HUAWEI MatePad T 10 9.7″ HD Display tablet — Kirin 710A, 64G , Dual-speakers, EMUI 10.1 , Wi-Fi, Deepsea Blue


  • 9.7" HD display with 1280 x 800 pixels, 2MP Front Camera, and 5MP Rear Camera to record all precious moments
  • HUAWEI MatePad T 10 offers better eye comfort for your daily use thanks to the TÜV Rheinland certification, reducing harmful blue light
  • This tablet is perfect for kids! It helps children explore freely with age-appropriate content thanks to the Kids Corner and a six-layered protection mechanism
  • MatePad T 10s packs 2 symmetrical stereo speakers supported by HUAWEI Histen 7.0, delivering immersive audio experience for your music or videos
  • The EMUI 10.1 octa-core chipset offers improved graphics and enhanced performance. Check news, watch videos, shop online, switch between apps, or open multiple windows simultaneously with ease!


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From the manufacturer

HUAWEI MatePad T10
HUAWEI MatePad T10

Wide Open View

HUAWEI MatePad T 10 offers a 9.7‑inch HD dis­play, del­i­cate­ly packed in its ele­gant and com­pact design. With its light and portable body, you can take your favourite apps, games and videos in your hands, to start an immer­sive visu­al jour­ney wher­ev­er you like.

HUAWEI MatePad T10

Loud, Clear, Surround Sound

The dual-speak­er sys­tem of HUAWEI MatePad T 10 deliv­ers sym­met­ri­cal audio from both sides, for you to indulge in a stronger and more even sound field.

HUAWEI MatePad T10

Com­bin­ing EMUI 10.1, octa-core chipset and advanced algo­rithm, this tablet offers improved graph­ics and enhanced per­for­mance. Check news, watch videos, or shop online, you can switch between apps as you like, and enjoy the smooth and sta­ble experience.

HUAWEI MatePad T10

Dual Windows, Double Efficiency

HUAWEI App Mul­ti­pli­er enables the tablet to show two win­dows of the same app when held horizontally.

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Additional information

Weight 720 kg
Dimensions 0.78 × 24.02 × 15.9 cm


Product Dimensions

0.78 x 24.02 x 15.9 cm; 720 Grams

Item model number



MatePad T10



Screen Resolution

1280 x 800 pixels

Processor Brand


Processor Count


Graphics Card Description


Connectivity Type

Bluetooth Wi-Fi

Rear Webcam Resolution

5 MP

Front Webcam Resolution

2 MP

Operating System

Android 10

Item Weight

720 g



Date First Available

20 Oct. 2021




  1. Tech-Nerd-84

    Read my method for installing apps to an SD card. Great tablet, def­i­nite­ly worth the mon­ey.This tablet is is fan­tas­tic. I have always pur­chased iPad’s as I gen­er­al­ly pre­fer the per­for­mance of Apple devices how­ev­er the down­side is they cost far more than most Android ones. I have an iPad Mini but decid­ed I need­ed a larg­er tablet for stream­ing ser­vices like Net­flix and Prime Video but I did­n’t want to out­lay too much and this tablet seemed the per­fect choice. It helps I have a TV that has android OS installed so nat­u­ral­ly I can pair my Huawei Medi­a­Pad to my Chrome­cast for stream mirroring.The 10 inch screen is great, it’s as clear as you need it to be, very crisp and the colours are as vibrant as any oth­er tablet I have pre­vi­ous­ly used. The weight is good, it feels as though it’s extreme­ly well made and after test­ing it the per­for­mance I can say it’s fan­tas­tic, Huawei have done a great job by man­u­fac­tur­ing a very afford­able tablet but also enabling it to have high-end per­for­mance. In com­par­i­son to my iPad Mini the response time for app load­ing, stream load­ing etc. is non-exis­tent, it per­forms just as well so con­sid­er­ing this cost the best part of around 60% less it was worth the investment.Now the down­side (and the only down­side I might add) to this tablet is by default you can­not install or trans­fer apps to the SD card. This is a prob­lem for many as you do not want to eat into your inter­nal stor­age if you like to down­load movies and TV shows for offline view­ing as the 32GB will quick­ly dis­ap­pear if you do. I man­aged to find an alter­na­tive method which allows you to store the down­loaded data to an SD card, that method is:On the tablet via a brows­er (I used Chrome) search for ‘apkpure’, gen­er­al­ly it’s the first option in any search list, when you see it click on it and down­load it. When down­loaded and installed this app will appear on screen and acts as a sec­ondary app store to the Google Play one. Open apkpure, as you will see you can direct­ly down­load the apk’s of near­ly all of the apps that are avail­able on the Google Play store (mak­ing the Play store redun­dant). I man­aged to down­load the Net­flix and Prime Video apps, and with­in those apps you can select the SD card as the default stor­age for down­loads in the advanced set­ting areas (open Net­flix, go to advanced set­tings and enable the SD card stor­age option). From there on any­thing you down­load for offline view­ing will be stored to the SD card so you are not los­ing inter­nal mem­o­ry. It worked per­fect­ly for me on this very tablet, I hope it works for you.Overall I would high­ly rec­om­mend this tablet if you are look­ing for one that per­forms as good as high-end ones but does­n’t come with the same price.

