Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows, 2.4 GHz Wireless, Compact Mouse, 8 Multimedia and Shortcut Keys,


Colour Black
Brand Logitech
Connectivity technology RF Wireless
Operating System Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and later) Chrome OS
Power Source Battery Powered
  • Reliable Plug and Play: The USB receiver (located either inside the mouse or in the card packaging) provides a reliable wireless connection up to 10 m (1), so you can forget about drop-outs and delays and take it wherever you use your computer
  • Type in Comfort: The design of this keyboard creates a comfortable typing experience thanks to the low-profile, quiet keys and standard layout with full-size F-keys, number pad, and arrow keys
  • Durable and Resilient: This full-size wireless keyboard features a spill-resistant design (2), durable keys and sturdy tilt legs with adjustable height
  • Long Battery Life: MK270 combo features a 36-month keyboard and 12-month mouse battery life (3), along with on/off switches allowing you to go months without the hassle of changing batteries
  • Easy to Use: This USB keyboard and mouse set features 8 multimedia hotkeys for instant access to the Internet, email, play/pause, and volume so you can easily check out your favourite sites
  • Comfortable Mouse: This compact cordless mouse is designed to be equally comfortable for both left- and right-handed users, plus its smooth cursor control allows easy navigation on most surfaces
  • Favourite Wireless Combo: MK270 brings together familiar typing, wireless freedom, and long battery life; no wonder this is the world's top-selling combo(4)
  • Upgrade to Logitech MK540 Combo: Experience increased comfort with the MK540 combo, featuring scooped keys, palm rest, full-size mouse with soft rubber grips, and customisable shortcuts


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From the manufacturer

Wireless Combo MK270


Wireless Combo MK270


The com­fort­able, com­pact, and wire­less mouse is designed to be equal­ly com­fort­able for both left- and right-hand­ed users. Its smooth cur­sor con­trol allows easy nav­i­ga­tion on most surfaces.

Wireless Combo MK270


For­get about drop-outs and lag thanks to a strong, reli­able 2.4 GHz wire­less con­nec­tion with a 10 m range(1). Sim­ply plug the receiv­er into a USB port on your device to start work­ing in seconds.

Wireless Combo MK270


Com­fort­able, full-sized, and with easy access to media con­trols, this key­board lets you get more done in less time with eight media con­trols that let you access music, media, vol­ume, and more.

Wireless Combo MK270


The key­board comes with a spill-resis­tant design, durable keys, and stur­dy tilt legs. A 36-month key­board and 12-month mouse bat­tery life (3) means you can go for months with­out chang­ing batteries.

Wireless Combo MK270


Enjoy the famil­iar typ­ing of MK270, built with the same high qual­i­ty and reli­a­bil­i­ty stan­dards that have made Log­itech the glob­al leader for mice and keyboards(5).

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Additional information

Weight 481 kg
Dimensions 3.8 × 14.8 × 51 cm


Product Dimensions

3.8 x 14.8 x 51 cm; 481 Grams


2 AA batteries required. included

Item model number



Wireless Combo MK270



Form Factor


Computer Memory Type


Number of USB 2.0 Ports


Power Source

Battery Powered

Operating System

Windows XP Vista 7 8 10 and later Chrome OS

Supported Software


Battery description


Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

481 g



Date First Available

1 Jan. 2010




  1. Es

    SuperbI was forced to get a new key­board when my old one final­ly gave up the ghost after one too many bits of toast / sesame seed / pis­ta­chio fell down between the keys. I’d had it for sev­er­al years with no prob­lems, to the extent there was a big shiny bit on the Space bar from use.Having had impec­ca­ble per­for­mance from Log­itech key­boards, I ordered this one, which seems from the mod­el num­ber to be an upgrade to my old one.Well it’s flip­ping bril­liant. Love­ly smooth action, nice lay­out, and some use­ful upgrades such as the on/off switch on the top of the deck,and a Caps Lock indi­ca­tor which the old ver­sion did­n’t have. Can’t praise it too high­ly real­ly. A cheap reli­able wifi key­board which starts up with min­i­mal effort.I am look­ing for­ward to many hap­py years with my new warhorse now that the old one has been put out to pas­ture… I can see him out in the pad­dock, his Caps Lock blow­ing in the wind.As for the mouse, well what can I say apart from the fact that it worked from the off and it con­tin­ues to work and I’ve no doubt it will be a good and faith­ful com­pan­ion to the keyboard.

