Lintbells | YuMOVE Adult Dog | Hip and Joint Supplement for Stiff Adult Dogs, with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Green Lipped Mussel

£ 16.79

  • Multi-action dog joint supplement, specifically designed for adult dogs
  • Aids comfort supports joint structure and promotes mobility, thanks to ultra-high quality Omega 3s from our unique ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel, plus a blend of Glucosamine, Manganese, Chondroitin, and Hyaluronic Acid
  • The UK’s no.1 veterinary joint supplement brand*
  • Clinically proven to work in six weeks**
  • We’ve helped over 1.5 million dogs
  • *Kynetec VetTrak July 2021 **Study conducted by Royal Veterinary College. Data on file.


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From the manufacturer



YuMOVE Daily BItes

Important information


Glu­cosamine HCl, Green lipped mus­sel, Man­ganese, Hyaluron­ic acid, Vit­a­min E and C, liv­er flavouring.


  • Small dogs : 1 tablet daily 
  • Medi­um dogs : 2 tablets daily 
  • Large dogs : 3 tablets daily 
  • Giant dogs : 4 tablets daily 


Please be aware that any new changes to a pet’s diet could result in diges­tive upset.

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Additional information

Weight 131.54 kg
Dimensions 7.62 × 7.62 × 6.35 cm
Pet Type


Product Dimensions

7.62 x 7.62 x 6.35 cm; 131.54 Grams

Item model number


Breed Recommendation

All Breed Sizes

Pet Life Stage

Adult Age 5 to 7

Allergen Information







120 Tablets


363 Millilitres

Number of Items




Storage Information

Store in cool dry place

Special Features

Makes a tail-wagging difference in 3 ways

Specific Uses


Batteries Required


Batteries included


Item Weight

132 g



Date First Available

1 Jan. 2010




  1. C_Wxm

    Worked for our Labrador. Rec­om­mend­ed for any­one with a dog who has mobil­i­ty issues.We have a black Labrador bitch, who suf­fered from stiff­ness espe­cial­ly in the evenings. This sup­ple­ment was rec­om­mend­ed to us by a vet and a num­ber of oth­er near­by dog owners.They are giv­en once a day and we give our lab three a day. We tried giv­ing it by hand but she refused them. We now put them at the bot­tom of her food bowl and as she’s a lab, her food isn’t in her bowl long enough for her to notice the tablets and we’ve no longer had a prob­lem with her tak­ing them.Since she has been tak­ing the tablets, we have noticed that she has a lot more ener­gy and the stiff­ness seems to have gone. Buy­ing the tablets in the tub of 300 seems to be the best val­ue and I’d rec­om­mend these to any­one with a dog with mobil­i­ty issues!If you found this review help­ful, can you please help me by click­ing on the help­ful but­ton. Thanks

