Henry HVR 160–11 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum, 620 W, 6 Litres, Red and Black


Brand Henry
Is cordless? No
Form factor Cannister
Model name HVR
Surface recommendation Carpet
  • Built to last - independently rated as the U.K's most reliable vacuum Brand.
  • Huge capacity - up to x5 bigger than many bagless vacuums.
  • Powerful and efficient cleaning technology.
  • Perfect all-rounder - carpets, hard-floors, cars, stairs, DIY… Henry’s ready.
  • What goes in, stays in – Henry Bags with innovative self-seal tab lock all the dust in the bag.
  • Length of hose 2.2m. Hose stretches up to 2.2m.


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From the manufacturer

Henry vacuum cleaner

Henry 160

- Built to Last

- Huge Capacity

- Per­fect All-rounder

- Pow­er­ful Cleaning

- Stores Neat­ly Away

- Emp­ty­ing with No Dust and No Mess

Henry vacuum cleaner

Henry vacuum cleaner

Built to Last

We’ve made over 10 Mil­lion Hen­rys and most of them are still in use today. Inde­pen­dent­ly rat­ed as the UK’s most reli­able vac­u­um brand.

Tools for Every Job

Car­pets, hard-floors, cars, stairs, DIY… noth­ing beats a Hen­ry for versatility.

Powerful Cleaning

Pow­er­ful, effi­cient and long-life clean­ing technology.

Perfect for Carpets and Hard-floors

Eas­i­ly switch between car­pets and hard-floors with Henry’s high per­for­mance com­bi floor tool.

Henry vacuum cleaner

Great Features to Make Cleaning Easy and Effective

Super long reach, ‘trou­ble free’ rewind 10 metre cable, huge 6 litre capac­i­ty and ver­sa­tile tool set.

Stores Neatly Away

On-board tool stor­age means tools are always to hand and neat­ly packed away.

Up to x5 Bigger

Less emp­ty­ing with a capac­i­ty up to x5 big­ger than many bag­less vacuums.

No Dust Cloud, What Goes In Stays In

Henry’s inno­v­a­tive self-seal tab locks all the dust in the bag, mean­ing emp­ty­ing with no dust and no mess.

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Additional information

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 32 cm


Model Number



Red and Black

Product Dimensions

34 x 34 x 32 cm; 7.5 Kilograms


6 litres

Power Wattage

620 watts





Number of Speeds


Noise Level

72 dB

Special Features

Bagged Compact

Item Weight

7.5 kg



Date First Available

22 Dec. 2017




  1. D.Sumner

    Judge him not by his size, for the suc­tion is his ally. And a pow­er­ful ally it is..It was a cloudy bor­ing day when Hen­ry arrived on my doorstep, i was out when the ama­zon deliv­ery man called so my neigh­bours brought him round and to my annoy­ance i found the item was­nt wrapped so all and sundry could see what id bought… With anger puls­ing through my nerves like raw elec­tric wires, i brought the item in. Throw­ing the cou­ple from num­ber 32 a fake smile and thank­ing them for bring­ing the item i slammed the door shut and fran­ti­cal­ly looked for the near­est cush­ion to holler into. Id been exposed in the most dire way by amazon..Then sud­den­ly i heard a rustling from deep with­in the box. My first thoughts were: after what theve just done, now they’ve gone a put a drone in there (or a mina­ture cam­era man) to expose me and throt­tle the life out of the last few shreds of dig­ni­ty i had left.It was all for naught how­ev­er, as i opened the box with utmost cau­tion, out popped hen­ry the hoover with a huge grin spread across his face like rasp­ber­ry jam. “Ahoy!” he seemed to mum­ble, though of course he lacked the prop­er equip­ment to form coher­ent words. And already he was on the job, he leaped out ready to punch his card in and get down to some seri­ous hoovering.No need to spend much time assem­bling this chap, he will do it him­self!! With­in sec­onds he was fum­bling around in the box, tak­ing out var­i­ous pieces and slot­ting them in here and there. With the hard­er to reach areas he would hand me an object and ges­ture as to where it went and then fol­lowed by what motion i need­ed to com­plete the task, i.e screw or push.Then Hen­ry the 1st or hen­ry “the red dev­il” hoover if you’d pre­fer, lept to the task at hand. His eyes scanned the room and set­tled on the wall sock­et to which he then ran over to and plugged him­self in — his eyes becom­ing wild as the cur­rent flowed though him.He zipped through the kitchen and lounge like a fly through an open win­dow. Suck­ing up all like a cheery lit­tle hur­ri­cane — stop­ping for none and seiz­ing the day.But then.. He came to the sheep skin rug.He paused.Mind a blaze, swing­ing and swirling, until he reached into his tool belt and changed his attach­ment. He then hooverd the rug with his sig­na­ture gus­to and all was well.So to cut a long sto­ry short… Id give young hen­ry five stars. He has very strong suc­tion and a long cable. By far the best hoover ive ever used (dyson included).Thanks for reading!

