HOFIT Interactive Cat Toy, Ambush and Ball Tracks 2‑in‑1 Robotic Cat Toy with 4 Exchangeable Feathers, Electric Cat Ball Toys

£ 29.99

Target species Cat
Colour White
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Unit count 1.00 count
  • 【2 IN 1 INTERACTIVE CAT TOY】Our electronic cat toy has two play ways, ambush and ball track, inspires your cats curiosity, and have fun with this toy! 4 modes are available to be chose, with led light on and off optional, more fun and more intelligent. Comes with 5 interchangeable feathers.
  • 【MORE FUN FOR YOUR CAT】A great interactive electric cat toy could make your cats active, avoid those common problems happen to lots of cats, such as, cats get bored without toys, get lazy, lack exercise and get obesity, they may be in a bad mood without toys, damage your furniture just for fun. All you need to do is get a fun toy for it, and it will become healthier and happier.
  • 【SAFE TO USE】The cat toy is made of environmentally friendly ABS materials, safe and non-toxic, smooth appearance, comfortable, no hurt, Built in soft changeable LED lights( optional, it can be turned off). We care for your pet's health and fun by heart.
  • 【AUTOMATIC OFF FUNCTION】It has special design of asymptotically on and off function, it will automatically off after 10 minutes working so that your pets could take a break, and it will automatically on after 4 hours off to make your pets active have fun time again, if you want your pet keep playing, just turn it on manually.
  • 【AUTOMATIC OFF FUNCTION】It has special design of asymptotically on and off function, it will automatically off after 10 minutes working so that your pets could take a break, and it will automatically on after 4 hours off to make your pets active have fun time again, if you want your pet keep playing, just turn it on manually.


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Product Description

cat toy
cat toy

Fast speed

Short press 1st time comes into fast speed mode ( green light on).

Most young cats love to play fast mode, they are full of ener­gy and very curi­ous, fast mode could make them feel more excit­ed and inspire their hunt­ing instinct.

Our cat toy has an auto­mat­ic on and off func­tion, it will auto­mat­i­cal­ly off after 10 min­utes of work­ing to let your cats take a break, and auto­mat­i­cal­ly on after 4 hours to make your cats active again, if you want it to keep play­ing, you can turn it on manually.

cat toy

Medium speed

Short press 2nd time comes into medi­um speed mode (blue light on).

Most of the old­er cats love to play in this mode, suit­able speed makes them move and keep active, a cat in an active sta­tus could make it hap­py and healthy, avoid­ing the cats become over­height, feel depressed, destroy fur­ni­ture, etc.

Love your cats, keep them healthy and hap­py. and sure­ly, your love­ly cats will bring you more fun and hap­pi­ness too.

cat toy

Intelligent mode( with colorful light)

Short press 3rd times come into Intel­li­gent mode (col­or­ful light on).

Love­ly cat toy with col­or­ful lights, make it looks great and fun, if you don’t want to light, you can short press 4th time, then it will come into 4th mode, play with­out light. muti- options for you to choose!

cat toy

Intelligent mode (light off)

Short press 3rd times come into Intel­li­gent mode, with­out light.

The light can be turn off if you don’t want it on, it can also play with­out light.

Mul­ti modes cat toy, make your pets hap­py and healthy!

cat toy
cat toy
cat toy
cat toy

cat toy

cat toy

cat toy

Feather exchanging

Short press 5th time comes into feath­er exchang­ing mode, ( red light on) then change the feather.

2 ways of power supply

1, Our inter­ac­tive cat toy also can be pow­ered by the bat­ter­ies, 4 pcs AA bat­ter­ies( bat­ter­ies not included)

2, Please find the USB con­nec­tion port on the back of the inter­ac­tive cat toy, and con­nect it with a USB cable, put it into the pow­er sup­ply, then it gets its pow­er and could start to play.

Sound design

This cat toy has attrac­tive sound, it can attracte your cats atten­tion, make them curi­ous and excit­ed, more fun for your cats!

cat toy
cat toy

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Additional information

Weight 670 kg
Dimensions 20.2 × 20.1 × 10.4 cm
Package Dimensions

20.2 x 20.1 x 10.4 cm; 670 Grams



Number of Items




Batteries Required


Item Weight

670 g



Date First Available

9 Jun. 2021




  1. Andrew

    5 days in and the cats still keen!The media could not be loaded.

