Hot Wheels 10-Car Pack of 1:64 Scale Vehicles​, Gift for Collectors & Kids Ages 3 Years Old & Up (Pack May Vary), 54886


Toy vehicle form Car
Brand Hot Wheels
Age range (description) Children
Cartoon character Hot Wheels
Material Plastic
  • It's an instant collection with a Hot Wheels 10-Car pack of vehicles
  • Each vehicle in the pack is designed in 1:64 scale with authentic styling and eye-catching decos
  • The set of 10 cars stands out with a cool variety of vehicles
  • Imaginations are unleashed with 10 cars together that are great for push-around play and cool displays
  • ​Hot Wheels vehicles make a great gift for kids and car enthusiasts of all ages, who will want to collect them all (each sold separately)


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From the manufacturer

Speed into an instant Hot Wheels col­lec­tion with race-ready packs that fea­ture three high­ly detailed die-cast vehi­cles. Hot Wheels 3‑Car packs deliv­er triple the amped up action and are per­fect for car enthu­si­asts of all ages. With a cool uni­fy­ing theme, authen­tic details and eye-catch­ing decos, these packs make a great gift for kids and col­lec­tors alike. Each pack sold sep­a­rate­ly, sub­ject to avail­abil­i­ty. Col­ors and dec­o­ra­tions may vary.

  • Packs include three Hot Wheels vehi­cles with gen­uine die-cast parts.
  • Kids can col­lect their favorites and trade with friends.
  • Each 3‑car pack is an instant collection!
  • 1:64-scale with authen­tic styling and eye-catch­ing decos.
  • Makes a great gift for kids and collectors!

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Additional information

Weight 416.99 kg
Dimensions 38.99 × 27.99 × 19 cm
Product Dimensions

38.99 x 27.99 x 19 cm; 416.99 Grams


1 A batteries required.

Item model number


Educational Objectives

Not Available



Number of Game Players

1 o ms

Assembly Required




Batteries Required


Batteries included


Material Types


Remote Control Included




Release date

1 Oct. 2021



Date First Available

1 Jan. 2002


6 months - 3 years


  1. Hugo’s Mum­my

    Video review! Great val­ue and work well as reward treats for kids.The media could not be loaded.

     Very impressed with this set!!Video review.Love that there was a mini and a bee­tle in it!!The glit­ter is so deep that it’s lit­er­al­ly like a prop­er paint job on a car!! Colours are so vibrant!! The usu­al great qual­i­ty from hot wheels!From what I have seen on The oth­er reviews is that you may buy a few pack­ets at a time and there could be some cars that are the dupli­cates but most of the oth­er cars are dif­fer­ent so my think­ing is that they just put ran­dom cars in the box­es! So good if you buy multiples!I am cur­rent­ly using these as reward cars and my son will pick one that he wants when he’s good or done some­thing that we feel deserves a reward.Great val­ue and would recommend

  2. cam­ma

    As always awe­some when it comes to Hot Wheels stuff!Hot wheels cars are always great qual­i­ty and mega stur­dy. It’s one of the rea­sons we bought them! I’ve ordered 2 box­es as they are going for a present for 2 dif­fer­ent kids and I was sur­prised to see that some of the cars are the same some are dif­fer­ent. Can’t wait to give them to the kids!

  3. Mr X

    AN HONEST REVIEW25 years lat­er I’m re-liv­ing my youth and play­ing with the absolute clas­sics that are hot­wheels. Pur­chased 3 packs of 9 cars for my 2 year old son (and me) to play with.The designs are unique and fun with such a wide range. Out of 3 box­es I only got 1 dupli­cate which isnt the end if the world­While I still love these cars as does my son I’ve had to knock a star off as there is far to much plas­tic sneak­ing it’s way into the designs. For a brand that has made its rep­u­ta­tion on mak­ing qual­i­ty diecast met­al cars for me plas­tic should be used spar­ing­ly. Whilst most are still main­ly met­al I sad­ly had 1 car that had no met­al what’s so ever. Plas­tic body plas­tic trim and wheels all sit­ting on a plas­tic base 👎🏻.…… Fear that trend is going to con­tin­ue for future generations.Negative aside still a great pur­chase for all ages. Every lit­tle boy should have some hot wheels to play with as they grow up. Def­i­nite­ly recommend.Hope this Helps

  4. faye mitchell

    Hot wheels carsAll good except the one I received wasn’t the one in the pic­ture for sale it’s quite misleading

  5. Tim Roast

    ❤️ IDEAL FOR A 6‑YEAR-OLD BOY 🚗I got this set of 10 Hot Wheels cars for my 6‑year-old son. He already has lots of Hot Wheels and it is a toy that he keeps com­ing back to. He loves to get all his cars togeth­er so he can look at his whole col­lec­tion. He also has some track sets that we use the cars on too. So we have lots of fun with this set which is also at a good price (at time of writing).The main crit­i­cisms aimed at Hot Wheels and their cars of course is that the cars don’t match real-life makes and mod­els and so are more con­cept-style with Hot Wheels mak­ing their own car designs. But this is to save licens­ing costs and means that the cars are cheap­er as a result, plus I don’t think my son minds. Also if order­ing this through Ama­zon instead of at a store that you can vis­it, you can’t see the 10 cars you are get­ting in the box which means you just get what you’re giv­en. Not a prob­lem for me or my son again, but maybe for oth­ers.❤️

  6. Gogol

    Worth the mon­eyThese real­ly do rep­re­sent very good val­ue for mon­ey. Yes I know you can buy die cast cars cheap­er but these hot wheels ones real­ly are built bet­ter. In the box is a good vari­ety of cars for the kids of the box I got it includ­ed a bike and a heli­copter so it was real­ly good. All of the cars are real­ly good and well made the kids are very hap­py with them.

  7. fath­e­ma

    Fan­tas­tic cars!Absolute­ly awe­some, my 22 months old girl loves it, shes into cars so i was look­ing for good qual­i­ty cars for some­time and was glad to comes across these car abso­lut­ly fan­tas­tic. Small parts are all secured shes been play­ing with the cars for few days now loves it.

  8. Karen

    Good qual­i­ty, good selec­tionGood qual­i­ty cars. There are lots of cheap ones on the mar­ket but they fall to pieces after only a short time. These ones sur­vive much longer. My 2.5 year old nephew can beat these things togeth­er for hours and they still don’t come apart. He plays with them con­stant­ly. Real­ly good selec­tion, too — the indi­vid­ual cars were very dif­fer­ent from each oth­er, all dif­fer­ent colours and styles.

  9. Lemony_locust

    Far too much pack­ag­ing that isn’t recy­clable. Prod­uct is ok but noth­ing spe­cialSo much pack­ag­ing for 10 lit­tle cars. There should be a lot less as this puts me off buy­ing prod­ucts as it’s unnec­es­sary and not recy­clable. Cars them­selves are good but not much bet­ter than dis­count shop cars that are much much cheap­er. Only bought as it was on the birthdayList

  10. Mr. T

    Dupli­catesThese are great. No com­plaints about the hot wheels them­selves. Minor issue that in hind­sight I should have expect­ed, I bought two box­es of 10, twice. So the first two box­es had the exact same vehi­cles as the sec­ond two box­es. Kin­da sucks, my three year old boy noticed imme­di­ate­ly so I couldn’t even blag it. I think the best approach may be to buy oth­er sized packs every now and again before cir­cling back to these just in the hope of some sort of stock rota­tion. I’ve just gone for the reward pack of 10 hot wheels. Hope­ful­ly they fare better.

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