HP v22e Full HD Monitor (1920 x 1080) 21.5 Inch (1 VGA, 1 HDMI) — Black [Amazon Exclusive]

£ 109.99

  • FHD display/1080p display; Be prepared for brilliant visuals and crisp images with the unforgettable quality of this stunning 22 Inch FHD display
  • Cable included; A HDMI cable is included in the box so you’re ready to go
  • Modern connectivity; Quickly connect to your devices and additional monitors through the HDMI and VGA ports and get smooth visuals, no dongles required
  • Personalize your comfort settings; See your screen in a whole new light with HP Low Blue Light, which shifts the colour spectrum for more comfortable viewing for your next binge-watch or marathon project
  • Adjust your view; Adjust the screen to your personal preference with a 5-degree forward or 20-degree backward tilt
  • TN panel; Enjoy the latest action movie or high-octane video game with the low pixel latency and snappy response times of this TN panel


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From the manufacturer

HP V22e FHD Monitor
HP V22e FHD Monitor
HP V22e FHD Monitor
HP V22e FHD Monitor
HP V22e FHD Monitor

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Additional information

Weight 2.85 kg
Dimensions 4.2 × 50.5 × 31.02 cm


Product Dimensions

4.2 x 50.5 x 31.02 cm; 2.85 Kilograms

Item model number



HP V22e FHD Monitor



Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080


1080p Full HD Pixels

Number of HDMI Ports



19 Volts

Item Weight

2.85 kg



Date First Available

16 Dec. 2020




  1. J. A. Rixom

    Res­o­lu­tion too high for size of mon­i­tor.The mon­i­tor is excel­lent. I would have giv­en it 5*.But there is a gen­er­al issue with 4K mon­i­tors I had not appreciated.This 28” mon­i­tor replaced a 27” apple thun­der­bolt mon­i­tor of less­er resolution.At 4K every­thing becomes tiny on screen and text, par­tic­u­lar­ly below icons, is almost unread­able, even wear­ing my glass­es made specif­i­cal­ly for work­ing on a monitor.The only work around is to low­er the res­o­lu­tion of the mon­i­tor in your com­put­er set­tings. It’s cheap­er just to buy a low­er res­o­lu­tion mon­i­tor. It used to be pos­si­ble to scale sys­tem text and icons, but no longer.I think 4K would need at least a 32” mon­i­tor, and more like­ly 36” to real­ly take advan­tage of the resolution.

  2. TL

    Great for movies, not so good for for close workThis pur­chase was to replace my beloved Asus VE278H 27-inch, bought in 2013, which gave up the ghost recent­ly. This replace­ment is a 28 inch, which may be a mis­take for what I use it for — main­ly office work. I have to put the mon­i­tor a long way away, about 65cms. I’m find­ing the screen is still a bit too big and bright to work on doc­u­ments com­fort­ably. Per­haps I should have bought the 27 in ver­sion, which I see is con­sid­er­ably cheap­er. The 28 screen is pret­ty good, almost too bright, for videos and pho­tos but the colours seem a bit pale com­pared to the Asus.

  3. Mrs. J. L.

    Good mon­i­tor — with some caveatsPur­chased at £189.99 on a deal and the score is based on pay­ing that price. For a 4K 28 mon­i­tor from a known brand i’m not sure you’ll find any better.Purchased for a gam­ing PC and although lim­it­ed to 60hz (i’m not an FPS freak) it does the job ok. Freesync works with my Nvidia RTX3070 so it’s a smooth 60FPS.Definition of blacks is where this mon­i­tor isn’t that great, they can be washed out and the gra­di­ent between black to grey to white is defined, a down­side of TN dis­plays, oth­er than that pic­ture qual­i­ty is good.if you want 4K video at 60hz make sure you con­nect via Dis­play port and not HDMI as they HDMI port is the old standard.At £189.99 it’s a bar­gain, make your own mind up at £299 though.

