HP C2P07AE 62XL High Yield Original Ink Cartridge, Tri-color, Single Pack


Brand HP
Colour Tri-Colour
Compatibility options Genuine
Page yield 415
Compatible devices HP ENVY 5540/5546/5640/7640, HP OfficeJet 200/5740
  • Original HP Ink Cartridge – exceptional reliability and consistent print quality
  • Page Yield: 415 Per Cartridge
  • Cartridges Per Pack: 1
  • For use with: HP ENVY 5540/5546/5640/7640, HP OfficeJet 200/5740
  • Recycle HP Original Cartridges for free with HP's Planet Partners Programme - 80 percent of Original HP Ink Cartridges contain recycled HP Cartridges, bottles or hangers


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From the manufacturer

Original HP Ink

Photo Quality




Capturing your memories

Orig­i­nal HP ink car­tridges pro­vide bril­liant pho­to quality.

So to cap­ture your dear­est moments in life­like colours, sim­ply go for Orig­i­nal HP Ink.

Printing with a green heart

Orig­i­nal HP ink car­tridges help you reduce your envi­ron­men­tal impact.² ³

So to print with the plan­et in mind, sim­ply go for Orig­i­nal HP Ink.

Making a long-lasting impression

At HP, we devel­op ink to pro­tect your most pre­cious memories.

So to make a smile last gen­er­a­tions, sim­ply go for Orig­i­nal HP Ink.¹

Forming one perfect unit

Orig­i­nal HP ink car­tridges and HP print­ers are made for each other.

So to enjoy a smooth­ly run­ning print­ing sys­tem, sim­ply go for Orig­i­nal HP Ink.

HP Paper

HP Paper.

The envi­ron­men­tal choice.

Orig­i­nal HP Busi­ness and Pho­to Paper is designed with the envi­ron­ment in mind. When you use HP paper, you sup­port respon­si­bly man­aged forests.

HP Printing Systems

HP Printing Systems.

The per­for­mance choice.

Good things come in three:

For opti­mum print­ing results, use HP’s every­day paper with HP print­ers and Orig­i­nal HP Ink.

HP Value Packs

HP Value Packs.

The all-in-one choice.

Ben­e­fit from a one-stop solu­tion that com­bines ink and the right paper togeth­er in one con­ve­nient package.

HP Smart App

The HP Smart App.

All you need for smart printing.

With the HP Smart App, you can eas­i­ly scan doc­u­ments, order new ink, and print pho­tos right from your phone.

HP Paper
HP Printing Systems
HP Value Packs
HP Smart App


¹ Image per­ma­nence esti­mates based on Orig­i­nal HP inks print­ed on HP Pho­to Papers. For more infor­ma­tion, see hp.com/go/printpermanence.

² For Orig­i­nal HP ink car­tridges, HP offers a free and easy recy­cling ser­vice via HP Plan­et Part­ners. Pro­gramme avail­abil­i­ty varies, for details see hp.com/recycle. On recy­cled mate­ri­als in car­tridges, see http://www.hp.com/go/recycledcontent.

³ InfoTrends, 2018 West­ern Europe Sup­plies Recy­cling study, com­mis­sioned by HP. Find­ings are based on aver­age results of inter­views with 7 reman­u­fac­tur­ers, 6 bro­kers. For details, see http://www.hp.com/go/EMEA-2018InfoTrends.

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Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 11.3 × 3.7 × 11.5 cm


Model Number


Product Dimensions

11.3 x 3.7 x 11.5 cm; 60 Grams



Total Recycled Content


Number of Items



High Yield

Ink Colour


Manufacturer Part Number


Item Weight

59.9 g



Date First Available

4 July 2014




  1. Cheer­ful Fellow

    Ouch, soooooooo expen­sive for 10 mls of ink!Prints fine but soooooooo expen­sive for what you get. And as for the num­ber of colour pages that you can obtain out of the car­tridge, you can half the HP fig­ures, espe­cial­ly if you like print­ing maps. HP car­tridges are the rip off of the Cen­tu­ry in my view. I don’t know how HP get away with it. How­ev­er, until I can find a reli­able alter­na­tive refill — and I have expe­ri­enced incon­sis­ten­cy with refills — very reluc­tant­ly I will have to stick to HP orig­i­nal car­tridges. Nev­er­the­less, if HP con­tin­ue with their ridicu­lous prices for car­tridges I think that I will end up dump­ing my HP print­er and look­ing at a more rea­son­able alter­na­tive option. If only HP would take notice of its customers!.

