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Flavour Banana Bread
Age range (description) Adult
Item weight 600 Grams
Brand Keto Keto
Specialty No_added_sugar, Suitable_for_vegans, Low_carb
Item dimensions L x W x H 16 x 9.4 x 7.1 centimetres
Package weight 0.74 Kilograms
Net content weight 600 Grams
Package type Box









  • Delicious Vegan Treats - After 3 years of development, Keto Keto has created the ultimate tasty, healthy snack for those on a fat loss, pure keto, or Atkins diet.
  • Truly Keto Bar - All of our vegan products have achieved 100% Ketogenic scores, verified by Ketone Meter Testing, and contain Erythritol which does not increase blood sugar or insulin so don't count in the "Net Carbs" calculation. We have multiple flavours which include sugar-free chocolate making our bars the ultimate keto snack.
  • No Sugar Spike - Unlike most protein bars, Keto Keto bars are pure and contain no ingredients which spike blood sugar, making them truly ketogenic and a great diabetic food. They are also both dairy-free and vegan-friendly.
  • Four Delicious Flavours - Truly tasty keto food is hard to come by. That's why all of our keto snacks and treats are made with taste as a priority. Simply put, our customers LOVE our bars, and we are certain that you will too.
  • Sugar-Free Energy Bar - Energy Bars typically provide lots of carbohydrates. Whether you are on an Atkins diet or a keto diet, our bars provide you with the good fats you need to maintain your goals. Ditch the keto diet pills and grab our tasty bars!


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Product Description

Keto bar, low carb, meal replacement
Keto bar, low carb, meal replacement
Keto bar, low carb, meal replacement
Keto bar, low carb, meal replacement

Important information


Almonds (NUTS), Coconut oil, Cashew nuts, Xyl­i­tol, Ery­thri­tol, Sun­flower Seed, Ground Flaxseed, Cacao but­ter, Arrow root pow­der, Cin­na­mon, banana Nat­ur­al Flavour­ing ‚Gin­ger, Xan­than gum, Salt, Fen­nel, Cas­sia, Star AnisE, Black pep­per, Cloves.

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Additional information


600 Grams


12 count

Manufacturer contact

Keto Keto


Keto Keto

Age Range Description


Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

30 Sept. 2020


Keto Keto


  1. Nid­hish Mundra


  2. Ama­zon Customer

    love the banana breadI’ve reviewed the cher­ry bakewell and now I’m doing the banana bread. They are also real­ly good and I love the authen­tic flavour. Today I broke one up and added it to a bowl of straw­ber­ries and lots of pour­ing cream. It was actu­al­ly deli­cious. My new keto dessert. And also I would like to say it is not fair to call these a con as some oth­er reviews have done. With these prod­ucts you do not count the sweet­en­ers in the same way because they do not have the same effect on the body as nor­mal carbs and sug­ar. It’s the same with Atkins diet prod­ucts. You get the carbs and you get the net carbs. This infor­ma­tion is clear­ly pro­vid­ed on the prod­uct pack­ag­ing. Maybe actu­al­ly read this and do some research before you post accusato­ry reviews because some peo­ple clear­ly do not under­stand how keto works. And no I have zero inter­est in this com­pa­ny. I just can­not stand mis­in­for­ma­tion being ped­dled and not challenged.

  3. Danelle H.

    False Adver­tis­ing!!I was going to write a 50/50 review but then brought it down to 2 stars after I read what oth­ers post­ed about the actu­al net carbs and then looked at the pack­age and real­ized I had been duped. I will be con­tact­ing ama­zon. The coconut was dry where as I had some that were moist. Now the net carbs are 10 grams of your dai­ly intake. I spent mon­ey on some expen­sive food which I Hope wasn’t coun­ter­act­ed by the deceiv­ing net macros from these bars!!! Buy­er beware pls. I will be send­ing these back. Also take a look at the calo­rie intake. It’s quite high I’d you’re doing your macros with cals

  4. Bar­bara A

    Not hap­pyI would have returned this but I had already opened up a wrap to nib­ble on and saw that it had Xan­than Gum which is not good for me and was nev­er men­tioned once . I noticed in the answered ques­tions of ingre­di­ents it was not includ­ed which is decep­tive . I react bad­ly to any­thing that includes that ingre­di­ent if I had know and if they had made that clear I would not have bought . It says 0.3% but I don’t believe it’s that lit­tle . Read the ingre­di­ents on the pic­ture I put up in case you are not good with any of the ingredients


