HP 6ZC69AE 953 Original Ink Cartridges, Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow, Multipack

£ 74.57

Brand HP
Colour Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow
Compatibility options OEM
Page yield 1000
Compatible devices For use with: HP OfficeJet Pro 8210/8710/8720/8730/8740
  • Original HP Ink Cartridge – exceptional reliability and consistent print quality
  • Page Yield: Black 1000 Pages, Cyan 700 Pages, Magenta 700 Pages, Yellow 700 Pages
  • Cartridges Per Pack: 4
  • Recycle HP Original Cartridges for free with HP's Planet Partners Programme - 80 Percent of Original HP Ink Cartridges contain recycled HP Cartridges, bottles, or hangers


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From the manufacturer

hp, ink
hp, ink
hp, ink
hp, ink

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Additional information

Weight 220 kg
Dimensions 150 × 5 × 5 cm


Model Number


Product Dimensions

150 x 5 x 5 cm; 220 Grams


1 A batteries required.



Number of Items



4 Pack

Ink Colour

Black Cyan Magenta and Yellow

Manufacturer Part Number


Item Weight

220 g



Date First Available

24 Aug. 2020




  1. Makemiles­mat­ter

    I think this is a scamI am amazed that all four car­tridges run out at exact­ly the same time!yet once one is replaced, they all need replaced.Sounds like a way for HP to make mon­ey rather than a pro­vide a good service.Do the decent thing HP and change the set­tings so ink can be replaced when done, and not based on the date/number of sheets

  2. Uncom­pro­miser

    Don’t be a cheap­skate — Buy the Real Deal!I went off the rails when it looked like I need­ed a full refill set of HP953XLs at £103, and I suc­cumbed to a Which? report that said that not all refilled car­tridges are bad. They had a Best Buy list­ed at £39.95 so I bought a set. Did­n’t work. The print­er said ‘NO!’. Went back to the sup­pli­er and they sent me a link to a piece of soft­ware to roll back the print­er firmware and turn off the Auto Update. Tried this and Hey Presto it worked. Every­thing OK for a week or so then had to print a colour doc­u­ment with a lot of sol­id blue on it. Fun­ny. I don’t remem­ber the Bar­clays Logo with stripes on it. Sent the Cyan car­tridge back for a replace­ment and the new one worked fine. Then a week or so lat­er I tried to print a pho­to. My wife said ‘Did you want this in black & white’? as she picked it off the print­er. That’s it! Had enough! I want my mon­ey back. Their Guar­an­tee says ‘3 year war­ran­ty. Sat­is­fac­tion guar­an­teed or your mon­ey back’. Can’t be clear­er than that but it took me to throw my toys out of the pram before they would adhere to their own print­ed, front and cen­tre War­ran­ty. Got my mon­ey back. In full.Anyway, long sto­ry but then I bought this £103 4‑pack of orig­i­nal HP Car­tridges. Slot­ted them in the print­er, turned on the Auto Update for the firmware and I have my love­ly HP 8720 Office­jet Pro doing the won­der­ful job it was designed for. So the moral of the sto­ry is ‘Don’t be a cheap­skate. Just buy the real thing’. Which is what this is. Fab!

  3. Felix reviews

    prob­lem with HPHP all in one 8720 print­er, tells me wont print untill i replace yel­low… i do so few days later…after i replace it it instant­ly tells e now wont print till i replace blue.… I am wor­ried it will do this one by one till i have replaced every­thing but i need to know at once all the car­tridges that need replac­ing. I call HP cus­tomer ser­vices. they promise to call abck but dont. very rude. i call back lat­er polite­ly and they jut hang up on me repet­i­tive­ly. so i order blue, install it and instant­ly tells me i need to replace red !!. i am wait­ing to install that.… then be told black needs replac­ing !!. the extend­ed War­ran­ty or reg­is­ter­ing the prod­uct is use­less as they refuse to look me up. its obvi­ous­ly a cleaver scam to get you to buy replace­ment car­tridges one by one with­out telling you ini­tial­ly what needs doing so your locked into buy­ing them all once your invest­ed instead of giv­ing you the chance of chang­ing print­ers . prob­lem is it takes ages to go along with it.


