Logitech K120 Wired Business Keyboard for Windows or Linux, USB Plug-and-Play, Full-Size, Spill Resistant, Curved Space Bar,

£ 9.42

  • Office-Friendly: The K120 wired office keyboard is the budget-friendly USB keyboard that is built for longer use with its durable keys, sleek design, and spillage resistance
  • Feel-Good Typing: The Logitech K120 USB office keyboard provides a better feeling typing experience that's built to last. Your hands will enjoy the familiar, deep-profile, keys and full-size layout with F-keys and number pad
  • Durable Design: With its thin profile, spill-resistant design, durable keys that can withstand up to 10 million keystrokes, and sturdy, adjustable tilt legs, this sleek office keyboard looks and feels ideal
  • Plug and Play: This USB wired keyboard does need software installation and the bold, bright white characters make the keys easier to read. Compatible with a corded, wireless, Bluetooth, or gaming mouse


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From the manufacturer

K120 USB keyboard

The K120 USB key­board pro­vides a bet­ter typ­ing expe­ri­ence that’s built to last. Your hands will enjoy the low-pro­file, whis­per-qui­et keys and stan­dard lay­out with full-size F‑keys and num­ber pad. The slim key­board isn’t just sleek — it’s tough with a spill-resis­tant design, stur­dy tilt legs and durable keys. Sim­ply plug it into a USB port on your desk­top, lap­top or note­book com­put­er and get to work straight away.

Feel-good typing

Your hands will enjoy the low-pro­file, whis­per-qui­et keys and stan­dard lay­out with full-size F‑keys and num­ber pad.

Rugged good looks

The slim key­board isn’t just sleek—it’s tough with a spill-resis­tant design,* stur­dy tilt legs and durable keys.

Easy does it

You sim­ply plug it into a USB port on your desk­top, lap­top or net­book com­put­er and start using it right away.

Focus on sustainability

The Climate Pledge x Logitech

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Additional information

Weight 550 kg
Dimensions 45 × 15.5 × 2.35 cm


Product Dimensions

45 x 15.5 x 2.35 cm; 550 Grams

Item model number



K120 FOR Business



Operating System

Windows XPVista7Linux 2.6+

Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

550 g



Date First Available

1 Jan. 2010




  1. ReganG

    False­ly adver­tisedBrought this key­board for busi­ness rea­sons and when I got it I was hop­ing it would get what I brought it said It’s a U.K. key­board but when I first unboxed it I couldn’t help but notice that the keys are in Japan­ese and also the space bar isn’t the same as the pic­ture so this is false adver­tis­ing and I must warn you guys do not buy a key­board from this com­pa­ny it’s false­ly adver­tised and isn’t the same as what it is described as

  2. Knightofthe­lion

    Don’t believe the neg­a­tive reviews! Great val­ue key­board!Be care­ful when you read reviews. The ones appear­ing at the top are as old as 2017. I can­not under­stand why this is the default unless the sys­tem is set up to show a dis­pro­por­tion­ate amount of neg­a­tive views on the first page.I work in the NHS and this key­board is eas­i­ly up to the stan­dard of key­board issued at work.It’s com­fort­able, it does what it should and makes the sound of a nor­mal keypad.It is con­fig­ured for UK Eng­lish Lan­guage use.The minor­i­ty of peo­ple who moan about this must be a night­mare to be around!!!Great value.My only regret is that it that it wasn’t man­u­fac­tured in a demo­c­ra­t­ic coun­try with a half decent human rights record. But then again not much is these days!

  3. Prod­uct Pearson

    Val­ue key­board with­out the bells and whis­tles. Does the job.This is a great val­ue key­board with­out all the bells and whis­tles. I need­ed a replace­ment key­board for a staff mem­ber in our office who is a writer and types a LOT each day.This key­board was the per­fect pur­chase for that require­ment. It’s not too loud, so it does­n’t dis­turb col­leagues who are sit­ting near­by. Although you could prob­a­bly pay a bit more for a key­board that was qui­eter if you need­ed it to be.It’s light­weight and has a good feel on the keys. Whilst it’s light­weight it still feels per­fect­ly durable and has no issues with being typed on for 9 hours a day.The cable is long enough to wire around the mon­i­tor and down the back of the desk to the com­put­er. Some oth­er cheap key­boards have a real­ly short cable mak­ing them use­less for most office setups. This key­board was per­fect in that department.Logitech has done me proud once again and deliv­ered a stur­dy key­board that does the job, at a great price.

