Kids Learning Toys, 2 in 1 LCD Drawing Writing Board and Educational Tablet Toy with 60 Graded Logical Training Questions Cards


Material Plastic
Brand Sanyipace
Age range (description) 3 years and above
Educational objective Counting skills, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination
Number of players 1
  • 【Interesting Matching Game Learning Toys】this is a portable interactive quiz game with great learning value that are perfect for kids over 3 years old. it helps to develop learning skills and encourages independent, self-paced learning with fun through problem solving of various subjects. Prepare preschoolers for academic success with this educational learning set!
  • 【60PCS Graded Logical Question Card】This set comes with 60 double-sided learning cards (120 questions), the question is graded from easy to diffcult, learning theme included number and quantity, figure outline, spatial perception, comparison sort, observation and cognition, analysis and judgement, help kids to recognize alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, animals, foods and so on, also trains kids' logical thinking ability. it is a great christmas gift for preschoolers boys and girls.
  • 【LCD Drawing Writing Board Mode】you can encourage kids to write or draw on this digital board, so that they will not scribble on the wall. erase button of LCD digital writing board make it reusable as the equivalent of 50,000 sheets of paper. Paperless design color drawing tablet is without electromagnetic radiation. this doodle and scribbler board is great tools for children to learn and play.
  • 【Battery Powered, Play It Anywhere】this learning tablet toys required 3 pieces of AAA batteries, which is not included in package. this learning tablet is portable, really a great time killer toys for kids on cars, trains, or plane trip. please be noted that when the device voice is become weak or the write board erazer function doesn't work, try to replace new battery.
  • 【Excellent Customer Service】we offer non reason return & refund within 30 days, and spare parts free replacement within 180 days. please contact us at the first time if you have any questions.


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Product Description

kids learning toys 3+

kids educational games

kids learning toys 3-5

Package Included
  • Sanyi­pace Learn­ing Pad * 1
  • Draw­ing Pen * 1
  • Ques­tion cards * 60
  • User Man­u­al * 1
  • Aged for 3+ years
  • With­out elec­tro­mag­net­ic radi­a­tion
  • Paper­less, resource-sav­ing

Sanyipace 2 In 1 Learning Toys & Drawing Board

An excit­ing match­ing game full of ques­tions and answers! Fun to learn alone or with fam­i­ly. Filled with over 120 Q&A and learn about num­bers, ani­mals, shapes, colours, pat­terns and much more, mas­ter count­ing, com­para­sion, obser­va­tion, and judge­ment ability!

  • 60pcs ques­tion card, 120 ques­tion in total
  • Chal­lenge with a series of basic or advanced ques­tions.
  • 6 learn­ing theme, que­tions from easy to dif­fcult
  • 7.5” dig­i­tal LCD drawing/writing board
kids learning toys 3-5
educational toys for 4 year olds
kids lcd drawing board

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Additional information

Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 24.89 × 19.81 × 6.5 cm
Package Dimensions

24.89 x 19.81 x 6.5 cm; 1.05 Kilograms

Manufacturer reference


Educational Objectives

Counting skills logical thinking hand-eye coordination

Number of Game Players


Assembly Required


Batteries Required


Batteries included


Material Types


Material Composition


Remote Control Included




Date First Available

31 July 2021


3 years and up


  1. Nam­ra­ta Agarwal

    Fun edu­ca­tion­al toyI got this for my lil one and she absolute­ly loves it.. This iPad like toy has many dif­fer­ent card options like col­ors, num­bers, ani­mals, actions etc.It is a good way for your child to play and learn at the same time..the repet­i­tive for­mat at many places helps the child to iden­ti­fy and mem­o­rise… It also helps in improv­ing coor­di­na­tion skills..Very hap­py with the pur­chase and this could even be a good gift­ing option.. would recommend..

  2. Dino

    Inter­ac­tive learn­ingReal­ly good inter­ac­tive learn­ing toy. My son is 2 and a half and he loves it. So much learn­ing with sounds. This has kept him busy and away from the tv. Would high­ly rec­om­mend this for any infant.

  3. shaun barnes

    Great lit­tle kids tabletEasy to set up, sim­ple to use with lots of fea­tures for my 3 year old. Good tool to help with basic maths and spellings

  4. Tom­my

    Edu­ca­tion­al funGreat fun, not too easy and keeps inter­est, good inter­ac­tive learning

  5. anem72

    Excel­lent edu­ca­tion­al toy, but unlucky to get one with faulty soundThe media could not be loaded.

