Lakeland Compact 1lb Daily Loaf Bread Maker — White


Colour White
Power / Wattage 530 watts
Number of programs 11
  • There's nothing like the aroma of baking bread - you can wake up to a freshly baked 1lb loaf daily
  • Compact size takes up very little space so is ideal for busy kitchen worktops
  • Features 11 pre-installed settings for crusty loaves, gluten-free bread, wholemeal & French
  • You are sure to find a function to your personal taste. Knead-only function for pizza dough & rolls
  • Buy this product from Lakeland & you can return it for up to 3 years. Proof of purchase is necessary


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Product Description

Lakeland White Compact 1lb Daily Loaf Bread Maker

  • Per­fect for your dai­ly bread, this machine has a whole host of fam­i­ly friend­ly fea­tures and makes bread­mak­ing as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  • 11 easy to use pro­grammes — from knead-only for piz­za dough or roll dough, to gluten free, crusty, and even French! 
  • Small­er in size than your aver­age bread­mak­er — ide­al for leav­ing out on your worksurface.
  • View­ing win­dow in lid — check the bread­’s progress with­out dis­turb­ing knead­ing, prov­ing or bak­ing processes.
  • Delay start fea­ture — you can time your bread to cook — ready for your break­fast toast, or for mak­ing sand­wich­es for the family.
small bread maker

Product Features

  • White com­pact bread maker
  • Ide­al for busy kitchen worktops
  • Makes 1lb loaf
  • 11 easy-to-use pre-installed settings
  • Knead-only func­tion for piz­za dough and rolls

Exactly what you knead…

With pre-installed set­tings for knead­ing, prov­ing, and bak­ing all types of bread!

Too hot to handle?

You can time your bak­ing to ensure your bread is ready just when you want it with the delay start function!

Small and mighty!

Lake­land’s Com­pact Dai­ly Loaf Bread Mak­er is nice and com­pact — per­fect for stor­ing on your kitchen worktop!

There’s noth­ing like the aro­ma of bak­ing bread, and with our White Com­pact Dai­ly Loaf Bread Mak­er, you can wake up to a fresh­ly baked 1lb loaf every day.

Com­pact Footprint

Designed to fit eas­i­ly on to even the busiest of kitchen work­tops or into a small­er kitchen, this com­pact bread mak­er means you don’t need lots of space to enjoy fresh­ly baked bread. What’s more, as it’s so com­pact, it doesn’t take up a lot of stor­age space when it’s not in use.

11 Easy-To-Use Settings

With pre-installed set­tings for every­thing crusty loaves, gluten-free bread, whole­meal and French, there is sure to be a func­tion to suit your per­son­al taste. Eas­i­ly acces­si­ble with the tac­tile but­tons on the top, there are even knead-only func­tions for mak­ing piz­za dough or your own rolls. And to check on the progress of your bakes, there is a view­ing win­dow in the lid.

Delay Start Feature

To make sure your bread is ready just when you want it, whether its first thing in the morn­ing or as you walk in the door from work, this com­pact bread mak­er comes with a delay start fea­ture, allow­ing you to set it to fin­ish at just the moment you need it. And, as the pan is non-stick, your fresh­ly baked loaf will come out with ease.

With a com­pact foot­print, easy-to-use con­trols, and a host of recipes includ­ed in the box, this bread mak­er has every­thing you need to help you enjoy fresh­ly baked bread when­ev­er you like.

31 x 21.5 x 25cm H. (12¼” x 8½” x 10″). 530W.

