Hydrolysed Collagen Powder 450g — High Protein Unflavoured Bovine Peptides Supplement, Supports Healthy Skin, Joints

£ 17.97

  • BOVINE COLLAGEN POWDER: 100% pure collagen powder made from non-GMO Halal grass-fed collagen peptides from pasture-raised cattle, to help maintain healthy muscle recovery, gut health, digestion & more
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY SKIN, JOINTS & BONES: This keto collagen powder assists in maintaining healthy elasticity and hydration of the skin, joints, and ligaments; ideal for any busy routine and lifestyle
  • HYDROLYSED: Premium quality Hydrolyzed Collagen will be absorbed quickly and easily by your body, for no waste and maximize results. This collagen powder for skin & more is suitable for men and women
  • UNFLAVOURED: Our powdered collagen is tasteless for convenience & versatility. Add it to smoothies, shakes, drinks, or your favourite recipes, with no unnecessary sugar as a nutritional food supplement
  • MADE IN THE UK: Our products are formulated by medical specialists, pharmacists, and nutritionists to ensure the highest possible quality, with strict adherence to UK GMP guidelines


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Product Description


Important information


Hydrol­ysed col­la­gen (bovine).


Scoop 10g (1 scoop) into your favourite bev­er­age or meal 1–2 times a day or as your GP advis­es. Stir well until ful­ly dis­solved. Col­la­gen pep­tides will clump in cold water.

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Additional information

Weight 450 kg
Allergen Information

Contains: Gluten Free


450 Grams


450 gram


The Intelligent Health



Age Range Description


Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

2 Aug. 2018


The Intelligent Health


  1. MR R

    *Fat-Burn­ing Break­fast**Fat-Burn­ing Break­fast* Smooth­ieThis recipe is paleo friend­ly. Serv­ings: 2Ingredients1 Cup Unsweet­ened Almond Milk 1 Frozen Banana 1/2 Cup Frozen Blue­ber­ries 4 Tbsp Ground Chia Seeds2 Scoops Col­la­gen Powder1‑2 Scoops Inulin3‑4 Hand­fuls Spinach Instruc­tions: Add all ingre­di­ents to a blender and blend until smooth.  **To pre­serve the nutri­ents in the smooth­ie, add some fresh lemon juice.  ENJOY

  2. Loobizaz

    Smells like wet dog and doesn’t taste much bet­ter!Do not put this in your tea or cof­fee!!! I’ve just received my col­la­gen pow­der and would like to know what’s wrong with the peo­ple who led me to believe that this prod­uct had no smell or taste? The smell on open­ing the pack­et is quite chem­i­cal so I’m assum­ing that’s the pack­ag­ing… so I put a scoop in my cup of tea, and oh my god it smelled like wet dog with a hint of beef fat.… and I can assure you that it didn’t taste much bet­ter! Does any­one have any idea what I can actu­al­ly put this in to dis­guise the smell and taste as I’m strug­gling to drink it just because of the smell! There’s no way I’m throw­ing it out, but I’m going to vom­it if I have to put that in my tea again! Maybe I should take up drink­ing bovril, as I can’t per­son­al­ly think of any oth­er drink that is going to hide the wet dog smell — any oth­er ideas are most welcome.….**UPDATE** — put your pow­der in a glass of about 2 to 3 inch­es of warm boiled water, stir it well and leave to stand until the liq­uid is clear. Add a good shot of juice/cordial and mix again. Down this mix­ture as quick as you can with­out breath­ing. Do not under any cir­cum­stances smell the liq­uid before drink­ing it. Have a cof­fee on stand by to drink imme­di­ate­ly after to rid your mouth of any after taste.I will update my review after a month or so to let peo­ple know if it makes any dif­fer­ence to my skin/hair/nails/digestion (I can tell you that it’s cer­tain­ly had some effect on my stom­ach… but it doesn’t sound or feel ben­e­fi­cial at this point!)***UPDATE*** Well I took this col­la­gen sup­ple­ment dai­ly for about 3 months and the only thing it did for me was give me acne! I already have thick long hair and it didn’t improve the strength of my weak nails. It didn’t make any notice­able improve­ment to the joint pain that I suf­fer with through ten­don inflam­ma­tion due to mild pso­ri­at­ic arthri­tis. I can’t say I noticed any improve­ment in the appear­ance of cel­lulite either.Within days of stop­ping tak­ing it, the acne it caused has cleared up.I per­son­al­ly do not rec­om­mend this prod­uct — based on my 3 month tri­al of tak­ing one scoop every day.

  3. Laris­sa

    relieves mus­cle painI have been tak­ing this for the last 2 weeks and I did­n’t expect a mir­a­cle improve­ment on my skin and hair. This was the main rea­son for buy­ing but I already start­ed to notice how mag­i­cal­ly this col­la­gen works. I had a severe pain in my low­er back after lift­ing a tod­dler and the pain has now gone com­plete­ly with­in a week after I start­ed tak­ing the intel­li­gent health brand. I can con­firm this col­la­gen works fast on reliev­ing mus­cle pain.