  2. JG

    Cum­ber­some, but it cer­tain­ly cleans floors!After many years of using upright clean­ers, I’ve switched to Hen­ry. Resist­ed it for a long time, because I’ve nev­er liked pull-along clean­ers, I find them awk­ward to use. How­ev­er, hav­ing spent prob­a­bly three times the price of this unit on rub­bish uprights over the last few years, I decid­ed to go for it.The first thing to say is that Hen­ry (I have the com­pact unit) is a pow­er­ful lit­tle dev­il. I’ve been pleas­ant­ly sur­prised at how effec­tive he is, con­sid­er­ing the small size of the space all the dust gets sucked into. I’ve used him on car­pet (brush up, vent a lit­tle open) and hard floors (brush down, vent closed), and he’s equal­ly effec­tive on each. He’s brought a cou­ple of tired old long-pile rugs back to life, and he gets every scrap of dust off my lam­i­nate and tiled floors. So, since that’s what he’s designed to do, a thumbs up from me.Oh, and the long cable is great — I live in a flat and I don’t have to keep mov­ing the plug to get to each room. Love the cable rewind, too.Second thing is what comes in the box. You get Hen­ry and all the attach­ments, as well as two bags. Since the descrip­tion says ‘a Hen­ry unit’, I thought that might be use­ful to know. You don’t need to go buy a whole box of bags, like I did. D’oh.What I *don’t* like are all the things I knew I would­n’t like when I bought him:- He’s heavy. Not going to work for some­one older/less able, and def­i­nite­ly not the best for cart­ing up and down stairs.- He’s a bit cum­ber­some. I do get tan­gled in the hose and the cable, and I find him a lit­tle dif­fi­cult to manoeu­vre in tight spaces. Might sim­ply be that I need to get used to him.- He takes up a lot more space than an upright. So stash­ing him in the cup­board meant clear­ing some extra space. Not real­ly a hard­ship, just some­thing to be aware of — the base unit is a lit­tle fat thing and the hose is very tall.In sum­ma­ry: is it light? No. Is it space-effi­cient? No. Is it par­tic­u­lar­ly manoeu­vrable? No. Does it clean floors? Hell, yes. If Hen­ry came in an upright for­mat, I’d give him five stars. But I still don’t like trundling him along or find­ing myself tied to the fur­ni­ture with the hose and cable.

  3. Hunter S. Thompson

    Bet­ter than DysonHoovers were not bro­ken when Dyson came along. Clean­ers kept using Hen­ry as did every­one else who did­n’t have £500 to spend on a glo­ri­fied bag­less dup­lo trol­ley. The scam­mers over at Dyson are now try­ing to sell you cord­less hoovers, that don’t pick up dirt and wear out with­in 2 years. Ditch that pseu­do mid­dle class non­sense con­trap­tion and pick up a real gem of british engi­neer­ing — Hen­ry. That smil­ing face will not let you down for more than ten years, Yes it takes bags, because bags are hygenic and they car­ry a lot more dirt than dumb bag­less vac­u­ums. You wont get a face full of dirt when you emp­ty it, because it was­n’t designed by idiots. If it aint broke don’t fix it people.

  4. Kathryn

    Sucks like a.… suck­ing thing!After a cou­ple of years mud­dling along with my new part­ners dyson, I final­ly broke and bought me a Hen­ry. He’s a cheer­ful lit­tle chap but holy wow does he suck! I had trou­ble mov­ing him over the car­pet! He won’t rest until every last bit of dust is in his bag though. He’s a lot qui­eter than his pre­de­ces­sors with handy places to put acces­sories so you’re not hunt­ing round the house try­ing to remem­ber where you put them. Hen­ry is, with­out doubt, the best suck­er in this house!

  5. Caz

    We Love Hen­ry!!!!!!My broth­er bought one of these and the way he was talk­ing about it I thought he’d had anoth­er child!!! ‘Hen­ry this, Hen­ry that, Hen­ry is amaz­ing’ any­way, after lug­ging my heavy Dyson about for years I decid­ed to wade into Hen­ry World. Peo­ple warned me against it, my moth­er-in-law said I’d hate a Hen­ry, even my hub­by stared at it when it came and refused to show interest.My word!!!!!! Hen­ry is a bel­ter!!!!! He’s near­ly inhaled my car­pet but I’m still get­ting used to dif­fer­ent attach­ments- I will nev­er ever go back to anoth­er hoover, Hen­ry is fab!!!!

