Hoover Breeze Evo TH31BO01 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

£ 70.00

Brand Hoover
Is cordless? No
Form factor Upright
Surface recommendation Hard Floor, Upholstery, Carpet
Special feature Without Bag
  • Large capacity - Breeze Evo has a generous-sized 3 litre bin which can be emptied easily and hygienically, without exposing your hands to the dirt
  • 13 stair cleaning - the 4.5m stretch hose means you can vacuum a standard 13 step staircase in one go, with no need to hold or balance the vacuum on the stairs
  • Adjustable brush bar - the height of the rotating brush bar can be adjusted to suit different floor types. this lets you to deep clean carpets with different pile lengths, yet still glide smoothly on hard floors
  • Above floor cleaning - included is a long crevice tool, extension tube and 2-in-1 dusting / upholstery tool to help tackle cleaning tasks all over your home
  • All Hoover products are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months; please register your appliance with Hoover


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From the manufacturer

Hoover, bagless, upright, vacuum, cleaner, vac, vacume, dyson, shark, vax, lightweight, breeze evo
Hoover, bagless, upright, vacuum, cleaner, vac, vacume, dyson, shark, vax, lightweight, breeze evo

Long reach cleaning

Breeze Evo is a bag­less upright vac­u­um, packed with use­ful fea­tures to help make your clean­ing feel effortless.

A cable length of 7m lets you reach fur­ther with­out hav­ing to stop and change to a dif­fer­ent pow­er sock­et. A longer flex makes your clean­ing more con­ve­nient and effi­cient, so that you can get it done quick­er and get on with enjoy­ing your free time.

Anoth­er extend­ed reach ben­e­fit that Breeze Evo has to offer is the long hose, which stretch­es to an impres­sive 4.5m, long enough to reach a typ­i­cal 13-step staircase.

Breeze Evo is suit­able for most types of floor­ing, with an adjustable rotat­ing brush bar to pen­e­trate deeply into car­pets for a thor­ough clean­ing expe­ri­ence. Use the dial on the foot to raise and low­er the brush bar accord­ing to the dif­fer­ent floor types in your home. This allows you to achieve the opti­mal com­bi­na­tion of dust pick­up and manoeuvrability.

Above floor clean­ing is easy, with the hose and acces­sories all stored neat­ly on board. The long rigid crevice tool is great for get­ting into tight spaces, whilst the dust­ing brush can be used for a mul­ti­tude of chores, such as for your blinds or for skirt­ing boards. Slide off the brush to reveal the uphol­stery noz­zle, which cleans cush­ions and cur­tains with­out the risk of damage.

If you need longer reach, for exam­ple to clean a light shade, or to vac­u­um a cob­web from the ceil­ing, the exten­sion tube is an invalu­able aid. Sim­ply attach the tube to the end of the hose, then add the tool of your choice and away you go. The exten­sion tube is also of ben­e­fit if you suf­fer from back pain, as it means you will not have to bend down to clean low areas.

Main features

Hoover, bagless, upright, vacuum, cleaner, vac, vacume, dyson, shark, vax, lightweight, breeze evo

Hoover, bagless, upright, vacuum, cleaner, vac, vacume, dyson, shark, vax, lightweight, breeze evo

Hoover, bagless, upright, vacuum, cleaner, vac, vacume, dyson, shark, vax, lightweight, breeze evo

Long reach vacuum

If you find it frus­trat­ing hav­ing to change to a dif­fer­ent pow­er sock­et every few min­utes, it’s worth invest­ing in a vac­u­um clean­er with a longer cord. Breeze Evo boasts a cable length of 7 metres, help­ing make your house­work hassle-free.

Full stair cleaning

Thanks to the 4.5 metre stretch hose on the Breeze Evo upright vac­u­um, you can reach all the way from the bot­tom of a typ­i­cal 13-step stair­case, right to the top. This is a great fea­ture, as it means you won’t have to bal­ance the vac­u­um awk­ward­ly halfway up the stairs, or risk it falling over.

All floors

Breeze Evo bag­less upright vac­u­um has an adjustable rotat­ing brush bar, giv­ing you the choice of five dif­fer­ent set­tings. This allows you to get the best results on all the dif­fer­ent floor types in your home, from the kitchen tiles to the fluffy car­pets in the bedroom.

Main features

Hoover, bagless, upright, vacuum, cleaner, vac, vacume, dyson, shark, vax, lightweight, breeze evo

Hoover, bagless, upright, vacuum, cleaner, vac, vacume, dyson, shark, vax, lightweight, breeze evo

Hoover, bagless, upright, vacuum, cleaner, vac, vacume, dyson, shark, vax, lightweight, breeze evo

Large capacity

With a dust capac­i­ty of 3 litres, Breeze Evo is a good choice bag­less upright vac­u­um clean­er for fam­i­ly homes. You can dis­pose of the dust quick­ly, with­out dirty­ing your hands, thanks to our one-touch system.