    We need know the deliv­ery date before plac­ing the order if this is more than 3 work­ing days.The prod­uct was urgent­ly need­ed as my print­er required an HP orig­i­nal car­tridge and not a com­pat­i­ble one. I had been unable to print for 2 days. It is not good enough to say it will take over 14 days after I have placed the order!As an aside, HP has become very annoy­ing as they now block any print­ing when­ev­er a com­pat­i­ble car­tridge is insert­ed. eg I last pur­chased a set of com­pat­i­bles for £55; now none of them can be used and I have ordered the same set of orig­i­nals from you for £99. I am grate­ful for this price; oth­ers are charg­ing £132!!I do not know whether it is legal to elec­tron­i­cal­ly block com­pat­i­bles after I have pur­chased the print­er. Hope­ful­ly some­one will find out,Simon Ashworth

  5. Wot­sut

    Phew , HP car­tridges are get­ting so dear! Cheap­er than some!My expe­ri­ence of using clones has not been good so I stick with man­u­fac­tur­er’s ink. This was about the best val­ue I could find, though still the prices are get­ting beyond a joke. I may yet be forced into buy­ing clones , if I could find ones that would not ruin the print­er and last . Love to buy more at a go to save mon­ey, but unfor­tu­nate­ly the expiry dates are not very long on HP catridges.

  6. Flutterbies9

    No prob­lemsThese brand­ed inks are just per­fect for our print­er. Hav­ing had HP print­ers for many years, I am no stranger to the brand­ed inks being much bet­ter for the print­ers and caus­ing less prob­lems with the print train etc. In the office, we have even had mul­ti­ple print­ers of the same type over the years and the ones which always last­ed best were always those using the brand­ed inks rather than the ‘looka­like’ unbrand­ed replace­ments. We have used both over time but the print­ers always failed on unbrand­ed inks much more quick­ly. We had 2 iden­ti­cal A3 print­ers which both last­ed eight years but the one using unbrand­ed inks failed after that whilst the oth­er which only ever had brand­ed inks last­ed anoth­er five years! (though by that time it was both slow and noisy and only used for A3).I will tell it straight though, these car­tridges are expen­sive — as are all brand­ed car­tridges — but I think it is worth the dif­fer­ence to pay the pre­mi­um and have less print­er problems.

  7. Fur­ness Murf

    Seems hit or miss whether they will workI only need­ed yel­low at first.Yellow worked, but installing a new car­tridge reduces the ink lev­els of the oth­er car­tridges, so before I could even print, the Blue car­tridge need­ed changing.It would­n’t recog­nise it, it said it was missing/damaged, so I wiped the cop­per con­tact and tried again and no joy.Thinking “If I only have to buy one gen­uine HP car­tridge, that’s ok” I ordered a £25 HP one.Guess what — that came today and installing it has reduced the black cartridge!So, I’ve tried the black one, and that has come with a dif­fer­ent error mes­sage, this time I have a “prob­lem with the sup­ply sys­tem. Try replac­ing the affect­ed car­tridge with a dif­fer­ent non-emp­ty cartridge“I’ve giv­en up and ordered a £38 HP replace­ment which will come tomorrow.I should have just ordered the HP ver­sions in the begin­ning, at least I would have had a work­ing print­er a few days ago now.

  8. Mary-Mary

    Nowhere near stat­ed page yield 60% lessPage yield 1000? Ive had it on the low­est DPI as i just use it for work forms and I got less than 400 before it gave in. This is all I use it for. I have now had print­ed online from a firm 400 sheets and it cost me £8.50 inc postage — so much cheap­er to buy my things print­ed that buy this.I think as a lot of print­ers seem to reject refills, orig­i­nal com­pa­nies can pro­vide things with less for more as peo­ple think they need originals.Really expen­sive as a prod­uct over­all for what it is. When you can buy a refill bot­tle to fill two car­tridges for £5 its a rip off really.

  9. Simon­j­carr

    Just too damnably expen­siveI just resent, i guess like so many peo­ple, pay­ing top dol­lar for these car­tridges as Hap lock the things so you can’t refill and you’re only buy­ing a few ml of ink. Still for a home office they last a ling time and even print pho­tos well if you set it up ok — that does drink the ink tho. The print­er was only £90 though so thats where they make the £££’s

  10. Sheely-Wheely

    Yel­low Ink prints in Kha­ki GreenI bought the yel­low car­tridge in Jan­u­ary and orig­i­nal­ly it worked fine. I do not use the print­er very often, but have now found that the yel­low is print­ing in a kha­ki green colour. (I have gone through the three stages of print­er head clean­ing — makes no difference).I expect­ed a gen­uine and exor­bi­tant­ly priced car­tridge to still be work­ing after 5 months. I am going to have to buy anoth­er yel­low car­tridge — even though this one is show­ing as being two thirds full.

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