     With kids we used to talk about the toys they craved being “7 day won­ders” before being left on a shelf. With our cat Tin­ky toys have tend­ed to be “7 sec­ond won­ders”. But 5 days in, this one still has her playing.The only oth­er toy thats ever done that is a red dot laser point­er. She’ll chase that till you run out of ener­gy work­ing it. But this gad­get keeps her busy while you do oth­er jobs. I attach a lit­tle video of when it first came, the pho­to I took a few moments ago while writ­ing this.The usu­al pat­tern is that you turn it on when the cat is bored (easy to work out, you get told pret­ty clear­ly), and she imme­di­ate­ly goes into hunt­ing mode on the feath­ers. She gets excit­ed and some­times the gad­get gets pulled around the floor amd the feath­er chewed as well as mauled but it seems to sur­vive all right. When it turns off she usu­al­ly pats the ball around its track a bit then wan­ders off happy.Anyway, I must also say about the toy itself. Its solid­ly built, runs off AA bat­ter­ies. They are still fine after 5 days use, can­not yet say how long they will last. It turns itself off after a few min­utes. If the cat is still full of ener­gy, you just start it again. The gad­get makes quite a loud motor noise but cat does not seem to notice. The feath­ers have with­stood a good maul­ing, it comes with 3 spares and the first one is still ok.Overall I’d call this toy very good. Its heavy and feels strong, but its not cheap. Its way ahead of every­thing else we’ve tried for keep­ing the cat hap­py while you get on with jobs.########## 5 weeks lat­erAnd its still the favourite toy. But it did jam. The sell­er was very good and prompt­ly sent a replace­ment, so we are back in busi­ness. Bat­tery life is about 3 weeks. Its begin­ning to look good val­ue as well as plain good, its solid­ly made.

  2. meand­mi

    Very hap­py cat!I hoped my cat would like this toy as she gets quite eas­i­ly bored with reg­u­lar cat toys. We have lots and switch them around but I could tell she is crav­ing more inter­ac­tion by the way she’d rather play with my hands and feet than with the inan­i­mate toys. When this toy came in, she instant­ly loved it. She played with the ball while I was read­ing the man­u­al and, once the toy was plugged in and work­ing, she watched the feath­er mov­ing for a while, then start­ed play­ing with it. I had to turn the toy back on 4 times in a row, she nev­er played so long with any­thing else before. I try not to over­stim­u­late her so she does­n’t get bored, so I set the toy on the intel­li­gent pro­gram so it can turn on and off on its own every 4 hours. She kept play­ing with the ball, slept a bit, went back, played some more, man­aged to turn the toy on by press­ing the but­ton once, played with the feath­er, than the ball again… She real­ly enjoys it and that’s real­ly amaz­ing to me know­ing how she gets bored so eas­i­ly. The toy is well made or so it seems, she caught the feath­er quite a few times but there was no dam­age. 4 extra feath­ers are includ­ed for when this one wears off as well. I love that I can just plug the toy in and not use bat­ter­ies. Could­n’t tell much dif­fer­ence between the speeds, but as long as she is hap­py, I’m hap­py, so no prob­lem. I would rec­om­mend this espe­cial­ly if you have an indoor cat, they need to play and ful­fill their nat­ur­al instincts and this toy is per­fect for it. I’m quite excit­ed at the moment, I usu­al­ly wait a bit before leav­ing reviews for things that can break, but I will update the review if any­thing goes wrong. For now 5 stars from me and Mi!Update: after a few months it only starts if I start it, the auto­mat­ic pro­gram does­n’t work any more. Not a big issue as my cat got bored even­tu­al­ly, as it was bound to happen.

