HUAWEI Display 23.8 Inch FHD Monitor, IPS, Ultra-slim Bezels, 90% Screen to Body Ratio, Low Blue Light, Black (1920 x 1080, HDMI/VGA)


  • 90% screen-to-body ratio: a view that’s endlessly immersive and sharpened by 5.7 mm bezels and 178-degree viewing angle. Ideal for gaming, watching movies, and all other on-screen usage
  • Vivid and precise colours across the 1080P HD FullView Display thanks to a 72% NTSC colour scope and 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • Easy on the eyes: TÜV Rheinland certified for reducing harmful blue light and eliminating flickers
  • Sleek and seamless when viewed from the side to fit aesthetically in the tiniest of spaces
  • Installing the HUAWEI Display 23.8" couldn’t be easier. Being VESA mounting standards compiled, the monitor can be positioned on any wall or surface for the best seat in the room


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From the manufacturer

HUAWEI Display
HUAWEI Display

Stunning, but Soothing

Colours are vivid and pre­cise across the 1080P Ful­lView Dis­play*, thanks to a 72% NTSC** colour gamut and 1000:1**contrast ratio. The dis­play has been cer­ti­fied by TÜV Rheinland***for reduc­ing harm­ful blue light**** and elim­i­nat­ing flick­ers, so you can indulge your eyes with your mind at ease.

HUAWEI Display

A View that Knows No Bounds

Lose your­self in an end­less­ly immer­sive spec­ta­cle sharp­ened by 5.7 mm bezels*****, and broad­ened by a 90% screen-to-body ratio****** and 178-degree view­ing angle. No mat­ter where you look, you will be absorbed in your game, movie, or on-screen task.

HUAWEI Display

Nimble, Graceful, Powerful

Sleek and seam­less when viewed from the side, the HUAWEI Dis­play 23.8″ is a won­der to behold, with sym­met­ri­cal aes­thet­ics and a stream­lined rear sur­face. The dis­play hold­er escapes notice at first glimpse, but pairs flaw­less­ly with the slimmed-down base.*******

HUAWEI Display

Just Adjust and Unwind

Installing the HUAWEI Dis­play 23.8″ could hard­ly be eas­i­er. Pre­fer to hang it on a wall? Not a prob­lem, as it com­plies with the VESA mount­ing stan­dards********. Feel free to tilt the ver­ti­cal angle********* to your lik­ing, so you’ll always have the best seat in the room!

*Ful­lView Dis­play is a patent­ed and com­mon­ly used term for HUAWEI prod­ucts, refer­ring to dis­plays with a high screen-to-body ratio and reduced bezels.

**Typ­i­cal value.

***The HUAWEI Dis­play 23.8″ has obtained TÜV Rhein­land’s Low Blue Light and Flick­er-Free cer­ti­fi­ca­tions. Low Blue Light cer­ti­fies that when Eye Com­fort mode is enabled, the dis­play effects con­form to a set of low-blue-light stan­dards approved by TÜV Rheinland.

****The HUAWEI Dis­play 23.8″ is not a med­ical device, and Eye Com­fort mode is not intend­ed for treat­ment purposes.

*****Data comes from HUAWEI Labs. The 5.7 mm bezel width is on three sides. Actu­al val­ues depend on spe­cif­ic prod­uct con­fig­u­ra­tions, man­u­fac­tur­ing tech­niques, and mea­sure­ment methods.

******Data comes from HUAWEI Labs, cal­cu­lat­ed by divid­ing the active dis­play area by the front pan­el area. Actu­al mea­sure­ment may vary slightly.

*******Key­board and mouse need to be pur­chased separately.

********The HUAWEI Dis­play 23.8″ incor­po­rates VESA-com­pat­i­ble 100 mm x 100 mm mount­ing holes.

*********The ver­ti­cal tilt angle spans from –5 to 22 degrees. Actu­al usage depends on the spe­cif­ic product.

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Additional information



Item model number




Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080 pixels


1080p Full HD

Are Batteries Included




Date First Available

7 April 2021




  1. dave

    No audio outYou should men­tion the fact it has no audio out in the descrip­tion so I don’t waste my mon­ey. Why on earth would it not have one. Very annoyed!

  2. Howard Shaw

    The front (the screen) is good, the back (the VESA mount) is bad.The mon­i­tor itself is OK, but the stand does­n’t have a height adjust­ment (which I don’t mind because I don’t need the stand. The instruc­tions are rub­bish and don’t men­tion the VESA holes (which are not obvi­ous). Even for a cheap mod­el I would hope they could run to four M4 bolts and spac­ers the right length for VESA mount­ing. The VESA thread­ed holes are deep and recessed so I had to find long bolts and some 12mm plas­tic spac­ers to allow for the curve in the back sur­face. My VESA mount plate cov­ers the VGA con­nec­tor, but luck­i­ly, not the HDMI sock­et. To be hon­est the lit­tle pow­er sup­ply is bet­ter designed than the back of the mon­i­tor. The has­sle of using the VESA holes knocked two stars off my rating.