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Additional information

Weight 4.28 kg
Dimensions 34.7 × 29.5 × 25.2 cm


Model Number




Package Dimensions

34.7 x 29.5 x 25.2 cm; 4.28 Kilograms

Power Wattage

530 watts

Item Weight

4.28 kg



Date First Available

15 Jun. 2014




  1. Jeff Walm­s­ley

    LOVELY BREADMAKER FOR SINGLETONS FROM LOVELY LAKELANDWhen I final­ly became a sin­gle-per­son house­hold 15 years ago, I found the stan­dard bread machine imprac­ti­cal; A full-sze loaf was far too much; and when used to make a small loaf, the shape was total­ly unsat­is­fac­to­ry. A search revealed just a sin­gle, 1lb loaf-mak­er on offer through­out Ama­zon; I bought it imme­di­ate­ly, and have been using one ever since.I still have the orig­i­nal one, but the pan became a bit bat­tered; and since I can’t bear to be with­out fresh­ly-baked bread, even for one day, I thought it wise to buy anoth­er for back­up. By this time, how­ev­er, the 1lb loaf-mak­er had dis­ap­peared from Ama­zon’s British sell­ers’ ranges, and I had to order one from an Ital­ian sell­er. It looked dif­fer­ent, but was the same, although it had a poor­ly-fit­ting lid. Nev­er­the­less, it served, but recent­ly it failed due to the pan’s rotat­ing mech­a­nism hav­ing jammed, and although I soon fixed it, I thought it advis­able to look for anoth­er new one; I found the love­ly Lake­land’s offer­ing again to be the only one on offer. Buthis lat­est incar­na­tion is a much improved mod­el in sev­er­al respects; so the Ital­ian job will go into the reserve pool.What I like most about it is that the depth of the pan has been increased sig­nif­i­cant­ly. I like light loaves, with lots of air in them, and to achieve this, I add a lit­tle more water. I only use Wright’s bread mix­es, which are superb, mak­ing mix­ing one’s own an unnec­es­sary, and often unre­li­able chore. Half a 500g pack is required for this size of bread machine, and to it I add 170ml of luke­warm water — 10ml more than the rec­om­men­da­tion. In the old machine, this pro­duced a loaf which rose far enough to stick to the lid. In the new machine it just ris­es to the top of the enlarged pan, a per­fect result..Other improve­ments are in the con­trols. The “basic” pro­gramme, less 15 min­utes had always pro­duced the light crust I favour in the old machines, and does so in this Lake­land ver­sion — although it noiw has crust-con­trol set­tings, for light, medi­um and dark. The medi­um set­ting less 15 min­utes did the job for me on my first attempt.Another much-need­ed improve­ment is in the vol­ume of the beep, which on the old machines resem­bled a faint mouse-squeak.My heart­felt thanks go to Lake­land for con­tin­u­ing to serve the needs of this elder­ly wid­ow­er, and all oth­er sin­gle house­holds — or just those larg­er house­holds who are addict­ed to total­ly fresh bread every sin­gle day. Thanks are also due to Wrights for their bread mix­es, which make the task of bread mak­ing so swift, com­plete­ly pain­less, and utter­ly reli­able. I start my loaf dur­ing the four min­utes it takes my cof­fee machine to make my 550ml morn­ing brew, and still have time to do a bit of wash­ing up.…I rarely find that the mix­ing pad­dle comes off with the loaf; rather it stays firm­ly attached to its spin­dle. To remove the loaf eas­i­ly, there­fore, I wait until it’s cooled, grasp the pan firm­ly in my right hand, and the loaf firm­ly in the left, and pull hard. Whilst this squash­es the loaf, it springs back to its prop­er shape imme­di­ate­ly. It does tear a lump out of the base of the loaf, but I can live with that.

  2. Jack

    BEWARE, this caught fire last night !!BEWARE, this caught fire last night while my daugh­ter and her 5 year old son were asleep. Luck­i­ly her house­mate arrived back to the house in time and man­aged to extin­guish the flames !!

  3. Mul­li­gan

    Fan­tas­tic lit­tle machine that per­forms con­sis­tant­ly wellFan­tas­tic lit­tle machine that per­forms con­sis­tant­ly well. We use it often and the small loaf is per­fect for 3 peo­ple. We would nev­er eat a larg­er loaf so this is ide­al. Neat and takes up lit­tle space on the counter. We have it out all the time. Arrived quick­ly and well packed.

  4. Phil D.

    Had it two years have nev­er had a decent loaf …Had it two years have nev­er had a decent loaf from it. Con­stant­ly too small or too hard and yes I do mea­sure out ingre­di­ents prop­er­ly. Stopped using it for six months, then tried again just now to see if time was the heal­er. Alas! a small, hard loaf more akin to a rock cake. Rub­bish, its now in the bin. Buy­er Beware!

