Grenade Carb Killa, High Protein, and Low Carb, Bar, A Selection Box, 60g (Pack of 12),


Flavour A Selection Box
Age range (description) Adult
Total each 1, 12
Item weight 720 Grams
Allergen information Contains: Soy, Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Gluten, Wheat may contain, Nut, Sesame Seeds
Brand Grenade
Number of pieces 12
Specialty Low_carb
Item dimensions L x W x H 18.5 x 15 x 5.5 centimetres
Package weight 0.8 Kilograms








  • High protein, low sugar bars
  • Protein and sugar contents vary per bar
  • A selection of our latest Carb Killa bars
  • Carb Killa is an indulgent low-sugar snack, ideal for enjoying at any time of the day as a delicious snack or a post-workout treat
  • Certified with the Informed-Sport program and therefore suitable for use by drug-tested athletes and military personnel


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Product Description

Intro­duc­ing the icon­ic Carb Kil­la bar from Grenade. This deli­cious, triple-lay­ered, choco­late-coat­ed pro­tein bar is high in pro­tein, with up to 23 g per bar. It’s also low in sug­ar, mak­ing it an ide­al, guilt-free alter­na­tive to your usu­al sweet treat. Carb Kil­la bars are the per­fect snack for any occa­sion, whether you’re in need of a post-work­out pick-me-up or a indul­gent treat on an evening. With a vari­ety of tasty flavours to choose from, it’ll be tough pick­ing your favourite. Box Con­tains 12 x Grenade Carb Kil­la High Pro­tein and Low Carb Bars.

Safety Warning

Grenade should be con­sumed as part of a bal­anced diet. Prod­uct con­tains more than 10g/100g POLYOLS: exces­sive con­sump­tion may cause lax­a­tive effects. Stick to 2 bars per day max (its hard we know!)

From the brand

From the manufacturer

Grenade Get It Done

Carb Killa High Protein Bars

An ide­al mid­day snack, or the per­fect post-work­out pick me up — Carb Kil­la bars fea­ture a thick, choco­late coat­ing and a soft, crunchy tex­ture. They’re a great, health­i­er alter­na­tive to a choco­late bar.

Avail­able in a host of excit­ing flavours, it’ll be tough choos­ing your favourite!

Salted Caramel

Important information

Safety Information:

Grenade should be con­sumed as part of a bal­anced diet. Prod­uct con­tains more than 10g/100g POLYOLS: exces­sive con­sump­tion may cause lax­a­tive effects. Stick to 2 bars per day max (its hard we know!)

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Additional information

Product Name


Allergen Information

Contains: Soy Milk Eggs Peanuts Gluten Wheat may contain Nut Sesame Seeds


720 Grams


720.0 gram

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place

Serving Recommendation


Manufacturer contact

Grenade UK Ltd Arden House Marsh Lane Solihull West Midlands B92 0AJ





Age Range Description


Country of origin

Gb, Netherlands



Date First Available

30 May 2018




  1. Mr. P. Leung

    Low in carbs, high in lax­a­tiveGreat tast­ing bars, though you should­n’t eat more than 1 in a row or else it’ll have a lax­a­tive like effect, and by that I don’t mean “ooh I got a stom­ach ache” more like “I will do just do this fart, but why does it feel like hot liquid?”

  2. Trusty Review­er No. 1

    New Recipe Con­tains Peanuts with Lit­tle Warn­ingI’ve eat­en these cook­ie and cream bars before with­out an issue but the recipe has changed with­out much fan­fare and now they con­tain peanuts.I wish Grenade had rela­belled the ‘cook­ies and cream’ flavour when they changed their recipe or the least list­ed the aller­gens as bold on here. Instead it’s buried toward the bot­tom of the ingre­di­ents in the same for­mat as the rest of their ingredients.Peanut aller­gies are real­ly com­mon and ‘cook­ies and cream’ is not an obvi­ous recipe con­tain­ing peanuts. No oth­er cook­ies and cream pro­tein bar I know con­tains peanuts. This is not only poor ser­vice but dan­ger­ous for any­one with a severe allergy.