  2. Daki82

    PET OWNERS BE CAREFUL before you give this sup­ple­mentFel­low dog own­ers please read this and please be care­ful. I have a 8 and a half year old yorkie and being a respon­si­ble pet own­er I asked the vet to rec­om­mend a good joint sup­ple­ment for my dog as he’s now a senior dog and was rec­om­mend­ed yumove. Mil­ly loved them and had the rec­om­mend­ed amount which is one tablet a day for the past 2 months. On 24.08.2020 very sud­den­ly she start­ed to throw up yel­low bile and she dete­ri­o­rat­ed rapid­ly overnight. On 25.08.2020 morn­ing she was tak­en to the vet, she had a weight loss of 850g which is very sig­nif­i­cant for a dog that is less than 4KG. What was con­cern­ing was her liv­er ALT lev­els. She had a den­tal clean up done 2 months ago there­fore her weight and bloods were checked, all nor­mal and she start­ed to have the sup­ple­ment soon after the den­tal work. Her ALT lev­els 2 months ago was 60 ((nor­mal range is with­in 25–120). Where­as when she was severe­ly unwell and tak­en to the vet on 25.08.2020 her ALT lev­els had reached to an alarm­ing 800. So alarm­ing that the vet sus­pect­ed liv­er dam­age or liv­er dis­ease. She was not giv­en med­ica­tion only an anti nau­sea injec­tion as she was throw­ing up yel­low bile. I had stopped giv­ing her yumove since 23.08.2020 (sun­day night) and she was tak­en to the vet on Tues­day morn­ing, she recov­ered ful­ly by Thurs­day (i.e the liv­er recov­ered as she was­n’t hav­ing yumove any­more). I was alarmed to read that liv­er dam­age is a pos­si­ble side effect of one of the main ingre­di­ents in joint sup­ple­ments in both humans and ani­mals — Glu­cosamine. I have been in touch with Yumove as well as they need to have a warn­ing in place relat­ing to the pos­si­ble liv­er dam­age caused by this ingre­di­ent. Please do your research and you will come across a paper by a Cana­di­an vet jour­nal with ref­er­ences. Please be care­ful before you give this sup­ple­ment to your dog. I very near­ly lost my lit­tle one and I was only try­ing to be a respon­si­ble dog own­er and in look­ing after her the best way I could.

  3. E.Meredith

    Mirac­u­lous resultsMy aging Gold­en retriev­er had stopped want­i­ng to join my oth­er dogs for any walks. She would come out of the house and lie down and wait for us to return. I thought well, we all slow down as we get old; but I searched online and found these. I exam­ined the ingre­di­ents and must admit I was scep­ti­cal if they could help her.I gave her 3 a day, mixed in with her break­fast. With­in 4 days, she was on every walk; with­in a week she is in the lead, jump­ing into the riv­er, swim­ming, play­ing vig­or­ous­ly with the oth­ers and last night, she took her­self on a much longer walk than any of the rest of us felt like!Being a doc­tor, of course I have thought care­ful­ly whether there is any oth­er expla­na­tion for this mirac­u­lous trans­for­ma­tion, but there real­ly isn’t. She’s hav­ing exact­ly the same lifestyle/food/weather etc as before.If some­one had told me this could change her well-being so dra­mat­i­cal­ly in such a short time, I would­n’t have believed them, but it is real­ly true.I am now buy­ing these on sub­scribe and save and could not rec­om­mend them more high­ly. P.S it is much cheap­er to buy them in 300 tablet packs. Well worth try­ing if your dog has any mobil­i­ty issues.

  4. Rana

    Fan­tas­tic Prod­uct for my 15yrs GSDAfter my 15yrs old GSD start­ed show­ing signs of weak­ness in this back legs around the age of 12yrs, I did what most of us do, vis­it the Vet. After some pok­ing and pulling, my Vet sad­ly diag­nosed Arthri­tis, which is com­mon a breed his age.The Vet pre­scribed anti inflam­ma­to­ry and pain reliev­ing drugs and then informed me he’d be tak­ing this for the fore­see­able future!After some search­ing online i came across YuMove.I was opti­mistic and these sup­ple­ments did­n’t let my dog down.They did exact­ly what they state on the pack­ag­ing. I start­ed see­ing a notice­able dif­fer­ence in my dogs mobil­i­ty and he appeared a lot more happier.Within a month, I saw a sig­nif­i­cant pos­i­tive impact on his mobil­i­ty, flex­i­bil­i­ty and mood.He could go for longer walks than before.If your dog has mobil­i­ty issues then you must give these a try.PROS- Fast results- All Nat­ur­al Ingre­di­ents, instead of harsh drugs- Not just a high dose of Glu­cosamine but added Vit­a­mins to help absorp­tion to see faster results- Can be eas­i­ly mixed into food or bro­ken down- Avail­able on Ama­zon Prime- Effec­tive — does what it promis­esCONS- Does­n’t last very long for large breeds

  5. P C.

    Amaz­ing results.Our Labrador Retriev­er 9 years old was limp­ing bad­ly and went lame, vis­it to vets and they rec­om­mend­ed using these before any x rays etc and with­in 3 weeks he was back to nor­mal. Have been using these for over a year now and is very agile and hap­py. Can’t rec­om­mend these enough.