Above floor cleaning

Breeze Evo is not just for floors, as it comes with an exten­sion tube and tools to tack­le all sorts of clean­ing tasks through­out your home.

Tools on board

The hose and all acces­sories can be stored neat­ly on board the vac­u­um clean­er, for con­ve­nience and easy storage.

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Additional information

Weight 6.4 kg
Dimensions 109 × 32 × 31 cm


Model Number




Product Dimensions

109 x 32 x 31 cm; 6.4 Kilograms


3 litres

Volume Capacity

3 litres

Power Wattage

850 watts


220 Volts



Auto Shutoff


Energy Efficiency Class

A+ to G

Noise Level

79 dB


0 minute

Special Features

Without Bag

Item Weight

6.4 kg



Date First Available

1 Aug. 2017




  1. Car­olAnne & Dave

    This Hoover Sucks!.…. As it should !!This hoover is pow­er­ful. Lots of suc­tion and very ver­sa­tile. The bin is so big that you real­ly don’t realise how much dirt you’ve sucked out of the car­pet until you’ve finished.The hose is extreme­ly long, although I’ll hard­ly use it as I have a small cord­less, too.The cable is very long, so I hard­ly have to stop at all to change sockets.

  2. tin­ker­bell

    Save Your Mon­ey!!!I have had some hoovers in my time and to put it blunt­ly this hoover is a com­plete load of rub­bish, yes it is light it is so flim­sy it is like push­ing a child’s hoover around and the build qual­i­ty is ter­ri­ble and yes it does reach up to 13 stairs with the exten­sion pipe but the hoover is so light the exten­sion pipe just drags it up the stairs as well. All I can say that after giv­ing it a good test I packed it up and returned it the same day. Please save up a bit more mon­ey and invest in some thing bet­ter. I bought the Dyson Small ball and yes it is £199.00 but if you want a hoover to do as it says this one is a good bet. Also Shark is sup­posed to be bet­ter but have nev­er tried one.

  3. just some dude on the internet

    poor­ly designed. it does suckfor a well known brand, this vac­u­um does­n’t show it. it feels flim­sy and the height set­tings are use­less. the low­est set­ting is ok for car­pet, but is low low for rugs and too high for smooth floors. on rugs it binds up and if you raise the set­ting it wont clean. on smooth floors it bare­ly picks up. the long hose that they brag about has very thin walls and I can’t see it last­ing as long as my pre­vi­ous vac­u­um. with the hose fit­ted (there is an option not to use it) the pow­er cable is almost behind it. i would say that this vac­u­um was designed by some­one has has either nev­er used a vac­u­um, or was shown a pic­ture of a vac­u­um from the ’90’s. VERY dis­ap­point­ed. i’m going to try and send it back

  4. River­daisy

    Utter Rub­bish For Any­thing Oth­er Than A Very Light Clean­ing Job.The item was deliv­ered in good time and well pack­aged. It was easy to assem­ble too. How­ev­er, as a result of the med­dling EU, the clean­er is woe­ful­ly under-pow­ered. The attempts to make it more eco­nom­i­cal have sim­ply result­ed in mak­ing the clean­er so weak that one spends twice as much time (or even more) clean­ing to get the same result as you would on the now ille­gal high-pow­ered clean­ers. This results in more use of ener­gy and time. Gone are the days of see­ing dog hairs shoot­ing across the floor from under­neath your couch towards you vacuum.The clean­er has a faulty entrance to the bag­less stor­age which clogs up quite quick­ly and blocks. This results in dust spew­ing out and cov­er­ing your vac­u­um clean­er which makes it the dirt­i­est look­ing vac­u­um that I have ever owned and means that the stor­age tub needs emp­ty­ing long before it is tru­ly full.The man­ner in which the hose is stored on the unit is poor. The pipe sim­ply keeps falling off whilst in use and it is far eas­i­er to take it off when in use as it keeps get­ting in the way.Lastly, the weak and slow rolling brush gets clogged up with dog hair so quick­ly that I have had to dis­man­tle the unit with­in the first month to clean it all out. Worst vac­u­um clean­er I have ever owned!!! Don’t buy. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  5. Sentinel418

