IAMS for Vitality Hairball Reduction Dry Cat Food with Fresh Chicken for Adult and Senior Cats, 3 kg

£ 13.99

Brand IAMS
Flavour Chicken
Item Form Pellet, Dry
Breed recommendation All Breed Sizes
Specific Uses Stomach, Immune System, Hairballs
  • Cat food with 89 percent of animal protein to support seven signs of healthy vitality
  • Tailored fibre blend to minimise hairball formation
  • Wheat free pet food with no fillers, artificial colours, flavours or GMOs
  • Crunchy kibbles and tailored mineral levels for healthy teeth
  • Cat food lovingly developed with vets and over 70 years of experience


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Product Description

IAMS for vital­i­ty Hair­ball Reduc­tion with Fresh Chick­en for adult cats is a 100 per­cent com­plete and bal­anced food for your cat. IAMS improved recipe con­tains 89 per­cent ani­mal pro­tein (out of total pro­tein) and assists them with hair­ball dis­com­fort. It helps to reduce hair­ball for­ma­tion by up to two times vs. IAMS adult with fresh chick­en. With no fillers, arti­fi­cial colours, flavours or GMOs and a wheat free recipe (pro­duced in a fac­to­ry that han­dles wheat). Only you know your pet’s indi­vid­ual char­ac­ter, but IAMS knows the nutri­tion they need for the Sev­en Signs of Healthy Vital­i­ty. Sev­en Signs of Healthy Vital­i­ty: Healthy Skin and Coat: Omega 3 and 6 to sup­port Healthy skin and shiny coat. Healthy Uri­nary Tract: For­mu­lat­ed to reduce uri­nary pH. Healthy Teeth: Crunchy kib­bles and tai­lored min­er­al lev­els to help reduce tar­tar build up for Healthy Teeth. Strong Mus­cles: High qual­i­ty ani­mal pro­tein and essen­tial min­er­als to help main­tain Strong Mus­cles. Strong Immune Sys­tem: Antiox­i­dant blend with vit­a­min E to help sup­port the immune sys­tem. Healthy Diges­tion: Tai­lored fibre blend includ­ing pre­bi­otics and beet pulp for Healthy Diges­tion. Healthy Heart: Tau­rine to nour­ish the Heart. Helps reduce hair­ball for­ma­tion by up to two times vs. IAMS Cat adult with fresh chicken


Dried chick­en & turkey 41% (chick­en 25%, a nat­ur­al source of tau­rine), maize, pork fat, dried beet pulp (4.6%), pow­dered cel­lu­lose (4.6%), fresh chick­en (4.1%), chick­en gravy, fruc­tooligosac­cha­rides (0.69%), potas­si­um chlo­ride, fish oil, brew­er’s dried yeast.

Box Contains

1 x IAMS for Vital­i­ty Hair­ball Con­trol Cat Food With Fresh Chick­en For Adult and Senior Cats 3Kg

Important information


Dried chick­en & turkey 41% (chick­en 25%, a nat­ur­al source of tau­rine), maize, pork fat, dried beet pulp (4.6%), pow­dered cel­lu­lose (4.6%), fresh chick­en (4.1%), chick­en gravy, fruc­tooligosac­cha­rides (0.69%), potas­si­um chlo­ride, fish oil, brew­er’s dried yeast.

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Additional information

Weight 3.03 kg
Dimensions 10 × 25 × 40 cm
Pet Type


Product Dimensions

10 x 25 x 40 cm; 3.03 Kilograms

Item model number


Breed Recommendation

All Breed Sizes

Pet Life Stage




Item Form

Pellet Dry




3 kg Pack of 1

Number of Items




Specific Uses

Stomach Immune System Hairballs

Batteries Required


Item Weight

3.03 kg



Date First Available

7 Sept. 2018




  1. jen­nifer Howe

    Think it’s great.Two long fur­ry rag dolls boys. Hair ball galore even after dai­ly brush­ing. Iv start­ed feed­ing this. I’m slow­ly mix­ing in with their old food. So far so good, no hair ball and it’s been three weeks now.no more wash­ing up vom­it and fur.I like it and so does my boys.Yep over a month now. A few hair balls but not much. There in 50/50 now.