    While they taste good — they are not suit­able for ketoThe side of the box clear­ly adver­tis­es them­selves as 3g “net” carbs, in nice big let­ter­ing. and they mar­ket them­selves as keto.In very tiny let­ter it then says…“We have esti­mat­ed this by sub­tract­ing carbs derived from poly­ols (eryhri­tol and xyl­i­tol) with­in our bags from the total car­bo­hy­drate con­tent. sug­ar alco­hols do not have a major effect on blood sug­ar and insulin lev­els, but indi­vid­ual respons­es may vary.“So ignor­ing their claim about sug­ar alco­hols, the total carbs per bar is actu­al­ly 13grams. These seemed to knock me out of keto­sis. I changed noth­ing else in my diet, had been in keto­sis hap­pi­ly for a few weeks. Had one of these, accord­ing to their claims of 3grams, I would have been at 19grams of total carbs for the day, which is inline with my nor­mal 20gram max.I’d steer clear for any­one that wants to actu­al­ly stay in ketosis.

  6. Ama­zon Customer

    Best keto barThese are by far the best keto bars I have found in terms of the ratio’s between carbs/fat/protein. You should always have a keto bar that is high­est in fat! Low in pro­tein and carbs. (More pro­tein than your body macro % can actu­al­ly make you gain body fat).When I first took them out the box I thought they were pret­ty small, but they are actu­al­ly very thick and fill­ing. The tex­ture of the bar is strange but I per­son­al­ly found it made me eat it slow­er and explore the taste more which is quite yum­my! I usu­al­ly eat grenade bars and they don’t last 5 min­utes and again the pro­tein % is very high with­out the fat to go along with it.So I high­ly rec­om­mend giv­ing these a go for those of you who fol­low a keto diet like myself 😀

  7. HWW

    Keto friend­ly, handy snack bar.The bar is a sub­stan­tial snack whilst keep­ing to low carb / Keto ingre­di­ents. The tex­ture is quite crumbly and although tasty, I was con­scious that Xyl­i­tol is poi­so­nous to dogs so not ide­al to con­sume at home with my two pups.Quite pricey but good for a treat. I’m going to exper­i­ment with using for a cheese­cake style base when mak­ing a Keto friend­ly dessert.**Edited to add addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion — some peo­ple don’t under­stand Keto and not count­ing cer­tain sweet­en­ers that are Keto friend­ly. These ARE Keto friend­ly and once you have deduct­ed the sweet­en­ers, they are low carbs **

  8. Migs

    It tastes good. Very good for keto.These have a weird tex­ture at first and be warned they are extreme­ly crumbly so make aure you eat onto a table or into a con­tain­er or you’re gonna get crumbs all over your house. Once you get past the strange tex­ture then the flavour kicks in and it is rather nice. A good keto snack.

  9. Ama­zon Customer

    Short shelf life — 3 days!? Not accept­able.Received my order on 29/05/2020 for 12 bars… with an expiry date of 01/06/2020! I bought these as a stand­by for snacks for walks etc… so no way I could rifle through 12 in 3 days. Dis­ap­point­ed for price paid.

  10. Mar­ti­na S.

    A good keto bar but too crumblyThe pros:Ingredients are great. No blood sug­ar spik­ing sweet­en­ers like IMOs, sor­bitol or maltitol.Portion size is good as a snack, maybe a lit­tle small if you’re hav­ing this as a meal replace­ment but you can have two.Flavor is good, maybe a bit bland for some flavours. I couldn’t taste the hazel­nuts as much as I would have liked. I got the Choco­late Hazel­nut flavour because I didn’t want any fruit flavour extracts in mine (just my pref­er­ence — are they PG free?). Maybe the oth­er bars would taste better.It’s not too sweet, just the right sweet­ness. Not like a sticky sweet can­dy bar.The cons:It’s way too crumbly, more than I expect­ed. To be fair it says “keto bis­cuit bar” but it’s at the back on the label in small­er print so no one real­ly reads that.Price is a lit­tle high­er. Not com­pared to most keto bars but com­pared to some.Maybe one ingre­di­ent is unnec­es­sary — Xyl­i­tol. It can cause GI dis­tress in some peo­ple so I’d only use Ery­thri­tol and/or ste­via. I don’t mind there’s arrow­root although I’m not sure it ads any­thing. If they used pro­tein pow­der (whey, egg white, plant based or col­la­gen) they’d have achieved the same bind­ing effects.Protein could be high­er espe­cial­ly if this is meant most­ly for peo­ple who want to lose/maintain weight. High-fat bars are real­ly only need­ed for ther­a­peu­tic uses. More pro­tein would make this a more bal­anced meal/snack.

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