HIGH5 Energy Gel, Quick Release Energy, On The Go From Natural Fruit Juice, (Apple, 20 x 40g),


  • HIGH5 Energy Gel is a powerful fruity energy gel, providing you with quick energy on the go
  • HIGH5 Energy Gel delivers 23g of carbohydrate straight to your muscles during exercise, like running or cycling
  • HIGH5 Energy Gel Apple is made from natural fruit juice. This gives it a particularly smooth consistency for a light and refreshing taste
  • HIGH5 Energy Gel comes in a travel-convenient 20 sachet box
  • HIGH5 Energy Gel is free from artificial sweeteners and colourings. This gel is caffeine free


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Product Description

HIGH5 Ener­gy Gel is a con­ve­nient fruity source of ener­gy with a smooth with a light con­sis­ten­cy, mak­ing it easy to have on the go. And, because it’s made with nat­ur­al fruit juice, it tastes great too! Easy to open and swal­low, each sachet deliv­ers 23g of car­bo­hy­drate energy.

Dur­ing endurance exer­cise your body needs car­bo­hy­drate for ener­gy to help main­tain your performance.

HIGH5 Ener­gy Gel is designed to be tak­en BEFORE and DURING exercise.

Please con­sid­er the envi­ron­ment and keep the coun­try­side clean by tak­ing your emp­ty gel wrap­pers with you after use.

System Requirements

con­ti­nu­ity 2013

From the manufacturer

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HIGH5 Energy Gel Quick Release Energy On The Go from Natural Fruit Juice

Ener­gy Gel is a fruity burst of ener­gy to pow­er your mus­cles dur­ing exer­cise. Mak­ing it an ide­al prod­uct to turn up the ener­gy dur­ing your workout!

Have you ever hit the wall dur­ing exer­cise? HIGH5 can help! Stay­ing fuelled is eas­i­er said than done – it’s not exact­ly the first thing on your mind when you’re push­ing hard. How­ev­er, as your ener­gy drops, so does your power.

Ener­gy gels replen­ish your deplet­ed car­bo­hy­drate stores dur­ing your work­out and Ener­gy Gel is an eas­i­ly digestible sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly for­mu­lat­ed mul­ti-car­bo­hy­drate ener­gy gel to keep you ener­gised dur­ing exercise.

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Important information


Glu­cose Syrup, Water, Mal­todex­trin, Fruit Juice Con­cen­trate (Apple 3 Per­cent), Acid­i­ty Reg­u­la­tors (Mal­ic Acid, Sodi­um Cit­rates, Cit­ric Acid), Preser­v­a­tives (Potas­si­um Sor­bate, Sodi­um Ben­zoate), Sea Salt, Nat­ur­al Flavour­ings, Vit­a­min B6.

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Additional information

Product Name

High5 Energy Energy Gel - Apple 40 g


800 Grams


800.0 gram





Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

19 Jun. 2012




  1. Ali­son

    Great hypo cor­rect­ing glu­cose liq­uidI am a type one dia­bet­ic. I am using this this to take when I have a hypo. As it’s quick act­ing it sorts my hypo with­in a few minutes.I bought this online and it is much cheap­er than oth­er prod­ucts. It’s easy and light to car­ry so that’s anoth­er good thing about it

  2. John Mal­la­by

    Great!I am a dia­bet­ic and this quick act­ing carb is great for quick­ly resolv­ing hypos.

  3. Armed_Sirloin

    Great test­ing gelsI like these gels quite a lot.I recent­ly used them dur­ing a Olympic dis­tance triathlon. I decid­ed to use them about 45 min­utes in while on the bike stage.I took three in total and did­n’t real­ly feel a loss of ener­gy dur­ing the event, in fact I felt great!The gels can be tak­en on their own, but I sug­gest slurp­ing some water with them to aid digestion.

  4. Madacks­man

    Great val­ue and top qual­i­tyI have come back to these from SIS Gels; the high five gels are great. Eas­i­er to open, less bulky, taste bet­ter and eas­i­er on my stom­ach. These are all I use to fuel my long runs and marathons, I take one at 50 min­utes and one every 20 mins after. (Note: we are all dif­fer­ent, you need to for­mu­late and prac­tice your own fuelling regimes)

  5. Ama­zon Customer

    Great for hypos for type one dia­bet­icsThese are bril­liant. Since lucizade reduced the glu­cose lev­els, I’ve tried many things to treat hypos. None of which were fast enough, most were hard to get the cor­rect amount in… these are bril­liant! Light, good pack­ag­ing, very fast act­ing, per­fect amount to treat a hypo and taste good. Espe­cial­ly when they’ve been in the fridge!! If you need to treat a hypo or for quick act­ing ener­gy for exer­cise, these are amazing!

  6. Carl

    Dia­bet­ic Saver…Don’t use these for sport, they are fan­tas­tic at bring­ing your glu­cose lev­el back up when expe­ri­enc­ing hypo­gly­caemia. Easy to car­ry in a bag or pock­et and taste good. I use anoth­er brand of well known glu­cose drink — but in the UK high sug­ar / glu­cose drinks are taxed — there­for my usu­al brand reduced the glu­cose content.Would rec­om­mend these to any­one with insulin depen­dant dia­betes to car­ry with you any­where. Could be a life saver.

  7. Joe

    Cant stand the flavourIt does the job, but the apple flavour is odd. It some­how tastes like a mcdon­alds apple pie but all blend­ed togeth­er includ­ing the card­board packaging.

  8. Travis

    Good for any car­dio train­ingPur­chased these for half marathon train­ing hav­ing tried a sam­ple of a range of High5 prod­ucts. These work bril­liant­ly and are very easy to car­ry when out on long runs. They don’t have the same flavour as the 66g ver­sions (these being 40g) but being lighter and small­er to pack on a run work great. It is well worth not­ing that these 40g ver­sions have just the same amount of car­bo­hy­drate in as the 66g ver­sion so they per­form very sim­i­lar in deliv­er­ing carbs on long exercises.Reasonable price, does the job. Can’t complain.

  9. Peter

    Quick Boost of Ener­gy.I real­ly like these gels and they are more com­pet­i­tive­ly priced (at time of pur­chase) than the SIS gels. The orange High5 gels also taste bet­ter than the orange SIS in my opin­ion. There is a vari­ety of flavours, all of which are more than accept­able — even the banana flavour which I thought sound­ed a bit dodgy, but turned out to be very nice. They def­i­nite­ly pro­vide a quick boost of ener­gy (in my expe­ri­ence I have noticed a dif­fer­ence in my per­for­mance with­in min­utes). They can be tak­en on the fly, one hand­ed (also using your teeth to rip open the sachet) so no need to stop your ride to reload (assum­ing you’re using them for cycling).

  10. Rashid Ahmad

    Per­fect for Type 1 Dia­bet­icsI’ve been T1 for 33 years now and I’ve been on the look­out for a long time to find a quick portable gel that does­n’t cost the earth.I mea­sured using my Dex­com G6 and recov­ered from a 3.7 hypo­gly­caemia in 15 min­utes exact­ly. So it’s fast enough for me.Perfectly portable pouch­es to keep a few in the car and a cou­ple on my per­son at any giv­en time.

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