Hoover HDPN1L390PB Freestanding Full Size Dishwasher, 13 Place Settings, 60 cm Wide, Black


  • 13 Place Settings - This dishwasher can clean 13 place settings at once making it ideal for medium-sized households
  • Wi-Fi Enabled - This dishwasher can be controlled from your mobile device using the app
  • Eco Wash - This dishwasher has an eco wash programme which gives everything a thorough clean whilst helping to save energy water and money
  • LED Display - The touch control display makes this dishwasher effortless to use
  • Adjustable Upper Basket - Ideal for loading larger items
  • Color: Black
  • Controls type: Full Panel


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From the manufacturer

Hoover Dishwasher Banner


Hoover 13 Place Settings

Hoover Wi Fi

Hoover Eco


This dish­wash­er can clean 13 place set­tings at once, mak­ing it ide­al for medi­um-sized households.


Hoover dish­wash­ers come with a range of con­nec­tiv­i­ty options, which allows you to mon­i­tor ener­gy con­sump­tion, have access to favourite pro­grammes, receive alert mes­sages and view the sta­tus of the appli­ance and pro­grammes remotely.


This dish­wash­er has an eco wash pro­gramme, which gives every­thing a thor­ough clean whilst help­ing to save ener­gy, water and money.


Hoover LED Display

Hoover Adjustable

Hoover Delay Start


The touch con­trol dis­play makes this dish­wash­er effort­less to use.


This dish­wash­er has an adjustable upper bas­ket and a large low­er bas­ket which is ide­al for load­ing larg­er items.


Enjoy added con­ve­nience by delay­ing the start of any cycle up to 9 hours. Set a pro­gram to start while you’re out and arrive home in time for the end of the cycle. Or take advan­tage of cheap­er-rate elec­tric­i­ty tar­iffs by set­ting the dish­wash­er ear­li­er or lat­er in the day.

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Additional information

Weight 37 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 85 cm


Model Number




Product Dimensions

60 x 60 x 85 cm; 37 Kilograms


11 litres

Power Wattage

220 kilowatt hours


220 Volts



Annual Energy Consumption

295 Kilowatt Hours Per Year

Noise Level

54 dB

Special Features

Aqua stop water protection End of Cycle Alarm Rapid Wash Function WIFI

Item Weight

37 kg



Date First Available

28 Jun. 2019




  1. Andrew

    Looks great, wash­es well, but small improve­ments could be madeWe were in the mar­ket for a new dish wash­er and decid­ed on the Hoover. We pre­vi­ous­ly had a Bosch so I have some­thing to com­pare against. The Hoover looks great and wash­es well, no com­plaints in that area. There are a few improve­ments that could be made though. First­ly the cut­lery rack is locat­ed at the back of the bot­tom rack, mak­ing it a lit­tle trick­er to access for drop­ping in sin­gle items, which you tend to do quite often. Plac­ing it at the front would be an improve­ment. Sec­ond­ly, the bot­tom rack can’t be pulled all the way out, to rest on the open door, as is the case with some oth­er machines, includ­ing the Bosch. This makes it a lit­tle hard­er to reach the back racks for load­ing plates and cut­lery. Third­ly, all the racks for load­ing plates and bowls have quite close spac­ing, which is ok for din­ner plates and side plates, but not ide­al for break­fast and dessert bowls that are quite deep (round­ed). They could improve the design by hav­ing wider gaps on some of the racks.These are rel­a­tive­ly minor issues and the machine does a good job of wash­ing. One advan­tage it has over the Bosch is that the top rack has two posi­tions, a high­er and a low­er rail. The high­er one gives more height in the bot­tom rack, allow­ing for taller pots, while the low­er posi­tion allows for larg­er items in the top rack.