  6. Sound­byte

    The Best Lit­tle Suck­er In The WorldOMG. Don’t look at any­one leav­ing less than 4 stars as they are the ones that can nev­er be sat­is­fied. I am amazed at this vac­u­um clean­er. No won­der it’s Num­ber 1 in the indus­try. I had a hoover bag­less which gave up its suck almost entire­ly so I threw it out. Between then and get­ting Hen­ry my car­pets were so messy it looked like a tip. I went around my house with Hen­ry in a frac­tion of the time it took me with my old hoover. Hen­ry eats every­thing in his path. Screws, toe­nails, nuts and even pens whole. Don’t leave a sock on the floor as Hen­ry will have it for break­fast. I had to remove poly­styrene cement off my ceil­ing after tak­ing down poly­styrene tiles for fire safe­ty. The mess was huge but Hen­ry sucked it all up like a pro and I was clean again in no time. I have nev­er in all my time had a bet­ter per­form­ing clean­er. Sure it’s not a new dig­i­tal cord­less or bag­less gim­mick like some adverts for their clean­ers but I can tell you for cer­tain no bag­less or cord­less clean­er can per­form like Hen­ry. With my old bag­less you have to emp­ty it into a bag or dust­bin any­way and some blows back on the floor. With Hen­ry, every­thing stays in and you just remove the bag and bin it, absolute­ly NO MESS. Cord­less? No way. You can’t get pow­er like this with a cord­less, they go flat quick and they don’t suck well at all. Hen­ry comes with a bag installed and a spare so you can use him right after deliv­ery. The stair attach­ment is great as well. I went down my entire stair­case in less than 10 min­utes and he sucked up every­thing the first time. Hen­ry is so pow­er­ful that he sucks the car­pet away from the grip­per rods. Rugs are a synch with Hen­ry and clean in sec­onds as is fur­ni­ture. The cord is extra long so he can go all the way upstairs and into the bed­rooms with­out hav­ing to unplug down­stairs and plug in upstairs and when done the cord winds into the hub so you don’t have to wrap the cord around any­thing or get knots in it. The tur­bo head is well worth the extra in this case as it cleans deep into the pile with the slight­est of ease. The 6‑litre bags last for ages too. so you don’t have to be buy­ing bags too often. One bag will hold up to 4 months aver­age clean­ing on an aver­age three bed­room house, so 3 bags a year is not at all expensive.When con­sid­er­ing many many years of using vac­u­um clean­ers I will nev­er go back to any­thing else now. Hen­ry even comes with a three-year war­ran­ty, unlike the stan­dard 12 months you nor­mal­ly get with oth­er makes. You can tell as soon as you get him out the box he is built to last and robust. He nev­er falls over and you can pull him along by the hose with­out the hose dis­con­nect­ing as my old Hoover did often. You do have to go back and help him around cor­ners but that’s noth­ing to me. Trust me, Go for Hen­ry, he is the best lit­tle suc­ck­er in the world.

  7. Jack­ie Jones

    Just fab­u­lousI have been promis­ing myself one of these for years and when my last Hoover packed up I final­ly got one. Every builder, dec­o­ra­tor or, indeed any dust-gen­er­at­ing trades­man I have ever employed has always come armed with a Hen­ry, which is rec­om­men­da­tion enough. It is light, qui­et and boy does it suck!!! In a good way! You could eat your din­ners off my floors now and per­form open-heart surgery on my car­pets. Don’t wait years to buy one like me, get one today!

  8. mon­ster­jaz­zlicks

    RE: Hoover vs. Vax.Hi folks,I pur­chased this because my sis­ter has one, and because there was a £20 discount.Came with 1 x bag pre-installed, and 2 x spare bags (which is excellent).Don’t buy a VAX hoover. It cost me a for­tune in repairs and was hope­less in its functionality!Best,Paul

  9. Ama­zon Customer

    Excel­lent com­pact hoover with great suc­tionExcel­lent com­pact hoover with great suc­tion. I pur­chased extra tools as I did­n’t think would get any but a full set of tools comes with Henry.Had a Dyson ani­mal pre­vi­ous­ly which nev­er picked up prop­er­ly and was repaired 4 times?Would def­i­nite­ly recommend.

  10. famouson­theweb

    Eats any­thing. Doesn’t com­plain.Oh Hen­ry you hun­gry bug­ger. Gob­bles up dust, pen­nies, saw­dust, Legos and stray chil­dren with glee. Whilst oth­er vac­u­ums I’ve had are super picky and I killed a Dyson with saw­dust once. Hen­ry is like a well loved drunk­en friend who will hap­pi­ly fol­low you around your house suck­ing up all the crap. He is heavy on stairs but if you drop him (I have) he will roll down them and still have a smile on his face as he usu­al­ly lands on his head. The best thing? If your kid screams blue mur­der for their palm tree Lego back you can rip open Henry’s paper stom­ach and you’ll find your Lego, lost pass­port, the key to the shed and maybe your hopes and dreams in his dusty belly.

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