  3. Pinks93

    Deli­cious!The Carb Kil­la bars are bloody amaz­ing 😋 I’m on a keto­genic diet and allow myself one of these beau­ties once in a while. Some­times I have days where I feel very denied of lux­u­ry food like choco­late and cakes, but when I have one of the bars it helps me get over that hur­dle! I have lost 70lbs since the begin­ning of March 2019! 40lbs more until I’m at my goal 💪🏼 Carb Kil­las real­ly help me. I love ‘Caramel Chaos’ the best 🤤

  4. Jon­ty

    Very GoodJust bought the vari­ety box and one of peanut nutter.After eat­ing 24 Huel bars that tast­ed like slight­ly choco­laty card­board with bits in them they were a tri­al to eat like nasty med­i­cine so pur­chased the Grenade bars as an alter­na­tive .Ver­dict absolute­ly 5 star the vari­ety range I have gone through first and every flavour was authen­tic but most impor­tant­ly the tex­ture of the bak­ing process made them a joy to eat.I now see these not just only a meal replace­ment but as a treat as I would a bar of choco­late bar the rel­a­tive­ly high price in comparison.I pur­chased the Huel bars for their nutri­tion­al and high fibre content.Why not pack these bars with vit­a­mins and you will have a healthy meal alter­na­tive not just a high protein/low carb bar?

  5. Ben & Sophie Watson

    Best Pro­tien Bar ive tast­ed Be care­ful if on Keto diet thoughThese bars are very tasty high pro­tien and very low sug­ar so yes its good as a health snack. how­ev­er i feel i must make peo­ple aware to be care­ful if on keto diet and can only han­dle a low carb intake before it kicks them out of keto­sis. yes it says 1.2g of sug­ar but has 14g of poly­ols. Some poly­ols can be par­tial­ly digest­ed as Car­bo­hy­drates. this prod­uct has malti­tol and xyl­i­tol which for every 100g can digest up to 60g as car­bo­hy­drates. so when cal­cu­lat­ing the net carbs for some of the bars you are look­ing at about 9.6g of net carbs. this being close to half of aver­age net carbs for peo­ple who fol­low Keto diet. Would be bril­liant if the com­pa­ny switched to using Ery­thri­tol as is gen­uine­ly almost zero-carb (around 0.1% sug­ar). how­ev­er this is more expen­sive so would prob­a­bly push price of the bar up

  6. Aidan

    Selec­tion box is a great place to start if you’ve nev­er tried anyThe selec­tion box came with all 11 flavours (dou­bling up on Jaf­fa Quake for a total of 12).Jaffa Quake — Choco­late with orange flavoured jam 7.5/10Dark choco­late mint — tastes just like an after eight 7.5/10Birthday cake — vanil­la icing with taste­less sprin­kles, too sweet for my tastes 4/10Peanut Nut­ter — less intense snick­ers bar 8/10White choco­late salt­ed peanut — salti­er peanut nut­ter with white choco­late 7.5Dark Choco­late cher­ry — cher­ry cream was a lack­ing in taste 6/10Caramel Chaos — 9.5/10Cookies & cream — 9/10

  7. Wol­ram

    Tasty and fill­ingI find it hard to find stuff like this that I actu­al­ly like the taste of and I have to say these taste good. I would sug­gest buy­ing this box of mul­ti­pack to try all the flavours on offer though. Some taste very sim­i­lar while oth­ers to me taste of noth­ing it’s defi­ant­ly a per­son­al thing. For me the white choco­late and orange jaf­fa are the nicest and would have them again.They are a lit­tle pricey any­way but to be fair they seem to be cheap­er on here than in supermarkets.They do seem to be fair­ly fill­ing aswell some­times I don’t want the whole bar which isn’t a prob­lem but they do the job, worth a try.

  8. GSARid­er

    Best way to upset stom­achBought two box­es of these to try them as I usu­al­ly buy the PhD bars. These are quite sim­ply awful; they upset my stom­ach real­ly bad­ly and I’ve tried 4 bars now think­ing that maybe it would set­tle down — but it hasn’t. On top of that it’s like eat­ing sick­ly sweet bits of card­board. Def­i­nite­ly one to avoid.

  9. Ama­zon Customer

    Best Pro­tein Bars ever tast­ed!I have tried numer­ous pro­tein bars, and I can hon­est­ly say… these taste amazing!The choco­late coat­ing is deli­cious, and the caramel inside just melts in your mouth! Infused togeth­er a crunchy texture.These bars are amaz­ing for any­one who wants a sweet treat but is wor­ried about carbs.10/10 would buy again

  10. James P.

    NOT SUITABLE FOR NUT ALLERGY SUFFERERSThe prod­uct pho­to in the descrip­tion had no men­tion of nuts in the ingre­di­ents and nei­ther did Ama­zon’s own aller­gen list. The box I received how­ev­er said “May con­tain nuts and peanuts” and sev­er­al oth­er aller­gens. Luck­i­ly I’d only eat­en a very small amount before I noticed I was hav­ing an aller­gic reac­tion as oth­er­wise it could lit­er­al­ly have killed me.This is crim­i­nal neg­li­gence not to put the warn­ing in the prod­uct description.

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