  4. John

    Does the job prop­er­ly for a writer. No idea about any orther uses.For me this is the per­fect basic key­board. It does all I need with­out fuss or both­er. I like the cable because I don’t trust wire­less key­boards. l have dis­man­tled K120s in the past and cleaned them out fol­low­ing spillages and they go back togeth­er with­out too much fid­dling. (The more recent space­bar can be fid­dly.) There are two unused spares in my cup­board, bought when the price was right ;-)I do wish the let­ters were a bit more durable. I once re-let­tered one com­plete­ly with after­mar­ket let­ters, which is easy enough, if you make sure the keys are real­ly clean first, but bloody tedious.They also still have the lit­tle pop-out legs at the back for old school typ­ists who nev­er feel quite right with a tru­ly flat board.Once, when my arthri­tis was mak­ing life hell for a while, I used two key­boards plugged in at the same time. One for my right hand and one for my left. The left hand one was a lit­tle clos­er than usu­al and right hand one slight­ly angled. This worked well. The rea­son­able price of the K120 encour­aged me to try this bodge idea.For me it will be a dark day if this famil­iar board ever van­ish­es from the market.Finally… I’ve always been hap­py with Log­itech mice as well. Wired of course.John

  5. cleu­do

    Cheap feel­ing key­boardI bought this to replace a K120 key­board that was a cou­ple of years old. Still work­ing fine, but get­ting a lit­tle grot­ty. The replace­ment key­board, although the same mod­el num­ber (K120) has a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent feel. The keys have a very hard end of trav­el and feel ‘clacky’.I don’t like it at all.If Log­itech change the design or man­u­fac­ture of their key­boards, they should at least change the mod­el num­ber. I’ll be buy­ing anoth­er key­board (and need­less to say, it won’t be a Logitech).

  6. Mr. P. Kennedy

    Slip­pery and plas­tic feel with very poor feed­back when typ­ing.I had hoped Log­itec would make a decent key­board. I’ve used key­boards and mice before made by them and always been impressed but in recent years they seem to be mak­ing more for the bud­get mar­ket which you cant expect to com­pare to a pre­mi­um item but now those bud­get mod­els are no longer real­ly bud­get and just not worth the mon­ey. This key­board includ­ing ship­ping cost a whop­ping £13.45 for a very cheap­ly made prod­uct. The key­board was uncom­fort­able to use, the keys noisey and worst of all you got lit­tle indi­ca­tion that any key had reg­is­tered your key­stroke unless you depressed the key ful­ly so in no way was it of any use for typ­ing. I cant com­ment on dura­bil­i­ty as i returned it the same day as it was deliv­ered but i expect it will work until you smash it to pieces against a wall or some­thing. HORRIBLE PRODUCT. Pure JUNK. Rub­bish like thins should not get through the QA process. Remem­ber that ! Total Qual­i­ty Assur­ance. Now its all cheep tacky crap being import­ed that’s just not fit for use. AVOID THIS KEYBOARD AT ALL COSTS. I’ts so bad I’m going back to a cheap Microsoft key­board with a sticky Left Hand Shift Key ! The Log­itec is THAT BAD !

  7. Ama­zon Customer

    Excel­lent for gen­er­al usageI recent­ly bought a cus­tom build gam­ing PC and need­ed a key­board to use it. I was­n’t fussed about hav­ing the ‘bells and whis­tles’ of gam­ing key­boards with the lights. So, this key­board works per­fect­ly for what I need it to do. Excel­lent for gen­er­al usage, it’s ergonom­ic design allows for easy-to-use with­out caus­ing stress on the joints after pro­longed use. Great price, great qual­i­ty product.

  8. con419

    Cheap design and poor qual­i­ty con­trolI want­ed to like this key­board but will be return­ing it — again.First one I returned because the space bar was slight­ly loose and wobbly.However this prob­lem was present on the replace­ment so it’s just a gen­er­al bad design — the same prob­lem is present on the Enter key.The replace­ment had the even worse prob­lem that some of the keys on the left side of the key­board rat­tled when you used them. Oth­er keys towards the right were fine.You are pay­ing slight­ly more for the Log­itech name but get­ting no bet­ter quality.I think Log­itech need to sort out their design and qual­i­ty con­trol, as the cheap­er Trust key­board I’m now typ­ing on is bet­ter than the K120.

  9. Nath

    Sol­id and cheapThis is not a fan­cy key­board, and it has no mul­ti­me­dia keys, but it is also less than a ten­ner. You can get sim­i­lar­ly priced key­boards with addi­tion­al but­tons, but if you don’t want to use them they are just extra clutter.The body is sol­id enough to sit flat on a desk or table, and the rub­ber feet stop it slip­ping. The keys have a decent feel and prob­a­bly what gets called “pos­i­tive action”. Some key­boards at this price feel real­ly cheap, but this is good enough to lead to sat­is­fac­tion rather than “why did I buy a cheap keyboard?”.I would say if you want a no-frills key­board, don’t spend any more than this.

  10. A m a z o n Cus­tomer Ian

    Log­itech K120 key­board for busi­ness, made in Chi­na.Mono­chrome black with white trans­fer stuck on labels, The sur­face is tex­tured to difuse light reflections.There are no grey keys even though key Alt­Gr stands for Alter­na­tive Grey. The cable is 1.43 m long and 2.75mm in diam­e­ter ter­mi­nat­ed with a USB‑A con­nec­tor The cable is retained in a strain relief port but the user needs to insert the fine cable in the inden­ta­tion. It keeps falling out so some super­glue may not go amiss.The space bar has lit­tle sign of cur­va­ture. I esti­mate the radius of cur­va­ture is about 2m. Pow­er require­ment is 100mA via USB There are 3 green LED sig­nal lamps to indi­cate key states. Key tests con­firm it has a UK for Win­dows lay­out. but there is no indi­ca­tions of this except for M/N Y‑U0009 and P/N 820–007661Suitable for an Android Tablet as it detects a Log­itech keyboard.

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