    Good pow­er­ful enough suc­tion in remov­ing dirt & dustLike every­thing these days mov­ing towards in the use of plas­tic, but at least with Hoover they’ve made this one with pow­er­ful enough suc­tion to remove most dirt & dust from your floors. Also, the added ben­e­fit of the add-on attach­ments mak­ing it eas­i­er to clean uphol­stery & cur­tains too.Yes, it is quite light weight by mak­ing it eas­i­er to move around, but at the same it still feels robust enough for long term use with a very long pow­er cable too, as to avoid re-plug­ging the mains plug while going around the home to much.I don’t under­stand why oth­ers are com­plain­ing about attach­ments falling off the Hoover while not in use dur­ing vac­u­um­ing, as I found once seat­ed & rout­ed prop­er­ly they remain fixed to the Hoover with no prob­lems. I guess some peo­ple are not accus­tom to the ear­li­er vac­u­um machines hav­ing to switch one from attach­ment to anoth­er when need­ed while prop­er­ly seat­ing the one not used I assume?Anyway, this Hoover vac­u­um machine is bet­ter than I expect­ed to me for the price quot­ed which was a good sur­prise to me, and remem­ber it comes with a slide in rub­ber strip which must insert­ed along the edge of the base of the vac­u­um unit which helps to allow it glide over hard­wood floor­ing, etc, as it was­n’t fit­ted I guess for per­son­al user’s pref­er­ences I assume but I attached it any­way with no prob­lems giv­en glid­ing over car­pets & hard­wood flooring.

  6. James

    Qual­i­ty lit­tle suck­erA lot lighter than Dyson hoovers. Does just as good a job pick­ing up dust and dirt. When using the hose to hoover stairs, pre­pare to catch it as it will top­ple over. I per­son­al­ly am pleased with this purchase.

  7. suzanne mar­tin

    Excel­lentI think this vac­u­um clean­er is excel­lent val­ue for the mon­ey great suc­tion picks up extreme­ly well very easy to use can­not fault this at all unlike some who have left neg­a­tive com­ments , yes I have been a pre­vi­ous own­er of a more very expen­sive Vac­u­um clean­er which I dis­liked very much but if you are some­one look­ing for an inex­pen­sive vac­u­um clean­er that does the job I high­ly rec­om­mend this Hoover Breeze.

  8. Con­spic­u­ous­Con­sumer

    Great deal on sale, very nice to use!Both my hus­band and I are very pleased with this vac­u­um. It’s very well designed, with all the attach­ments hav­ing a clear­ly ded­i­cat­ed spot on the machine. It has a won­der­ful­ly small foot­print com­pared to it’s ver­sa­til­i­ty and suc­tion pow­er, which is fan­tas­tic as we live in a small space. The machine got stuff out of our car­pet we did­n’t even know was there (and which the pre­vi­ous one obvi­ous­ly was­n’t pow­er­ful enough to grab). Has no prob­lem at all with cathair, either. All comes out eas­i­ly. Easy to whip out and just clean bits. The attach­ments help you get at hard to reach places. My hus­band does most of our vac­u­um­ing and was very hap­py and impressed with the qual­i­ty. Nice­ly nice reser­voir size also. How­ev­er, the very best about it, at least for me, is that I can use it with­out pain. It’s quite light and moves eas­i­ly. I’m chron­i­cal­ly ill and usu­al­ly can­not vac­u­um because it’s exhaust­ing and excru­ci­at­ing, but with this vac­u­um I can do lit­tle bits of cleanup when need­ed with­out either hurt­ing or tir­ing myself too much, and that is a true bless­ing as it’s one more thing I can do to help my hus­band out with­out mak­ing myself more ill! Would hearti­ly recommend!

  9. Mr. R. A. Williams

    BreezyFirst time I have had a bag-less vac­u­um, so much bet­ter than my old one. Cer­tain­ly bet­ter clean­ing pow­er, even though it has less wattage. The stor­age bin works well but I am find­ing that it is a bit fid­dly to put back togeth­er to get the right ori­en­ta­tion of the can­nis­ter lid to fit it back into the body of the vac. Would rec­om­mend some bet­ter align­ment mark­ings to assist with that. Tak­ing the fine fil­ter apart is also a bit fid­dly but the fil­ter cloth will slide off its cra­dle with care — don’t use much force as the cra­dle is not that strong. Sim­i­lar­ly to put it back togeth­er needs a bit of care too. Not washed it yet — it is easy enough to brush off any dust care­ful­ly to regain a clean fil­ter cloth.

  10. Kather­ine Wolfe

    Design Fault — Don’t buyI had an iden­ti­cal hoover to this which I brought 20 months ago and I liked it because it picked up dust well and was light­weight. How­ev­er after a year all the attach­ments start­ed falling off and had to be held on with elas­tic bands, when the stem of the hoover (with the han­dle) just pulled off I thought it was time to replace it.I have had this hoover less than 3 weeks, it’s new, and with­in 3 weeks, the han­dle, stem, has just pulled away while I have been hoover­ing. I wish I had­n’t replaced it, because this hap­pened with my 20 month old hoover which is why I brought this new one, but its hap­pen­ing new, which means its a design fault.There is a screw to screw back in to hold it on, which I do each time but the next time you hoover it just pulls off again. It’s a design fault, but now hap­pen­ing with the hoover new. What a waste of mon­ey, there is no way to keep the han­dle attached to the hoover per­ma­nent­ly, you have to spend all your time pick­ing it up of the floor and attach­ing it and hop­ing it will last till the end of that hoover ses­sion, which it does­n’t always.Would nev­er buy anoth­er one again.

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