  2. Alby

    Not my best pur­chaseThis dish­wash­er devel­oped issues very quick­ly after pur­chase. The build qual­i­ty was poor as the left door hinge was loose (Screws loose and will not tight­en). Due to loose mount­ings the door twists and feels flim­sy. Peri­od­i­cal­ly the con­trols would lock out and not allow you to use it at all (just shows a fault code for a non exis­tent fault of no water feed). Ini­tial­ly a com­plete cold start would reset the fault and the dish­wash­er would run for anoth­er cou­ple of days. Lat­er only iso­lat­ing the appli­ance for 24hrs or so would reset it. Com­plained to ama­zon and Ini­ti­at­ed a war­ran­ty repair , except a brief email ask­ing for more detail on the prob­lem (which I sent) I have had no fur­ther con­tact for 16 days. Now the dish­wash­er is vir­tu­al­ly unus­able, I con­tact­ed Ama­zon again request­ing a replace­ment, which they could not do, only refund and return of the prod­uct. I had bought this on the 0% inter­est 5 pay­ment scheme and had only made 3 pay­ments (refund­ed). unfor­tu­nate­ly the dish­wash­er I had to order to replace this one was an addi­tion­al £220 (to the refund) up front as there was no instal­ment pay­ment option. There­fore I am con­sid­er­ably out of pocket.

  3. art

    nice clean linesvery well deliv­ered and left where i want­ed it.easy to plumb in and once i read instruc­tions a cou­ple of times easy to use.one thing i liked from dish­wash­ers i have had it dose switch its self off.

  4. Adorable diva

    Night­mare machinePlease please please do not waste your mon­ey I think you are get­ting an eco­nom­i­cal machine what you are get­ting is a false econ­o­my it is nev­er worked even though I paid extra have installed by Ama­zon deliv­ery per­son­nel who told me he can’t install it but did tell me it wasn’t the plan but plumbed it bad­ly to the point where it was unable to be used and I’m still wait­ing after sev­er­al days of report­ing this to them wait­ing for them to pick up speak­ing to them three times in a day of pick up them con­vince me it was still going to be picked up they now have told me it’s going to be five days lat­er I am a dis­abled per­son I can­not cook for myself I have car­ers of my bor­ough who are paid to do this who will not work with­out the machine operating

  5. Chris

    Do not buyNoth­ing but prob­lems the first time they deliv­ered the dish­wash­er did­nt work they broke our pipe for it then just left could­nt get out quick enough then some­one else come out to take it away for a new one and they said make sure they fit it for you then when they come with thr oth­er one they refused say­ing that his boss said no to fit­ting it even tho i paid 21 pound

  6. LJB

    Elec­tron­ic con­trols not user friend­ly in my opin­ion.Elec­tron­ic con­trols on this machine are not at all user friend­ly. It has tak­en around three weeks just to get it to work first time. And now after just three weeks of use we’ve had to call out an engi­neer as we just have per­ma­nent flash­ing lights and no action. So frus­trat­ing. On the plus side it wash­es well, is qui­et and you can fit loads into it in vary­ing configurations.

  7. Ama­zon Customer

    Good dish­wash­er if you don’t mind the but­tonsVery well built prod­uct eas­i­ly installed and fits well if you have a smart home. But the soft touch but­tons are dif­fi­cult to use and font always reg­is­ter touch so you have to keep press­ing the but­tons to get them too work. Oth­er issue is when first used it was very loud. With a con­stant low hum which real­ly echoed around our kitchen. Not sure if that had now stopped or if we are just used to it. But it wash­es very well and glass­es and cut­lery come out sparkling.

  8. Ama­zon Customer

    Qui­et and effi­cientEasy to use, great clean­ing, qui­et run­ning. Great val­ue for money

  9. kalpesh

    Best buyVery good prod­uct very silent and I like the touch but­ton oper­ate also you can con­nect with your phone to make it easy very ener­gy sav­ing func­tion over all Worth the value

  10. jan­ice stewart

    Press sil­ver long but­tons to work itGreat dish­wash­er easy to work so straight for­ward press sil­ver but­tons to work it to set youre pro­gramme etc great at clean­ing glass­es as well xxxx.

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