Lintbells | YuMOVE Senior Dog | High Strength Hip and Joint Supplement Designed for Older, Stiff Dogs, with Glucosamine,

£ 30.43

  • Multi-action dog joint supplement, specifically designed for stiff, senior dogs
  • Aids stiff joints, support joint structure and promotes mobility
  • 50% more ultra-concentrated, joint-soothing Omega 3 than YuMOVE Adult, with added N-Acetyl D - glucosamine to lubricate and cushion the joints
  • The UK’s no.1 veterinary joint supplement brand*
  • Clinically proven to work in six weeks**
  • We’ve helped over 1.5 million dogs
  • *Kynetec VetTrak July 2021


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From the manufacturer

YuMOVE Senior Tablets
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YuMOVE Senior Tablets

YuMOVE Daily BItes

Important information


Glu­cosamine HCl, Green lipped mus­sel, N acetyl D glu­cosamine, Man­ganese, Hyaluron­ic acid, Vit­a­min E and C, fish flavouring.


  • Small dogs : 1 tablet daily
  • Medi­um dogs : 2 tablets daily
  • Large dogs : 3 tablets daily
  • Giant dogs : 4 tablets daily

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Additional information

Weight 155 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 8.5 cm
Pet Type


Product Dimensions

7 x 7 x 8.5 cm; 155 Grams

Item model number


Pet Life Stage

Senior Age 8+


120 Tablets

Number of Items




Special Features

100 more Vitamin E than standard YuMOVE to maintain joint mobility

Batteries Required


Item Weight

155 g



Date First Available

12 Oct. 2019




  1. A. Mcclin­tock

    This actu­al­ly works.. Just be patientOur dog was limp­ing bad­ly for months.. Had all the tests.. But no cause was ever detect­ed.. The vet sug­gest­ed brain scans next… He is almost 11.…he would col­lapse some­times when out for a walk.… Then along came Youmove… We start­ed him on the senior Youmove.. After six weeks of two a day.. His limp was bare­ly notice­able.. This morn­ing I woke up to find him on my bed.. He could nev­er have jumped up pre­vi­ous­ly.. I was so hap­py to see him on my bed that I was moti­vat­ed to write this review in the hope of help­ing oth­er senior dogs.…

  2. Husky mum

    Real­ly does work,!My husky is 14 and had prob­lems with his back legs where he couldn’t even stand up him­self with­out me lift­ing his back end up andI some­times had to hold his legs up with a dress­ing gown cord to take him into the gar­den for a wee. I also had to car­ry him upstairs to bed so I read about these tablets and gave them a go. I start­ed on the high dose for a few days and instant­ly noticed a dif­fer­ence , he gets up and goes out him­self now and although I still have to help him upstairs, he gets up with­out me car­ry­ing him. I was amazed at the dif­fer­ence and would rec­om­mend these to any­one with an elder­ly dog. It’s giv­en him a new lease of life hon­est­ly. A bit pricey as they need to be giv­en every­day but worth every pen­ny as the alter­na­tive was to have him put to sleep and that just wasn’t an option.

  3. Ter­ri

    Near crip­pled my dogI absolute­ly do not what to bash a prod­uct, this has done won­ders for so many dogs and im sure its a fan­tas­tic prod­uct. How­ev­er, I bought these for my aging dog around a year ago, he began limp­ing with­in the first week after we start­ed them and all I thought was, well its a relief I got him start­ed on them. He just seemed to get worse, a for­tune in vets bills try­ing to work out what was wrong with him, a YEAR of vets, diet­ing etc with­out a root cause. I ran out of yumove a few weeks ago and at the time I did­nt have the mon­ey to get him more. I can­not even begin to explain to you the come­back he made with­in 2 days of stop­ping yumove. He is bounc­ing off the walls, full of ener­gy and has­nt limped even once! We just nev­er thought the prod­uct would be slow­ly crip­pling him. It got to the point, he could bare­ly stand. He is 9 years old and I thought I was going to lose him. I thought I was doing right by him but giv­ing him yumove and all I was think­ing was “if I think he is bad now, imag­ine how bad he would be with­out them“Take your time with this prod­uct and mon­i­tor your dog, for most dogs it seems to be a won­der cure for a lot of joint issues. I don’t know what it did to my dog, but it was crip­pling him. Yumove has over­all cost me a for­tune in meds, vets and the prod­uct itself.

  4. James Ian Taylor

    Caused vom­it­tingI have pre­vi­ous­ly tried nor­mal YuMove with my Labrador, but they gave him real­ly bad diar­rhoea. I noticed this senior type tablets, so decid­ed to give them a go. This time they have caused my dog to vom­it. YuMove obvi­ous­ly not agree with my dog for what­ev­er rea­son, so I will be going back to Arthri­aid instead. On read­ing oth­er review, diges­tive upset is seem­ing­ly com­mon with YuMove, but they don’t have a list of side effects on the box and no leaflet in the box??