  3. T & C

    A fun, inter­ac­tive toy for bored or ener­getic felines!If you’ve got an indoor cat who needs some extra stim­u­la­tion to keep them occu­pied through­out the day, or you have an out­door cat who you’d rather expend some of their ener­gy inside to hope­ful­ly reduce the amount of feath­ered or fluffy ‘presents’ you receive…then this inter­ac­tive toy might just be the best invest­ment you could make for your flur­ry feline.I’ll add con­text to this by say­ing that our cat is a ridicu­lous­ly fussy feline (more so than reg­u­lar cats (we’ve had numer­ous over the years)), so find­ing lit­er­al­ly ANYTHING that she will play with is already a huge pos­i­tive, and this toy allows for dif­fer­ent ener­gy levels!The loose ball can be knocked around the cir­cum­fer­ence of the unit, and a small feath­er pro­trudes out at dif­fer­ent loca­tions and dif­fer­ent time inter­vals based the mode you’ve selected.Once pow­ered (4 x AA bat­ter­ies (not includ­ed) or via the includ­ed micro USB to USB A (‘com­mon’ USB port)), the device has 4 dif­fer­ent speeds/modes/settings which can be changed via press­ing the sin­gle but­ton on the top:1, ‘fast’ speed (green light); 2, ‘medi­um’ speed (blue light); 3, ‘intel­li­gent mode with light’; 4, ‘intel­li­gent mode with­out light’, and 5, ‘feath­er exchange mode’ (red light), which let’s you change the ambush­ing feath­er (5 includ­ed in total).The device also has an auto-off func­tion (after 10 min­utes of con­tin­u­ous use), and an auto-on func­tion, which pow­ers the device after 4 hours of stand­by, to get your cat excit­ed and play­ing again (pro­vid­ed they’re around, and more impor­tant­ly, pro­vid­ed they care…)

  4. Tom292

    The cat is bored of it and ignores itThe cat showed inter­est for the first few times it was acti­vat­ed. After sev­er­al occur­rences of it hav­ing been acti­vat­ed, he was famil­iar with it and bored stiff by it. One both­er for your­self is that it’s noisy. If you choose to keep it on, you’ll be dis­turbed by the 10 min­utes of sud­den noise being made every four hours as it reac­ti­vates. I regret the purchase.

  5. elaine saun­ders

    Broke with­in 12 weeksMy cat George adores this toy…however the one he had for Christ­mas last­ed 12 weeks…I have bought a sec­ond one ONLY because he has been cry­ing next to the toy.For £30 I did­n’t expect it to just stop, changed the bat­ter­ies and noth­ing, the whole unit is com­plete­ly dead.I am extreme­ly disappointed.It seems a stur­dy toy how­ev­er the motor has com­plete­ly gone.Not sure if I am just super unlucky.

  6. C.O.

    Stopped work­ing with­in a day….UPDATE: it’s been fixedUPDATE: after my one star review the sell­er kind­ly offered to replace the faulty toy or pro­vide a full refund. I’ve opt­ed for the replace­ment and gave it anoth­er chance and I’m glad I did! The toy works com­plete­ly as intend­ed, and it hasn’t got­ten stuck. My kit­ten enjoys play­ing with it (again pri­mar­i­ly the ball but the feath­ers attract him and remind him to play with it). I can rec­om­mend, hope­ful­ly they’re all now fixed.—————The cat toy arrived yes­ter­day. It is a good idea in prin­ci­ple and my kit­ten seemed intrigued by the feath­ers pop­ping in and out — although he is more inter­est­ed in the ball itself. BUT the feath­er stick start­ed get­ting stuck with­in bare­ly a few hours of receiv­ing it. And by today it has com­plete­ly stopped work­ing. What a waste of mon­ey, the qual­i­ty of build is extreme­ly poor. Save your­self £20 and buy a cheap ver­sion with just the balls around it. That’s what the cat will care most about in any case..

  7. D. E. Holloway

    UPATE! Been work­ing for a cou­ple of week, but now feath­er not com­ing out.Update: I’ve locat­ed in the man­u­al how to pull out the feath­ers man­u­al­ly so they work again. My 12-year-old cat was lov­ing her new toy (she tends to get bored, so I got it for her for Christ­mas). How­ev­er, I’ve just switched it on for her and the feath­ers aren’t com­ing out. I changed the bat­ter­ies, still no joy. So I con­nect­ed it to the mains, but again no feath­ers! There is noth­ing in the man­u­al to trou­bleshot this sce­nario. Any ideas would be very welcome.

  8. Col­inio

    Tire­less funIf you’re like me and you tire eas­i­ly with the play­ing chase with your ener­getic cat, then this is for you. Our mog­gy loves the ball chas­er (you don’t need to pow­er for this) and is huge­ly intrigued with the feath­er duster pop­ping in and out of the toy. Many hours of fun ahead.

  9. Fran­ki

    Cool toyThe media could not be loaded.

     Great toy , the cats enjoy watch­ing the rather stick out , 1 of them tries to grab it with his mouth.Sometimes though the toy starts of its own accord…😳. Lol

  10. Frances spence

    Broke after 2 daysEither my 4 month kit­ten is extreme­ly strong or this poor­ly made.The feath­er part came off on day two and comes off now every­time it gets fixed back on.

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