Kalamera KAM-2021PSE Bread Maker 2lb compact digital, automatic bread making machine with 18 programs, 15 Hours Delay Timer, 60


Voltage 220 Volts
Colour Silver
Item weight 6 Kilograms
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 1 Kilogram
  • 18 programs and recipes. With16 automatic programs and recipes you can enjoy a range of gluten-free, whole wheat, French bread, cake, jam, pizza, pasta dough, and so on. The rest 2 homemade programs let you DIY your bread yourself.
  • 3 loaf sizes & 3 crust colors, The loaf size can be 500g, 750g, or 1000g. It is even possible to determine how light or dark you prefer your loaf by selecting the crust color.
  • Easy to use, visible and quiet. You can monitor the baking process through the big viewing window. With the knob switch, it is easy to choose the program and start or stop the baking process. The breadmaking machine keeps kneading ingredients and sourdough quietly.
  • Timer & keep warm function & Memory function. 15 hours delay timer and another 60 minutes keeping warm ensure your bread is ready and kept at a consistent temperature at any time when you want to enjoy it. Thanks to the 10-min memory function, it won't re-bake the food after restarting in an unexpected power failure
  • Non-stick ceramic pan & Accessory. 1 x measuring cup, 1 x measuring spoon, 1 x hook, 1 x kneading paddles, 1 x manual, and recipe included


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From the brand

Product Description

Machine à casser

Bread maker machine

Amusez-vous à faire du pain frais avec votre famille.

Machine à pain 18 programmes

Machine à pain en acier inoxydable

Poêle anti-adhésive

Programmes automatiques

18 pro­grammes et recettes. Avec 16 pro­grammes automa­tiques et recettes.

Boîtier en acier inoxydable

Boîti­er en aci­er inoxyd­able de qual­ité supérieure.

Poêle antiadhésive et accessoires

Poêle anti-adhé­sive facile à nettoyer.

Couleur croûte

Fenêtre visible

Fonction minuteur

3 tailles de pain et 3 couleurs de croûte

La taille du pain peut être de 500 g, 750 g ou 1000 g. Il est même pos­si­ble de déter­min­er à quel point vous préférez votre pain clair ou som­bre en sélec­tion­nant la couleur de croûte.

Facile à utiliser, visible et silencieux.

Vous pou­vez sur­veiller le proces­sus de cuis­son grâce à la grande fenêtre de visualis

Fonction minuterie et maintien au chaud et fonction mémoire.

Retar­da­teur de 15 heures et 60 min­utes sup­plé­men­taires pour garder votre pain au chaud et à une tem­péra­ture con­stante à tout moment quand vous voulez en profiter.

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Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 28 × 35 × 30.8 cm




Product Dimensions

28 x 35 x 30.8 cm; 6 Kilograms


1 Kilograms

Power Wattage

600 watts


220 Volts


Stainless Steel

Special Features

15 Hour digital timer 3 Loaf sizes 10 Minutes memory function LCD Touch screen 60 Minutes keep warm function 3 Adjustable crust color 2 Home made programs

Item Weight

6 kg



Date First Available

23 Nov. 2021




  1. E.S.P

    We love itThe media could not be loaded.

     We have used the kalam­era bread mak­er quite a few times now and test­ed out a few of the pro­vid­ed recipes though we keep com­ing back to the Japan­ese Milk Bread because it’s become a fam­i­ly favourite and we fin­ish the loaf pret­ty much as soon as it comes out of the maker.I would rec­om­mend read­ing the man­u­al sec­tion “oper­a­tion pro­ce­dure” thor­ough­ly before start­ing your first recipe as it talks through the pro­ce­dure and gives help­ful tips on how to get the best results out of the machine. The only issue we have found with the man­u­al is that there are some spelling/grammatical errors.The instruc­tions are very easy to fol­low and it’s easy to get the hang of set­ting the machine for the recipe, the size of loaf and the type of crust you are look­ing for.We have also tried the delay func­tion so that we have fresh bread in the morn­ing. We were wor­ried the the yeast would acti­vate and result in a poor rise but it turned out real­ly good and it was nice to wake up to the smell of fresh bread.We did also try out the cake recipe from the book and it was real­ly dry and flavour­less, so if I were to try it again I’d add some vanil­la and take the cake out sooner.It’s also great that there’s a win­dow at the top of the make so you can see what’s going on inside the machine, though it would be great if there was a light you could switch on to see it clearer.I also like how the machine tells you what stage of the bake it is on (prov­ing, rest­ing, bak­ing etc).The brush­es stain­less steel looks great in our kitchen as it match­es a lot of our stuff so we don’t mind it being on dis­play. It’s less bulky then you would think.

