. I am a pro­fi­cient touch typ­ist and unfor­tu­nate­ly found the Apple Mag­ic Key­board more than irri­tat­ing spend­ing much time cor­rect­ing typ­ing errors which were not all my fault. The keys on the board are flat and not clear­ly marked for the home posi­tion. The Mag­ic Mouse is too small for my hands and not com­fort­able for pro­longed use. I have now pur­chased the MX Mas­ter Log­itech Mouse and MX Keys Mini. Now I know again what I was miss­ing. Superb in all ways. High­ly recommended

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