  4. North­ern­Norm

    Great Mon­i­tor for pho­to edit­ingI want­ed this mon­i­tor to use with pho­to­shop and Light­room for pro­cess­ing my images from a Canon DSLR. I also chose it for hav­ing a USBC out­let so I can use a sin­gle cable from my Mac­Book Pro for charg­ing and video. The screen qual­i­ty is excel­lent and the bezel is very slim — although the bot­tom of the screen has a larg­er bezel — which accom­mo­dates the con­nec­tions. (at the back) and the on off and pow­er man­age­ment. The stand is love­ly — very easy to set up and allow to move between Land­scape and por­trait with a sim­ple turn on the screen. I haven’t giv­en it 5 stars as the USBC con­nec­tion was dif­fi­cult to get going — for some rea­son my Mac­Book would charge but not dis­play with­out a num­ber of reboots. It also only out­puts a max­i­mum of 65W which is below the 90W rec­om­mend­ed for the Mac­Book. How­ev­er, I don’t seem to have had any pow­er issues, although I haven’t yet done any pow­er pro­cess­ing on 4k video. I can­not com­ment on gam­ing — as I don’t do any!

  5. Artemis

    Replaces an old­er mod­el.The old­er mod­el start­ed fail­ing after 5 years or so. Fail­ure mode was the bot­tom of the screen start­ed a black-creep­ing thing, which start­ed sud­den­ly, then pro­gressed over a week or so to become a real issue. So no long slow death, just a rapid reminder to replace.As with the old­er mod­el, great val­ue for mon­ey. Non-relec­tive and great pic­ture quality.The old ver­sion had been used for per­haps 8hrs a day, 24/7/365.Would def­i­nite­ly seek out this prod­uct in the future, per­haps 5 yrs from now.

  6. mark hunte

    Can­not read textThis mon­i­tor is very nice to look at.Has a very small beze­lEasy to assem­ble­But as a mon­i­tor you expect to be able to read text.Photos look great but text is blur­ry and very hard to read. Do not get this mon­i­tor if you expect to read text on it. , i. e web brows­er, emails and all the oth­er nor­mal stuff you would expect to do on a monitor.

  7. Hanae30

    HP V27e FHD Mon­i­tor | £169.99 | Good Val­ue for Mon­eyThis mon­i­tor screen was very easy to set up, pret­ty much plug-in and go, and was quicklyable to set the dis­play to work with 3 screens as extensions.I bought this mon­i­tor over oth­er options main­ly because of the price. £169.99. HP mon­i­tors are not usu­al­ly this cheap from experience.Probably not suit­able if you are an Artist, Graph­ics Design­er etc but for nor­mal WFH office admin­is­tra­tion this is perfect.I ordered it yes­ter­day and was expect­ing deliv­ery in 5 days time but it came next day which was amaz­ing. (But also wor­ry­ing since I could have been work­ing in the office today and was not expect­ing a home deliv­ery, but luck­i­ly I was in because I hap­pen to not be feel­ing well).

  8. Fred­er­ick

    Only for gam­ing, movies. Not for office use. Hurts eyes.Dead pix­el for starter. Very low qual­i­ty pic­ture. NOT sharp. Could­nt make it sharp on all set­tings (+ clear type all options), on dif­fer­ent computers/ lap­tops. It seems it is not pix­el in pix­el pic­ture, but some very weird semi ana­logue converter/ soft­ware, some pix­els in, some out. Like old era cheap dac TV. Only suit­able for gaming/ movies. Hurts eyes straight away. Blur­ry. Not usable for office and long times on texts. Huge light smudges and quan­ti­sa­tion of matrix ter­ri­bly vis­i­ble. Exact­ly like TV, exact­ly rea­son to have mon­i­tor, kills the objec­tive on this one. On the plus side, absolute­ly fan­tas­tic design, modern.

  9. H E O

    Do not buy this mon­i­torThe con­nec­tion fit­ting where the plug fits in to the mon­i­tor itself is very loose. Any slight move­ment of my lap­top or knock of the cord means that it comes loose and the pic­ture goes on the screen. I need to get up and push it back in. On an aver­age work day, it hap­pens 2–3 times an hour. It is ter­ri­bly annoying.

  10. T‑P-T Teesside

    works okWorks ok, bought to use with the CCTV unit, HDMI works and comes with the stan­dard IEC lead, price wise is fine but if the HDMI packs in they is no oth­er way to con­nect to this mon­i­tor as its just has the 1 HDMI input only with no spare ones as back up, worth remem­ber­ing so have tak­en out the 3 year war­ran­ty but then again are elec­tri­cal items sup­posed to last far longer than they use to as under new UK law ? ‚Ama­zon sell­ers need to offer longer war­ran­ty’s as stan­dard under­writ­ten by Ama­zon for its cus­tomers as its billed an “Ama­zon Exclu­sive”, just a thought 🙂

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