iglu Reusable Coffee Cup | Thermal Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Lid | 12oz / 340ml Mugs | Double Walled


Brand Iglu
Special feature Leak Proof
Colour Ocean Teal
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 340 Grams
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - stay hydrated in style with our funky and sleek tumblers that take care of your favourite to-go drink. Your iglu coffee tumbler is engineered using only the Highest Quality Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel. Our splash-proof lid and sweat-proof technology mean you don’t have to worry about unnecessary leaks or condensation.
  • TASTE & TEMPERATURE RETENTION - Whether it’s keeping your tea, coffee, or hot chocolate warm or your beer, wine, or water cool – our reusable cups keep your favourite beverages hot or cold for hours. An electro-polished interior will ensure your insulated iglu remains pure and rust-free, imparting NO unwanted flavours, and giving you a clean-tasting drink every time.
  • BARISTA & ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE – the ideal size to fit beneath your home coffee machine or favourite local coffee shop making it a reusable and eco-friendly choice. You're reducing your waste from disposable and plastic cups, making a greener choice as well as a money-savvy one. With coffee shops often offer discounts for you when you bring your own reusable iglu mug.
  • GREAT GIFT – presented in a beautiful Gift Box and available in a variety of colours you’re sure to find your small insulated coffee cup (ideal for both men and women). Smooth, comfortable, and cool to touch, the powder-coated finish will resist scratching and fading meaning your iglu should last you a lifetime. The curvaceous design means they tend to fit larger cup holders but check out our 16 & 20oz coffee cups if a cupholder-friendly design is a must for your daily commutes.
  • WHY IGLU? We’re a family business, based in the UK. At the heart of everything we do is having fun and building relationships. We strive for excellence but if we don’t get it right we always treat our customers like family to put it right. If you need support, reviews are anonymous so unfortunately, we’re unable to help you but if you reply to the email you received upon purchase, raise a product inquiry or take a look at the bottom of your iglu and contact us there we’ll be happy to help.


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Product Description

iglu mugs pink blue black white turquoise

Reusable Coffee Cup

A coffee cup with character…

Engi­neered to last a life time and beau­ti­ful­ly designed and fin­ished — you’ll nev­er want to be with­out your iglu, mean­ing you’ll sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce or stop your reliance on sin­gle use plastics.

Lit­tle things add up to make a big difference.


  • 340ml Capac­i­ty
  • BPA Free Clear Lid
  • Ergonom­ic Design
  • Dou­ble Walled Insu­la­tion
  • Pre­mi­um 18/8 Stain­less Steel

iglu mug hot chocolate

iglu mug coffee machine

iglu stainless steel food pot 500ml

Have Fun

Your iglu doesn’t just have to be for cof­fee… morn­ing yoghurt and berries, lunchtime soup or noo­dles or a wine tum­bler to end the day off.

Ergonomic Design

A cur­va­ceous shape makes for com­fort­able hold­ing and a cosy fit for your home cof­fee machine or your favourite cof­fee shop. Keep­ing your every­day cup of cof­fee, hot choco­late, or tea warm on the morn­ing commute.

Made From Premium Materials

All iglu’s are made from pre­mi­um, high-grade 304 stain­less steel pre­serv­ing the fresh­ness and flavour of your food or drink. Dou­ble walled tech­nol­o­gy means your con­tents retain their tem­per­a­ture for hours, won’t sweat or be too hot to touch.

iglu bottle packaging

washing iglu mug

iglu bottle pink 500ml

Great Gift

Pre­sent­ed in beau­ti­ful and sus­tain­able pack­ag­ing mak­ing it a great gift as well as help­ing end the waste from sin­gle use cof­fee cups.


To look after your iglu we rec­om­mend hand wash­ing or using the top draw­er of your dish­wash­er for the lid and hand wash­ing the cup to ensure the colour lasts for years to come.

