Harringtons Grain Free Hypoallergenic Wet Dog Food Variety Pack 16x400g — Chicken, Beef, Turkey & Salmon — All Natural

£ 19.23

Flavour Mixed Variety
Item Form Wet
Breed recommendation All Breed Sizes
Specific Uses Metabolism
  • 1. THE NATURAL CHOICE - At Harringtons, we believe every dog deserves natural food that's balanced, wholesome and tasty. From puppies to seniors to special diets, we make a range that's perfect for you.
  • 2. GRAIN FREE - Harringtons wet dog food is a complete grain-free dog food providing balanced nutrition for all dogs age 8 weeks and above.
  • 3. DELICIOUS FLAVOURS – The Variety 16x400g wet dog food multi-pack contains 4 tasty flavours for your dog to enjoy – 4x Beef, 4x Turkey, 4x Chicken & 4x Salmon.
  • 4. UNIQUE FRESHCOOK METHOD - Our meat's so good, it's graded for humans. We freshly prepare it, cook it gently to lock in nutrition and flavour, then add vitamins and minerals.
  • 5. MADE IN THE UK – Harrington's dog food is proudly made by ourselves right here in the UK and has been family run since 1923.


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From the manufacturer

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Important information


Chick­en- COMPOSITION Chick­en 65% (26% fresh­ly pre­pared Chick­en), Veg­eta­bles 14% (Pota­to, Peas & Car­rot), Vit­a­mins and Min­er­als, Salmon oil, Sun­flower oil, Dried Toma­to (0.15%), Sea­weed (0.08%), Green Lipped Mus­sel (0.05%), Chico­ry (0.05%), Pars­ley (0.05%), Basil (0.05%), Green Tea (0.01%), Rose­mary (0.01%), Rose­hip (0.01%), Calo­ries per 100g = 110Kcal ADDITIVES (PER KG) Vit­a­min A 3,000 iu Vit­a­min D3 420 iu Vit­a­min E 40 mg Zinc (as Zinc Sul­phate Mono­hy­drate) 38.57mg Man­ganese (as Manganous Sul­phate Mono­hy­drate) 3.75mg Iodine (as Cal­ci­um Iodate) 0.39mg Sele­ni­um (as sodi­um selen­ite) 0.040mg ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Pro­tein 8.5% Fat Con­tent 6.0% Crude Ash 2.5% Crude Fibre 0.4% Mois­ture 77% Omega 3 0.07% Omega 6 0.10%Beef- Com­po­si­tion: Beef & Chick­en 65% (26% Fresh­ly Pre­pared Beef), Veg­eta­bles 14% (Pota­to, Peas & Car­rot), Vit­a­mins & Min­er­als, Salmon Oil, Sun­flower Oil, Dried Toma­to (0.15%), Sea­weed (0.08%), Green Lipped Mus­sel (0.05%), Chico­ry (0.05%), Pars­ley (0.05%), Basil (0.05%), Green Tea (0.01%), Rose­mary (0.01%), Rose­hip (0.01%). Addi­tives (per Kg): Nutri­tion­al Additives/kg: Vit­a­mins: Vit­a­min A 3000IU, Vit­a­min D3 420IU, Vit­a­min E 40 mg. Trace Ele­ments: Man­ganese (as Manganous Sul­phate Mono­hy­drate) 3.75mg, Zinc (as Zinc Sul­phate, Mono­hy­drate) 38.5mg, Iodine (as Cal­ci­um Iodate Anhy­drous) 0.39mg, Sele­ni­um (as Sodi­um Selen­ite) 0.04 mg. Tech­ni­cal Addi­tives: Cas­sia Gum 3,000mg Ana­lyt­i­cal Con­stituents: Pro­tein 8.5% Fat Con­tent 7% Crude Ash 2.5% Crude Fibre 0.5% Mois­ture 75%. Turkey- Com­po­si­tion: Turkey & Chick­en 65% (26% Fresh­ly pre­pared Turkey), Veg­eta­bles 14% (Pota­to, Peas & Car­rot), Vit­a­mins and min­er­als, Salmon oil, Sun­flower oil, Dried Toma­to (0.15%), Sea­weed (0.08%), Green Lipped Mus­sel (0.05%), Chico­ry (0.05%), Pars­ley (0.05%), Basil (0.05%), Green Tea (0.01%), Rose­mary (0.01%), Rose­hip (0.01%) ADDITIVES (PER KG): Vit­a­min A 3,000 iu, Vit­a­min D3 420 iu, Vit­a­min E 40 mg, Zinc (as Zinc Sul­phate Mono­hy­drate) 38.57mg, Man­ganese (as Manganous Sul­phate Mono­hy­drate) 3.75mg, Iodine (as Cal­ci­um Iodate) 0.39mg, Sele­ni­um (as sodi­um selen­ite) 0.040mg ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Pro­tein 8.5% Fat Con­tent 6.5% Crude Ash 2.2% Crude Fibre 0.3% Mois­ture 77% Omega 3, 0.07% Omega 6, 0.10%Salmon- COMPOSITION Salmon & Chick­en 65% (26% Fresh­ly pre­pared Salmon),Vegetables 14% (Pota­to, Peas & Car­rot), Vit­a­mins and Min­er­als, Salmon oil, Sun­flower oil, Dried Toma­to (0.15%), Sea­weed (0.08%), Green Lipped Mus­sel (0.05%), Chico­ry (0.05%), Pars­ley (0.05%), Basil (0.05%), Green Tea (0.01%), Rose­mary (0.01%), Rose­hip (0.01%) ADDITIVES (PER KG) Vit­a­min A 3,000 iu, Vit­a­min D3 420 iu, Vit­a­min E 40 mg, Zinc (as Zinc Sul­phate Mono­hy­drate) 38.57mg, Man­ganese (as Manganous Sul­phate Mono­hy­drate) 3.75mg, Iodine (as Cal­ci­um Iodate) 0.39mg, Sele­ni­um (as sodi­um selen­ite) 0.040mg ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Pro­tein 8.5% Fat Con­tent 7.0% Crude Ash 2.5% Crude Fibre 0.3% Mois­ture 76% Omega 3, 0.07% Omega 6, 0.10%