  2. Lee

    A cheap and cheer­ful option to free your desk from wiresA good bud­get key­word and mouse bun­dle. Keeps your desk neat and wire free. The bat­tery lasts for­ev­er — I don’t think I’ve replaced it once in the last 6 months (although admit­ted­ly this is with rel­a­tive­ly light use.)The mouse is light-weight and feels a lit­tle flim­sy, but it’s quite pre­cise. The key­board is a lit­tle noisy, but per­fect­ly accept­able for a bun­dle in this price range. Set-up was a breeze- plug-in the Blue­tooth adapter into a USB and this works instant­ly, even in the BIOS menu, with no dri­vers required.An ide­al way to fin­ish off a bud­get rig.If you found this review help­ful, please click ‘yes’ — thanks 🙂

  3. Lewis H

    Best bud­get wire­less key­board on the mar­ketSo you are look­ing for some periph­er­als… and more than like­ly over­whelmed by the crowd­ed mar­ket of big brands and cheap chi­nese com­peti­tors. Well look no fur­ther this is the best bud­get wire­less keyboard/mouse set on the market.First off Log­itech has been around since time began, they know how to make key­boards and they cer­tain­ly do know thi­er way around a mouse too. I have tried so many key­boards in this price range and have been dis­ap­point­ed, but this does seem to redeem some faith and for a key­board under £20 I am very impressed to say the least.-Keyboard-Lets start with the key­board. Very light, has some bend to it but over­all build qual­i­ty seems pret­ty good for the price. Has full numer­ic pad to the right and some handy con­trol but­tons across the top for con­ve­nience which I have found to work great with win­dows 10 straight out of the box. After typ­ing with this key­board I must say I am very impressed, the keys have a bit of a click to them for feed­back and I have found typ­ing very fast and accurate.-Mouse‑I have big hands so this mouse is a lit­tle on the small side for me but I have still found it to be com­fort­able with a claw type hand posi­tion, Con­nec­tiv­i­ty was easy, just plug in the usb and both devices will work straight away. The build qual­i­ty of this mouse seems decent but def­i­nite­ly not some­thing you want to throw if your com­put­er crash­es ! the but­tons are very respon­sive and clicky and most impor­tant­ly the sen­sor is very accu­rate on a mouse pad and lag has not been a prob­lem at all.This com­pact, light and sim­ple look­ing mouse and key­board set are def­i­nite­ly worth the price and if you are on the look­out this is some­thing I would def­i­nite­ly recommend.

  4. The Bar­bar­ian

    Miss­ing partI’d love to use the key­board and mouse, but upon unpack­ing the box and set­ting it up, the USB trans­ceiv­er which sits in the mouse was miss­ing, and with­out that, noth­ing was ever going to work. Even worse, I actu­al­ly came to use it just after the Ama­zon return peri­od expired. I now have a cou­ple of use­less lumps of plastic.Update!I was about to throw away the pack­ag­ing when I noticed the trans­ceiv­er tucked, in a total­ly unob­vi­ous place, in a bit of the card­board cas­ing. It should real­ly be in the mouse (where you’re sup­pose to store it when not in use). Heav­en knows how many peo­ple report­ing the trans­ceiv­er was miss­ing have inad­ver­tant­ly thrown it away. Rule of thumb with this keyboard/mouse — check _all_ the pack­ag­ing care­ful­ly. This is not a fault of Ama­zon, rather than poor pack­ing from Logitech!

  5. Ivor E Tower

    Good val­ue but you get what you pay forI stuck with Log­itech after my excel­lent MX key­board and mouse final­ly gave up the ghost. The key­board was the best I’d ever had, and I was dis­ap­point­ed to find Log­itech no longer did a key­board with an inte­grat­ed scroll wheel on the left – a bril­liant addition!The MK270 is excel­lent val­ue for mon­ey, and the ‘uni­fy­ing’ con­nec­tion is bril­liant: a small device that plugs into a USB port, and off you go. How­ev­er, I do a lot of typ­ing, and I was dis­ap­point­ed how cheap and pla­s­ticky the key­board was when it arrived. The mouse is the same: not one you’d want to use every day.In the end I returned the MK270 unused, and went for the more expen­sive MK710 (see sep­a­rate review). The MK270 is per­fect if you want a basic keyboard/mouse com­bo, and don’t have high expec­ta­tions. If you do a lot of key­board work, I sug­gest you spend a bit more for a bet­ter experience.

