Helix Oxford Pencils (5 Pack)


Brand Helix
Colour Oxford Blue
Material Graphite
Style Pencils (5 pack)
Item hardness HB
  • Pack of 5 pre-sharpened pencils, developed for all common uses
  • Comfortable grip for ongoing use
  • Strong, break-resistant, bonded graphite lead - HB Grade. Easy to sharpen
  • Suitable for both children and adults, in work, play, or school
  • Part of the traditional Helix Oxford range, A brand trusted for its premium quality and reliability


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Product Description

High qual­i­ty HB pen­cils made using wood from a sus­tain­able source. The pre-sharp­ened pen­cils are neat­ly pre­sent­ed in a plas­tic stor­age tub. Man­u­fac­tured using strong graphite to min­imise lead breakage.
The Oxford range from Helix has a world­wide rep­u­ta­tion for qual­i­ty and excel­lence with an envi­able brand that is known for using its tra­di­tion­al val­ues of prod­uct devel­op­ment and apply­ing them to mod­ern day cur­ricu­lum require­ments. Known across the globe as the world’s best maths set and brand leader in the UK, the Helix Oxford Maths Set has sold over 100 mil­lion units.
Helix was found­ed 130 years ago in the Mid­lands, Eng­land with a view to offer cus­tomers high qual­i­ty, stur­dy and durable sta­tionery to use every day in school, at home or in work. Today Helix’s prod­uct range may have grown from where it all start­ed 130 years ago but Helix still has the love and pas­sion for sta­tionery that it always had, as well as the desire to offer peo­ple the best of British design and func­tion in their every­day sta­tionery use.

Box Contains

Sin­gle item as per image

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Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 9.8 × 9.6 × 2 cm


Model Number


Package Dimensions

9.8 x 9.6 x 2 cm; 40 Grams


Oxford Blue

Pencil Lead Degree Hardness


Material Type


Number of Items




Manufacturer Part Number


Item Weight

40 g



Date First Available

15 Nov. 2012




  1. N. Wal­ton

    The eras­er to end all erasers!I nev­er remem­bered being so entranced with school mate­ri­als until I got these erasers and a pen­cil sharp­en­er for my kids… Then I Remem­bered *that* feel­ing of stand­ing in W.H. Smiths with my mum the week­end before the new school year starter. We’d pick a pen­cil case (although I tend­ed to go back to my wood­en one with a slidey top), and some math­sy things. Our school always want­ed us to have a foun­tain pen, a soft and hard pen­cil, and an eras­er. Back then most kids had “The Big Pink One”, this giant slab of rub­ber that was mas­sive­ly unweildy and had its name in giant black let­ters across the front. It was so large it would bare­ly fit in pen­cil cas­es. Some of us just relied on the lit­tle rub­ber on the tip of the pen­cil, but I remem­ber that my mum would tend to get a 2H pen­cil, a 2B pen­cil and a pair of erasers just like these.A 2H pen­cil, if you don’t know, is semi-hard. It’s good for maths and graphs, but not as good as the 2B for doing draw­ings and shad­ing. But, just using the 2B/2H meant that they could be rubbed out neat­ly so long as you had a WHITE rub­ber. The Big Pink One always failed to clean up after itself. It’d leave a faint pink­ness to the page, and it was so unwieldy that you could­n’t eas­i­ly get to /just/ the bit you need­ed to erase. Sim­i­lar­ly, the ones on the tops of the pen­cils were good, but got dirty, chewed, worn down, and soon you were scratch­ing the page with the iron col­lar around the rub­ber tip.These white square erasers, how­ev­er, were down­right per­fect. They have a nice clean cor­ner (8 to choose from, I sup­pose), so you could pin­point the bit to erase. Because they’re white, they leave no marks or residue, and because they have the card around them they’re not prone to being chewed, snapped or have grub­by fin­ger­prints on them.The short and long edges between the cor­ners at the ends are great for slight­ly larg­er eras­ings, say a line graph or some ven-dia­gram fill­ing-in that went wrong. And final­ly the nice flat rec­tan­gu­lar end is per­fect for real­ly big jobs, like eras­ing whole pictures.Essentially, these are not just erasers, they’re a whole eras­ing toolk­it, specif­i­cal­ly designed to sit com­fort­ably in the hand, remain func­tion­al, do their job and cre­ate the min­i­mum of fuss.Let’s face it, when you make a mis­take, you want to for­get about it and move on, right? What’s the point of an eras­er that forces you to go back and re-work the era­sure over and over again? If you’re in an exam, neat­ness counts for marks, and hav­ing the abil­i­ty to quick­ly rub out your errors, and get on with the right answer trans­lates direct­ly into bet­ter grades.As a par­ent think­ing about your chil­dren’s grades, you need to ask your­self: “Is it bet­ter for my kids to have a clas­si­cal, qual­i­ty, styl­ish­ly designed eras­er that gets them bet­ter grades, or should I get that spark­ly pink uni­corn that smears glit­ter all over their geog­ra­phy homework?”.I think we both know that we want our kids to do bet­ter at school. Just say “no” to the spark­ly uni­corn, and say “hel­lo” to the ulti­mate in pen­cil-eras­ing tech­nol­o­gy. It’s not span­g­ly, or futur­is­tic, it’s time­less­ly clas­sic, and when you use it you feel like a GOD. They say that we learn from our mis­takes. Well, now you can learn from more mis­takes in less time! Make as many mis­takes as you like! Get your Ph.D in mis­takes, try­ing all kinds of things while your styl­ish friend is still try­ing to get the black smears off a pic­ture they drew of the atom because they stu­pid­ly put three elec­trons in an S‑shell (come on, we’ve all done it, and we know bet­ter now!), or grace­ful­ly low­er those cumu­lus clouds from their too-lofty loca­tion in the final Geog­ra­phy GCSE because we mis-read “stra­to-cumu­lus” as “stratus”!!Oh, what mis­takes we’ve made in our life­times, and what things we’ve learned. If you don’t buy this eras­er it’ll just be the first mis­take you’ll make of many for the rest of your life. Buy this, and every mis­take you make from now on will lead you inex­orably towards high­er-learn­ing, enlight­en­ment and joy.Seriously. These are excel­lent. They’re just right in every way. Get them.

