Kizplays Remote Control Cars Remote Control Car Stunt RC Car for Kids,RC Stunt Car with 360°Flips Rotation Remote Control Cars

£ 14.44

Toy vehicle form Car
Brand Kizplays
Power source Battery Powered
Material Plastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Control method Remote
  • The RC Cars that make Stunts!- This remote control car can race, and, perform double-sided driving, 360° spins and flip with its LED dazzling headlights. Moreover, the car's back wheel can stretch for transformation. Great kids toys to let the little boys and girls enjoy a wonderful car show & fun.
  • Durable 4WD remote control cars- These remote control cars for kids are made of ABS plastic of good quality! With firm structure this rc stunt car is sturdy enough for little boys and girls.
  • Kids control friendly - The radio control for this RC car simplifies the operation for novice skill level. And, this compact-size RC car makes it easy to learn & explore. A great gift for kids.
  • High speed and rechargeable- 2.4GHz high specific frequency. The USB charger requires only 100-120 minutes of charge time. Then provides LONGER PLAY TIME: The fully-charged remote control car can stay on for up to 25-30 minutes, while others, only 7-10 minutes of play time. Compare.
  • The RC Cars that make Stunts!- This remote control car can race, and, perform double-sided driving, 360° spins and flip with its LED dazzling headlights. Moreover, its back wheel can stretch for transformation. Great kids toys to let the little boys and girls enjoy a wonderful car show & fun.


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Product Description


Kizeefun 360° Remote Control Stunt Car Give Child a Happy Childhood


Dri­ve with music and col­or­ful light

Runs for 30 min with recharge­able battery

Oper­ate eas­i­ly with auto­mat­ic dri­ving mode


Product Content

Stunt Truck*1

USB charg­ing cable*1

Auto­mat­ic dri­ving mode*1




Unhindered Progress

This remote con­trol car can race, and, per­form dou­ble-sided dri­ving, 360° spins and flip with its LED daz­zling head­lights. The stunt car can con­tin­ue to move even if it encoun­ters poor road con­di­tions such as steps.

Operate Easily

The auto­mat­ic oper­a­tion han­dle has four but­tons: for­ward, back­ward, left, and right. It is easy to oper­ate, has high sen­si­tiv­i­ty, and can change direc­tions quickly.

Pleasant Music and Colorful LED Light

The remote con­trol stunt car is accom­pa­nied by pleas­ant music and col­or­ful light. It can help child to relax and be happy!


Best Gifts for Kids

No child will refuse so excit­ing stunt car toy! It will be the best gift for your kids and gain your love and company.

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Additional information

Weight 530 kg
Dimensions 24.1 × 14.9 × 14.4 cm
Package Dimensions

24.1 x 14.9 x 14.4 cm; 530 Grams

Batteries Required


Batteries included


Material Types

Plastic Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene



Date First Available

6 Nov. 2021




  1. MrsSara­hE

    Sim­ply Rud­dy Ter­ri­ble — Every­one Shift­ing the BlameI see you’re already con­fused because I’ve giv­en it a fair num­ber of stars, the prob­lem is that there was noth­ing wrong with the con­trols, and it’s excel­lent val­ue for money.But that all comes at too hefty a price in my opin­ion. I looked on with excite­ment on Christ­mas Day when my 4yo opened it. She instant­ly fell in love with it. The lights are pret­ty good. The music? Well. It’s very, very loud, plus it sings two lines of about 5 songs, on repeat, on a loop.I was utter­ly out­raged. To the point I was clutch­ing my pearls. I imme­di­ate­ly con­tact­ed Father Christ­mas to request he come get it, but he said he’s just the deliv­ery dri­ver, and that I’d have to request a refund from the sup­pli­er — Amazon.I’m not con­tent with just a refund. I need Ama­zon to pay for anger man­age­ment class­es due to my new­ly found rage, ther­a­py to help me get hold of it, and cou­ples coun­selling we now need because we spent the best part of the Christ­mas hol­i­days try­ing to appor­tion blame. I blamed him for not being able to break that par­tic­u­lar part of the cir­cuit, he blamed me for buy­ing the blom­ing thing in the first place. He’s accused me of blam­ing FC just to absolve myself of any wrong­do­ing. He was jol­ly well rude and jol­ly well cross.Please do the right thing.

  2. Lisalash­es

    Pup­py enjoyed his carVery steardy. Love the music & lights also glad you can turn the music of!! Any­way pup­py had alot of fun with it. Enjoyed chas­ing it all over the house. 😁

  3. Christi­na

    Great fun was hadPer­fect lit­tle toy but could do with a vol­ume but­ton. Easy for my 3 year old use..Nice and colour­ful. Bat­tery does­n’t last very long but does­n’t take too long to charge

  4. Ama­zon Customer

    So much excite­ment for 2 years old BoyRemote con­trol car bid all oth­ers present this year for my family.We all were so hap­py for our lit­tle one age 1year and 8month : he was so busy with this car, that we have time for our­selves for adults talk. No cry­ing, no chas­ing mum to hold him, pure enjoy for every­one. Perfect.

  5. Readallofit

    GreatMy daugh­ter loves it

  6. Sue hay­den

    Remote carGreat fun easy to use

  7. Jay

    Very good for the priceImpres­sive.