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Additional information

Weight 6.4 kg
Dimensions 25.7 × 28.6 × 15.9 cm
Pet Type


Product Dimensions

25.7 x 28.6 x 15.9 cm; 6.4 Kilograms

Item model number


Breed Recommendation

All Breed Sizes

Pet Life Stage



Mixed Variety

Item Form




Number of Items




Specific Uses


Batteries Required


Item Weight

6.4 kg



Date First Available

29 Jun. 2021




  1. S Antho­ny.

    The pack­ag­ing tells a lieI have been buy­ing this prod­uct for my veg­e­tar­i­an dog, he has a med­ical prob­lem so meat isnt an option. It seems very well made and this wet food seems very good, i have bought the dried too. It was­nt until this last order I thought I would read the ingre­di­ents over a coffee.Well, what a CON !!Salmon and Pota­to you would think look­ing at the label­ing, veg­e­tar­i­an you would think, good for dogs who can­not eat meat you would think.….….….…IT IS 65% CHICKEN.….……that is the biggest sin­gle ingredient.If I could be both­ered I would take this bunch to court. Nev­er trust their pack­ag­ing or prod­ucts if they are will­ing to do this they are will­ing to do anything.

  2. Mike S

    Our dogs love it !I must con­fess that although I have giv­en 5 stars for flavour etc I have not per­son­al­ly tast­ed this !We mix it with a dry for­mu­la feed for extra taste and appeal. The dogs do seem to enjoy this food and with­out ill effect.They do also enjoy a dubi­ous and often dis­gust­ing vari­ety of for­aged foods, so I rely on the man­u­fac­tur­ers label­ing to assess qual­i­ty etc. Hugo (pic) is gluten sen­si­tive and copes well on this ( I pre­sume horse and cow dung, washed up dead fish and rot­ting crus­taceans are also gluten free )

  3. hon­ey­bum­ble

    Some of these looked and smelt real­ly nice..Oth­ers looked and smelt like they had gone off, two were actu­al­ly moldy.The first pack I opened I was real­ly impressed, it almost looked and smelt like a meal fit for humans, how­ev­er the qual­i­ty was not consistent.I will not be buy­ing again.

  4. C W

    Food trays arrived already openI’d read pre­vi­ous reviews of cus­tomers about the box­es with the food trays hav­ing arrived already open but decid­ed to take the chance any­way. I ordered 2 box­es. One food tray in each box was open on arrival. Had I ordered them in the mid­dle of Sum­mer then the deliv­ery van would have been hum­ming!! You could say I was lucky only hav­ing one dam­aged food tray in each box but I won’t be order­ing again. The offend­ing trays were thrown away. My advice is don’t place an order for this prod­uct unless you’re pre­pared to have wastage of an unknown quantity.