  6. djs

    Not bad…It works well, no prob­lems so far.The only prob­lem is the don­gle is so small, it can eas­i­ly be mis­placed when not plugged into my laptop.Usually either device — the lap­top or the mouse has a groove or a com­part­ment for the don­gle to fit in.This has none.That’s why I had to take off one star.31 AUG 2018Ok.… revis­ing my feedback.The whole lot has stopped working.The don­gle does not recog­nise either the mouse or key­board any more.Been through end­less rounds of trou­bleshoot­ing, chang­ing bat­ter­ies, down­load­ing uni­fy soft­ware, try­ing recon­fig­ur­ing the two devices.… noth­ing works. Tried chang­ing lap­tops too.…It’s just three pieces of junk now.Not happy.So tak­ing off anoth­er three stars.The prod­uct has a REALLY short life.

  7. Guy P.

    Key­board Keeps Fail­ing To Respond.I’ve had Log­itech key­boards in the past and found them to be very reli­able. This key­board is not reli­able at all, it keeps fail­ing to respond which is very irri­tat­ing. I got a replace­ment key­board but it had the same prob­lem. I tried plug­ging the USB receiv­er into dif­fer­ent USB ports and also used a USB exten­sion cable . I down­loaded the lat­est dri­vers and soft­ware from Log­itech but the prob­lem per­sist­ed. As this is the sec­ond key­board with exact­ly the same prob­lem it makes me won­der whether there is a bad batch or design flaw with these key­boards. I’ve returned this keyboard/mouse and plugged my old Log­itech K260 key­board back in which works fine.

  8. Aidan Rooney

    Amaz­ing for the price.Very impressed with this set.Keyboard feel much nicer than i would have expect­ed. Keys have a nice feel to them. Good size, on and off switch on top, media keys above the func­tion keys. Great val­ue for how much it costs. Got 77wpm on 10fastfingers which is the same as i get with my K95 with MX browns.Mouse is decent. Feels a bit on the small­er size which i’m ok with as i have small­er hands, and makes it more com­pact over­all, but peo­ple with larg­er hands might not like it. It’s also rather light, which again could be good or bad. Tracks well.Both set up very easy. Plugged in the usb don­gle and they worked instant­ly, i thought i’d have to pair them over blue­tooth or something.My main rea­son for buy­ing this is to have by my TV so i can use my PC eas­i­er while not at my desk. I did have a cheap wire­less key­board with touch­pad that i used but it was a pain.Would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend if you’re look­ing for a cheap wire­less kit,

  9. Norah 666

    Excel­lent val­ue, good qual­i­tyWhat can you say about these items. If you need them you buy them. I like Log­itech as they are good qual­i­ty with­out a hefty price. I dis­like the flat key­boards & mice on lap­tops. I’ve not got a lot of patience for all that up & down, side to side fin­ger move­ment & the try­ing to actu­al­ly to “click” onto an item that you have with lap­tops so much pre­fer a prop­er key­board & mouse. Also not the sort of per­son who takes their lap­top to bed with them, not into bal­anc­ing them on my knees. I like my key­boards & mice on a hard sur­face to use these Log­itech items. Obvi­ous­ly don’t mind using fin­gers with my phone or with my iPad. But being a touch typ­ist who learned to type on an old-fash­ioned sit up & beg Under­wood I real­ly do like a prop­er key­board & mouse.

  10. BJB

    Beware this is Non-Uni­fy­ing Mod­el that appears to only work in USB2.0 ports.I wast­ed a cou­ple of hours before find­ing a Log­itech sup­port ref­er­ence to this effect and find­ing that indeed it would work in the 1 USB2.0 port my lap­top has.I need­ed a replace­ment for my pre­vi­ous K270 com­bo, which had last­ed well for over 5 years and had a Uni­fy­ing USB nano-receiv­er and worked fine under Win7 Pro x64 USB3.0 ports.The two key­board and mice hard­ware are dif­fer­ent. The pre­vi­ous set both have orange star uni­fy­ing on the label and the new set does not.The prod­uct IDs are dif­fer­ent too.On top of this, some of the key­board keys includ­ing ALT are sticky which caus­es missed key­strokes. It may run in, but I sus­pect the qual­i­ty is lower.It appears impos­si­ble to be con­fi­dent of which type you are buy­ing, per­haps the uni­fy­ing ver­sion is discontinued?

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