  8. p j whitehead

    most chil­dren can use itthe car runs quite easy & can be used by most ages

  9. Cogent Aspara­gus

    Singing Stunt Car Is Fast & Furi­ous Fun!The media could not be loaded.

     This Kiz­play Stunt Car is a real­ly fun, fast and resilient remote con­trolled stunt car that amps up the audio-vis in what is real­ly a pret­ty basic RC car. It looks great, very colour­ful, helped by the LED light­ing in the big, boun­cy wheels and in the chas­sis. You can have just the lights on, or you can choose to have lights AND sound — there is a selec­tion of very boun­cy J‑Pop style ren­dered at a high­er vol­ume than the inter­nal speak­er can han­dle, so is a lit­tle dis­tort­ed — and with no vol­ume con­trol I fan­cy par­ents will tire of this fea­ture a lot soon­er than the kids! In con­trast to the fan­cy liv­ery of the vehi­cle itself, the remote con­trol hand­set is pos­i­tive­ly spar­tan — it looks more like a very rough cast of a RC unit — most of the fea­tures on it are sim­ply mould­ed and the only func­tion­al con­trols are the forward/back joy­stick on the left and the left-right joy­stick on the right. It’s pret­ty basic, but it’s all that’s need­ed. I should point out that the left-right joy­stick does­n’t turn the wheels to steer in the con­ven­tion­al man­ner; it rotates the front axle entire­ly and flips the car over! This of course mean it’s pret­ty ran­dom — you can’t race it around a track. But that’s the point of this, it’s made to rock and roll and rum­ble and crash and bash about the pace. It moves at quite a clip and it real­ly is crazy fun — the plas­tic is very resilient and there is insuf­fi­cient size, speed and pow­er to do any real dam­age to any­thing. The bat­tery for the car is recharge­able, as a motor uses a lot of juice, but the remote uses two AA bat­ter­ies, and those are not sup­plied. Fast and furi­ous, bright and bois­ter­ous, this illu­mi­nat­ed, singing stunt car is a lot of fun at a very rea­son­able price.

  10. JohnE5

    Stun­ning or Should I say Stunt­ing!This car def­i­nite­ly is “a mixed bag of tricks” but ulti­mate­ly pre­vails. Jour­ney with me, lyri­cal­ly, as I run through its pros and cons.Jumping straight into the cons so we fin­ish on a good note:>This car has no vol­ume rock­er for the music it emits so you are forced to hear its speak­ers blear­ing out if indeed you choose that setting.>The remote con­trol is aus­tere and refus­es to take on the elab­o­rate decor of the vehi­cle itself for the sake of uniformity.>Another puz­zling aspect of the remote con­trol is (in its bid to be plain as pos­si­ble… ok with the excep­tion of cool tex­ture) it negates any sig­nage for the nature of direc­tion of the joy­sticks. Users are lit­er­al­ly forced to gauge the direc­tion of the joy-sticks by what way is phys­i­cal­ly yields.>Even more to the dis­grace of no sig­nage is the hid­den demo but­ton which I made the mis­take of press­ing whilst the car was in my hand, the car then launched to a fran­tic fit of acro­bats that I was only too glad to turn off.>The stan­dard USB does­n’t fit… I would like to just take some time out here to tru­ly reflect on my claim. The whole point of a stan­dard Uni­ver­sal Ser­i­al Bus is that it… well… fits across the board, so I was tru­ly in awe to find that it is not stan­dard. Luck­i­ly USB 2.0 (and up) to Micro USB are extreme­ly preva­lent and I was able to find any to be compatible.>Perhaps the worst yet for­giv­able aspect of this prod­uct is its lack of con­sid­er­a­tion for the aver­age con­sumer… On one hand they have done very well because all you need to do is plug in a micro USB straight into the car itself rather than hav­ing to replace alka­line bat­ter­ies or even open up the bat­tery com­part­ment to detach the recharge­able bat­tery then to plug that bat­tery straight into a USB mains BUT what when the very recharge­able bat­tery that you nev­er need to touch runs down and is worn, refus­ing to retain charge? My argu­ment is that a year or two down the line the process of hav­ing to remove a mul­ti­tude of screws to take off the body from the chas­sis and then the cir­cuit board just to reach the bat­tery clip is far too incon­ve­nient and then how read­i­ly avail­able will that bat­tery and its con­nec­tion be…Finally the good:Which is to say that this vehi­cle with all of its pos­i­tive attrib­ut­es with its RRP and func­tion­al­i­ty is tru­ly supe­ri­or and worth not just the mon­ey but all the cons as well.>Durability is key with a prod­uct like this so sure enough the plas­tics have been con­di­tioned to absorb­ing the vehi­cles very own agili­ty, flip­ping and twist­ing in what would sim­ply be impos­si­ble with oth­er RC cars.> Not only does the body­work have a fan­tas­tic, cool, graf­fi­ti effect but the vehi­cle also lights up in an array of colours promis­ing visu­al stim­u­lus to young­sters.> The Vehi­cle is respon­sive and nip­py> If lights are enough then you can leave the switch in the mid­dle but this car is a mobile dis­co and slid­ing the switch all the way pro­vides an assort­ment of sen­so­ry pleasure.

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