  5. Ian4

    Love it!This is great! I’ve only used it with bread mix­es so far ( half a pack at a time) but I’m very impressed. It’s so com­pact and easy to use and makes a per­fect small loaf every time. It’s actu­al­ly a bonus that it’s so small because it’s love­ly to be able to have fresh bread every day and is just enough for the two of us.

  6. Eas­t­end­girl

    Fresh bread dai­lyHave used an elec­tric bread mak­er for over 25 years,during which time I have had 3 dif­fer­ent mod­els. Recent­ly my cur­rent ver­sion gave up the ghost…after 2 years of twice a week use !! As there are only two of us at home now,I decid­ed a small­er ver­sion would be more ben­e­fi­cial as we like our bread fresh dai­ly and toast­ed the sec­ond day. The 1lb. size is per­fect for this and now there is no waste [or the temp­ta­tion to use left­overs for bread pudding/bread and but­ter pud­ding] Due to the com­pact size and shape this bread mak­er sits very hap­pi­ly on the work­top in the small­est of spaces.

  7. R. Wood­ley

    Love my new bread­mak­erI have nev­er made bread before, so brought this prod­uct based on the reviews. It arrived with­in a cou­ple of days of order­ing, well pack­aged, no assem­bly required. I have since made my first loaf and was real­ly pleased with the out­come. There are only the two of us, so this size machine is per­fect. I made a french bread first as I read that it would come out light and fluffy with the french bread flour. Real­ly pleased with the result, I had thought it would take sev­er­al attempts to mas­ter, but as long as you weigh the ingre­di­ents and put them in the machine in the order stat­ed, the bread comes out per­fect. The bread did get a lit­tle stuck in the bread tin after bak­ing, but got it out even­tu­al­ly. There is a trou­bleshoot­ing sec­tion in the recipe book which said I should have put a lit­tle oil around the tin first, so hope­ful­ly that won’t be a prob­lem next time. The bread was love­ly and great for toast too.

  8. Nori­na Suriano

    Dis­ap­point­edI metic­u­lous­ly mea­sure accord­ing to recipes in book, but my loaves turn out dif­fer­ent­ly . Small amounts of water and oil leak out of the bot­tom of the machine, which I’m sure affects the end baked result

  9. Kj

    As it is now only me in the house (fam­i­ly grown up) I only need­ed a small machine and this was a great choice and a good priceHav­ing had a bread machine before, I want­ed to start mak­ing bread again. As it is now only me in the house (fam­i­ly grown up) I only need­ed a small machine and this was a great choice and a good price. The machine is very easy to use, makes a love­ly loaf of bread. The only crit­i­cism I have though, even on the low bake set­ting I find the crust is too hard. Easy solu­tion, use the dough set­ting and bake in the oven for a more con­ven­tion­al loaf. As I still have recipes from my old machine, I have exper­i­ment­ed and have found this machine will mix (dough set­ting) a recipe that uses 1lb of flour. So I score all the way, as my Gar­lic and Rose­mary Focac­cia is loved by all who have had it.I have not tried doing any cakes or sweat treats, as I pre­fer the con­ven­tion­al way.I did con­tact Lake­land, as I found I had a vouch­er I had not used. They could not cred­it me imme­di­ate­ly (hav­ing ordered the machine through Ama­zon) but sent a cheque which arrived the same day. Very help­ful and con­sid­er­ate cus­tomer services.Highly rec­om­mend this Bread mak­er — espe­cial­ly if there are only 1 or 2 folk in the house.

  10. Bet­ty

    I think we may have a love hate rela­tion­ship to be hon­estNot had my bread mak­er long so still exper­i­ment­ing and get­ting used to it. I think we may have a love hate rela­tion­ship to be hon­est. Lol. The pad­dle does stick inside the bread which is not so good, and the bread is dif­fi­cult to get out. I’ve found if l oil the pan and the pad­dle well before putting in the ingre­di­ents, this helps, then give the pan a good shake to get the bread out. I’m per­se­ver­ing with it and hope it will get bet­ter the more l prac­tice. It’s a great size lit­tle machine which l keep out on the work top as it does­n’t take up to much room and means I’ll use it rather than put it away in a cupboard.

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