Warmer or Colder for Longer

Insu­lat­ed stain­less steel and a vac­u­um sealed lid means your bev­er­age of choice will stay hot for up to 6 hours or cold for up to 12 hours.

brand new matching iglu bottles

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Additional information

Weight 207 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 11.5 cm



Ocean Teal

Product Dimensions

9 x 9 x 11.5 cm; 207 Grams


8.3 Centimetres


340 Grams


Stainless Steel

Special Features

Leak Proof

Item Weight

207 g



Date First Available

31 Jan. 2020




  1. Kly Joy

    A great lit­tle ther­mal cup that won’t get in the way and will keep your drink hot for hours!I used to enjoy a cof­fee in the car on my way to work and have sev­er­al trav­el cups designed to fit in the cup hold­er. When we entered lock­down I need­ed a cup to keep my drinks hot (I get very absorbed in what I am doing and my drinks fre­quent­ly go cold) but the size of the trav­el mugs I own just did­n’t work with my home office. I was for­ev­er knock­ing them over, mov­ing them out of the way.… They just got in the way!Enter the ‘Iglu’!It’s per­fect for what I need. It’s small but the capac­i­ty is spot on. Despite it look­ing small it will con­tain a ‘medi­um’ from Cos­ta, plen­ty enough! It keeps my drinks hot (not warm) for hours. I’m def­i­nite­ly sav­ing mon­ey on cof­fee now I’m not throw­ing 50% of every cup away.It’s very com­fort­able in your hand and no heat what­so­ev­er is trans­ferred through to the out­er wall. It can be a lit­tle deceiv­ing at first and I’ve stung my lip on sev­er­al occasions!The lid is remov­able and the lip of the actu­al cup is com­pa­ra­ble to the ones I use at home. I find that often travel/thermal mugs have quite a thick lip that makes drips unavoid­able. This, how­ev­er, is quite the oppo­site. It feels like a real cup/mug.Most often I drink from the hole on the lid. This can be open or closed but I’ve found if you leave the lid ‘open’, your drink cools *slight­ly* quick­er yet still remains hot enough to enjoy for hours. The slid­er to open/close was real­ly stiff at first but it soon ‘wears in’. I have noticed some ‘crack­ling’ (it’s the only word I can think of to describe it!) on the lid. I don’t know if that is through wash­ing (by hand only! Says it on the bot­tom if you acci­den­tal­ly put it in the dish­wash­er) and is a lit­tle unsight­ly. That said, it does­n’t affect its use and if you use it with­out the lid it won’t both­er you anyway.The only issue is, I’m not con­vinced of it being com­plete­ly leak proof. I test­ed it but you do get some drips (admit­ted­ly, not many) but I’d not be con­fi­dent putting it in a bag.Be warned, due to the light colour of the seal it can become dis­coloured (I only drink cof­fee from it but I guess the same would apply for tea). I’m reli­ably informed that you can use hydro­gen per­ox­ide to clean the stains. I’ve yet to try it so can’t vouch for it’s effectiveness.All in all I’m pleased with my ‘Iglu’ and would def­i­nite­ly buy again. I was toy­ing with only giv­ing 4 stars, one off for the ‘drip­ping’ but this is a per­son­al review and this does­n’t affect me, so I’m giv­ing a much deserved 5 stars.

  2. Nia

    A lit­tle bit mis­lead­ing!!A lit­tle bit mis­lead­ing! I thought the whole thing could go in the dish­wash­er… Turns out it’s just the lid!!!

  3. Ama­zon Customer

    Not real­ly worth the price…It was a love­ly cup the first day, but on the sec­ond day, it was impos­si­ble to clean the slid­ing mech­a­nism on the lid, and there were dried cof­fee stains left, which could breed bac­te­ria. The lid also does not stay on when there is a hot drink in the cup. I have filled it to the right lev­el, and the steam push­es the lid up, result­ing in spills. Over­all, it was a fair amount of mon­ey for a pret­ty poor product.