  5. Joey

    He seems to love it & his poo has firmed up!I did a bit of research after my Jack Rus­sel­lX had pro­longed prob­lems with his anal glands. We had been feed­ing him a dried food (which we’d bought a huge bag of by mis­take think­ing it was a high qual­i­ty feed) with half a cesar wet food sachet which he real­ly loved. Despite adding a sup­ple­ment pur­chased from the vet which was sup­posed to firm up his poo (which should then do the job it should with the anal glands) His prob­lem per­sist­ed. I’m not aware that he has an aller­gy but I thought going grain free may help. I intro­duced Har­ring­tons grain free dried food grad­u­al­ly, hav­ing mixed it in with the old stuff & he seems to pre­fer this, leav­ing the old­er, larg­er bits of kib­ble in his bowl. (it may just be that he likes a change-who knows) I’ve also changed his wet food to Har­ring­tons grain free (& I now find its alleged that Cesar is not real­ly good for your dog! though he loved it, for him, I think the gravy was not help­ing his prob­lem.) The ‘wet’ Har­ring­tons is real­ly quite firm, but he seems to love it. His poo so far after 10 days-ish has cer­tain­ly firmed up & he does­n’t seem to be trou­bled by his glands cur­rent­ly so hope­ful­ly this will continue!

  6. R. HINES

    Ingre­di­ents are wrongThe recipe has changed for this food at some point and now it con­tains salmon oil and the over all con­sis­ten­cy in the food has changed with­out any noti­fi­ca­tion from Har­ring­tons. Our dog is seri­ous­ly aller­gic to sev­er­al things, so when peo­ple buy some­thing that is sup­posed to be hypoal­ler­genic and it’s changed with­out any notice or noti­fi­ca­tion it’s bad for everyone.

  7. Blue­peter­woman

    Called Salmon but actu­al­ly con­tains more chick­enThis was sug­gest­ed as an alter­na­tive because my sub­scribe and save salmon dog food was out of stock.It arrived today with my oth­er S &S items.When I opened it, it did­n’t smell as fishy as the usu­al one, but my dog isn’t fussy and still ate it.Wasn’t until after I gave it to her that I read the pack to see that it con­tains “65% Salmon AND chick­en”, of which only 29% is salmon; so more chick­en than salmon.My dog goes a bit loopy when­ev­er she has chick­en so I try to avoid it.The local res­cue will be hap­py with the dona­tion no doubt though.Most annoy­ing­ly I have just come straight back to look for anoth­er alter­na­tive that does­n’t have chick­en, only to find that my reg­u­lar item is now in stock and can be deliv­ered tomor­row. So pre­sum­ably it could have been deliv­ered today after all.

  8. never­out

    Good colour meat with­out colour­ing and addi­tuvesTwo of my dogs have food aller­gies and my third has tum­my prob­lems. This is great for them and they love it. Only prob­lem is one of their aller­gies is chick­en and I can’t find a box with­out the chick­en vari­ety. I only use 1/6th each for each of their 3 dai­ly meals to mix with their kib­ble and only dis­cov­ered this wet when one was poor­ly and had to go in soft food. I had to mix it in the oth­ers meals and have kept on doing it since. I have it on3 week­ly sub­scrip­tion and it always arrived on time before we run out. I have recent­ly changed to the 48 pack on 5 week­ly sub­scrip­tion. No fuss, no for­get­ting to order and a bet­ter price too.

  9. Andy

    Bad batchNor­mal­ly I give this prod­uct 5 stars but my lat­est order has failed qual­i­ty con­trol. Out of 3 box­es of 16 pack­ets of dog food; 7 pack­ets had leaks. The juice/grave/jelly had leaked out, soaked into the box­es and stunk to high-heav­en. I have had to throw those 7 pack­ets away plus the three car­board box­es. I realise this is a man­u­fac­tur­ing fail­ure (and I no longer have the box­es) so I won’t be return­ing them. I hope the next batch is better.OH dear — the next batch had two leak­ing pack­ets and again made a stink. Don’t think I’ll buy the 3x box­es again. Nev­er had this prob­lem when buy­ing sin­gle boxes.

  10. dusty99

    Good dog food at a good priceUsu­al­ly buy my dog food else­where but they are hav­ing sup­ply prob­lems so we decid­ed to try this. I was a bit doubt­ful read­ing some of the bad reviews about the pack­ag­ing and qual­i­ty, but the high per­cent­age of 5 or 4 star reviews per­suad­ed me to try one pack. It came in strong dou­ble pack­ag­ing, each tray nice­ly stored inside, the food looked real­ly good and our grey­hound went at it like she had­n’t eat­en! Licked her bowl. They are also near­ly 50% cheap­er than our pre­vi­ous order from a well-known pet store, so we are going to go with this in the future, pro­vid­ed they keep up this quality.UPDATE: Hav­ing got to the last 10 packs we have found our dog get­ting sicky tums and bad wind, three or four times in the last week, with noth­ing changed in her whole diet except these main meals. We sus­pect these packs have caused them so have dumped the remain­der and will not order any more

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