     This is an excel­lent edu­ca­tion­al toy made with a strong and stur­dy plas­tic which will make it very durable, it’s such a shame I got a faulty one with no sound. If the sound was work­ing it is unques­tion­ably worth 5 stars. I have giv­en 3 stars because, although it’s faulty, it can still be used. It takes 3 AAA bat­ter­ies and we’ve tried 3 dif­fer­ent brands to be absolute­ly sure — after the video we tried Dura­cell Opti­mum just in case it need­ed high­er strength ones, but we still only got the lights.The read­er comes 60 dou­ble sided ques­tion cards, so there’s 120 dif­fer­ent inter­ac­tive ques­tion cards. The slid­er at the bot­tom of the tablet reads the bar­code at the bot­tom of the cards and will ask the rel­e­vant ques­tion on the card. This one is still light­ing up next to the ques­tions and moves to the next ques­tion after the cor­rect colour but­ton is pressed, there’s just no sound. It means it can be used as long as some­one reads the ques­tion out but it’s vast­ly reduced the appeal of the toy, as it’s not aimed at read­ing age chil­dren. Chil­dren do enjoy inter­ac­tive toys and the pos­i­tive rein­force­ment they get from being told it’s cor­rect or ‘well done’ and a talk­ing toy holds their atten­tion more. With­out the sound work­ing chil­dren will not sit on their own with it oth­er than to use it as a draw­ing board.There is an excel­lent range of ques­tions and the board can be used for drawing/writing like any LCD draw­ing tablet. There’s an erase but­ton at the top and you can lock the screen with the side but­ton to pre­vent eras­ing too. The pen fits secure­ly into the back of the tablet when it’s not in use. My only crit­i­cism, besides no sound, is it doesn’t come with a case to hold the ques­tion cards.

  6. Lsb23

    Fan­tas­tic funThis is a 2 in 1 learn­ing pad toy. (It does need 3 x AAA bat­ter­ies that are not includ­ed ).The front of the pad is an LCD draw­ing pad, which you can draw on with the includ­ed sty­lus. The draw­ing can then be erased by press­ing a lit­tle tri­an­gu­lar but­ton on the front.There are also 60 dou­ble sided cards with games for learn­ing every­thing from shapes to speeds and recy­cling. These cards slot into the front of the pad, it read a bar­code at the bot­tom of each card and then asks a ques­tion. You then press a coloured but­ton on the right of the pad. This coloured but­ton will match a colour on the card, if the answer is cor­rect it gives you praise, if it’s wrong it tells you to try again. Very clever. It is aimed at chil­dren 3 yrs and old­er, I would say this is about right but younger chil­dren may need a parent/adults help with some questions.The voice has an Amer­i­can accent but that’s not real­ly any issue, chil­dren are not like­ly to notice and its cheer­ful and quite loud and lots of fun.Overall, this is a very clever edu­ca­tion­al and fun toy. It’s good qual­i­ty and as there are 720 ques­tions it will keep any child engaged while hav­ing fun. The draw­ing pad is great for qui­et time too. At the cur­rent price of £40.99 I feel this is great val­ue too. High­ly recommended.

  7. Mrs. C. Swarfield

    A excel­lent learn­ing tool for lit­tle ones.This edu­ca­tion­al tablet is a good learn­ing tool for chil­dren. Comes with a huge amount of dif­fer­ent cards and can also be used as a draw­ing and writ­ing board. Excel­lent val­ue for mon­ey this is well made and easy to use. Helps to teach chil­dren in a fun and infor­ma­tive way. When using the cards if the child gives a wrong answer the machine encour­ages them to try again and after three attempts will give them the cor­rect answer.A ear­ly and easy intro­duc­tion to edu­ca­tion for lit­tle ones and is so much bet­ter than giv­ing an i pad too soon. I am super impressed with this edu­ca­tion­al tablet and high­ly recommend.

  8. Les­ley

    So func­tion­al and edu­ca­tion­alI have had great fun test­ing this with my young helper!Pros:Easy to use.Has dual func­tion­al­i­ty it can be a writing/drawing slate or an inter­ac­tive edu­ca­tion­al tablet.Lots of activ­i­ties — just pick one, pop it in, lock it in place and off you go.Quite robust! Ours has been dropped more than once and lived to tell the tale.Good to do as a parent/child interaction.Price is reasonable.This would make a great gift.Cons:The elec­tron­ic voice becomes grat­ing after a while.I’m hap­py to rec­om­mend — 5 stars from me.I hope you find my review helpful 😊

  9. Fr

    2 in 1 padComes on a colour­ful card­board box show­ing you what you’re get­ting. Inside you get the learn­ing pad, pen and 60 ques­tion card sheets. The pad is white in colour and is a good size to hold and use. The screen is 7.5 inch­es. The pen has its own slot to sit on the back, so not to loose it. It can be used in 2 ways, as a lcd draw­ing board or as a ques­tion and answer learn­ing pad. Easy to set up and use, slide the but­ton to choose which mode you want to play in. Sim­ply use the pen to drawn at a press of a but­ton the screen will clear. In the inter­ac­tive mode, insert the card into the slot, use the slid­er and it will read the card and ask you the ques­tion, press the coloured but­ton to give your answer. Each card is dou­ble sided. The cards are bright and colour­ful with clear images on each on. A great way to help with num­bers, colours, shapes and ani­mals. It requires 3 aaa bat­ter­ies which aren’t includ­ed. Easy to use and a fun way to learn aswell as play.

  10. Gem­ma 🐶📸☕️👗🕹🏡

    Edu­ca­tion­al and fun!Though the draw­ing and writ­ing board on this toy is great the real val­ue comes from the huge amount of edu­ca­tion­al cards that can be slot­ted in and played with. It real­ly does make learn­ing fun and is great if you have a lit­tle one who wants to play on a tablet but isn’t quite old enough to have the iPad just yet. Thought it’s aged as 3 plus but some of the cards do seem more dif­fi­cult than oth­ers so will last quite a while as they grow into it. Also be warned that bat­ter­ies aren’t included.Overall I’m real­ly hap­py with this toy and would most def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend it.

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