  4. A. Gar­den­er

    Do not buy!Lid broke with­in 1 month of nor­mal use. Just out­side of the 30 day return win­dow. -.-Plas­tic has cracked so the lid will not stay closed. Mug has only been used gen­tly and crack­ing occurred from just open­ing and clos­ing the lid. Way too expen­sive to replace every month.Design seemed good at first. Lid drib­bles when you first put hot drinks in the cup but it keeps drink warm for a decent amount of time.

  5. Guni­ti­ni

    Per­fect trav­el mug*update, I’ve dropped it and the lid now won’t screw on so can no longer use! Gutted.I’ve had the mug for a few weeks now and it’s great! No leaks what­so­ev­er and I trav­el to work with it in a cup hold­er in my bike bas­ket so it gets shak­en up all over. Before with my old mug I had to drink my tea/coffee as soon as I got to work but now I find I usu­al­ly still have a bit left by lunchtime and it’s still hot! It only takes me ten min­utes to get to work. If any­thing I’d say I need to add a lit­tle cold water so it doesn’t burn my tongue it’s just so good at keep­ing it’s temp. The bot­tle is quite sleek but has good grip. The lid is clear plas­tic and is much nicer to drink from than a met­al one, it feels smooth against the lips. And it’s a great size for me as I like a lot of tea/coffee in the morn­ing at work. The only mild­ly neg­a­tive point for me is the Himalayan pink colour is more of a baby pink not a dusky or coral pink which I was dis­ap­point­ed in as it doesn’t look like that in the pics. If I did ever have to replace it or get a sec­ond one I’d love to see it in a duski­er pink or coral shade! Over­all am very hap­py and would def­i­nite­ly recommend.

  6. Paul D.

    Fan­tas­tic prod­uct with cus­tomer ser­vice to match.Like a lot of peo­ple, I’ve been work­ing for home for the past year. I’ve found with monot­o­nous and annoy­ing reg­u­lar­i­ty that my hot drinks don’t take long to get cold, par­tic­u­lar­ly if I’m engrossed in my work or on a con­fer­ence call. I need­ed a solu­tion and the Iglu mug is it.It’s pret­ty light in the hand and the pow­der coat­ed sur­face pro­vides a nice tex­ture to hold. I can see why some review­ers have not­ed that it can be dif­fi­cult to hold for those with small­er hands. I have annoy­ing­ly small hands so this is some­thing I can real­ly relate to. It’s not that bad though, I just hold the mug with my lit­tle fin­ger tucked underneath.I’m guess­ing that the lid has recent­ly been re-designed because mine does­n’t slide, it flips open and closed. There’s also a vent cap in the mid­dle of the lid, which can also be used to place a straw.I’m find­ing that hot drinks stay very hot for two hours, hot for a fur­ther two and warm for two hours after that, which is pret­ty good going. For best results in keep­ing drinks hot for longer, I let boil­ing water stand in the mug for ten min­utes before use and then replace with fresh­ly boiled water. In between sips, I close both the vent cap and drink­ing cap on the lid.I’m also find­ing that I can drain my mug with­out wear­ing the final mouth­ful of drink, so the new cap is bang on the money.I’ve test­ed my mug by hold­ing it upside down over the sink whilst full of green tea and it did­n’t leak. I did­n’t shake it, I just held it there. Whilst I would­n’t sug­gest that this is defin­i­tive proof that the mug is leakproof, I would go so far as to say mine is most cer­tain­ly spill proof. Seems like the re-designed lid is way bet­ter than its predecessor.Enclosed in the mug on deliv­ery is a handy note with some basic instruc­tions; fol­low these and and you won’t go too far wrong.Iglu’s cus­tomer ser­vice is on anoth­er lev­el. I emailed them late Sat­ur­day evening with a gen­er­al query. I’d have been hap­py with a reply on Mon­day morn­ing but no, I had a reply in less than two hours. I might just have been lucky regard­ing the tim­ing but my issue was resolved with a clear, con­cise response giv­ing me the guid­ance that I need­ed. Thank you, Jodie. If this is stan­dard oper­at­ing pol­i­cy for Iglu, then the com­pa­ny has a pret­ty bright future.As a final point, I’m that impressed with my lit­tle mug that I head­ed over to Iglu’s web­site and bought a 16oz mug for use in the car.Buy one of these mugs, fol­low the instruc­tions and you will not be disappointed.