  2. Anne R.

    I feel I have been conned.I specif­i­cal­ly select­ed this ink car­tridge believ­ing it to be gen­uine and, as I want­ed it to last longer than a month. I chose the XL size which should be capa­ble of print­ing up to 600 pages in black ink.As soon as I opened the large HPXL box, I was stunned to find a small sized car­tridge inside.Normally, I would have returned this item imme­di­ate­ly. How­ev­er, due to the Covid19 sit­u­a­tion, and being unable to pur­chase an XL ink car­tridge any­where else I decid­ed that, as times were hard, I would have to cut my loss­es as I had urgent doc­u­ments that need­ed printing.However, the box felt sus­pi­cious­ly light and once opened and insert­ed in the print­er it print­ed the first page blurred. I decid­ed to wait until my new coloured ink car­tridge arrived the fol­low­ing day and tried again. This time the first page of black ink print­ed well but sub­se­quent pages of black ink were very feint.To date, I have only print­ed 5 pages in black ink and the last 4 are real­ly feint. I seri­ous­ly believe that I will be lucky if it prints up to 15 pages before run­ning out of ink completely.Finally, this com­pa­ny includ­ed NO PAPER INVOICE or return enve­lope or address inside the pack­ag­ing. The seal around the car­tridge said Malaysia.

  3. Whig­ghie

    Beware!I bought this on 15 Sept 2018. It arrived the next day and I installed it imme­di­ate­ly. Our print­er is for home use, so that means we don’t print much at all, odd few here and there. Today (10 Nov 2018), the colour car­tridge is com­plete­ly deplet­ed and the black is half emp­ty! My print­er says that it could be a used or coun­ter­feit car­tridge! Not hap­py with this at all.

  4. Jane m

    Last two sec­ondsGot these Fri­day, had to order some from Argos fast track today as emp­ty???? I’ve done 3 A4 prints, just a list of names with a coloured title! This isn’t right they must be faulty! 2 days last! No point send­ing you pho­to of ink low as this could of been tak­en before ( but it was­n’t) had to use Argos fast track as I have some impor­tant work to print need­ed it before Monday.

  5. DAJ

    They work well but I wish HP would address sil­ly prices!!Have tried sev­er­al cheap­er or refilled HP style car­tridges and it pains me to actu­al­ly say the orig­i­nal HP car­tridges seem to work the best. (Please excuse me whilst I gag and wash my mouth out with soap ;o) ).I’ll con­tin­ue to try oth­er alter­na­tives, but if you need high qual­i­ty print work for what­ev­er pur­pose, the orig­i­nals do the job. Have removed a star for val­ue for mon­ey, HP insist on seri­ous­ly bloat­ing the prices of these cartridges!!

  6. Alex

    It’s ink, Jim but not as we know it.Ink used to be made from Oak Galls. It’s called oak gall ink or iron gall ink. The old monks used it, as did Pliny that old fel­la. You can still make it today and it’s great for cal­lig­ra­phy. Basi­cal­ly you mix up oak galls (or apples) with vine­gar and boil it, strain it and write with it. Now that is prop­er ink that makes you work for it.Not like this stuff. Ink? It’s more like soot or some­thing monstrous.Mind you, try­ing to pour your own oak gall ink into your print­er is a) messy; and b) futile. You just end up with ink all over the floor and a fused printer.Consequently, you have to buy this stuff.And my-oh-my is it expen­sive. I paid twen­ty-three pounds and forty-five pence in Octo­ber 2019. For that I received two tiny car­tridges with tiny amounts of soot. The print­er only cost eighty pounds but now I am pay­ing a quar­ter of that every cou­ple of months.That’s why I can’t give it five starts. Oh yes, my friends and foes, it is a fine qual­i­ty prod­uct and works as you would expect and as you want … but the price is eye-watering.Bring back those print­ers that print­ed onto side-holed fan­fold paper. Clat­ter clat­ter clattery-clatter.That was prop­er print­ing, none of this pho­to-real­is­tic nonsense.Or bet­ter a daisy wheel … ooh type­writ­ers i like you.So, buy and be done. Or opt out and use a type­writer instead. ‑x-