  2. Maria

    Not as good as first thoughtAlthough at the begin­ning I thought this was a great lit­tle per­form­ing tablet for the price, (had dam­aged my ASUS beyond repair) am so glad I wait­ed before writ­ing a review.Only 2‑stars due to:1. EMUI OS does not allow easy mov­ing of apps to SD Card, have to use a 3 par­ty app. The whole point of an SD card (for me) is that I can store all my apps/data so as not to use up inter­nal stor­age. Even stat­ing default stor­age is the SD card, the com­mand is ignored.2. Most of the options to admin­is­ter the tablet are greyed out.3. Blue­tooth only works if Loca­tion is disabled.4. Con­stant­ly freezes5. Hid­den apps like Dialler can­not be removed — I have no need for it on my tablet — I use my mobile6. Bought two dif­fer­ent cas­es that were sup­posed to be able to open/sleep tablet nei­ther worked — option to use this type of cov­er not avail­able on the tablet although it stat­ed they can be used in their blurb.On the plus side:1. Good bat­tery life2. Good screen resolution3. Good soundAll in all wish I had repur­chased an ASUS instead as at the moment to much of my time is tak­en up try­ing to keep this darned Huawei in a sem­b­lence of work­ing order for me.

  3. Tak­ing it Easy

    A well priced com­pro­miseLast year I pur­chased a Fire HD 10 to replace an old Sam­sung tablet and a Kin­dle with a sin­gle device.That was an awful mis­take and I have final­ly ditched the FIRE HD and rein­stat­ed my Kin­dle Paper­White. I hat­ed the FIRE with its OS restric­tions and poor build qual­i­ty. I also found read­ing Kin­dle books on it to be very tir­ing (with a very short bat­tery life).As such, I want­ed a plain, sim­ple and cost-effec­tive tablet (to accom­pa­ny my Kin­dle). This seemed to fit the bill and at £100 (as a Prime Day deal) it is good value.Now, it then depends on what you want from a tablet. If you are look­ing for daz­zling dis­play graph­ics run­ning resource hun­gry games, then this one is not for you!However, I want­ed some­thing to use when trav­el­ling that allowed me to check emails, has a rea­son­able word proces­sor and lets me browse news and sports apps. This tablet is more than ade­quate for these pur­pos­es. It is a sim­ple quad-core device with lim­it­ed mem­o­ry. The screen and bat­tery are very adequate.It’s great to see it comes with Microsoft office already installed — sur­pris­ing­ly an unad­ver­tised fea­ture! OK, it is the ‘free’ ver­sion and it does prompt you to buy a sub­scrip­tion — but it does every­thing I need and means doc­u­ments are com­pat­i­ble with my home and office PCs.It also comes with the use­ful Google Maps pre-installed (see note below regard­ing stor­age of off-line maps)..There is not too much bloat­ware but I did dis­able a num­ber of apps such as GMAIL (I use Yahoo Mail). For rea­sons unknown it comes with HP Print Enabler ready installed. That I dis­abled and I installed the Epson equiv­a­lent instead. I then added BBC and SKY news and Sports and a bank­ing app, fol­lowed by some of my favoured apps such as, BBC Weath­er, Prime Video, Thetrain­line, a vari­ety of TV catch-up apps and my favoured File Man­ag­er (by ASUS). The pre-installed video and music apps I ignored and installed VLC for media play­back — which allows me to access media on our home NAS via our local net­work. I also use VLC on my PCs and mobile, indeed, its avail­able on almost any platform.The biggest issue is not being able to install apps on the SD card. For rea­sons unknown, this is a Huawei rather than a Google Android OS restric­tion. How­ev­er, all is not lost and I use a 128GB micro SD card for media files and as the tablet default stor­age loca­tion — eg. I have set up MAPS to store off-line maps on the card. Not being ‘inter­nal stor­age’ means I can dis-mount the card and pop it into a PC for data exchange (though I usu­al­ly use MS One-dri­ve for any­thing but the largest files). I also use the card for backups.The lack of inter­nal mem­o­ry (just 16GB) can cause issues if too many apps are installed or run­ning at the same time. How­ev­er, with every­thing I need installed I have 3+GB free which is more than ade­quate for my needs. The tablet is very respon­sive and I don’t find myself wait­ing for some­thing to load. As I said above, screen res­o­lu­tion is very ade­quate how­ev­er I do find it often nec­es­sary to tap the screen twice to select things. That appears to more a func­tion of the OS rather than the tablet itself. It is a tad annoy­ing but some­thing I have got used to!So, this tablet more than meets my needs and I am very pleased. There are sim­i­lar tablets avail­able from Sam­sung and Leno­vo. This one (IMHO) has the advan­tage as regards build qual­i­ty and price – and acces­sories are read­i­ly avail­able. I have also pre­vi­ous­ly owned a FUSION5 tablet. That had an excel­lent spec­i­fi­ca­tion but proved to be poor­ly built and unre­li­able — and had to be returned. I sup­pose at this price its a ques­tion of build qual­i­ty Vs tech spec. I’d opt for reli­a­bil­i­ty every time.I have dropped one star in my rat­ing due to the SD card lim­i­ta­tions and because the T3-10 does­n’t sup­port auto sleep/wake.Be aware of what you are buy­ing here and do not set your expec­ta­tion too high. How­ev­er, for the price, I think this is an excel­lent purchase.