  7. Mr White

    Fan­tas­tic reusable cof­fee cupI ordered this for my wife who has had a lot of resuable cups over the past few years. She was sur­prised and real­ly pleased when she opened this. It is a real­ly good, well made cup. Unlike most reusables, this fits per­fect­ly under our espres­so machine.Keeps your drink hot or cool real­ly well and looks fantastic.

  8. Evil-lyn

    Not the best design.So, heat reten­tion seems good so far, but what’s real­ly annoy­ing and a bit of a let down for me is the bell bot­tom shape. They bill this as a ben­e­fit to make it more com­fort­able, but I have tiny child sized hands and it’s not at all com­fort­able or easy to hold because of the larg­er round­ed base.This shape also means it does­n’t fit into any of my car cup holders.The lid is a push on pull off, instead of a screw fit­ting. This means that the hot liq­uid pops the lid off if you don’t leave one of the lid holes open to cool the liq­uid down. Since I fill the cup then put it into my bag to trav­el with it, this kind of defeats the object of hav­ing a leak resis­tant trav­el mug. A screw lid would have been a far bet­ter design; all the trav­el mug iv used have had a screw lid.Also, the small hole on the lid, looks like a straw hole, has a fold­ed piece of rub­ber to stop­per the hole. The fold looks like its going to weak­en and even­tu­al­ly tear. A small unfold­ed stop­per would have made more sense.The plas­tic lid lip to remove the lid is clear­ly not going to last long ; it takes some force to lift the lid off via this lip and not only is that actu­al­ly quite dif­fi­cult, the force required is clear­ly going to snap the tiny plas­tic lip.When I drink from the mug with the lid on, liq­uid is now drip­ping from the lid over me upon tip­ping the cup to drink.Its not the best design in my opin­ion, and is the worst trav­el mug I have bought so far (and iv owned many over the years).I wish I’d bought a dif­fer­ent one.


    Nice cup to extend the warmth of your morn­ing cof­fee.I was look­ing for a cup for my morn­ing cof­fee which I make at home and take to work.. A cup that felt like a cup not a flask and kept my cof­fee warm but not so hot I could­n’t drink it 30 mins later.Now, I love the feel and its super easy to clean unlike oth­ers I have used in the past how­ev­er.. The sip hole is a bit deep and i feel could be a bit fur­ther away from the edge.. But that’s my preference.The only down­side is you real­ly have to leave the straw hole open so the lid does­n’t pop off which means it’s not real­ly leak proof but I have found that if I leave it open for a few mins and then close it works.Overall hap­py with the cup for the use that I have for it but I would­n’t use this for long com­mute trips or throw in my bag moments.Works well with iced drinks too.

  10. josh neale

    Buy This Mug !I have been through count­less trav­el mugs in the course of my work and this is, by far the best I’ve encountered.The colour is great, the fin­ish of the prod­uct is sec­ond to none. It’s easy to clean, it keeps your drinks pip­ing hot and there is the option of dif­fer­ent flow rates thanks to the mid­dle valve. The cus­tomer ser­vice at IGLU is some of the best I’ve stum­bled across (Thanks Jodie !!) and this is a British com­pa­ny which is anoth­er tick.I have NO hes­i­ta­tion in rec­om­mend­ing IGLU to any­body, so stop look­ing at oth­er infe­ri­or prod­ucts and buy your­self the only trav­el mug you need !

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