Hoover Whirlwind Evo Pets WRE07P, Upright, Grey, Red, 500 W


Brand Hoover
Is cordless? No
Form factor Upright
Model name Whirlwind Evo Pets
Surface recommendation Hard Floor, Carpet
  • Compact storage - the clever removable handle inserts into the floor nozzle for storage. With the overall height reduced to under 70cm, your vacuum fits into a cupboard, without taking up too much space.
  • Tools stored on board - included is a 2-in-1 dusting brush and crevice tool for effective cleaning of a wide range of surfaces, nooks and crannies, which are stored on board for convenience
  • Hygienic bin emptying - the 2. 5 litre bin can be emptied easily and hygienically, without exposing your hands to the dirt. Washing the filters regularly under tap water will help you keep the suction strong.
  • Ideal for pet owners - mini turbo brush removes cat or DOG hairs from cushions & sofas


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From the manufacturer

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Whirlwind Evo Pets Image


Whirl­wind Evo Pets is a light­weight bag­less upright vac­u­um, designed to help you keep on top of the house­work. There are no com­pli­cat­ed set­tings to adjust: sim­ply switch on and start vac­u­um­ing. Whirl­wind is suit­able for hard floors and car­pets, with a rotat­ing brush bar for thor­ough cleaning.

The Whirl­wind Evo Pets mod­el WRE07P comes with an addi­tion­al acces­so­ry: the mini tur­bo brush. This handy tool with rotat­ing bris­tles helps to loosen embed­ded cat or dog hairs from your car­pets & upholstery.

Above floor clean­ing is also sim­ple, with a 2.5 metre stretch hose and 2‑in‑1 tool stored on board. The 2‑in‑1 tool com­bines a small dust­ing brush with a crevice noz­zle, which is ide­al for get­ting into tight spots, or for your skirt­ing boards.

Fea­tur­ing a clever remov­able han­dle which inserts into the floor noz­zle for com­pact stor­age, this means you can store it neat­ly in a small space such as a kitchen cupboard.

A great choice for flats or small­er hous­es, Whirl­wind Evo has a 5 metre cord and weighs under 4kg in use, mak­ing it easy to car­ry upstairs and around your home.

Whirl­wind Evo has a good-sized dust bin capac­i­ty of 2.5 litres. Once full, it can be emp­tied eas­i­ly and hygien­i­cal­ly with the press of a sin­gle but­ton. We rec­om­mend you clean the fil­ters reg­u­lar­ly to ensure the suc­tion remains strong: to do this sim­ply unscrew the lid, rinse the fil­ters and leave to dry for 24 hours before reassembling.


Compact & lightweight whirlwind evo pets

Whirlwind Evo Pets Above Floor

Whirlwind evo pets turbo brush

Whirlwind evo pets convenient cleaning


Whirl­wind Evo Pets fea­tures a clever remov­able han­dle which inserts into the floor noz­zle for com­pact stor­age in small spaces like a kitchen cup­board. Weigh­ing under 4kg, this light­weight upright can be car­ried effort­less­ly upstairs or around your home with­out strain­ing your back.


Whirl­wind Evo Pets bag­less upright comes with a 2.5 metre stretch hose and a 2‑in‑1 dust­ing brush / crevice tool for effec­tive clean­ing of a wide range of sur­faces, nooks and crannies.


A mini tur­bo brush is includ­ed with Whirl­wind Evo Pets to help remove pet hairs from cush­ions, sofas and car­pets. The rotat­ing bris­tles help pen­e­trate deeply into the fab­ric to lift the fur and ensure that it gets sucked into the dust col­lec­tion cham­ber. The pets brush and all oth­er acces­sories are stored neat­ly on board the vac­u­um, for con­ve­nience and easy storage.


Whirl­wind Evo Pets is an easy to use bag­less upright vac­u­um clean­er with no set­tings to adjust. You can emp­ty the dust out quick­ly, with­out get­ting your hands dirty, thanks to our hygien­ic one-touch system.

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Additional information

Weight 4.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 108 cm


Model Number



Grey Red

Product Dimensions

30 x 30 x 108 cm; 4.3 Kilograms


5 litres

Power Wattage

500 watts


220 Volts


Plastic Metal

Operating Radius

7 Metres

Special Features


Item Weight

4.3 kg



Date First Available

2 Sept. 2019




  1. Wat­to

    Looks cheap?The first thing the fam­i­ly said when it was tak­en out of the box was “that looks cheap!“It does look flim­sy and not par­tic­u­lar­ly well con­struct­ed, although time will tell.Any way once set up, let’s get vac­u­um­ing! It has 4 floor set­tings, a long hose with one crevice tool. Its light, very qui­et and picked up very well (we have 2 dogs and this was bet­ter than the pre­vi­ous ‘pet’ vac­u­um’ we had). The mains lead is a lit­tle on the short side — it could do with being a 1m or so longer. Our liv­ing room is approx 4m and the vac was plugged in one end and just about reached the oth­er end — so if you have larg­er rooms you may find you’ll have to plug it in more often or get an exten­sion lead.Overall for the price? Yes its cheap look­ing, but its light, bright and picks up well, which is the main pur­pose of a vac­u­um cleaner.