  2. N Rus­sell

    Very easy to use.Dimen­sions are decent and not over­ly large. It stands more tall than any­thing else as it’s on rub­ber legs that I assume stop it from rock­ing whilst it’s in the knead­ing process. Over­all, I real­ly like how it looks. The knead­ing attach­ment is fair­ly short, and I find with some loaves, it can push the flour up the side of the bread tin slight­ly and leave the loaf with a bit of a raised crust up the walls.The bread bas­ket is also small and although there are options to make dif­fer­ent sized loaves, the length will always remain the same, it will just be a taller loaf. These are minor issues that can be solved easily.The lid keeps it sealed but can be opened at any time to help push the flour into the cen­ter of the bread tin.I start­ed with the first basic bread recipe, it was all straight­for­ward and mea­sured straight into the bread tin fol­low­ing their steps. Put the bread tin in, pow­er on the machine, select the weight, and crust colour, press start and you can walk off and come back after a few hours to a fresh baked loaf, it slips out the tin with ease. All loaves I have made get the knead­ing attach­ment stuck in the base of the bread, they give a small met­al hook you can pull it out with but it does rip up the base of the bread mak­ing it hard­er to cut clean slices.After sev­er­al uses, I like it. The bread is in no way bak­er qual­i­ty, but it is bet­ter than super­mar­ket bread. It’s very quick and easy to get going and also has a timer func­tion so you can put your ingre­di­ents inside the night before and have the machine auto­mat­i­cal­ly start the process and have fresh baked bread ready for when you wake up.

  3. Practical_Dad

    It’s no replace­ment for bought bread but it’s pret­ty cool to have ..The media could not be loaded.

     Mega easy to use .. just need to make sure you have the cor­rect flour type and yeast. I head peo­ple say that bread mak­ers are ter­ri­ble and make a sol­id bread but in my case this was not so.I used the Japan­ese bread recipe but used whole­meal flour instead (my mis­take, bought the wrong one and did­n’t realise till I was mea­sur­ing the weights out.) Still came out nice though.My pic­ture does­n’t show it jus­tice, I did­n’t have a bread knife so it squished it a bit and the hole in the mid­dle was left behind from the stir­ring pad­dle which is so hot ever after sit­ting for 30mins.There is no residue left in the tin after the bread is baked so hor­ror sto­ries of flour and clumps of dough are rub­bish. When the knead­ing process fin­ished there was also no dough stuck to the sides, it all formed togeth­er nicely.Machine is not small but if you have the space like me then it’s not an issue — I shown a pic­ture of it next to my air­fry­er to give you some idea of size.I chose medi­um crust but found this too burnt for my lik­ing so I will go light next time round.It isn’t a replace­ment for store bought loaf but now and again a nice crusty fresh­ly baked bread is nice to have.Is it cool to have, def­i­nite­ly — only if you have to space to have it. It is real­ly a great piece of kit.

  4. Cleo

    Mixed feel­ings about itThe media could not be loaded.

     Either I don’t know how to use this or some­thing is wrong with it. I like to make bread from time to time and I have a cou­ple of recipes but the only thing that came decent out of this is the cake. Every­thing else I tried end­ed up like the bread in the pic­tures even though I used the ingre­di­ents asked. It seemed undone.I was real­ly hap­py to be able to just mea­sure the ingre­di­ents and not have to wor­ry about times of rest and times of knead­ing or the baking.The recipe book and the instruc­tions are easy to fol­low and it is a very easy to oper­ate device. I will still try to fig­ure out a recipe that suits our needs.Also I don’t real­ly like the knead­ing bit that is not fixed and comes off with the bread. I man­aged to cut the coat­ing off of one side because I couldn’t take it out from the bread and when cut­ting the bread I had no idea where it was so I tried cut­ting a small bit off the side of the bread but it turned out it was turned towards that side. So in that regard a bit of a flaw in the design. I haven’t used oth­er bread mak­ers so I don’t know how they are.So for now I have mixed feel­ings and can only give it 3 stars.

  5. Noz­za

    Easy to use. Great for dough­mak­ing and prov­ing as well as bak­ingA ver­sa­tile bread mak­er that is great for mak­ing dough and prov­ing, as well as bak­ing your own loaves. Sim­ple and clear instruc­tions. Styl­ish. Easy to use. Recommended.

  6. Pork­pork­liao

    Very good qual­i­ty and easy to useI like the timer func­tion, Con­ve­nient and easy to use

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