KandyToys Kids Die Cast Metal Toy Cars — Racing Cars, Convertible Toy Car Pack


Toy vehicle form Car
Brand KandyToys
Age range (description) 3+ years
Cartoon character Cars
Material Metal
  • Kids Die Cast Metal Toy Car Set contains 4 cars with different colours and patterns. Includes four different styles of Race Car
  • Children can recreate their favourite car scenes and replay them on lounge floors for hours on end
  • Made from a premium metal construction with plastic parts for safety.
  • Comes in a handy storage and display box for either collectors or kids to put away
  • Suitable for Ages 3


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Product Description

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Street Machines

Die cast cars — the per­fect addi­tion to any toy box.

Recre­ate your favourite car scenes, dri­ve your way around the liv­ing room, race around a rug! End­less car themed fun!

Race cars, con­vert­ibles, sports cars, all the favourites can be found here!

Each car comes with excit­ing paint designs in fun bright colours!

Stun­ning atten­tion to detail.

Excel­lent as stock­ing fillers, gifts, or par­ty favours — or even to com­ple­ment any car lover’s toy collection

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Additional information

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 38 × 2 × 26 cm
Product Dimensions

38 x 2 x 26 cm; 400 Grams

Manufacturer reference




Number of Game Players


Assembly Required




Batteries Required


Batteries included


Material Types


Remote Control Included




Date First Available

17 April 2012


3 years and up


  1. Lexus

    Enjoy find­ing these every­whereIt’s been a real plea­sure find­ing these scat­tered round my damn house , my favourite fea­ture of them is when you stand on them bare­footAl­so not sure if they breed , they’re every­where and I’m sure there’s more than what started

  2. John

    Lots of cars. Lots.My wife ordered this because she thinks that my son needs anoth­er 36 cars to add to his col­lec­tion of 38 bil­lion. I’ll obvi­ous­ly take great joy in gath­er­ing them up with my leaf blow­er and snow shov­el. This also joy­ous­ly increas­es the odds of me step­ping on one and falling like a char­ac­ter from Home Alone as my fam­i­ly laughs at me writhing on the floor in spinal pain. So in sum­ma­ry, the boy was happy.

  3. bri­an

    Good prod­uctI used them to make wall art good prod­uct for the money.

  4. Cecil Hugh­es

    Not so good in your cof­fee!We were look­ing for some first toy cars for our tod­dler. He throws stuff around and so we were look­ing for a first set that was cheap­ly priced as we expect­ed him to wreck them real­ly quick­ly no mat­ter what we spent and on what­ev­er qual­i­ty we bought.True to form he has thrown these around, used them as ham­mers, chewed them, dropped two in my cof­fee (which I only realised when I took the last gulp!) and he even played with them as cars.2–3 weeks in and they’re going strong, only one wheel off one of the cars, he loves them and so we are real­ly hap­py with the pur­chase. Excel­lent price and great enter­tain­ment for him and the rest of the fam­i­ly watch­ing him.

  5. Faye

    Not rec­om­mend­edIf I had seen these in a toy shop I would most cer­tain­ly not have bought them. I’d have rather spent £10 on one of the rep­utable brands and got four great cars rather than these. Two dif­fer­ent styles,and mul­ti­ple repeats. They’re not very well made, with bits of plas­tic and soft met­al hang­ing off some of them. They’re cheap, flim­sy and alto­geth­er a disappointment.I still mark it as 3, because my son Is pret­ty pleased with them and I blame myself for not spend­ing more on the good brands.Save your mon­ey and buy some­thing else.

  6. marj Ven­more

    Awe­some. Very stur­dyActu­al­ly the cars are pret­ty good. I was quite sur­prised how good they where for the cost. My 2 and a half year old grand­daugh­ter want­ed them. She absolute­ly loves them. Also although I didn’t expect them to be of such good qual­i­ty not one had been bro­ken. Any­one with a 2 and a half year child or grand­child. Knows how things get thrown around etc. Most at that age throw through tem­per. They have sur­vived every­thing a nor­mal 2 and a half you old can pos­si­bly do to them. So if your look­ing for a decent stur­dy set of cars. With­out cost­ing a for­tune I def­i­nite­ly would rec­om­mend you buy these

  7. Ms S Hill

    When final­ly received, well worth the mon­eyI ini­tial­ly wrote a scathing review as the item had still not been received. I final­ly received the item hav­ing e‑mailed the sell­er.… and then a few days lat­er I received anoth­er set. I have e‑mailed sell­er to ask what to do with them but there are a few lan­guage issues! Any­way, the cars are fair­ly small, met­al & plas­tic, very light and in a vari­ety of bright colours. My 2 year old grand­son loves them and con­stant­ly sorts them into two piles: rac­ing & oth­er; he also loves to sort them by colour into the same colour plas­tic cups. For the price, they are well worth the money.

  8. Cal­lum Reed

    Per­fect for kidsI bought this for my nephew as he is crazy about cars.The prod­uct is cheap and enter­tains the kids. The cars aren’t of the high­est qual­i­ty but what more can you expect for the quan­ti­ty and the price.I’d rec­om­mend this prod­uct for peo­ple who are search­ing for things to buy their nib­lings for Christ­mas, a bit like me36 cars for less than £8 is a steal — buy a cou­ple of these to facil­i­tate your Christ­mas shopping

  9. Mon­i­ca

    Great choice of lit­tle carsI’ve read a few reviews before pur­chas­ing this. Was­n’t quite sure. Haveen 51 cars at a local shop for £15 which I thought in com­par­i­son, this deal wss bet­ter and I would­n’t have to deal with 50 lit­tle cars every­where around the house!! Yes they’re quite tiny but for my son’s new 6 floors garage is actu­al­ly the per­fect size. Plus at speed of light he los­es them when we go out and about so no point spend­ing too much mon­ey. They’re stur­dy enough con­sid­er­ing the price. My son is 3 years old and I don’t think this is haz­ardous for a tod­dler this age as some par­ents reviewed. So over­all I rate it as a great choice. They’re nice, colour­ful, dif­fer­ent shapes, he’s real­ly hap­py with his lit­tle cars. And so far I’ve only giv­en him 10 so there will be more on the way any­time needed.

  10. Mrs Em

    Great val­ueWas con­cerned after read­ing some bad reviews but I need­n’t have been.Yes they are part plas­tic, met­al body­work is thin and so they are very light­weight (they’re stur­dy enough and have sur­vived rough play and being tram­pled on. If any­thing, stand­ing on these cars will be kinder to your bare feet than if they were the old school sol­id met­al ones)Yes there are some dupli­cates or very sim­i­lar cars, but can you real­ly com­plain when they are a frac­tion of the cost of Hot Wheels 8 for £10/£12 when on deal and you are get­ting 36x cars for less?We got a mix­ture of ral­ly cars and for­mu­la 1 style cars in a range of colours, the most com­mon colour being red, green and orange.Having so many cars, they are great for tak­ing out on trips as you’re not fussed if some get lost on your travels.

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