  2. Fides

    Great for a long hair rag­doll that gets sick…We have tried our Rag­doll on many hair­ball foods. She can­not eat wet food as she gets sick so we are dry only with her. This food she seems to enjoy and her weight and coat con­di­tion has remained the same, she also does not throw up on this! The coat con­di­tion of my Maine Coon how­ev­er is not as good so we are try­ing a dif­fer­ent food with him but for her sick­ness it works.

  3. Cash­pot

    Great for wheat aller­gyWe have a cat with a heart con­di­tion and a wheat aller­gy. She used to throw up dai­ly when using the very expen­sive James Well­beloved dry food. With this she has not been sick since day one! Quite amaz­ing and her skin is cer­tain­ly no worse. Well rec­om­mend­ed. ENSURE water always avail­able as they don’t half drink after eat­ing dry food — milk is no good it must be water. Only 3 stars for flavour — how on earth do I know?! 🙂

  4. Susan Walk­er

    I am giv­ing the hair­ball fea­ture a tri­alMy two cats like Iams bis­cuits. They get through the small­er packe at a rate of knots so this time I have­bought the largest sack I could find, which is good val­ue but takes up a lot of stor­age space. If they can access it, the male will spend the night bit­ing through the bot­tom of the sack even though there are bis­cuits in his saucer. They don’t seem to be eat­ing them as quick­ly as the Iams fish — I could only find this sack with chick­en bis­cuits. How­ev­er it is being eat­en. They are both long haired elder­ly Bir­mans so I aminter­est­ed to see whether the ‘hair­bal­l’fea­ture works and stops them reg­u­lar­ly sick­ing them up.I will come back on line in about six weeks as I am giv­ing it some time to see any difference

  5. Stiv­en Skyrah

    🐱 ❤️ Cats seem to love itIt’s very well priced and my cats seem to love it. I’ve def­i­nite­ly seen a reduc­tion in hair­balls which is very good too! I love been feed­ing this to my cats for around 6 months now, it’s best to slow­ly intro­duce new food to them rather than doing an overnight switch. Over­all this seems very good, they’re always hap­py to eat it. Don’t eat it all in one go and throw up. It’s reduced their hair­balls and it’s very rea­son­ably priced (espe­cial­ly if you use sub­scribe and save and get an extra 15% discount).

  6. Crazy­di

    Great val­ue because they work!Hav­ing tried quite a few so-called ‘hair­ball’ recipe bis­cuits for my cat I had real­ly giv­en up on the prob­lem! We have two long­haired nor­we­gian for­est cats and boy were they pro­duc­ing hair­balls — and in every inap­pro­pri­ate place! That is until I tried Iams and, yes, they do actu­al­ly work. It doesn’t stop the odd hair­ball but the major­i­ty have gone and the cats are hap­pi­er too!

  7. Julie

    Cats are health­i­erI decid­ed to give this a try for my 7 fur baby’s 3 of my girls are very fussy eaters and with oth­er food weren’t putting on weight , I changed to Iams food and all cats are eat­ing bet­ter putting on weight and are quite content.This was best choice I made tried all dif­fer­ent variety’s but this is the one I pre­fer best & so do they all my cats look healthier.Won’t be chang­ing back from this food.

  8. langers

    Got rid of cough.The wife sug­gest­ed I bu6 these hair­ball bis­cuits for a per­sis­tent tick­le cough I had, I wasn’t sure at first but thought the cats could eat them if they didn’t work. They worked a treat, no more nig­gling cough for me, how­ev­er I now have a ten­den­cy to climb trees and lay in the most awk­ward place pos­si­ble. Nice full chick­en flavour.

  9. HariS

    Best for my rag­dollsWe got our rag­dolls and they already ate this, we have tried oth­er foods for them, but this is the one that does best for them with hair balls. We reg­u­lar­ly brush them too, and that and this food means we only get the very occa­sion­al hairball.

  10. Glenn

    Our cats and hedge­hogs love itIams with non plant based pro­tein has always been the best for cats and this is great val­ue for mon­ey. Our cats love it com­pared to oth­er types we have tried over many years. We also use for our hedge­hog fam­i­ly thriv­ing in our back gar­den to sup­ple­ment and help them. Even oth­er wildlife such as crows, rooks and mag­pies like it!!!

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