  4. Mr. S. Du Feu

    Great Build qual­i­ty.I am real­ly sur­prised by the build qual­i­ty of this tablet. Sol­id met­al case and run­ning android sev­en. I pur­chased this to replace a Leno­vo which gave up the ghost after 20 months. Much bet­ter qual­i­ty screen, cam­era and build qual­i­ty. Real­ly rec­om­mend it.

  5. Maria

    Not worth one centI bought two last year for my boys, they installed Real Rac­ing, Fifa, few more games and the mem­o­ry was full. A lot of cry­ing and dis­ap­point­ment but I came with res­o­lu­tion. Bought the SD card to extend the mem­o­ry. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I was wrong. There is no pos­si­bil­i­ty to install any apps on SD card like the oth­er Android devices allow. What’s wrong with you Huawei? Are you try­ing to con­vince me to buy a new mod­el? Don’t buy unless you hare hap­py with a few gigs of memory.

  6. mrs c hughes

    Excel­lent speed very sharp pic­tureReceived this item on time. Excel­lent speed very sharp pic­ture. Brought this after my hip street Android decid­ed to stop work­ing. I must say I have had a few tablets and this is far the best one I have ever pur­chased. Would real­ly rec­om­mend this tablet to anyone.

  7. kev­lo

    Good price as I got it for £99 on black Fri­day, but I’d say that’s all it’s actu­al­ly worth.Not too bad but some games are git­tery and the vol­ume, pow­er but­ton are a bit fid­dly, , feels a bit cheap but I sup­pose it was . Anoth­er nig­gle is the speak­er is on the bot­tom so it is cov­ered when you have the screen in land­scape mode, also it only has 16gb of mem­o­ry which is near­ly all used, so I pur­chased a32gb micro sd card, but you can’t move the apps to the card, A stu­pid design fault. I Am return­ing this, it’s stu­pid how it takes a micro sd but You CAN NOT trans­fer apps to it.

  8. M from Worthing

    Excel­lent prod­uct BUT Inter­nal Mem­o­ry will fill upSad­ly, real­ly sad­ly, we had to send this back for a refund as Apps can­not be installed on an SD card.My son installed 7 or 8 games and the mem­o­ry was full. On his phone and old tablet he just installed games to the SD card when­ev­er the inter­nal mem­o­ry was fill­ing up.If you don’t need to install much extra soft­ware (espe­cial­ly games) then this would be a superb pur­chase. It has every­thing going for it at a much cheap­er price than say a Galaxy Tab. The screen and the prod­uct feel are all very good and it runs like a charm.Looking at oth­er reviews there seems to be a lot of peo­ple in the same boat — absolute­ly love the prod­uct but want to install more than the inter­nal mem­o­ry allows. It seems to be a very poor busi­ness deci­sion as this could have been a mas­sive seller.

  9. GW

    Not great.It’s not great. Most space is tak­en up with apps I don’t want. Touch screen? Touch twice + screen would be a bet­ter descrip­tion. Bat­tery life is odd­ly okay for live stream­ing but not when watch­ing some­thing pre­vi­ous­ly down­loaded. Not as good as my old galaxy tab. I was going to get to get a Huawei phone with my upgrade next month but this has put me off.Update. Hav­ing bought an SD card I have learnt that you can­not trans­fer apps to the SD card. Most of mem­o­ry is tak­en up with Huawei apps.….. This is a rather rub­bish product.

  10. Psd

    Lim­it­ed Use­ful­nessAt £100 or so it’s good val­ue for a decent screen size; and at this price point it feels robust enough.Unfortunately it’s let down by its poor specs. 2g of RAM real­ly isn’t enough to keep things run­ning smooth­ly, espe­cial­ly if you’ve more than a cou­ple of apps open, and it feels slow and clunky in operation.The android OS does­n’t appear to have been mod­i­fied to take advan­tage of the increased screen real estate, so in oper­a­tion it just feels like a large, slow mobile phone with­out being able to make calls/SMS. The size is less of an advan­tage in these days of 6″+ phone screens but watch­ing Net­flix is cer­tain­ly bet­ter on the larg­er surface.If you have a small phone and no lap­top I’d say it’d be worth more to you than the three stars I’ve giv­en it. If, though, you have a decent sized phone for casu­al browsing/surfing/emails etc. and a lap­top (which will also run Microsoft office and G‑Suite much bet­ter) then this prod­uct is prob­a­bly an answer to a ques­tion you’re not asking.

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