  7. Nim­bus

    Good val­ue car­tridge packThis HP 62 dual pack con­tains a black car­tridge and a tri-colour car­tridge at a con­sid­er­able sav­ing over buy­ing them indi­vid­u­al­ly. I’ve owned quite a few print­ers from all the major brands over the years and these car­tridges rep­re­sent excel­lent val­ue for mon­ey and deliv­er good qual­i­ty results mak­ing them ide­al for the light to medi­um user — I’d esti­mate the yield at between 150 — 200 pages. There is also the option of high capac­i­ty ver­sions if you are a heav­ier user.

  8. Big Bri­an

    Faulty when I fit­ted first time but as I am out­side the return win­dow I can’t returnGet error mes­sage say­ing “not installed cor­rect­ly”. Went to HP sup­port web­site did every­thing rec­om­mend­ed includ­ing check­ing firmware update, reset etc etc but no help. Refit­ted orig­i­nal car­tridge i was try­ing to replace which still worked so obvi­ous­ly some error on the new car­tridge. When you buy a replace­ment its obvi­ous­ly not for imme­di­ate use but when pre­vi­ous car­tridge runs out. So as I am a few weeks out­side the returns win­dow and the new car­tridge is faulty so I’m stuck with an expen­sive car­tridge that does­n’t work????Impossible to get past the com­put­er on both Ama­zon and HP web­sites. Im real­ly annoyed.

  9. cather­ine K

    Emp­ty car­tridgeI bought one 62XL car­tridge in ear­ly Octo­ber and yes­ter­day replaced my old one. The new car­tridge was emp­ty. When report­ing the issue with HP today they replied it was too late for an exchange or refund. At £35 a unit, it is hard to accept. This is the sec­ond time it hap­pens to me. I am huge­ly dis­ap­point­ed and won­der how many oth­er cus­tomers have been giv­en the same reply. Per­haps any new order should be ver­i­fied imme­di­ate­ly upon receipt to ensure the car­tridge is full rather than wait till it is required. Thus, it can be returned imme­di­ate­ly to sender and get a refund/replacement. Very dis­ap­point­ing cus­tomer ser­vice from HP for their faith­ful cus­tomer base.

  10. Antho­ny Livingstone

    Good qual­i­ty HP orig­i­nals but only got 10 colour pages before it was out of ink!HP make good print­ers and the orig­i­nal HP car­tridges are much bet­ter than fight­ing with after mar­ket refilled car­tridges which usu­al­ly don’t work at all, one colour does­n’t work or they don’t print correctly..I’ve been there too many times…But why oh why are they so expensive!!?The stan­dard size colour car­tridge is sup­posed to yield around 165 pages — but it would appear that this is only the case if you don’t use colour on your pages!!!I was print­ing an A4 school timetable for my son and his friends — it was colour cod­ed in blocks of colour. I man­aged to print just 10 A4 sheets before it warned me the colour car­tridge was near­ly out. I might get a cou­ple more pages from it if I’m lucky. A new stan­dard size colour car­tridge is cur­rent­ly on “spe­cial offer” for £16.98. So thats around £1.50 per page!Time to look for a new “ink tank” print­er I think!HP Stan­dard “62” Colour car­tridge = 4.5ml Black = 4ml — yes only 4.5ml & 4ml!!!Ink tank ink = 3 x 70ml colour bot­tles (47 times the amount!) and 1x 135ml black 34 times the amount) for the same price as an HP 62 twin pack. Think about that for a minute.…Even the HP own brank ink tank refills are less than £10 per 70ml bot­tle & £12 for 135ml black.Bring your vase­line with you when you buy a print­er cartridge…The future of expen­sive ink car­tridges is lim­it­ed — ink tank print­ers (while a slighter high­er ini­tial invest­ment) appear to be the way forward.…

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