Ketone Keto Urine Test Strips, Look and Feel Great on a Low Carb Ketogenic Diet, Accurately Measure Your Fat Burning Ketosis,


Brand Just Fitter
Number of pieces 125
Specific uses for product Urinalysis Test, Ketosis Test
  • Accurately Measure Your Ketone Levels as You Lose Weight – Perfect for keto dieters and also when on a paleo, low carb, or fasting diet. Testing at different times of the day will show you when you’re in Ketosis and burning fat for fuel with this urine test strips/urine teststreifen.
  • Monitor Your Fat Burning Levels as You Lose Weight – Ketones are the result of your body being in a ketonic state. Indicating your body is burning fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates which can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Measure precise quality results in seconds. In the comfort of your own home.
  • Achieve Your Health Outcomes – Monitoring your ketone levels indicates your body’s level of ketosis. This helps indicate the level of fat burning according to the type of ketogenic diet you're on. Our urinalysis ketone tester strip will serve as a guide to help you reach your desired outcome. 100 strips with 25 free. 125 strips per bottle.
  • Ketosis Quick Tip for Weight Loss – Cut Carbs to Reach Ketosis. The fastest way to reach ketosis using your diet is by limiting carbs to 20% (approx 20g) of total calories per day. The body can only store a two-day supply of glucose in the form of glycogen, so after two days of consuming no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates, most people go into lipolysis/ketosis.
  • You’re Our Priority – Helping people is our top concern, but high-quality Just Fitter Ketone test strips are sensitive to heat and light. In the unlikely event, they malfunction, contact us for an immediate replacement.


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125 count


Just Fitter

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10 July 2016


Just Fitter


  1. Sil­ver

    A must for any­one try­ing to get into keto­sis.I fol­low a strict low carb induc­tion diet, these are a must and this brand works real­ly well. It takes a while to get into keto­sis, and the small­est thing can knock you out of it. These strips help keep you account­able. That one table­spoon of peanut but­ter, one glass of wine, small bag of nuts.… they all knock you out of keto­sis. These strips could­n’t be eas­i­er to use — put it in your urine stream (or dip it if you have issues), then wait 15 sec­onds and com­pare it to the col­or chart. I was doing real­ly well, then had a cou­ple cock­tails last night at a play and today’s results were not only dis­ap­point­ing, they forced me to keep a strict count on my carbs today, good moti­va­tion. This is a great price plus you get bonus strips. Make sure you keep this jar sealed up and out of the sun in a dry place, they do go bad over time. Take one out and seal the lid back up before you even use the bath­room. I say this from expe­ri­ence. If you leave the lid off once you risk ruin­ing the entire bot­tle. I do feel like they are less effec­tive the old­er they are (once opened).[…]

  2. Rich Moore

    Stick with the real McCoy — Bay­er KetostixI stand along­side the oth­er one-star review­ers here. Bought these a cou­ple of months ago. They have been kept sealed in the con­tain­er, along with the des­ic­cant, in the bath­room. Now they are ALL dis­coloured, hav­ing gone a grey­ish pur­ple — plen­ty of pho­tos from oth­er reviews. Do your­self a favour — spend a cou­ple more quid and get Bay­er Ketostix. Just­Fit­ter are rubbish.