  2. roddy10

    An essen­tial for school lifeWe end up bulk order­ing sev­er­al of these each year. They have every­thing a child needs for maths geom­e­try class. How­ev­er what they lack is a way of ensur­ing that the kids remem­ber to put every­thing back in, or remem­ber to put them back into their bag.Inevitably by the end of each term one of the kids will have lost their maths set or left it at school on the day they need to do maths geom­e­try homework.The best price we have found is on Amazon.There are a cou­ple of steps we would rec­om­mend based on experience:1. If order­ing for a child con­sid­er whether you need to keep a spare set in reserve2. Label the tin and ALL the com­po­nents before giv­ing to your child3. Show the kids how to close the tin prop­er­ly — and accept that how­ev­er well they claim to have closed it you will find it open in their bags.With our kids I esti­mate each of them lose one set every two terms — would be inter­est­ed in oth­ers experience.

  3. NotaBene

    Sta­tionery must-havesI swear by these erasers. I have found that most cheap erasers such as the ones found on pen­cil ends will only smudge pen­cil marks or dam­age the paper. These Oxford plas­tic erasers, how­ev­er, have been very reli­able in remov­ing pen­cil marks effec­tive­ly with­out using much force.Most often, I use these erasers for chang­ing appoint­ments in my diary which I write in using fine tipped mechan­i­cal pen­cils. I have found them just as effec­tive for remov­ing mis­takes on sketch­es (though per­haps a lit­tle TOO effec­tive for smudg­ing work). Their size, shape and tex­ture also make them suit­able to be cut to a point if needed.Overall, I would strong­ly rec­om­mend Oxford plas­tic erasers because they do the job and offer great val­ue for money.

  4. Nadeem

    Com­pact but not great for exams!The Helix Oxford Clash 30cm Fold­ing Ruler is an excel­lent prod­uct with many sat­is­fac­to­ry qual­i­ties, how­ev­er many unsat­is­fac­to­ry qual­i­ties. I bought this for my old­est son who at the time was enter­ing year 9. He said that it was very good and com­pact. It was easy to use and would fit in any pen­cil case since it is fold­able. It was also very frag­ile. Approx­i­mate­ly three weeks after we pur­chased this prod­uct, it snapped in two. It wasn’t a case of my sons pulling it or dam­ag­ing it in a way. It was just extreme­ly frag­ile. My son need­ed a 30cm ruler which was prop­er­ly work­ing and this prod­uct didn’t sup­ply us with that. An extra thing that hin­dered this prod­uct was the bump in between the two attached rulers. Every time you would try and draw a straight line that acquires the need of both rulers, there would always be a bump some­where in the mid­dle since as you can see, it’s not adjoin­ing. If your chil­dren are seri­ous­ly study­ing. At high­er lev­els (GCSE, A‑LEVEL) I wouldn’t rec­om­mend this product.