  6. Valveg­uy

    This prod­uct con­tains LIVERThis was bought for a 12 year old husky on sug­ges­tion from a vet. This review is in no way a review on its use. I can­not com­ment on the prod­uct as far as joints are con­cerned as only one dose was giv­en. My husky has a severe reac­tion to liv­er in any form and I nor­mal­ly dou­ble check labels how­ev­er I had read the Ama­zon web page thor­ough­ly before pur­chase and liv­er is not men­tioned. I only realised when it result­ed in bad diar­rhoea. I neglect­ed to read the com­po­si­tion list on the box when it arrived which is my fault. Since liv­er seems to be a sig­nif­i­cant ingre­di­ent the web page real­ly needs to indi­cate this as I know of a num­ber of dogs with reac­tions to liver.Edit; com­pa­ny apolo­getic in email and real­ly pleased that they have updat­ed ingre­di­ents list to include the liv­er. Husky back to nor­mal after a poor week thankfully.

  7. Ama­zon Customer

    CELLULOSE NOW AN ACTIVE INGREDIENTI have been buy­ing this prod­uct for 5+ years reli­gious­ly. My Lab has 3 tablets per day with­out fail. So before today I have been more than hap­py with the purchase.However, the new batch I have received this month, I realised they had changed the pack­ag­ing slight­ly and the price has gone up too. So I thought I would have a look to see if any of the ingre­di­ents had changed ( as the full list of ingre­di­ents is not avail­able above ). I noticed there had been some changes, noth­ing too major… until I realised that cel­lu­lose was now an active ingre­di­ent. Cel­lu­lose is well doc­u­ment­ed to cause inflam­ma­tion in dogs (espe­cial­ly in tablet form), which can cause; skin irri­ta­tions, ear infec­tions, shed­ding, yeast infec­tions, itchy skin etc.So if you do not want to be vis­it­ing the vets any­time soon and you want your dog to feel heathy — I would­n’t be giv­ing these to your pet(s).I am real­ly dis­ap­point­ed in Lint­bells and I wont be buy­ing this or any oth­er prod­uct from them again.

  8. Jac­ki Stephen

    High­ly rec­om­mend­edThese tablets have been a god­send to my 12 year old ter­ri­er. He has arthri­tis in his wrists, and was strug­gling to jump on bed at night. Was lick­ing his paws a lot due to the pain. After about a week he was like a pup again, and he is so much hap­pi­er and no paw lick­ing. High­ly recommend.

  9. Charles F

    Good for keep­ing active dogs active.We like Yumove, our 7 year old Springer Spaniel has had ops on both elbows but still dash­es around the woods. Oth­er old Labradors in the fam­i­ly are also enjoy­ing their walks which we put down to the Yumove effect. It would seem cru­el to take them off it to prove whether or not this is the rea­son for their mobil­i­ty so we con­tin­ue to give it to them. It can’t be a place­bo as they have no idea that they’re get­ting it!

  10. K. M. Wakefield

    Won­der­ful item won­der­ful ser­viceMy elder­ly Welsh Col­lie is so much hap­pi­er and can move her stiff back legs so much bet­ter after only a few days of use. She has always had a prob­lem with her one back leg hav­ing been born with only two toes on it. I have giv­en her tablets and also chews for stiff joints which are good but was advised to try these by a friend who was rec­om­mend­ed them by her vet. I am so hap­py to see my old girl get­ting up to fol­low her two younger ‘pals’ when they go out­side. Thank you so much for an excel­lent ser­vice with an excel­lent deliv­ery speed. I am over­joyed to see the change so far and look for­ward to keep­ing her and start­ing the oth­er ‘girls’ on them when they start to stiff­en up a bit. Grate­ful thanks.

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