  3. J. K. O’Connor

    They work…if you use them rightNo, they are not as accu­rate as a blood test but they also don’t cost any­where near as much either. You get more than enough strips to mon­i­tor your keto­sis and although the results giv­en aren’t as detailed as a blood test either; the colour on the strip changes and then you match it up with the colour code on the box or bot­tle, they do work. I, like oth­er buy­ers, have expe­ri­enced var­ied results where one minute you’re in keto­sis and the a few hours lat­er you’re com­plete­ly out of it. I think that this is from using the mid-stream method, i.e. pee­ing direct­ly onto the strip. Yes you will get results but i don’t feel they can be trust­ed. The prod­uct itself sug­gests test­ing just the first uri­na­tion of the day to get an accu­rate rep­re­sen­ta­tion of your ketones but i think i have a bet­ter can use any times uri­na­tion you want but instead of pee­ing direct­ly onto the strip, catch some into a small con­tain­er. Here, i do catch just the mid­dle of the stream, let­ting the start and end go on its more nat­ur­al jour­ney down the toi­let. Then i just put the strip into the con­tain­er and hold it there for a approx 3 sec­ond, give it a lit­tle swirl whilst i do being care­ful not to touch the bot­tom or the sides of the actu­al con­tain­er — don’t want any con­tact con­t­a­m­i­nants. Instead of shak­ing the excess off, which i think dries it out before it can do its thing, i treat it more like a spoon in a cup of tea and give it a lit­tle knock on the edge. This leaves enough to be absorbed and test­ed yet not too much where it’s just drip­ping. Leave it rest for approx 10 — 15 sec­onds and you’ll get a bet­ter, more accu­rate result that way with a much deep­er colour to com­pare to the colour guide.Look, they do work and yes it’s a lit­tle more fid­dly and does­n’t give you exact infor­ma­tion like a blood test and you might even get a dud now and then (i haven’t since doing my method) but they are cheap and do the job. If you’re real­ly seri­ous about keto and you have all the cook­books, read all the arti­cles and have decid­ed that it’s going to be a lifestyle and not just a few months diet to shed those extra lay­ers; then you’ve already decid­ed to get the blood tester. If you just want to know if you’ve reached keto­sis and don’t want to prick your fin­ger every day or so — then these strips will do the job for you. If you don’t like them then try anoth­er brand — they’re all in the same price range but this prod­uct in par­tic­u­lar does work and does what it promis­es. Can’t say fair­er than that.Plus it means for men you get to pee into a con­tain­er and if you can’t turn that into a game no mat­ter what your age, then i’m afraid there’s no help for you.

  4. Snazgul

    Keto ConBought these not long after their man­u­fac­ture in June 2017. Use by date was till June 2019. But here we are half way through their usable life and they no longer work. In fact they have not worked for about three months. I now get a neg­a­tive result no mat­ter what. I am a doc­tor and can keto-test at work. I am in keto­sis; but not if these strips are to be believed. In my view a waste of mon­ey as they do not do what it says on the tin. Chose anoth­er product.

  5. flick­ers­boy

    Revised Review — Strips show no change at all in colour from dry state.Fur­ther to my updat­ed review, the sup­pli­er con­tact­ed me with­in 24 hrs and offered me a repay­ment or a replace­ment, and I have accept­ed a replace­ment. I will use the new strips and update my ‘star rat­ing after a week or so. They also offered the fol­low­ing advice:Thank you for your mes­sage about the test strips. Please note that the strips are very sen­si­tive to heat, light and mois­ture, there­fore after the foil seal has been bro­ken the strips usu­al­ly will have a life of up to 90 days. If they have turned a grey­ish colour then the strips have most defi­nate­ly been com­pro­mised. Please note that we do also sell a 3 x 50 reseal­able pack, which is great if you are not like­ly to use the 125 strips with­in the 90 day peri­od. They stay fresh as you only open 50 strips at any one time.….….….……Updated Review — after a cou­ple of months of using these strips, I have con­tin­ued to lose weight, but despite cor­rect stor­age, whilst the strips I first used worked, the strips now do not change colour at all, be it to show I am not in keto­sis or that I am in keto­sis. I assume they are faulty and have con­tact­ed the sup­pli­er, and await a reply.….……Old Review: This was my first pur­chase of Keto strips, so I took some time read­ing the feed­back on the var­i­ous prod­uct options avail­able before decid­ing to buy Ketone Keto Urine Test Strips, and at the time of writ­ing I am very pleased with my pur­chase. After open­ing the mail pack I found that the prod­uct was nice­ly boxed, and the plas­tic bot­tle inside was vac­u­um wrapped, and this had to be removed before I could final­ly open the plas­tic bot­tle to remove a strip, It also includ­ed a good lev­el of prod­uct infor­ma­tion and instruc­tions for use. I have giv­en the prod­uct 4 Stars only because I have just start­ing using the sticks, so can­not real­ly assess their valid­i­ty, although that said I con­tin­ue to lose weight on the Keto diet, and the strips do indi­cate that I am in the Keto zone. I don’t want to get out of the Keto zone just to check out the strips, but if I do, I will update my review to reflect my find­ings. A good prod­uct at a great price!