  4. Dill

    I love this bovine col­la­gen!I used pep­tides from wild caught fish for 3 months from anoth­er brand Before this but changed it and bought this grass­fed cows bovine col­la­gen a month and a half ago, I’ve been using this since then. I decid­ed to write a review as I’m very hap­py with this prod­uct. It does­n’t have a smell, but don’t use it in a tea or cof­fee, the best way to use it in shakes/smoothies (some­thing sweet) with mix­er, or in my case I love it in a bovril or mar­mite drink, or in a miso soup (all salty drinks), they work the best. If you use it in a non sweet green juice, you may get a slight smell, but oth­er­wise it’s per­fect. I’m prob gonna fin­ish this in 2 weeks, which means it can last for upto 2months if you have 1 scoop a day. I start­ed to see my skin is tighter and my pores are small­er. Also I feel stronger in my body.

  5. Beau Bear

    Excel­lentI’m onto my 2nd order of this col­la­gen now. I want­ed to leave it a while before I reviewed it to make sure it worked. I mix it with my pro­tein pow­der and it is taste­less and odour­less. I love it, very hap­py with it. Just wish it was slight­ly cheap­er say­ing that it does last a while. I’ve noticed my hair, nails and skin have improved and gen­er­al­ly feel­ing bet­ter which is great as I have an under­ac­tive thy­roid so any­thing to help that is a good thing.

  6. Thomas Eaton

    It actu­al­ly works. Great stuffBought this due to age­ing in gen­er­al. Felt a bit achy around the joints and ten­dons, and was look­ing tired and fatigued. I wasn’t expect­ing mir­a­cles, but I have seen an improve­ment in my skin and hair. Although I’m sure it won’t touch my wrin­kles my skin looks and feels bet­ter, and my hair seems fuller, which is great as I’m a bit thin on top. Joints feel stronger too. It has very lit­tle after­taste in my tea and cof­fee, but you can smell it a bit. Smells a bit like gravy when dis­solved in tea. The only down side for me was that it gives you what I call ‘roast din­ner bot­tom burps’. But because you take this every­day this hap­pens every­day, to the point where my part­ner said she no longer finds me attrac­tive any­more, despite the improve­ment in my skin and hair.

  7. N Dyer

    Very good val­ue for mon­ey.I have just bought my sec­ond bag. I’ve been tak­ing a scoop a day since the begin­ning of August, so the last bag last­ed a month and a half. My hair and nails are thriv­ing and my skin is get­ting there, but much bet­ter. I’m 52 so my wrin­kles are plen­ty and I’m not expect­ing a mir­a­cle. But over­all I feel bet­ter, no joint pain or mus­cle aches. It’s not com­plete­ly flavour­less but i make one scoop up in a cup of hot water then add it to a pint glass and top up with fruit juice. The taste is quite nice. Good val­ue for mon­ey and no where near as bad tast­ing as oth­er col­la­gen prod­ucts I’ve tried. Will defi­ant­ly con­tin­ue to pur­chase this one.

  8. Sim­mee

    Leaves an after­taste that isn’t pleas­ant.I’ve used oth­er col­la­gen prod­ucts and this one unfor­tu­nate­ly leaves a weird after­taste. Mar­gin­al­ly bet­ter in a hot drink but I pre­fer it with plain warm water as noth­ing is get­ting in the way of the ben­e­fits (ie.,milk sug­ar). Absorben­cy is poor. It lumps up in hot water and a light film sits on the top which is odd. I bought two packs so I’m stuck with it but I’ll be look­ing around for anoth­er prod­uct that isn’t detectable in water.

  9. Ms R. Metcalfe

    ‘Col­la­gen prod­ucts do not sup­ple­ment col­la­gen in our body’Suf­fer­ing with Hyper­mo­bile Spec­trum Dis­or­der, a dis­or­der of the body’s col­la­gen, I thought I would give this col­la­gen sup­ple­ment a try, but a med­ical pro­fes­sion­al point­ed out that inges­tion of anoth­er ani­mal’s col­la­gen is sim­ply processed in our body as pro­tein, and not as col­la­gen. Our own col­la­gen is pro­duced with­in the cells of our own body.

  10. Rachel

    It’s all Gravy!!Well I read the hype about col­la­gen and the ben­e­fits of it espe­cial­ly as you reach the big ‘M’!!…I Was a lot scep­ti­cal to be fair, hence not want­i­ng to spend a great of brass but not want­i­ng to get ripped off in mean­time 😧So after not a lot of Ama­zon reviews lat­er; I came across this stuff which arrived pret­ty fast even though I left it a cou­ple of weeks before I actu­al­ly opened it.When I did though, I’m not gun­na lie…it has an odd smell to it…not nasty though…just, odd.Given that some of the reviews said the taste was­n’t ‘taste­less’ as adver­tised, I was prop­er ner­vous stir­ring it into the most impor­tant drink of the day (York­shire Tea, first morn­ing brew)!! There is a slight taste but it’s cer­tain­ly not nasty and I actu­al­ly quite like it.… it reminds me of mal­teasers 🤔 which inci­den­tal­ly is in my per­son­al top 10 of choco­late treats 😋Any road.…. since I’ve been hav­ing this every day, I’ve noticed my nails are grow­ing at such a rate I have revert­ed back to bit­ing them ( not my toe­nails) , but the best thing after 6 years, my eczema has cleared up!!! Hair’s not grow­ing much but that might be because I’ve just had my 7″ lock­down hair cut off fii­i­i­inal­ly, it looks alreet though 👌

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