  3. justin

    Not offer­ing Xbox sub­scrip­tions as promisedSo I bought this mon­i­tor as it came with 6 months Xbox bundle.After fol­low­ing their instruc­tions — ie hav­ing to wait for 14 days, pro­vide all of your per­son­al detail, image of ser­i­al num­ber, a copy of invoice etc.. — and all I encoun­tered was what appears to be delib­er­ate sys­tem error, mak­ing me unable to progress.I have con­tact­ed their Huawei’s cus­tomer cen­tre many times — on phone as well as emails, but they tend to blame on oth­er depart­ment teams (pro­mo team vs techi­nal team).This was the first Huawei prod­uct I bought, yet I’m not sure my deci­sion was a good one, as a lack of their promise, and real­ly bad cus­tomer service.So I’ll wait and see how they respond, and update this review accordingly.But buy­ers be aware of this issue I’m going through this. I don’t thin Hauwei is there yet when it comes to cus­tomer / prod­uct sup­por­t­UP­DATE ‑It’s been almost 2 months, and still no sign of Xbox pro­mo. If any­one is con­sid­er­ing this mon­i­tor because of the Xbox bun­dle promise, don’t make the same mis­take as me.Huawei’s cus­tomer ser­vice is real­ly ter­ri­ble, get anoth­er mon­i­tor from more estab­lished com­pa­nies like Sam­sung or Dell.

  4. Cap­tain Pig

    Good price with dis­countsHuawei gen­er­al­ly make good hard­ware and the build qual­i­ty of this mon­i­tor seems to be quite good. The screen is clear, the bezels are small, and the back­light is even. No built in speak­ers but they’re usu­al­ly crap any­way, and it does come with an HDMI cable in the box unlike a lot of these. I bought it as a home office device so can’t com­ment on gam­ing or movie watching.Huawei are doing £50 cash­back on this device at the moment so it’s very com­pet­i­tive­ly priced (as long as you don’t mind giv­ing the Chi­nese gov­ern­ment your bank details) and as I got £30 more off on a light­ning deal that makes it a bargain.

  5. Ayman

    Good Mon­i­tor, depend­ing on Cash­back offers from HuaweiFor the price, this has good pic­ture qual­i­ty. The bright­ness is good and has decent sharp­ness and good val­ue for money.Not great for gam­ing. It is only a 60hz dis­play. Does have 2 con­nec­tions, a VGA and HDMI which is a decent port selec­tion. I main­ly use this as a sec­ondary dis­play to have Dis­cord or oth­er things on.The stand isn’t great, you can tilt but that’s about it. Not much move­ment at all. Stuck at one height. If you are mount­ing the mon­i­tor this isn’t much of an issue.A weird point, the mon­i­tor is black but the pow­er cable is white which I found odd enough that I had to mention.Also pow­er effi­cien­cy isn’t great, so if you are con­scious of pow­er usage I would take this into account.Depending on the price point and what offers are avail­able at the time via Ama­zon and Huawei Cash­back this can be a good deal, but at full price I would say this isn’t good val­ue for mon­ey and bet­ter mon­i­tors can be found.

  6. SL99

    Best Val­ue Mon­i­tor for Office UseI think what stands out the most about this mon­i­tor is the think bezels, being so thin it makes the screen feel more big­ger than it actu­al­ly is. Few mon­i­tors at the price point offer a sleek design like this.Setting it up is easy as no screws are required the base and mon­i­tor clip into place and there is an HDMI cable includ­ed in the box.For office/working from home use I would high­ly recommend.

  7. Rama

    Total­ly Worth ItI have been using it for 3 days now (main­ly for work), total­ly worth the price and the cash­back offer. Great build qual­i­ty, feels very pre­mi­um. I think no oth­er mon­i­tor with such thin bezels are avail­able at this price point. The set­up was very clean and easy, the mount and stand are very stable.The only con for me is there is no audio out port, it would real­ly help if there was one to con­nect my exter­nal speak­ers to

  8. Not­filc

    Great val­ue for mon­ey.I bought this for office use as after cash­back it was very good deal. Great for gen­er­al office use and watch­ing movies — it has a very even back light. Fine for casu­al gamees, but com­pet­i­tive gamers are like­ly to need 120hz as a min­i­mum. The bezel is super thin, so thin that a web­cam will eat in to the screen space. I had to solve this with a sep­a­rate web­cam stand.It comes with an hdmi cable and putting the it togeth­er is intu­itive and requires no addi­tion­al tools. Over­all, very happy.

  9. Babar

    Excep­tion­al Mon­i­tor for Pro­duc­tiv­i­tyThe Huawei mat­e­view is a fan­tas­tic piece of hard­ware with excel­lent build qual­i­ty and clean, min­i­mal appear­ance. When it’s all put togeth­er, it’s sim­ply mag­nif­i­cent. It uses the same design lan­guage as Apple’s Pro Dis­play XDR.The pic­ture qual­i­ty is good, with excel­lent over­all colour accu­ra­cy and peak (NITT) bright­ness. It has built-in speak­ers that don’t sound too awful, but I don’t use them because I have my own speak­ers attached. Oth­er aspects Although NFC and wire­less capa­bil­i­ties are includ­ed, they only oper­ate with Huawei items.The port options are fine, how­ev­er I would want anoth­er USB‑C port.Overall, if you want to use this as a pro­duc­tiv­i­ty mon­i­tor, this is an excel­lent choice. If you want to use it for gam­ing, I would not sug­gest it due to its aspect ratio of 3:2 and refresh rate of just 60hz. I would absolute­ly rec­om­mend it for every­thing else.

  10. Wei

    Great val­ue when it was in pro­mo­tionBought this mon­i­tor when it was on pro­mo­tion. It is ok-ish. Well built, but no height adjust­ment, no audio out­put. For the sake of the price I paid, no com­plain from me.

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