  6. Mark

    Do not buy! Poor qual­i­ty con­trol, some don’t work at all, oth­ers only par­tial­lyUsing these test strips con­fused the hell out of me.I use the Cronome­ter app to mon­i­tor my Macros, so these test strips were just to be sure and not used every day, yet they nev­er showed me to be in Keto­sis, despite the very low lev­els of carb intake.When the bot­tle ran out, I switched to the new one. The first test strip I used only react­ed on a patch about 2/3rds of the test square, so the neg­a­tive results I’d been get­ting were clear­ly incorrect!Luckily I’m not dia­bet­ic or oth­er­wise depen­dent on the results and had con­tin­ued using and going by my macros on Cronometer.I cer­tain­ly won’t both­er buy­ing them again as I can­not trust the results. A neg­a­tive read­ing could sim­ply be anoth­er dodgy batch or just a dodgy test strip.In this day and age there is no excuse for such poor qual­i­ty con­trol, par­tic­u­lar­ly when peo­ple rely on the results!

  7. Remus

    Good prod­uct, as expect­edKeto diet change my life, I got slim­mer, more health­i­er, I sleep bet­ter, I’m bet­ter look­ing and it got me used to choose only qual­i­ty stuff for me.I found this sticks use­ful in my keto jour­ney, because they give good feed­back and can keep u on track. Keep in mind that the ‘keto sticks’ are known to not be pre­cise, you will not get exact num­bers for your lev­el of ketosis.However, it’s cheap, valu­able and it’s all you need!I can guar­an­tee you that more expen­sive tools like blood mea­sure­ments, breath mea­sure­ments are too much of an invest­ment if you are not a pro­fes­sion­al in nutrition.

  8. Edo Avra­ham

    Absolute­ly point­less — DO NOT BUY!I hard­ly nev­er write a review, real­ly. It takes a prod­uct that sim­ply does not work, AT ALL, to get me to vent my frus­tra­tion., In this case, it took me sev­er­al frus­trat­ing months of being under Keto diet — and nev­er see­ing these strips change their colour — and get­ting the real thing — the Keto-Mojo blood tester which final­ly at the cost of £57 to reas­sure me that I *AM* in keto­sis — to be able to add this review for your benefit.Even when I was on a 24h fast — when ketones nat­u­ral­ly go through the roof — this bas­tard did­n’t change any colours. The thing is that the com­mit­ment to go on Keto is quite a big one — so do your­self a favour and sim­ply do it right.Get the Keto Mojo blood test­ing kit (you won’t find it on Ama­zon UK — but they have a sell­er in the UK for that at — and then get the Carb Man­ag­er app (which will con­nect to the Keto Mojo) and you are set.You OWE that lev­el of accu­ra­cy to your­self. Don’t be mis­led by these stu­pid strips.I wish I could get my mon­ey back.

  9. Andrew John Robinson

    Easy to use.I’m guess­ing at the accu­ra­cy, but I’ve been fol­low­ing a keto­genic lifestyle for a month now, and these strips show I’m in the per­fect range of keto­sis, just short of going into ketoaci­do­sis. How­ev­er, I’m vis­it­ing my G.P. tomor­row to dis­cuss my lifestyle change, as I picked up on this as a good lifestyle for epilep­tics, as I am one. A great side effect is the weight loss, but this is NOT a typ­i­cal diet. It’s more a lifestyle change. It’s also increased my ener­gy lev­els, helped my arthri­tis and inflam­ma­tion and leaves me feel­ing sat­ed. I’ve also noticed I’m not feel­ing as down as I was pre­vi­ous­ly, so I’ll be dis­cussing my ‘diet’ epilep­sy, depres­sion and future med­ica­tion require­ments tomor­row, as well as request­ing blood work tests for ketones, glu­cose, cho­les­terol and insulin lev­els etc. Bet­ter safe than sor­ry. I’ll update when I get my results back.

  10. Samir Laali

    Best cus­tomer ser­vice I’ve had from ama­zon retail­ersI have the 5 star is for their out­stand­ing cus­tomer ser­vice. The prod­uct itself I would give 4 stars just because some strips don’t work but they pro­vide you with more than a 100 so if a few does­n’t work it’s not a big deal but over­all, very good I would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend this to anyone

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