  2. Lau­ra

    Light­weight and amaz­ing suc­tionAfter our old hoover died, this is the per­fect replace­ment! Very strong suc­tion but still easy to push along on car­pet, it picks up every­thing includ­ing dog hair and it doesn’t get stuck around the fil­ter — a prob­lem we had with our old hoover. Very light­weight to car­ry upstairs etc

  3. Dee

    Love it.It is light and very easy to put togeth­er and use. The suc­tion pow­er is very strong. I would high­ly rec­om­mend this hoover, it is the best I have ever had. 5 Stars.

  4. Ang­ie

    J Edgar rocks!If I were mark­ing out of a hun­dred (and actu­al­ly I am!) I would give it 85/100. Like with most things there are good and bad. The good things then: It does lit­er­al­ly pick up every­thing — feath­ers, crumbs, plant stems and is the best we’ve had for dog hair. Also what is fan­tas­tic is that human hair does­n’t get wrapped around the roller — well maybe one or two bits but that’s it. Amaz­ing since I seem to shed more than the dog does — you should see my hair brush…it’s like a chin­chilla! Some review­ers remark that it is a bit pla­s­ticky ( is that how you spell it? Eng­lish isn’t my first lan­guage — gob­ble-de-gook is). It is very flim­sy look­ing but actu­al­ly it’s not. It puts up with me bash­ing into every­thing and I am the epit­o­me of the bull in a chi­na shop. Any­way who cares what it looks like — it’s a hoover — who are you going to show it to? Oh the oth­er great thing is that it is qui­et — it cer­tain­ly is the soft­est sound­ing hoover we’ve ever had and Rosie the Lurcher mere­ly opens an eye as we go past her rather than leg­ging it for the near­est cover.Ok then the bad: Man­u­fac­tur­ers do not seem to be able to make a drum that comes off and emp­ties easily…maybe they have but I haven’t found one. It could be that I haven’t go the knack for tak­ing the damn things off, emp­ty­ing them, and putting them back again with­out a dust cloud the size of a vol­canic erup­tion com­ing out and get­ting dust over every­thing again. Seri­ous­ly though you should­n’t need the knack. It should come off smooth­ly emp­ty eas­i­ly and just click into place again. This one does­n’t and you have to be a gym­nast to get it all in the bin with­out spillage. So I’ve docked it a star.Anyway, over­all it is a great lit­tle hoover (we love it so much we’ve named it — J Edgar!) it does a fan­tas­tic job, in fact it’s a lit­tle embarass­ing how full the drum gets each time we use it. It real­ly is one of the best hoovers we’ve used, but for the drum thing it’s a def­i­nite 5 stars from us.

  5. Robert Stott

    It does as it saysLiked its com­pact­ness. My wife and I are in our eight­ies so its light­ness is a boon.

  6. Arrun

    Easy to use, com­pact and pow­er­ful.Very tidy hoover! Love how com­pact it is, the dif­fer­ent highs allow good suc­tion across lino or car­pet­ed floors which is great. Easy to clean and the com­part­ment comes off eas­i­ly (not in a bad way)All in all, very hap­py purchase.

  7. Beanpole58

    Noth­ing to dis­like would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mendAbsolute­ly delight­ed with my pur­chase. Great val­ue for mon­ey quick deliv­ery and pack­aged very well

  8. N. Fos­ter

    Bril­liant!Gift for old­er mem­ber of my fam­i­ly. Dyson makes her life so much eas­i­er after years of using a rick­ety old one from Argos!

  9. Pam creask

    Well impressedGood prod­uct, nice and light, easy to use

  10. The Green Knight

    Very impres­siveWhen I first turned it on I was sur­prised at how qui­et it was, so thought prob­a­bly poor pow­er and suc­tion — could not have been more wrong! It absolute­ly blitzes white cat hairs no prob­lem, spilled dry cat food sim­ply van­ish­es up the Hoover with a very sat­is­fy­ing rat­tle. It does some­times make a whiny noise to let you know to maybe change the height but it just keeps on pick­ing up every­thing in its path, so be care­ful because it will Hoover up shoelaces etc. Powe cord is a lit­tle on short side but not much of a prob­lem, the hose is nice and long and comes with a handy cou­ple of attach­ments to vac­u­um top of door and cob­webs etc. Over­all it is most def­i­nite­ly the best vac­u­um clean­er I have ever owned and I can def­i­nite­ly see the dif­fer­ence when my car­pets are cleaned with this mod­el and for the price it’s an absolute bar­gain, don’t hes­i­tate — buy it!

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