  5. Ben Wrigley

    Per­fect for any stu­dent.At the cost, this is a tru­ly good set of Math­e­mat­i­cal Instru­ments. It arrives in a tin and con­tains a lit­tle ruler, a sten­cil, an elas­tic, a pen­cil sharp­en­er, a com­pass, a pro­trac­tor and two set squares. There is addi­tion­al­ly a lit­tle timetable sheet.The pen­cil which con­nects to the com­pass isn’t espe­cial­ly accept­able qual­i­ty, how­ev­er, you can change that clear­ly. The com­pass like­wise comes some­what free, yet – at the cost – it is fine. On the off chance that you are at GCSE lev­el or high­er, you would like­ly need to put resources into some­thing some­what more cost­ly, for more note­wor­thy pre­ci­sion. I do cher­ish the tin how­ev­er which is a decent, con­ven­tion­al plan and wards every­thing stuffed off perfectly.

  6. Cemile G

    Amaz­ing com­pact ruler!This ruler is a must! It fits amaz­ing­ly in my pen­cil case and is very versatile.I use it every­day and is very com­pact and has all the ben­e­fits of a 30cm rule with­out the size, and all the ben­e­fits of a small 15cm rule.I have also been using it for a long time and it is very durable and has not bro­ken. I love the design and it’s very sleek.Overall this is a must have for any­one who uses a ruler a lot about doesn’t have a place to store a big 30cm rule. It’s amaz­ing and I def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend it.

  7. S Riaz

    Helix Oxford Maths SetFor the price, this is a real­ly got set of Math­e­mat­i­cal Instru­ments. It comes in a tin and con­tains: a small ruler, a sten­cil, a rub­ber, a pen­cil sharp­en­er, a com­pass, a pro­trac­tor and two set squares. There is also a lit­tle timetable sheet.The pen­cil which attach­es to the com­pass is not par­tic­u­lar­ly good qual­i­ty, but you can change that obvi­ous­ly. The com­pass also comes a lit­tle loose, but – for the price – it is fine. My son is in KS3 and this is fine for him. If you are at GCSE lev­el, or high­er, you would prob­a­bly need to invest in some­thing a lit­tle more expen­sive, for greater accu­ra­cy. I do love the tin though which is a nice, tra­di­tion­al design and keeps every­thing packed away neatly.

  8. Zara

    Per­fect for kids brought anoth­er 🙂Brought this set for my daugh­ter dur­ing the first lock­down as her pen­cil case was left at school, this set was bet­ter than the set we had got her for school! She found it easy to use, the rub­bers actu­al­ly work, sharp­en­er sharp!, pens and pen­cils do not rip the paper (she can be heavy hand­ed espe­cial­ly with pen­cil, but these ones are ade­quate­ly soft). Over all she was very pleased.She is due to start sec­ondary so I decid­ed to buy her anoth­er set for her new school. Bought the bright coloured ones this time she is very pleased. Thank you 🙂

  9. Bhadra

    Suit­able for examsI rec­om­mend this clear pen­cil case if you just need it for exams which require clear pen­cil cases.As you can see from the image, it has enough space to eas­i­ly fit all of your exam mate­ri­als. How­ev­er make sure you only bring what you need — no need for things you would­n’t use in an exam like glue or colour crayons. When I had my end of year exams, it could eas­i­ly fit a cal­cu­la­tor, more than 2 pens and pen­cils, a pen­cil sharp­en­er, erasers and more. It is com­pact and small, eas­i­ly fit into a blaz­er pocket.Overall, it held its shape and qual­i­ty but make sure you only bring what you need and don’t stuff it as it would lead to dam­age. A good clear pen­cil case for exams.BUT ONE SMALL DETAIL: It’s ruler/protractor edge came chipped so its a bit annoy­ing but with most glass prod­ucts, that happens.

  10. Liam D.

    Great For ExamsI bought this just before my exams so that I would have every­thing I need eas­i­ly accessible.Pros:Clear case so invig­i­la­tors can see whats inside.Has all the items I need­ed for exams.Feels high quality.Cons:None

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