  5. NicolP

    MADE MY DOG SICK !!!I’ve got a jack Rus­sell ter­ri­er. She’s 9 years old and had bone necro­sis as a pup­py so she had to have some of her bone removed and is at a high­er risk of get­ting arthri­tis. I don’t know about oth­er dogs but these tablets are very bad for my dog. I’ve only been giv­ing her one a day for the past 4 days and since then She’s been act­ing weird. She doesn’t run around like she used to she just wants to stay in bed. She looks very sick her gums are pale white. I am wor­ried for her health. Will def­i­nite­ly have to go to the vets to see if the tablets haven’t cause a seri­ous prob­lem. She real­ly looks bad. The tablets stink of gone off raw fish I don’t know if that’s nor­mal my dog hates them. Be care­ful please

  6. the elf

    For senior dogsMy GSD/Border Col­lie cross is now almost ten years old. For the past three to four years since an out of con­trol dog crashed into his hip he’s strug­gled to chase his beloved fris­bee. Or should I say he’s suf­fered get­ting off his bed every night after chas­ing his fris­bee because try as we might we can’t per­suade him not to play with it. We’ve tried both oth­er vari­eties of YuMove, even the one for work­ing dogs and nei­ther helped. This one how­ev­er has giv­en him a new lease of life. He can chase his toy (with­in lim­its) and almost spring off his bed at night for toi­let before retir­ing. I truth­ful­ly wish I’d dis­cov­ered this ear­li­er. BTW, as far as it’s flavour is con­cerned (one of the ques­tions asked before writ­ing this review) that is prob­a­bly one that only my dog can answer. But he loves it’s fishy taste.

  7. Bex

    Amaz­ingBuy them!!I was scep­ti­cal if this would make a gen­uine dif­fer­ence, but also know the active ingre­di­ents can be use­ful in spe­cif­ic cir­cum­stances in peo­ple, so for me the small­er pack size was a no brain­er to try for our 10yr old chi x spaniel Max. He almost died two years ago after tak­ing a bite of poi­soned meat (long sto­ry), which though he bounced back unbe­liev­ably well, aged him phys­i­cal­ly a great deal. Recent­ly he’s been get­ting uncom­fort­able and stiff, he was doing his best to Dog, but strug­gling. A dog physio I know rec­comend these to try so. The evening after the first load­ing dose, he was vis­i­bly more relaxed, walk­ing bet­ter. Things have con­tin­ued to improve. Yes­ter­day he hopped up on the sofa like it was NBD, and he’s excit­ed to go on his allo­cat­ed lock-down break out walk every day. I was not expect­ing such a quick improve­ment, it’s been life chang­ing for Max… if they made dos­es for 1.5kg tas­man­ian dev­ils I’d start our 8yr old on the reg­u­lar edi­tion for main­te­nance, but the size is a lit­tle tricky for her face to get around 🙂

  8. Emcee

    They workI noticed that my dog was more tired/lethargic, bones creaked a lot, always stretch­ing, I went to the Vet who rec­om­mend­ed YuMove adult. My dog was on these tablets for over a year and they worked amaz­ing­ly but I noticed the creak­ing bones was start­ing to come back a bit as my dog was get­ting old­er and was now 9 years old so I upgrad­ed to YuMove Senior. She is now back to her good old ener­getic self, bones do not creak as much and just her gen­er­al demeanour is better.Also, my dog is noto­ri­ous­ly bad at tak­ing med­i­cine, even hid­ing tablets in cheese or oth­er treats she will not take them. Not a prob­lem with these vit­a­min tablets, they are not too big, easy to swallow/chew and must have a nice taste as my dog eats them like they are a treat.These tablets work, (at least for my dog who is a mini schnau­zer) I high­ly rec­om­mend to any dog lover wor­ried about their dogs Joint health, I only wish I had start­ed giv­ing them to her earlier.

  9. robkar­lee

    Can’t rec­om­mend enoughWell, at the week­end our dog could­n’t get up off of his blanket,so, I decid­ed to give these a try,what can I say after less than a week of using them our boy is like a pup­py run­ning around ‚pain free and hap­py , he even asks for them think­ing they are treats, which is a relief as he hates tak­ing tablets and we always have a strug­gle ‚so thank you for thatI will def­i­nite­ly be order­ing more ‚thank you so much for giv­ing us back our pup lol

  10. James Wor­ley

    Caused epilep­sy in my dogI bought this prod­uct for my 13 year old Pat­terdale ter­ri­er bitch who is suf­fer­ing with joint stiff­ness. After three days of giv­ing this prod­uct, she had a fit — the first ever. Very scary and last­ed 5 min­utes. I didn’t link the prod­uct to this ini­tial­ly, but over the next few days she had two fur­ther fits. As soon as I stopped giv­ing her this prod­uct, the fits stopped and some weeks lat­er they have not returned. Giv­ing her Yumove was the only change we made so I’m pret­ty cer­tain that the prod­uct was the cause. Now maybe my old girl is par­tic­u­lar­ly sen­si­tive to this prod­uct but I would advise any­one con­sid­er­ing using this to be very vig­i­lant and make sure you look out for any­thing unusu­al. Our vet was unable to find any­thing wrong.

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